Fearless Heroes

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The day that Omar Abdul Fattah Allahu anhu migrated to Madina, munawwara. And this is one of our heroes we are talking about. He became an instant hero amongst the muslimeen. He defended them no one dare take the name of a Muslim. When it was his time to go for Hydra to Madina, munawwara he did not do what the others were doing, what was everyone doing? They were all quietly going by night, they would go away because Quraysh and their relatives were persecuting them. They would go onto the road and path and take away whatever they had, beat them up some cases, bring them back in some cases and do so much in terms of harm to them. So Romani, heard all this and he knew he had a big

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family, and he knew Quraysh was large. He went to the Kava, according to one ration he made his way around the Kaaba. And then he went on to the macom. And he called out very loudly, he says, oh, Quraysh I am going out for hijra. I am leaving to Madina munawwara anyone has a problem with that, see me on the other side, see me on the other side of this valley, anyone who wants their mother not to see them again? Anyone who wants their children to be orphaned, and anyone who wants their wives to become widows see me on the other side. Try and mess with Omar. Come see what happens.

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Nobody followed him. They saw him leave and he left with his group that he had, and nobody dared speak about Omar. This was the man and this was the hero