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Al Khair Foundation event in Oldham, UK. Speaking of the lessons we learn from the life and death of Junaid Jamshed.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim In the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala Most Gracious, Most Merciful

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Alhamdulillah have been Allah mean All praise is indeed due to Allah subhanho wa Taala The one who has created the one who nourishes the one who cherishes The one who sustains the one who provides the one who protects what will suddenly what was suddenly more laughable salty Walker Mussolini Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi adjumani

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we send blessings and salutations upon the best of creation. The most noble of all messengers Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household all his companions May Allah Subhana Allah, Allah bless them all. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you all, and May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us such goodness, that the day we leave this world we will not regret what we have done on Earth this evening Mashallah tabarrok Allah, we would like to learn something from the life of

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brother Junaid Jamshed Rama to Lai LA for indeed there is so much that we could say

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and I think what's important for myself and what I did say immediately was looking at the gift of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon this man,

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Allah bestowed upon him gifts upon gifts. And the biggest of those gifts was the realization that we are going to return to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So for you and di the biggest gift that we could be given by Allah subhanho wa Taala is in fact, the realization that we are going to return to the same maker, Allah subhanho wa Taala once you understand that and realize that you are blessed by Allah subhanho wa Taala he who made you is the same one you are going to return to one day he has left you on earth with a purpose for a short period of time. On Earth, you need to make sure you fulfill two types of rights. One known as the kukula, ie the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You need to

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worship Allah, you worship the one who made you and abstain from worshipping everything besides that maker. So kukula the rise of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We have worshiping Allah alone, we have, for example, the prayer that we should be doing five times a day, we have so many other things, the dress, code, etc. We have the Pillars of Islam, that we should be understanding, adopting with pleasure, it should be done with pleasure. I always say when we pray, there are several types of people. The first type, those who don't pray at all the second those who pray but a few times a day, if it fits their routine. Then you have those who are regular, who pray regularly, may Allah make us

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from among them, but there are two types, those who pray considering it a burden or considering it a duty unto Allah that is difficult for them to fulfill. Those are one type of people but the highest of the lot and that's where we should be trying to get to a lie. Those who pray considering it an honor and a pleasure to be praying Subhana Allah, so if you do something because you have to do it, you have done it. But if you do something because you want to do it, you do it in a better way. And you do it in a more acceptable way and you make sure it is done properly correctly. With all honor. There is a difference between doing something because you have to do it and doing something because

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you now want to do it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from the highest level those who fulfill that salah and that prayer because they would love to do it. As soon as the time comes in. They are concerned about this prayer and they take their time in it. If you take a look at the life of brother Junaid Jamshed

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yes when it came to the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala there was a turning point in his life. There was a turning point not when he became old and when he couldn't walk. Allah took him away very healthy. He was not in need of someone due to a disability etc. Allah saved him from that, but at the same time he turned when you

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He was very, very healthy when he was at his peak, young, energetic. How many of us young, energetic, we still plan to sin. We still plan that adultery, we still go out and watch pornography we still go to the clubs, we still want to use the drugs we still do not quit our bad habits. Even if it is as simple as smoking because you know Smoking kills, they are not allowed to sell you that box without confirming them that it kills. So if you want in your peak when you are healthy when you are young, when you are energetic, when you are bubbling with your energies, you turn to Allah you cast your bad habits, you will be blessed by Allah subhanho wa Taala. The Hadith says seven types of

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people will be granted a special shade of Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment. One of them is Shah Boone Nasha Avi Reba de la Italia, a young person who grew up with all those energies and bubbling with every form of goodness and strength, but they used it in the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is something unique May Allah subhanho wa Taala Forgive us, and May Allah grant us the ability to utilize these energies in the right direction. So if you take a careful look, you will realize that at a young age to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala is not easy. I know when I lived in Madina munawwara for many years, I used to see that judge coming in for Hajj, and a

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lot of the times you used to see the elderly and the old coming for Hajj. And then I started inquiring and I found out that in some countries when you apply for Hajj, your name only comes through 30 years later, 30 years later, Subhanallah 20 years later, the name comes through We are fortunate Mashallah you apply this year, next year, your name is in the new world already there. There are certain countries like Indonesia, when it comes to Malaysia etc. It does not just take one move you need to apply there is a procedure.

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And in Indonesia, in particular, it takes long the elderly by the time you get your turn, you're already old. But I also found that there is another group of people who believe that Hajj is only for those who are old.

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As the years were passing, we started educating people to say, and it wasn't only me, I was young, I was still a student, but we used to get an opportunity to speak to a lot they will come for Oprah, but they won't come for you say why? I'm not yet ready.

