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this is Maria layman. Welcome to my premarital masterclass a detailed guide to hopefully getting it right. Many marriages fail long before they've even begun. due to insufficient knowledge and proper planning, we just dive in from the deep end, and then learn about the skills needed afterwards. Sadly, many end up drowning in misery, anguish and pain. The divorce rate today is at an all time high. With over 60 episodes, I have created this course to help you navigate the obstacles and challenges that so many face when they want to get married. Now we're going into marriage. What's it all about? What are your expectations of marriage? How will I know when I'm ready to get married,

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the first advice I will give you is to get married for the right reasons. Next, I want you to do your homework, you need to read a lot of books. Now what I'd like to share with you next is the qualities and skills that I believe you need to have, or adopt before you get married. Growth Mindset allows you to have an open mind and be flexible. You're going to need this before the marriage, but you're going to need lots of it after the marriage. Next is fidelity and loyalty. Now, this is a very, very critical ingredients for the success of any marriage. Having respect as a quality ensures that you always maintain good manners good other, another attribute to have his

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optimism. It is at this point that I would highly recommend that you do the two of istikhara. Now it's time for us to take a critical look into the background of the person you want to marry. I want to emphasize that it's extremely important that before you get married, you drop any excess baggage that you may be carrying. I want to talk about sexual abuse. Now if you were a victim of or witnessed the toxic relationship growing up, maybe you were drawn into the battlefield, maybe you were made to take sides or become a lawyer or a psychiatrist to your parents. We've been talking about addictions and I want to focus on addiction to pornography. Make sure you come clean. However,

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make sure you fix it before you go into your matrimonial home. If you were a victim of bullying, it's time to shed that load before you actually say I am ready to get married. Now let's talk about polygamy. If you are a woman who is taking this course, because you are going into polygamy, you are going to be either the second third or fourth wife. I'd like to share some advice with you go in knowing that you are there to add value not to compete, not to be disruptive, and not to destabilize the family. The problem you have is often when men go out and marry another spouse without letting their spouse know and carrying them along on the process. They end up feeling so empty, feeling

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broken, feeling worthless. justice and equity is critical for anyone who is going to go into polygamy. It is my prayer that Allah will bless you for all your efforts and your intentions. When you took this course, may he continue to guide you may he always be in your thoughts and your constant actions. This course this labor of love would not have been made possible without the will of Allah. He has been my guide and my compass throughout this journey. I want to thank him for the great examples shown to me by my parents, and the beautiful home I grew up in. My mother wrote a book for me when I was getting married ideal Muslim wife, which was later published into a best

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seller, and then a sequel, ideal Muslim husband. These books served as an excellent guide for us, especially in our early years. Then I want to give credit to my better half my husband's a Tacoma. He supported me on this journey and helped me edit and find the perfect words to express exactly what I wanted to say. This course would not have been what it is had we not gone on this beautiful grand adventure together for the past 29 years. I often say he's my happily ever after. Finally, to my brother noodle lemo He also shared many books that he thought would be a benefit to you as well. Just like him, allow him to all of them. It is my hope and prayer that this course has been of

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benefit to you. Join me for this journey of a lifetime by registering today. I will be there as your guide every step of the way. Thank you