Tarbiyya 13 – Huqooq ul Ibaad – Part 2

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Huqooq ul Ibaad – Part 2

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Number Lillah wa salatu salam ala ala Mia, while Allah he was having him on whether or bad we continue with yesterday's

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lesson with regard to hopefully but the rights of the people. You mentioned yesterday the first and most important hug that the people have on us that we should introduce Allah subhanaw taala to them.

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The second most important thing is where As salam said,

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that a Muslim is one

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from whose tongue and from whose hand

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other people are safe.

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Again, this is a conditional statement means that if a person is such that he is causing harm to others by his tongue and his hand, then one has to question whether he is a Muslim.

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We know the villains had his own official asylum, where he said that Jeeva lamb came to me so many times and reinforced for me the rights of neighbors, that I thought Allah subhanaw taala is going to reveal the Quran and say that your neighbor is your heir, he's inheritor.

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The third, very famous Hadith, where a Surah Surah Salam asked us I have a wonderful image. And he said, Who are the destitute of this oma?

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And they said yes, Hola. The destitute are people who have no money.

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Or no, he said, the destitute of this oma, are those people who will come before Allah Subhana Allah on the Day of Judgment, with good deeds, the size of the mountain, our hut

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and we go to Medina, we must actually go and look at the mountain of art, I think it's very because it is bounded as mentioned in so many places,

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in the Quran, as well as in the hedis. We should go and see what it looks like because we use a lot, but it is a huge, huge, huge thing.

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So Rasul Allah, Sam said, the destitute of this oma, are those people who will come before Allah subhanho wa Taala, with good deeds, the size of the mountain awards.

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others will come. And they will say, Allah, this man harmed me, and he slandered me. And he took away my rights. And he approached me and he cursed me and he beat me or he killed me or whatever he did.

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And today, we demand justice.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, is it? Allah Subhana, Allah will say yes, but today the currency of justice is not determined, there are the currency of justice, today's deeds.

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And so from this mountain of

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size of deeds, deeds will be given to the people who are standing in line claiming

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until sola Sallam said, until that entire mountain of the worth of good deeds will be exhausted, will be finished, but the line of people will still be there.

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So Allah subhanaw taala, who knows the answers of everything, Allah subhanho wa Taala, in order to reinforce ask them a question, and says, Now what do you want me to do? His deeds are finished, the people will say our bellami give our sins to that man.

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He has nothing to give, so give our sins to that man. And Allah Subhana Allah Azza wa sallam said, this will be done. And he said, the man will be thrown into the Hellfire for the sins of somebody else.

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Why all because of his tongue, and because of his hand, nothing else.

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Even though the man was doing all of those good deeds, they were being canceled out by the evil of that person.

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And that is why it's very important for us, in terms of overly bad to be aware of this.

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And other holidays where I was upset Allah subhanaw taala will forgive and may forgive the transgressions against himself.

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But Allah subhanho wa Taala will not forgive transgressions against people, until those people forgive it themselves.

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And to those people forgive those transgressions first. Why? Because this is the this is the demand of justice. If somebody wrongs have his way, and comes to me and says, Please forgive me, how can I forgive you? You didn't do anything to me you did to him? How Who am I to forgive you?

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You want forgiveness? Go ask him if he forgives you why and if he doesn't forgive you, that's your problem. This is the this is the basic principle of justice that the one who can forgive is the one who wronged you can't drown somebody and then you go ask forgiveness from somebody else. This is a very same principle. So Allah subhanaw taala will not forgive those people.

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who wronged others until those people forgive themselves?

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Now question to ask is,

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Allah forgive us but our wronging begins right in the house. We oberus our wives. And because the poor woman she has no voice in your house,

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she has to swallow tears.

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She has to

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undergo and accept the indignities that you rip on her head.

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She was born with dignity, but you took it away.

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She was born like a human being, but you treat her like a doormat.

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And vice versa. Women are not innocent to this matter, by any means. I'm just saying as an example, we will not not innocent. Women are as big oppressors as men, equal Allah.

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May Allah forgive us.

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The man was born with dignity. He spent his life he tries to learn something, he brings it home and so on so forth. You sit in the house, you don't have to go to work every day. You don't have to listen to people because the man is going and doing all of that, but he cannot even be treated with he is not given one kind word he is not treated with one word respect is treated like us.

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And that is the upbringing of the children. Treat your father like a dog.

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Kick your mother around this is this is the upbringing that children are getting, thanks to parents like this. May Allah, Allah protect those children from such parents. Mm hmm give us COVID it begins right in house. It begins this operation begins right in the house with the servants.

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The man is was born with dignity. Your son was born with dignity. He was born a free man. But you treat him like a animal. Without dignity, you curse him and you you use bad language and you even if you don't curse him, you use language in our languages. We have different levels of grades of respect and you treat him with the lowest with a greater respect.

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You call him once? He doesn't hear you or not that he's driving. He doesn't hear you. And you yell at him and he comes is a Gary paraga

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like your deltasone about marble. dicta Gary Annika

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LBJ Robert because he is a he's a poor man, he needs a salary.

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But he gives it because he has no today he has got nowhere to go. But the day will come when he will have somebody who's listening will is the even now.

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And he will Zola You are the witness. I do not need any other witness. You are my witness to what happened that day. Now I want justice.

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At that time, what will you do?

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I'd love to go away.

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Maybe he didn't have other witnesses at that point in time. But Allah was the witness though as the man who will hold Allah subhanaw taala and he will ask Allah subhanaw taala and he will say Allah, you are my witness.

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And we are going to stand against Allah subhanaw taala as witness.

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Sometimes people are very amazed when somebody apologizes.

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Like yesterday, somebody sent me a picture of one of our brothers in a state of undress in the masjid. I mean, what is wrong with people, I don't understand the workload, which is which is so ridiculous. When the man goes in such that is everything is revealed.

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And yesterday, somebody took a photograph of that and showed it to me.

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And I got so angry with this because of how many times I've said this to people, you know, please dress decently with dignity road, and they don't understand. So anyway, I sent it out to the group and then saw one of my very good friends, he corrected me and he said, Jeff, you should not be sending out pictures like this, it doesn't look nice on the group. Because at the end of the day, it's it's a Dirty Picture. So so I apologize. But the point i'm saying is that we have the examples of ourself

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who never ever hesitated to say they are wrong.

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So we have to accept the issue of robocall a bad is to accept that we are wrong

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and make amends. It is better to apologize in this dunya than to have to stand with that thing before Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, believe me.

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So let us make a list of all the people that we have oppressed and then it doesn't end with that a bad is not only people

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and we know the famous herpes virus Rasul Allah mentioned here Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive a woman because she voya forgive a man because he gave some water to a thirsty dog.

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On a hot day the water was in the well the dog couldn't get to the waters a man took out some water in his shoe, and he gave it to the dog Allah Subhana Allah forgive his sins For this reason, because of the kindness that he showed to an animal

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rather and he said there was this woman

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Who can't find her cat in the inner house. And she forgot about it this cat died

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of starvation. Obviously, it wasn't in the house, it could go it couldn't hunt, and others, that I put her in the Hellfire for this reason. So within Islam, the the rights of when we say overly bad translation was a lot of people but it did doesn't end with people. It is right off the mark Look,

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it is the right of the environment, it is the right of the animal there is right of the trees and the rivers and the seas and everything else. If a Muslim pollutes the atmosphere is a Muslim, does anything which is destructive than he is violating the rights of something which Allah subhanaw taala has created.

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And therefore we have to be very clear with that. And remember that Allah will not forgive until that thing or that person forgives. And believe me on the Day of Judgment, there is no one going to forgive forgive anybody else.

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Forgiveness will be very short supply on the Day of Judgment, the only one will forgive is Allah subhanaw taala we ask Him to forgive us. But let us make sure that in this dunya itself, we live lives which are as clean as possible. Of course, we will make mistakes we are the way we are we are people of this is our nature, we make mistakes immediately as forgiveness immediately worked over.

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There is no loss of dignity in asking forgiveness Alhamdulillah it keeps our feet firmly on the ground. Otherwise, the shaitaan will take us into a level where we think that we cannot do wrong the habit of water level

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we can do wrong. It's only Allah subhanaw taala who puts a curtain and who hides our faults.

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I can't, I cannot recall whether it's

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even with me or even though Josie, one of the son of 100 Allah who said a very beautiful thing he said that when somebody praises me, he is praising the curtain that Allah has put over me. He's not praising me, he is putting is praising the curtain which Allah has put over me.

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And this is something that we should, I think always remind ourselves, when anyone praises us is not praising us he doesn't know me is bracing with the picture which Allah is showing him Alhamdulillah we ask Allah always to keep this curtain and never to revert and Ramon never to remove this curtain never to reveal this. And the way to keep this curtain is to keep the curtain or others you want Allah subhanho wa Taala to hide your faults, then you hide the faults of others.

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If you go around, exposing the faults of others Allah subhanaw taala will expose your own faults.

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And that is very very important for us. Remember Mr. Mallika hamdulillah said I know people who were themselves not very great, their knowledge was not very great. There was their their their actions and the rebuttals were not very great. But Allah subhanaw taala gave them a lot of Waqar in the society in society. People respected those people a lot. And they loved those people a great deal. And they were very popular people very powerful people. Why he said because they used to hide the faults of others.

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And he said I know other people who were themselves very great, they were people who are great scholars and were great, you know, did a lot of things, but Allah subhanaw taala demean them. And Allah subhanaw taala took away the dignity because they used to find faults with others and make public those faults.

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And that is why it's very important for us

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to think about and to consider this matter that lead not anybody we hunt,

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by my tongue over my head. And final point I want to make in this is that remember in Islam, Allah subhanaw taala and the number of Allah Salam have not differentiated between Muslim and non Muslim. With regard to the rights of people. There's no differentiation, the non Muslim has the same right as the Muslim. If I if I have a non Muslim neighbor, than non Muslim neighbor is as entitled to be safe from my tongue in my hand, as entitled to be defended by me against anything that happens to him as entitled to my help and my my support as a Muslim neighbor, there is no difference.

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Islam does not differentiate between Muslims or non Muslims when it comes to the rights of people both are equally important. Both are equally, both will equally stand before Allah subhanaw taala and that's why I said, there is no there is no block and there is no there is nothing that stops the law of the one who is oppressed from reaching his robe, even when he is calling on his robe in the name of somebody else.

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So if you have a press run Muslim, and he makes dua against you, and he is making dua to Krishna Rama or somebody that door reaches Allah subhanaw taala without any hindrance, nothing hinders. devalaya do not stop this door, that door goes directly to Allah subhanaw taala. And the non Muslim is saying Oh, he's saying quality.

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He's calling and he says that there is this Muslim who is oppressing me. And this door is heard by Allah Subhana Allah Allah and Allah subhanaw taala responds to that door even if it is done to somebody else.

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So let us be very, very clear. And this is the beauty of Islam. Why did people enter Islam because they saw the justice of Islam saw the idol of Islam.

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They didn't as they did not enter Islam because of theological arguments. They entered Islam because they saw the justice of Islam.

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Second, Oliveira Vitaly Delano,

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he brought a case to the court. And he was delivered that day.

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A very famous case, very famous story. He was the head of at that time. And he brought a case to the court a case of stealing against a Jewish person.

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And he said that this Jews to stole my armor, it was his jemelle ama. And he accused him and said this man stole my hammer.

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And this case is brought to the court the judge and who was the the the complainant, I will move in

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effectively is the boss of the judge. But this is where Islam differentiates everybody else. Nobody is above the law.

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So the judge said to him,

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give me a witness.

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So I live in LA brought his son has an ID the ID or the law No, just said witness not acceptable because he's your son.

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bring another witness

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says knowledge that I have no other witnesses. This is he is my witness. I don't have any other witnesses or in case dismissed. The witness is not acceptable. This This man is huge, whereas free

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so they both came out to the court.

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And the Jewish man got healthily by his hand.

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And he said this is your dean.

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He said yes, he said but you are the king. He said makes no difference. Makes no difference.

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Whether I am the king or I am not the king, I brought the case to the court I had no

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you know I have no witness I have no acceptable evidence. So the case is dismissed. So the Jewish man says this is God he said this out he said I want this deal.

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He said I want this deal. He said I didn't steal your arm I wanted to see what will happen

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to you as our as yours is I just wanted to see what will happen.

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Islam spread because Muslims live like Muslims

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and that life was so beautiful it was so attractive that people came into Islam

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ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to live like Muslims to enable us to practice Islam in such a way that those who see us are attracted to this Deen and never to do anything which becomes a negative reflection on our religion and negative reflection on our on the on the oma of why masala salah and ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to do that which is pleasing to Him and not to do things which will take away our deeds and which will take away the good that he whatever little good we do. ask Allah to protect this from our own evil was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was happy as mine but I want to go