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That was the answer. A lot of us have that. I'm not yet ready. What law he did you know that Allah is the one who decides when you are going to go for Hajj by giving you the capacity and the ability to go once you are able and capable it is far upon you. There's no way when you have wealth and ability, you have to use that wealth in a specific way. SubhanAllah so to be able to go for Hajj and change your entire life is not just for the elderly, you don't wait until you old to change your life because you don't know if you're going to see that age SubhanAllah.

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if we look at the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala my brothers, my sisters, it's important for us to tend to become better people, but it's not good for you to think that I'm close to Allah subhanho wa Taala when your attitude towards the rest of the creatures of the same Allah

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is unacceptable.

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So you have some people they will read Salah five times a day, 10 times a day when I say 10 the five is compulsory and the other five, they add voluntary prayers Mashallah. But when they speak to people, they have an attitude. When they look at people, they belittle them, when they look at the others, they want to harm them, they cheat, they deceive, they don't know how to talk, they hurt people's feelings, they hurt their own wives feelings and their husband's feelings because of the way they speak to them. What fear of Allah Do you have what was the point of the Salah that you engaged in for long hours when in actual fact your attitude is supposed to reflect the acceptance of

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that particular Salah.

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When you are a pious person, it shows in your character, what we call the o'clock and if you don't have those o'clock, you can read Salah 50 times a day. You're not pious. You can have a beard that goes down stretching beyond you. It doesn't make you pious

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over and above that you need luck. Because Allah says there are two things not one who cuckoo

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He and her co co a body, the rights of Allah. Yes, we know that but they are rights of the worshipers of Allah, the rest of the creatures of Allah, we speak about humanitarian activity, we speak about people reaching out to those in need. Sometimes we are wealthy, it's not hard for us to take out to dinner, or to take out some money, sometimes in the 1000s. And for some, even in the 10s of 1000s. But your attitude at home stinks.

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Be charitable at home, change your attitude, be kind to your spouse, your children, your parents, your in laws, they will be politics, that's Alice's plan, there has to be politics. That's the way Allah made us. We are all different, but the winner is he or she who realizes and understands that I need to sacrifice for this. It's an effort, it's a challenge. It is called

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the rights of the rest of the creatures of Allah. What's the common factor? Why do I need to be kind to animals? Why do I need to be current to the non Muslims because they are creatures of the same maker who made you so you are related by having the same maker.

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That's how you need to be kind to them. And that's why Allah created animals. Allah created dogs and pigs and monkeys and all these animals Subhana Allah not without purpose. Allah created them to test you What are you going to do? Allah says, This is Helen, this is haram. But it does not mean if if something is haram like a pig, for example, I can just go and start slicing the nose of the pig, slice out the leg of the pig say you're a dirty animal, you're haram so I can harm you and I can know that haram animal has a rule it has a soul, you as a true Muslim need to be kind to that animal. You need to be kind, who said and where is it that even animal is not permissible to consume

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or if it is natural or impure, for example, that you're allowed to be harmful or you're allowed to hurt that animal, you're allowed to cause pain to the animal. So if you're not allowed to cause pain to that animal, what do you think would be your duty unto the rest of the same creature? humankind?

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I can give you a simple example. I've said it in the past. I want to repeat it. There is a hadith of a man who was forgiven as a result of quenching the thirst of a dog after he went into the well. He came up having drunk his own water, he noticed the dog sniffing the sand out of test and he says look at baja del Cal minella she mithila mechanic at Bella Mini, he says well ah he this dog here has reached a level of thirst similar to the level of thirst that I have. So let me go back into the well I don't have anything to put the water in but I will use my own shoe or my leather sock and I will fill the water in it and take it out and go to the dog. What are we talking about a dog? I will

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go to the dog and I will quench the thirst of this dog so Allah so Allah loved that did so much so much. He was compassionate to a dog. Allah forgive him. Subhana Allah, Allah forgive him. My point is, why didn't say a kitten?

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Why didn't you say a bird? Why did the hottie say an animal that is a dog, and you and I know as muslimeen there are rules and regulations regarding purity and impurity when it comes to the dog etc. and more rules governing our relationship with a dog but this hadith refers to the dog.

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It was simple to refer to another human being as well. The man went in he quenched himself he came up he saw another human being. The Hadith says no, it was a dog.

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To show you, my beloved brothers and sisters and I and everyone else that in Islam, if you are achieving forgiveness by being compassionate to an animal such as a dog, then indeed you can achieve Paradise by being compassionate towards another human being. Even if they don't share your faith or your values. Remember that

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you can achieve paradise through that. human being is known as

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the most noble the most high in terms of the creatures of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is why we have something known as for Coco, a bad the rights of the rest of the creatures of Allah subhanho wa Taala the worshipers of Allah subhanho wa Taala my brothers and sisters, now we go back and take a look at the life

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of alpha ki

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hashmatullah A and you will notice both

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When I heard of the tragic death, I was shocked. I want to let you in on something you might ask me. Have you ever met him? Well, we knew him before we met him and Allah wanted me to meet or wanted us to meet. Not a long time ago, how did I meet?

