Finding Focus in Prayer

Mohammad Elshinawy


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So how do I walk into pretty feel like I'm in the Presence of Allah? Well Does that even make sense? Being in the presence of the king is by invitation only and so a lot of them are in the other video editing that prophetic there are Oh, help me, help me invite me let me in be of those who worship you thank you and more mindful of you properly.

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To focus in prayer that's all part of the application so that you'll be seen as worthy and eligible vited in so you exerting the effort, turn your phone off. After you get into the rank of prayer, like you slip it in to your pocket say a lot a lot. But no, it's not a light switch. You putting in the effort to learn the meanings of what you're saying and finding yourself to bring those forward in your mind. When you're praying. That's part of the application and a great book so that this will be your Ramadan project in sha Allah work on it throughout the month of Ramadan, work on your eligibility for for sure. 33 ways to develop assurance Allah it's free online googling 33 ways