China (CCP) at War with Islam and Muslims

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Fear is a tool

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when that light in the sky,

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it's not

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so boring.

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many events have happened in history

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that we look back at now.

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And we realize we could have changed if things had been different. Isn't it very, very interesting that we are living in a time

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where such an event is happening now.

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And it is happening to our people.

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In a country like China,

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whereby women are being raped,

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children are being separated from their families, organs are being harvested, people are being put into concentration camps.

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And did they think that we were just going to stand idly by?

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I want to tell the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party one thing

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I want to tell you directly.

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You may be able to manipulate governments, but you cannot manipulate the millions of Muslims around the world.

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Did you think that you're going to have a minority group in your country? persecute them in the way that you are persecuting them?

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Deal with them in the way that you're dealing with?

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And that we were not going to get involved? Do you think that if you stop war, if you start to war with a weakness that you have not started?

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Chinese today

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you have started Muslims, we will not

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die until we become victorious.

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Look at them looking at me. What are you looking at? My question is what?

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You're taking your flag away? Well, I have a flag that you can replace your flag with.

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Take this ring of fact.

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You have nothing to offer the world. You have nothing at all to offer the world. You know why? Because you have already incompetence, a Marxist communist system. You've already lost the war against the Americans in the West, because you have taken that ideology. But let me tell you something.

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Your best bet is actually to become Muslims. That's your best bet. Your best bet is to do what the Mongols did, and embrace Islam.

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You have nothing to offer the world at all. What happens if you become a superpower? Tell me what happens when you become a superpower in this Cold War that you want to get into with the Americans. What have you got to offer the rest of the world you've already taken their ideologies, Marxism Leninism you're nothing, I tell you nothing.

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And it's only a matter of time. It's only a matter of time until we deal with you.

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And I say this again. With

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that you cannot beat and defeated enemy that when they look at the the bottom of the barrel of the gun that you see paradise.

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We don't care about death. In fact,

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we don't care about mountain. Please make us monsters. You cannot beat us with the unbeatable enemy

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you should actually learn from the weekers you should actually learn from them the purpose of life to what you want Gods. You should learn from them not to worship statues. And I tell you today that you may be taken off Lai la from the tops of the masjids and replacing it with your communist flag.

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under the flag of your ideological masters

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but taking off the machine does not mean taking out the hearts of the believers.

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So it's up to you once again. It's only a matter of time and you may want to start this Cold War with America, which you're starting now. Having the Muslims as your enemies is not a good idea and history as it has in the past with the Persians and the Romans on the Mongols and all of these history will tell the story again and you will be defeated.

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we are here today

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and Muslim lil Muslim can just

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help on you and the Prophet said the Muslim to the Muslim is like one building. Yes. Should

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we pull each other together? I don't know much about weaker culture.

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But I know one thing that we are heading for the weakness and we will not rest until justice is served