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So hello Allah we had one thing in common more than one thing but one thing in common was, we both traveled a lot.

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So one day I was I entered the lounge with my wife

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in Dubai, at the airport

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and we decided we'll go in we'll just pray and we'll come out as I'm coming out I noticed brother junie Mashallah. Not too long ago

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and he looked at me looked at him we recognized each other gave each other a hug Mashallah tabarrok Allah we sat down he was with his wife, I was with my wife Subhana Allah and we had a beautiful chat for about 45 minutes the contents inshallah On another occasion, but at the same time, the point that I learned was that when Allah loves you

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and He wants Jenna for you,

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he makes you do things that you don't know

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will result inshallah,

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in you dying in the condition that was possibly the best condition you were in, compared to the other days of your life.

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And I tell you, why I say this.

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Because I have spoken about brother Junaid many many years back in some of my talks. The example I was given some of you may have heard it when I said never lose hope. regarding a person in the clubs or in the nightclubs or anywhere else, never lose hope regarding them turning to Allah subhanho wa Taala a person can be a pop star. A person can be a singer, an actress, a person can do whatever if their life is being led against the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala never lose hope. Don't ever say this person's right off have hope because and then I gave a few examples. One of them was of brother Junaid, we all know where he started off. And we all know there was a turning point in his

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life that he used to talk about.

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And he was happy that Allah subhanho wa Taala made him change. There was something that he perhaps had that Allah loved so much that Allah made him change for me now when I'm standing here today, after we've heard about the tragic death and demise May Allah grant him Jonathan fellows and his families and the others who passed away in the same tragic incident and all the more humane of the oma, May Allah give them genital fear those may give us gender the day we go as well. What I learn is what I learned very quickly was that

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all along he did not know that Allah was preparing him for this day.

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He did not know that Allah was preparing him for this day. What was the date? that it happened? Can someone tell me?

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The seven

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seventh of December, okay, seventh of December, this happened.

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And what was the date when he turned and changed his entire life? Does anyone know that date?

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or What year was it?

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Many years back right? Many years than that day when he changed his life. Subhana Allah, do you know what happened? Allah subhanho wa Taala knew that seven December 2016. You're going now we're going to make you change your life in such a way that you in the new mode preparation for the day you die. That's it. Had he continued in his way he would have been a popular man, he would have been successful, he would have been wealthy Allah gave him the popularity and the success and the wealth. But Allah gave him a totally different path. And a new crowd of people some followed with and others did not.

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it's amazing how

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you change your life, my brothers and sisters because you have to die. That's the reason you have to go back to Allah He Who gave you the life you have no option. Either you learn the lesson from what has happened to him or you die in another direction. It's up to you. The days are gone. How long do you want to disobey Allah for there are others who had it easier to disobey Allah, they had more popularity and fame in the wrong they had more of everything in the wrong they decided to quit it and give it up as difficult as it may have been.

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gave them honor in a different way. Subhan Allah,

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Mantovani, la de la. De the prophet SAW Selim has said it and we've seen it with our eyes so many occasions, whoever humbles himself for the sake of Allah, Allah will elevate his status. There we are.

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When we sit and listen to the life of this great man or whatever he's done, a lot of people think oh, Mashallah, yeah that way he was a good man he was asked yourself, what about me? He is gone. He's taken with him, his deeds are taken with him, what deeds have you done? Don't think of it as a far cry. Don't think of it as something that you will not be able to achieve, know what law he you can achieve even more with the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala you require dedication Subhan Allah.

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Many people are popular on Earth,

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but they are unknown in the heavens.

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Because their popularity is for something that does not move the angels with the good deeds that are written. The speech about him in the heavens, is not there.

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Subhana Allah

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doesn't Allah subhanho wa Taala say for the Quran, he can remember me and I will remember you. Another narration says wherever people have gathered, in order to remember Allah to talk about him, Allah talks about them to the angels. So some people are well known here, not known there, but others they may not be known that well here, but they are known in the heavens supernova. They are known in the heavens because they cry every day for the sake of Allah. They engage in the care of Allah they remember Allah they read the Quran in our every day. So they are known they are known by all the angels I was reading one of the tougher seal of the story of Yunus Allah is Salatu was

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And if you take a look at that story, he was in the belly of the whale for a certain period of time. And Allah says falola

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can Amina Alamosa between la la vida de bajo de la Yomi Uber iPhone had he not been from amongst those who declare the speed of Allah regularly, he would have remained in the belly of the whale forever.

