How To Make Eid ul Adha Spiritually Satisfying?

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In this video, Mansoor Danish speaks on the importance of the ten days leading to Eid ul Adha and important acts of worship one can enagage in to make these ten days special.

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Assalamu aleikum wa Taala going live once again, and this is take three. All right, and I hope inshallah, this time we don't have any kind of

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issues with the internet connection barakallahu li qu for joining me, and today's session will be a quick session on how we can make evil adhaar which is also called the hurried spiritually satisfying for ourselves. Now as we know that the 10th day of the month of Zul hijjah, that is the Islamic calendar is when bakrid or evil adhaar is celebrated. It's also called the day of sacrifice. And it is celebrated on the 10th day of the Islamic lunar calendar, the month called zuleika. Now, the background for this video today is a post which I shared yesterday on Facebook where I said, often we find ourselves spiritually more

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we find ourselves achieving a sense of satisfaction on the day of needle fitter, and I'm talking from a spiritual perspective. And the reason I gave for this was the fact that we tend to

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prepare well for the month of for the day of aid, we fast in the month of Ramadan, we are doing engaging in active ibadah active worship, in self restraint. So there is a sense of achievement, a spiritual achievement, which is there on the day of evil. And that is why the the enjoyment, the fun is coupled with a spiritual upliftment. Whereas when we compare this with each other, while there is a lot of fun and excitement on the day of each other, sometimes the spiritual satisfaction is lacking. And one of the reasons which I pointed out yesterday in the post was the fact that we don't prepare well for each other. And today I'm going to talk about how we can prepare well for either

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the 10 days of Zul hijjah, the first 10 days of silvija, or the first nine days of Zul hijjah, leading to the 10th day which is either are supposed to be the most blessed days on the face of the earth. This is what the prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him said, on an authentic hadith, that the 10 days of jewel hija are the most blessed days in the in the world, in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we should not mix it up with the 10 nights of Ramadan, the last 10 nights when we seek Laila to Qatar, as the scholars point out that the nights of Ramadan are a blessing in the month of Ramadan, and there is no comparison to any other night in the entire

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Islamic year. Whereas in the month of the Hague, it is the first 10 days, the day worship, which is regarded very highly by Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the question therefore we need to ask ourselves is how and what kind of worship we can engage in as we prepare ourselves for Eagle at home? And then authentic Halley's we know the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him mentioned that one must actively engaged in reading the CSV that made the tally and that has been and that is Subhana Allah 100 Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah is the tasbeeh Al Hamdulillah made La ilaha illa Allah is the hill and the beer is Allahu Akbar, one must actively engage in

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reciting the zeker of Allah, the remembrance of Allah. And this does not require you to sit down, and, you know, set yourself a time, you can just keep doing it. As you know, if you're driving to your workplace, or if you're cooking at home, or if you're just stepping out of your house for some small work, I mean, actively, you can just keep on reciting the secret of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You don't really need to sit down separately and time yourself when you spend the entire day reciting the seeker of Allah. And as we know from one of the Sahabi Saeed bin jubair odilon, who we used to actively exert himself in these first 10 days, till a point would reach when he would not be

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capable Subhana Allah, can you imagine the dedication that he used to have in these 10 days of some nature, so actively engaged in the seeker of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In addition to this, we have a Hadith, which is reported on the wife of the Prophet peace be upon him that he used to even fast in the first nine days of Zul hijjah, whereas this is not obligatory, okay, so if anyone wants to do it and earn more award, he can go ahead and fast the first nine days of silvija However, this is not obligatory. Okay. The obligately fast is the month of Ramadan. What is my highly recommended is the fast of the ninth day of julija, also called the day of arafah. And the Prophet Muhammad peace be

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upon him said whosoever fasts on the day of arafah his sins of the previous years and the coming year shall be forgiven. And we are referring to the minor sins, the minor sins

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of the previous year and the year to come shall all be forgiven for him who fasts on the ninth day of Zul hijjah, which is also the day of arafa. Now there is a controversy because some people start questioning, should we follow the day of arafah according to the Saudi sighting because people are performing the hajj and the day of arafah in Saudi can be different for the people in India.

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Excuse me, the scholars,

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the scholars point out clearly over here that you need to follow your local local citing, excuse me for a moment.

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Excuse me, sorry about that. Okay, so you need to follow your local sighting. So in your local sighting, the day of arafah falls on a Thursday, whereas in Saudi it falls on Awareness Day or a Tuesday, you need to fast falling to your local sighting. Alright, whichever is the citing that you're following in your country. So for example, in India, we follow local citing, so we shall fast according to the ninth of Zul hijjah, as per our calculation, we don't have too fast as per the calculation in Saudi. So that's an important point which I wanted to make.

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And as I said, do lots of charity as we know from the Hadith of the Prophet peace be upon him that he used to be very generous in these 10 days of shortage as well. So actively engage in charity give out a lot of money to the poor in during the daytime, and we already covered about the fasting on all the nine days if you can, but most important is the ninth day of Zul hijjah are the day of arafah and actively engaged in the seeker of Allah which is the duck beer that has been documented and tallied, which I just explained to you a while back. This is all that you we can engage in anything in addition to that to seek the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala which is documented

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from the Quran and the Sunnah is more than welcome. That's all that I had to share with you. inshallah, in the future videos are trying to talk about how we can prepare ourselves better for the day of

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the other, how we can prepare for the day of sacrifice and what are some of the basic things which we should keep in mind as far as the rulings regarding aid is concerned? And Shall I shall be sharing that with you in due course of time. If you have any feedback or questions please feel free to get in touch with me. Design Kamala Harris for patiently listening to me. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh