Tarbiyya 24 – Jealousy

Mirza Yawar Baig


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In Salatu, Salam Allah, Allah Allah, he was having one with a robot. Today, we will begin the first of the

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lessons in terms of the scatter knifes and I want to begin with the issue of jealousy. Now unless we had asked us to take refuge in his power and his protection from jealousy, when

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I was a bit a bit Falak minshall remark, Allah, obituary recipient is a woman sharing a ferocity of God, for men, Sherry has even either has said, from the shadow on the evil of the hassad, from the evil of the one who will jealous when he's being jealous. And therefore we ask the seek we seek protection of Allah subhanaw taala from those people who are jealous of us and who are jealous of others, the jealousy is permitted in two cases. And this is from the Arizona where he said jealousy, permissible jealousy is of two kinds, this is permitted in two cases. One is where you see somebody who is excelling in the learning and practice of Islam, he has knowledge and he is accepting that

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knowledge. And you would like to be like that. So a jealous of his way I'm jealous of of how much Korean You know, I'm jealous of the the of the way in which you recite for and I'm jealous of the, the way in which you practice Islam. So this is permissible jealousy, the other jealousy which is permitted is when you are jealous of somebody for the amount of money that they spend in the path of Allah subhanaw taala. And you say, Oh, I wish I had that kind of money. So that I would also be able to spend in the path of Allah. So I'm jealous of so and so who built this great school opened his bread machine and so on and so on. But other than that, jealousy is a net negative emotion, which is

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very harmful to the person who is being jealous. What is jealousy, jealousy is to see something good in somebody else, and to wish that that would not be there. Jealousy is where you wish evil for somebody else. So you see someone doing something good, and you wish that this good would be destroyed. You wish evil for that person. That's the reason why jealousy is such a horrible thing that you wish evil for your, for your brother or your sister, where if they have good health, you wish that that helped, wasn't there, they were beautiful. And some you wish they were ugly. If you if they were wealthy wish they would become poor and destitute and so on. And all of these evil

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things. That's the reason why jealousy is such a such is haram and it is it is so strongly prohibited in Islam. A second thing about jealousy is jealousy is like holding a live poll in your hand, a hot red hot Ember from the fire. If you hold it in your hand, what does it do? It burns your hand. That's the reason why jealousy is so bad. Because jealousy destroys and jealousy

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harms the person who is jealous. First and foremost, the person who is jealous itself is harmed. Third, big problem with jealousy is that jealousy is at the root of all divisions in the oma. Because with jealousy Now, come other big and bigger evils. Because when you are jealous, now the chances are that you now start bad talking to people, the person about whom you are jealous. So you go around, insinuating you go around doing a paper about this person, you go around making evil comments about this person. So now you're giving your booty to that person, and you are ensuring jahannam for yourself. And you're giving away your good deeds to that person who you hate so much.

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And you are who are jealous about and you go around making rebirth and you backbiting that person slandering that person and trying to assassinate his character and trying to do evil to him. So a lot of your time and energy is spent in this negative way of trying to harm someone who really did nothing to you. The person was

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doing his own thing the person was trying to excel in his own life. The person was trying to prove himself. He was not doing it at your expense. If he learned more, and he didn't take it from you. If he earned more money, by his own effort, he didn't take it from you. If he became popular if he spoke well if he did well if he worked well, if he spent in the path of Allah, he did not take it from you to spend it. So why are you jealous? What have what ham does that port has that person not to you? But this is the problem with people who are jealous. They're so pathetic, they're so pathetic that they cannot even think straight and therefore, they are jealous of their brothers and

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sisters who have done that no harm. So they go around Destroying Themselves because slander destroys the slander. backbiting destroys the backbiting, not the other person. character assassination, destroys the portals trying to assassinate the other person's character. Sometimes they are successful sometimes people will believe their lies, but Allah Subhana Allah knows the truth, and Allah subhanaw taala then rewards and punishes you

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Keeping with that truth, not in keeping with whatever opinion you have, or that jealous person has. So therefore jealousy is a horrible thing. It's a net negative thing. And if we are jealous in a particular case, then immediately we need to make Toba. And we need to make amends. And we must go to the person who we were slandering or backbiting and apologize to that person. And we must go and tell that person what we were doing. And we will go and tell all the other people who we were, we were slandering and tell them no, I was wrong. This person was not like that I was the liar. And I was spreading, spreading all this calumny, and all this slander about that person. I can imagine how

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difficult that is. And that's the reason why slander is such a bad thing. Because if we, once we have slandered to make that up, to wipe out the evil of that is so much more difficult. And that's the reason why it is so important not to fall into that trap in the first place. I remind myself and you that the whole purpose of this tarbiyah series is not simply for me to talk something and to remind and for you to listen, it The idea is for both you and me to try and bring these things into our lives and bring these things into our practice so that we can improve ourselves and we can try to become as close to the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam as possible, so that Allah Subhana

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Allah will be pleased with us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for that person. Allah has been very violent. He was heavy and very good. I want to get home life.