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So one of them of Assyrian says that, when he used to engage in tests be the angels used to carry that to the heavens, the deeds. And one day when that sound came from the belly of the whale, right inside the water in the bed of the ocean. The angels say this is a familiar voice, but from a different place.

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We take this man's deeds every day going up good deeds, Today he is calling out to Allah, same voice, but from a totally different place. Subhan Allah,

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Allah assistance and help cane hence the verse Allah says, had he not been from amongst those who engaged into speed he would not have been helped. It shows all of us engage into speed. Praise Allah, declare the praise of Allah, read the Quran, change your life, and you will find the day you die. That turning point would have been preparation for your death so that you can achieve genital Farah dos. So I'd like to reiterate and repeat that in as for our brother, Allah bestowed upon him the favor of tuning, we don't have a guarantee where he is gone, but we definitely do know that he is in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we definitely do know that he lived a life that was

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quite transparent. He led the life of goodness, he was a humanitarian of note. He did deeds that were hidden from people. He

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found out later on. Oh, this is what he did. Oh, that's what he was doing. Oh, this is what happened. Oh, that's what happened. How many of us have done good deeds that we keep a secret? No one knows. Very few, the minimum who need to know No. I want to teach you one thing and the remember is the reminder is for myself as well. When we commit sin, we are very quick to do it privately. We don't want anyone to see because it's a sin.

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When we do good deeds. Shaffer wants to tap us to say you know what, just raise your nose up a little bit. And you know, put your shoulder up a bit and just walk them back. That was me, you know,

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you did a good deal. You want everyone to know, I tell you do some good deals as well. That are totally between you and Mr. No one knows.

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So that when you get to the hereafter your bad deeds are a secret between you and the law. But when Allah sees that you have so many good deeds that are a secret between you and him, he may wipe out those bad deeds and said, you know what I'm not interested in all this for you is just natural for those it can happen. Now Allah grant has

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to do some goodies, a few things, small things, don't underestimate the value of a deed. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us acceptance and May Allah make it inshallah means of our entry into genital for those. So why we make dua for our brother, May Allah forgive him and grant him genital for those. Indeed, there is a lesson in his life and from his life, we need to change our lives for the sake of Allah, we definitely need to understand that death comes to anyone at any time, no matter who you are, but the luckiest of the lot of those who die in a good condition. Those who die having asked Allah forgiveness, go and listen to some of the songs from those songs you will hear or

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some of the talks, you will hear

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speeches and songs about the hereafter about the meeting with Allah about the preparation about the quitting of sins, about so much that we are looking forward to. And here we are with God exactly there. So can Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us at any point, brothers and sisters, I can go on and on. But I think what I said, I pray that it motivates myself to do good. And I pray that it motivates all of us to do good for indeed, if you want to benefit the deceased, you need to know

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that the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam speaks of three main ways that you can benefit the deceased,

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or that the deceased actually benefits from what they've done during their life. One of them is when they've left behind knowledge, sound knowledge or guidance, and people follow that guidance in moonjune tuffa obey.

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The Hadith actually says is a matter of no Adam, in Kappa Anwar Malou Illa means Allah, when the child of Adam, when a human being passes away, they are cut from their deeds, the deeds stop, except from three things, what are the three things? One of them is knowledge that you have imparted during your life, and people are benefiting from it, and it's helping them and it's changing them. So when you listen to a good speech, after a person passed away, have you changed your life as a result of full reward of your change goes to that person? Did you know that full reward when you for example, have benefited from some knowledge that someone has left behind they get the full reward of it

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similarly, sadaqa jariya in my life, if I have a charity that is continuous, say for example, a tree that I have planted and it has grown, or a school that has been built, or any form of book that I may have printed or some form of dissemination of goodness, and it continues after my death for as long as it continues, I keep getting the reward. And the last one is, well, I don't live near the root level. If I've left behind pious offspring, those who will make dua for me, those who will make do out for me after I'm gone, I definitely benefit from that. So we say Oh Allah, forgive him or Allah grant him genital fair dose, or ALLAH forgive his family forgive them or human of the oma and

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all of us who are here, those who have passed away from our families. Mariela Grantham, gentlemen, and May Allah subhanho wa Taala, give them Rama and all those who are listening, whether it is live or later on, may Allah grant them or hoomin of your families, gentlemen, for those And may Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive them, and may He make it easy for us the day we go and may we be such that we do not regret that we did not change ourselves for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala the day we go, we should be from among those who are blessed by Allah. Keep asking Allah that blessing and never lose hope in the mercy of Allah. No matter what you've done, he will definitely forgive you a

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coup. De La Hoya cinema Baraka Pina, Mohammed was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh