Tasbeeh & Psychological Distancing

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So now when I come to LA How about a cattle, I pray everybody as well.

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And ask Allah subhana wa Taala to write for us and you the best of this world and the best of the next is protect us from the torment of the Fire laws to make our day better than our yesterday and what is remaining of our life better than one has passed and the ultimate best day of our life today as we meet him, I love him I mean.

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So the reminder this evening is about the importance of tisby

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glorifying Allah and tasveer being the greatest

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ammunition we have as human beings,

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towards having psychological fortitude, spiritual fortitude,

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which is what the core of the human being pivots around whether humans realize that are not so Allah azza wa jal says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wall of Kadena Alamo and know who you are Leah Posada Roca be Maja po don't we certainly know that your chest is Titan. Right like you you get sad and then you get feel a bit suffocated. We know that your chest tightens from what they are saying about you. Oh Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we know your chest tie ins from what they're saying. They're saying you're a breaker of homes. They're saying you're a liar. You're they're saying this, that and the third. We know your chest tightens from this. And then the next

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verse speaks about the prescription to remedy the tightening of one's chest to give you psychological and spiritual resolve and resilience. And it's basically saying a little bit of an intro to it, just ignore them. You're thinking too much about them? A Lazo agenne said is a bit behind the rock beaker or Kumasi Dean or coo Mina Sajid in, glorify the your Lord by praising him focus on Allah, glorify the praises of your Lord make tests be of Allah and be among those let your description one of the interpretations is let the description of you be the description of those who prostrate to be among those that are defined as such as prostrate eaters, but the first prescription

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was to be to glorify Allah, what does it mean to be to say so pan on last panel model behind this apana light I'll name so passionate, roughly translated as glorified, you are a law or Glorified is unlock some kind of law. But what is glorified mean? It means he is glorified meaning exonerated cleared of any imperfection. Glorified is a law above imperfections transcendent is Allah above any blemish any flaw imaginable.

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And we don't do it too much of this. We don't do enough of this. I want to say to me, myself and you right now, the same way Allah said to His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we know it hurts you what they say? I know it hurts you every message with a news update you get on WhatsApp, I know you are bothered and your anxiety continues to augment with the more and more news you read about what they're saying it's gonna be like you're going to die you're going to get sick you're going to go broke.

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I know this tightens your chest So recall the prescription said glorify Your Lord There is nothing like this via and we don't do enough of it. You didn't know how much we're supposed to do.

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To prove that we don't do enough of it. Allah Zilla Genesis in another verse was said Beckham the obligor of the lotto Laura shamcey acaba, la hora, Bihar

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celebrate the praises of your Lord glorify Your Lord before the sunrises and before the sunsets

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and before the sunsets within the verse continues to say even more it says and when when Elaine lemon Anna Elaine and parts of the night first set the glorify Him then as well while too often the harder the endpoints of the day glorify Him as well. Then he says what law I like a total boss so that you may be pleased. That is the remedy. You want to be pleased, pleased in this world, please in the next please. Irrespective of your circumstances. That doesn't mean good news isn't gonna feel good and bad news isn't going to hurt, but it will never puncture that sanctuary inside of you that collectiveness that calmness, you will become unbreakable in that regard. It will hurt only on the

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surface and it will please you only on the surface because your pleasure and your pain circle around you're standing with Allah circle around his promises circle around your confidence in him subhanho wa Taala and that cannot be breached if you have it. You know, in fact, speaking about what many of us perceive as the plague in Corona, a member of chef and Rahim Allah He used to say Mao a to shake n

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and sow lilu I bet even at the speech I have never seen anything more beneficial against the

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league Ventus be then saying so panela he'll be handed which means Glorified is on lawn with his praise. So panela Allium Glorified is a lot of the most great saying this he has the most beneficial thing from a calamity like the plague. And there is proof in the poor ad for something like this then Allah Zilla didn't say that he removed the calamity from Eunice alehissalaam. Jonah when he was swallowed by the whale didn't realize oh, just say fanola Who can I mean? No. Sabina levy levy Steffi botany, Naomi bidfood. Were it not for the fact that he was of those that was constantly making the spear glorifying us, he would have remained in the belly of the whale

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until the day that

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all human beings are resurrected meaning until the day of judgment. So what did you understand his Salaam say? Allah told us exactly the type of dispute he made and you should always be saying this. La ilaha illa Anta so Hannukah in econ two minute volley mean Allah said he called out to the darkness from the belly of the whale beneath the ocean, or in the depths of the ocean, La Ilaha Illa and none is worthy of worship, what you sow behind, glorified, you are in the Quran to Mina Mina Varley mean I was the wrong door, I messed up, I was among the wrong doors. The very next verse, Allah says fernet Jaina who mina lavon and so we rescued him as a result of that SBA. We rescued him

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from that, from that distress work can barely congealed meaning and in this same fashion, we rescue all of the believers. So May Allah azza wa jal help us keep our tongue moist throughout the hours by night and by day before sunrise and before sunset, I had a portion of the night to have that dedicated for this beer. At the end points of the day do that as well. The Core i left nothing out as avenues for disappear. So put yourself in that incubator day in and day out and don't let anything infiltrate your psychological resilience, your spiritual resilience,

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perform some spiritual distancing, some psychological distancing, through what through focusing on the transcendent and the glorification of Allah, that just be and Allah azza wa jal make that a reality for us make it our sanctuary and carry us safely to him.

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On it alone, I mean, psychologically and everyone have a great night or some of the hosts and Obama kind of e&m coding. He was like the edge money