Ramadan Reminders – Day 14

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Belladonna Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Shafi the VA will mousseline mohammadu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman, Kaziranga zerah my Babu Madiba sisters busy died Allah, we are, we continue with our reminders and we are deliberately keeping these short because we want to spend the maximum amount of time in our individual by that you know, scar in reading of course, and I remind myself and you let us increase whatever we used to do. See as a normal thing, this is what I advise anyone who asked me make this into a routine of your life. The following number one, always wake for the head, you know, I find

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that if you wake up one and a half hours before the time for fudger starts, that is the absolute best. But if you can't do that wake up at least one hour before the time for fudger starts.

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Then you pray the huddle,

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which is you can pray two rakaat forecast or Sixth Circuit or a trigger to get as many as as many as you want those reserves. They asked him

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how should we pray the night prayer which is the HUD and Rosaura serves a two by two. He didn't say pray a specific number is a two by two this is also the delille for example of those who ask whether you should create records of Dharavi or 20 regatta Ravi, it doesn't matter as you can pray as many as many as you want. There is Delhi as far as the Sunnah is concerned as far as the son of the Sahaba is concerned, both for eight and for 20. And I'll come to I'll come to the drill for eight in a minute. The question was asked about a lot of nail

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salon Okm which is the same salon in northern we call it Dharavi. Other times. We call it the huddle it's part of the same thing.

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Even though they're always prayed immediately after Isha any prayer after Serato Michelle over is considered to be the night prep. Now there isn't a certain set two by two so you can pray as much as you want. There's no need to get into any filler there's no need to fight about whether it should be eight or eight or 20. And definitely there is no need to make

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statements that people bring eight or we were praying 20 are wrong, or they are committing Buddha and so on all of this is a sign of gross ignorance and jallat Please don't do that. You pray whatever you want to pray. And as long as you're not praying three rocket or one rocket that is fine, great two by 200 no problem. Right now, the daily for eight is Russell Russell center. And this is from Sasha Lana. She said the navasota Center used to play a track out of the huddle and then he would pray with her.

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Or as soon as he prayed with her sometimes he printed one record sometimes he prayed three sometimes you prayed seven and you prayed even nine

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right. So wanting to get into sort of you know complications about calculating the numbers

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a truck out of the 100 plus witr this is what resources are used to create is what I just said and this was throughout the

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year Yeah. Right every every night. Now in terms of Dharavi itself also as a Salam in Ramadan once he came out and he's led Salah it is they don't say how many records he prayed while Allah whether it was eight whether it was more or less.

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likelihood is eight because this is what you normally use to pray as far as the Hajj is concerned, but we don't have the exact number. But he prayed now even the visualizer used to pray he would pray the Salah would last last practically, you know till the bond in the whole of the night because that was his recitation. The amount he decided the way he decided

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about his dad joke. Some of the Sava followed him in the huddle and they reported they said sometimes we would be afraid that the time of father would come that the other two because he put gray till that which means that he's literally spent the whole night in Salah. Right. So now we just came and prayed second day also. So in our first day when he came and prayed he led Salah, which was Dharavi

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while I was in the masjid, they joined him. Now word spread obviously so second day.

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That incidentally is a way of

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stopping us knees, press hard here.

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Second day Nafisa solemn, came out to pray and the marches was full, because people had, you know, they knew that he was going to come. So the

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third day also

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came out, and the machine was full. fourth day, he didn't come out of his house after a parade, Senator Risch, I went to the inside his house, he didn't come out until time for budget.

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So zawacki, messy, yada, yada. We were waiting the whole time, hoping that he would come and lead us. Now each of us knows that I wanted to do it, but I did not do it because I was afraid that if I did it, that Allah subhanaw taala might make this fourth on you, and that you would have hardship as far as the see the Rama and the mercy and the consideration and the love that Rosaura sort of had for the Sahaba that and for us that even in terms of a battle, even in terms of worship, as soon as a restaurant Did not he held back, even though he liked to pray and he would have prayed I mean that it was not sitting at home doing nothing he would be able to pray because that was his norm. He used

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to pray every night.

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So he but he will he held back even in the cases of worship, if he was afraid that it would be something which would be a hardship for his people. You know, this is the the signature of Islam the foundation of Islam, the face of Islam is mercy. It is not a harshness it is not hardness. It is not you know being pompous, it is not being self righteous, or it is definitely not being arrogant. arrogance is from shaitan directly. The face of Islam is mercy. Even in the case of a bad surah Sam used to recite when he would read there were people at the back of people's brain behind him and so the way the mustard was but behind me So Sarah would be the man and behind the women would be behind

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the men would be the women and between the men and the women would be any older children. Now, little babies, obviously infants would be with the mothers. Sometimes the mother might be carrying the baby while she's praying. Sometimes the baby might be placed on the ground at the feet of the mother while she's praying. Any time or as soon as I heard any babies crying, he would immediately shorten his Salah.

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He will shorten the shorten Salah not doesn't mean number of a number of record but shorten the recitation and he would finish the Salah much more quickly than he would otherwise have done. Had he not heard the sound of the baby crying. And he did that because he didn't want the mothers to have any to feel any hardship. Right. famous story sad been more either there are no the great Sahabi and the Chief of the

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of the

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house in biennials in Medina. He used to here he had a practice, he would pray, Asia with rosov Salah, and

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then he would go to his Camilla. Well, where they used to live, which was outside of Medina. And he would lead against a lot of Russia, he will that would be nothing for him and the people praying behind him would be but we'll be praying for but that this was his practice he would release other each other. Now one day, he was leading South Asia. And one of those people there was also cyber, but people related to and from his tribe. One of them who was praying behind him he he shortened his prayer and he left in the middle of the press or as the Salah is going on with the setting. This man made his request to do what not and then he left. Now obviously this matter was reported to him. So

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he called the man and he asked him and he we know he complained

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next day, he complained Rosa Sullivan said yes what is what this man did he you know he shortened the Salah he left. So it's you know like disrespectful for the month. I called him the he called me last he was whatever. He said Arizona we I have some urgency to go home. We wait for him to come he comes from your machine. So that itself takes some time. Then his recitation is very long. I mean, now he did these people who love the karate was not trying to show off to anybody. There are people who loved the karate. They loved Allah they loved the Salah, so when they're reciting in Salah, they got lost in the Koran, you know, beautiful recitation, they will they will read and they would

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recite and they would remember they will remember they would, you know, reflect and they would be connected with a loss monitor. So, he said his resignation is so long that it becomes very difficult for me to stay silent.

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These are actually tours I've been rather they do not recite long recite short because it's a hardship for the people. I remind you on myself, let us focus on Rama. Let us focus on mercy. Let us become people who are merciful was Allah has been very muddy. He was a board member I want to go