Death and Charity

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Polycom warahmatullah what a castle guys I'm here in the graveyard. And I'm doing something that we should be all doing more regularly, which is coming to the graveyards as the house has told us to do,

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or thinking about death, because this is the reality. That is the realities of Allah, we're all going to end up in this place, are all going to end up dead. And that's something we all need to focus on. Think about that is the true authenticity of the human being when they think about that which

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they're trying to forget about, frankly, you know, we all try and forget about the fact that we've got limited days on this earth, and that we're going to end up under the ground.

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SubhanAllah and one thing that we're going to continue is going to continue is our deeds, the only the only thing that's going to be benefit of benefit to us in the in that graveyard is our deeds, no material possession, just our deeds. As a pilot Allah will come and close to Ramadan, this might be our very last time I've been.

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You know, I'm the Sahaba you say a lot of Bolivian Ramadan, bring us to Ramadan, Oh Allah bring us to Ramadan. And we have to start working hard from now because this is the very beginning. It's good to start strong. And we're going to do so inshallah, by giving you an offer with human relief foundation that we work on the ground in many different countries, including Syria, where Ali Dawa is on the border of the Syrian border in Lebanon. So he's in Lebanon, and he's dealing with, as well as the whole team and HRF day dealing with, you know, those people in camps in that area. And we're delivering food packages to individuals, their 60 pounds, will, will be enough for to feed one

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family for the whole of Ramadan. So 60 pounds of pallet margin how much reward you can get from 60 pounds up for us here in the UK, for example, if you guys are watching this elsewhere, in Europe or the US or somewhere where there's a so called high economically developed status of that country, then

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we should be really, really like, you know, cognizant of the fact that we have a lot more money than those individuals who have so much more privileges than those individuals. We have an obligation therefore to those individually. I feel like somehow we've forgotten about the Syrian people I feel like subparallel forgotten about the the people that have been dejected have been rejected from their homes and driven out of their homes from this for because of this war. So Subhanallah This is an opportunity guys, let's start strong and I'm done. Let's do what we need to do. Because if we don't Subhanallah we will regret it so HRF The link is going to be provided in the bottom of this

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video. You know 60 pounds whole families parlor is going to be so great for us to do

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you know Allah subhanaw taala says not to mention for in who you live, oh, oh, hi rosalinda whoever you give for the sake of Allah, he'll bring it back to you, and he's the best of providers. So don't think you're going to be losing out by giving to charity alone, replace it for you. And you have to think about your grave and your space in that grave because those deeds that we do now are going to contribute to our reckoning in that grave. So I want to go to Florida.