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[REVIEWED] [Mufti Menk:] I think Habibi, one of the factors that we need to bear in mind every one situation is unique to themselves. So we might give a few guidelines that may not even be applicable in some people's circumstances. So for example, I would say that don't compromise your kindness, your respect, you know, just keep going on a very high level of respect, don't drop yours... (lost connection)

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[Host:] okay Allahuakbar, I've lost the mufti again (voice connection).

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InsyaAllah, we will try and bring him back in again... Ok, he's back in, Alhamdulillah.

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Guys, you know, I'm in London and Mufti's in Zimbabwe, so Alhamdulillah. Now Mufti.

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[Mufti Menk:] so I was saying we don't drop ourselves to the level of, you know, unacceptable character, unacceptable conduct be very kind, very respectful. But let your opinion be known. Try and have good communication. When you can communicate, you definitely will get a message across. And you know, people have had different scenarios you have people who are abused by their parents on a level that is really unacceptable. How to manage those or loved ones or family members who have wronged you on a very, very high level is very difficult to manage, but you pray for them, like I say, and you try your best on the level you're on. But try never to lose your sense of respect, and the kindness that

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you have, and you're supposed to be showing. And you know, seek the help of Allah.