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Begin by saying Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, today's group belong to a people who have this special character. Hello Friedman. No, it is a character that I believe is very much misunderstood. And as a result, sorry for saying this as a result of misunderstanding this character, it gets disrespected. Now, that word is sober, sober, it tells someone osburgh Be patient. And many times it happens. Someone may tell you, what do you mean Be patient, I'm not going to be patient no more, tell me something else to do. And they misunderstand the word sub as a result, they don't give it its due. Right? Allah says in the Quran, Allah who you Hippo sabreen. Allah loves those who are patient. And

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one of the people that really helped me understand that brothers and sisters was a teacher. I was actually teaching a class about character buckle up, and I came to the topic of solder. Then a teacher raised his hand, and he said, Brother, I want to share with you something. I'm an English teacher, he said that about himself. And the word patients generally in English, not always, but generally is more passive, and not really active. But in Islam, when we say patient sobor it's very much active, you speak up, you work, you move, there's action involved. So that's why some people may have this misunderstanding. So let me start inshallah, by telling you what the suburb mean. And

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rb, though as I also also always mentioned, that definition sometimes can be dry, but it's very important for us to be on the same page. So whether sobre means reading your lips, Mila, what does sobor mean? When it comes to sobor, it's to stop to withhold. And that comes into three aspects or sober means for your heart, not to lose hope. Ideally, yes, that's the first one you're not done yet. Number two for your tongue, not to complain about Allah. So number one, not to lose hope in Allah. Number two, not to complain about Allah. And number three, not to use your physical body into abuse and into sin into Hara, you see these three? That is what sobor kind of pushes us towards

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understanding in the Islamic context. So now with this understanding, when is it okay for you to lose your patience? When is it okay with that definition? The answer is never. It will never be okay for you to lose your patients from an Islamic definition that I just provided you with because it will never be okay. For your heart to feel hopeless is never okay. It will never be okay for you to complain about Allah subhanho wa Taala never. It will never be okay for you to use your body and physically abused whether yourself or others that will never be okay as a result. You shall never ever lose your patience and your suffer as a result. sobor What did Allah say about the Quran in

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NEMA you work for sobre una, continue as Rama hisab. Allah will reward that patient people in ways without accountability, the reward is open ended. Just like how you your patients should be open ended and never comes to an end Allah and you appreciate that brothers and sisters. Now. When we want to go to the area, you're like, Okay, brother, give me the area where Allah says, Allah who had been suffering. Let's jump to this I hold on. Before I jump to the area. I want to set the stage for you. Because this area where it says Willa HIPAA sabreen. I'll tell you the details in sha Allah. But it came after some verses Allah revealed after the Battle of who knows, after which battle after

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the Battle of offered Allah subhanaw taala mentioned a few things after the battle. And then he mentioned the area where Allah says he loves those who are patient, you let me insha Allah revealed to you some of these incidents be in electronic data, the muslimeen were on this side, and mushrikeen the polytheist kuffaar were in this side rasulillah his asylum when he arrived to the battlefield, he told about 50 archers not romac to be on this mountain right here. So you see this mountain, this mountain? Well made sure right away. He takes that spot first. Why? Because he believes if the people stayed here and they do a good job, the machinery cane will never be able to

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go behind and attack them muslimeen they will never come behind. So these 50 are very important for them to stay in case any of these people even think to come this way or you're done. You got 50 people shooting arrows at you. So So I said them gives them a very clear command. What's that command?

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No matter what in the world happens. You never come down of this mountain. Even if

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You saw the muslimeen taken over them with sugar cane and beating them and colors and all of them all of these enemies, they run away back to Mecca or whatever they go to still do not come down until I send you a note, a battery Salah, then you can come down. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made the instructions very clear.

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If you also on the other hand on the opposite side, if the mushrikeen They are the ones who took over the muslimeen if the mushrikeen destroyed all the Muslims, you still do not go down. Any instructions are very clear, as clear as that any of the sun, okay, a bright sun. So those SLM said, until I send you a note, or a command that now it's for you are okay to come down. Until you get this note you stay in your place, regardless of what happens. Once again, just a reminder. So no one can come from this side behind the mountain all the way and go from the back and attack them Justinian. May Allah protect us and grant us guidance. I mean, a quick fact about this battle, the

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prophets of Allah who Elisa and the Muslims were approximately 1/3 the size of the Mashallah King. So the most of the Muslims, for example, were about 700 or so the mushrikeen were about 3000. This is an approximate number. But they're working hard. They're going to obey Allah and His Prophet, I sell them and you can proceed in the battle. Brothers and sisters, the Muslims shook the machine, they shook them, it doesn't make any sense. From a numbers perspective, from preparation from weapons Allahumma basically took over, so much so that the mushrikeen start to run away, they're leaving the battlefield. That's how bad it was, until even Khalid yBnL Walid who was from the

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mushrikeen. At that time, he also was retreating backwards. Now the people on the mountain, they saw the Muslims being very victorious. And they said to themselves, this is a great victory. Alhamdulillah, we won, we won. The majority of the ones on that mountain, they wanted to go down and collect what the mushrikeen left behind. They left the sword. They left something a shield to go celebrate that said Muslims have clearly won. Brothers and sisters, some of the leaders onto that mountain, they said guys, though, we are winning clearly, and they're even fleeing away. We still are not allowed to go down until the Prophet sends us a note. But then the people said, I understand

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that's true. But you know, maybe it's like metaphor, or whatever the case is, I don't know how they understood it as, but they're so in a desire to go down there and pick up the wargames and so and celebrate, but guys that as I said, did not send a note. Remember what he told us? But brothers and sisters, the majority of the people on this mountain, they went down to the battlefield, they went down and guess who was fleeing a notice what's going on? It was highlighted in Khalid Khalid at that time he was that a Muslim or the Allahu anhu as he was going back to his hometown or Mecca or drinking a plan B, he was looking back to see how saddening that situation was, how can we be three

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times more than these people more prepared and stronger, yet lose such loss? This is so sad. So as he was looking and looking and looking, he was shocked. He saw people coming down from this mountain. So high when he was a genius in the military, he realized and he collected some soldiers with him. And he said, I think we can do this. I think we can turn the tables. So when he comes along with about a number of people on horses coming from this site, and when they came to this site, they actually climbed a mountain, you may say yeah, but there you said there's few people left. Yeah, there's only a few left. So the few could not handle Holodomor Waleed and whoever

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remained with him. So Khalid, he jumps along with the people, and they take down the Muslims that were on that mountain in that Illa who were in the illegal Raj, to allow to belong and to Allah We shall return the people who came down this mountain. they disobeyed one command of the price lm one command brothers and sisters. And then halden Walid he makes an announcement along with his team, that for the machine again, come back, come back, we got this we got this. And you can imagine how the believers felt when they saw Khalid and the disbelievers from the behind so highly than the disbelievers are here and here and the Muslims in the middle and it was a smash it was a crash and

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they were crushing the Muslims May Allah forgive us and protect us era by alanine. And brothers and sisters wants to have the after the other was dying once the hobby after the other was dying. So much so until an announcement was made an Mohammedan Salalah Salem high demand the Prophet of Allah has done

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It's over. Can you imagine this announcement? How sad would this harbor feel? And yes, many of us have the majority of them drop their weapons. Some of them left the battlefield thinking of plan BC and so on. And no one really wanted to proceed into this fighting. It was such a sad moment the only Allah knows exactly how the emotions were brothers and sisters. In the midst of all of this Ross Arsalan was still alive. Yes. And he was fighting in every arrow of the machine again, now was directed to mom's asylum. They heard his voice they saw him he's, he's there. He's there. Long Story Short with going into a lot of details because I want to jump into the Iowa Hippo sabreen. Brothers

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and sisters, the battle came to an end and this was a big loss to them. muslimeen are also a lice Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam lost his teeth into that battle, and he bled so much. And in that battle, he lost some of the grants habits such as Hamza bin Adam Macaulay brought the Allahu Akbar, and Musab rhodiola one brothers and sisters, Allah revealed some Ayad about the situation. I would like to read it for you in sha Allah is in Surah Al Emraan, Allah subhanho wa Taala optic some it says an pacifism entered Hello genette Allah Allah me Lovelady Naja, how do you mean come? Ye Allah sabreen Allah says, Do you think that you will go to Jenna and Allah will not test you to determine

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who is truthful and who is truly patient and to know those who are truly into that right path and Mujahideen, Allah, then Allah subhana wa Taala says, well at quantum you used to wish for this moment wish to fight the enemy wish to dyfi sebelah pantalla Quantum termino no nota min company and telco federal itu mu anthem Pandora. Now you see death right before your eyes. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala rebukes the muslimeen. He says why Muhammad, Allah Rasool, Allah is saying Muhammad is none but a prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala as a matter of putting so if Mohammed Salah he dies or he gets killed in Calabria, mala acaba, can you just give up? You just Drop your weapons, you retreat

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and you go back? Allah is not pleased with that moment. Why did he not continue the battle? are we fighting from Mohammed Salim or are we fighting for a legend? legit Allah. So Allah Hunter is rebuking them, right the Allahu anhu as into why did you feel that sense? So then Allah says, women, young Taliban activate and whatever just gives up like that. Allah says, falaya boora Allah, Allah will not be harmed Allah's name will not be diminished. No. Then Allah says what's the agency level *reen Allah says he will reward those who are grateful. Those who continue to strive for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala but I have to share with you this story about what's a big leg shaking

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before I go to the next iron. What's that one? There's a good beautiful moment in this battle. There's a lot but this one is very special. before the battle started, there was a man by the name of ns ibni, another rhodiola one. He was the uncle of ns numeric rhodiola. And if I'm not mistaken, so Anna Sydney another he says, I did not witness the Battle of better the previous one before it. So he told the people I will show Allah lorien Allah, Matt will just do what I will do in the next battle. We need them shaking and the battle came which is awkward. It came. So when after this chaos took place and the muslimeen left this mountain and holidays here and the mushrikeen are here and

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there's a big clamp. The muslimeen were running away. But who was going the opposite direction and fighting them wish the king It was as if the mother allow it but he make a promise that I will show them shrieking our show Allah subhanho wa Taala I have against them shrieking so as he was fighting even though the announcement was made that Mohammed sobre la Elisa has passed away, he still went forward until a hobby a grants hobby is a hobby of a more gentle, sadly more either the last one he saw and this will not he says Elaine, what are you going to set? So Anna says to continue the fight? So somebody told them like Have you not heard what happened? So then anticipate another was very

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disappointed. So he said two things. He says Allah Allah to me, Oh Allah, don't any don't punish me like Please accept my apology on their behalf for what they did from living this mountain and living this battlefield. He's apologizing to Allah for what the Muslims have done. And he also says that to Allah, please take care of the mushrikeen as in you know, do what you have to do towards them. And he is free from the mushrikeen then and isn't another he proceeded towards the battle.

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Brothers and sisters, as nsmb nada was proceeding towards Zyban fighting. You know what he told sadly more in an authentic hadith? He says in NIDA a Shem Maura Hata. Jenna, I smell the Jenna Jenna. Yes. He said, I smell Jenna, right next to our hood. And the battle ended brothers and sisters. And no one knows what happened to us man nada, until after the battle, when the people were checking the bodies of the muslimeen that passed away. They saw a man with over 80 wounds ceremony and foreigner well thought about trauma from an arrow being shot and a stab ahead here and there. So much so that they did not know who he was. No one knows who this man is. Until a lady came. She said

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that's my brother. How did she know him from his ring. And that brother was an A Sydney and mother MENA region Allah revealed and as Mr. Lamont said about this situation, me the MENA region amongst the believers are true men and women. So the Kuma had Allah Allah, they fulfilled the promise they gave to Allah and they saved another he gave a promise, I will show Allah what I got. The next battle was a zillo, shaqiri *reen Allah will reward those who are grateful. So brothers and sisters, after this idea, and then the idea comes after it. Allah says what can a human be here it is, this is the deal where Allah says he loves the sabreen reading. Allah says work at a min nabee

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how many profits can never be jam and copy? What can a human be and katella? Who would it be you in a Kathir? There were several profits in the past, along with their companions who true believers, many unhappily man What happened? They fought 370 lines of Hanover to Allah. Then Allah says in the Quran, firrma hanu, Lima asaba amfi sebelah these people never ever got weekend, the brothers and sisters, mentally and physically, not physically, mentally. They were never, you know, torn down in a way that they saw their brothers and sisters passing away. And in one understanding, you know what it means that tafsir have it that even when the Prophet did, their leader died, they continued Allah

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Murphy said be the lives of Hannah what to Allah, when what family will have olema Asan feasability Allah then Allah says wanna borrow Fu, and they were not weakened or lost courage. They continued number three woman stare Kanu and though they lost many of their believing brothers and sisters in this battlefield, and in one marriage, even lost the Prophet himself, they still fought and they did not give in and they refuse to surrender to the enemy. When Mr. Kanu then Allah says, What did he say? Will Lahu your head boo sabreen that's the server. That's the real patients. Everything has gone well, so our cylinder profit is gone. Some of their companions is gone, but they know that's

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how they will win. This is what our workers said they called the Allahu anhu said when Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam died when the Prophet died with a worker Sadiq saying when the muslimeen they were shocked they couldn't believe what's going on. Is that really the Prophet died? Even some said no, no, he went to meet a lot. He's coming back. It was denial. But abubaker Sadiq he came and he said the very famous statements ahead behati he says

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femen can I mean come yeah Buddha Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for inner Mohammed and Salalah he was lm a demand woman can Abdullah in Allah hi Yun layer mode. Whoever used to worship Mohammed Salah Salem the know that he passed away and whoever used to worship Allah then know that Allah is all living and will never die. Then he mentioned that I just told you, woman Mohammed Illallah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a messenger from Allah subhanho wa Taala and our Deen does not die with the death of anyone. Our Deen Islam does not die with the death of anyone, even if it was the death of the greatest man. Mohammed Allah is Salatu was Salam. And the deen is

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not dependent on you and is not dependent on me. Today if I go away Allah subhanho wa Taala is capable to replace me with someone and million times better and also replace you with someone a million times better. So don't feel oh if I don't do it, too will carry the deed No, the dean will be carried and the dean will be honored in sha Allah. But brothers and sisters you have to realize something. This is the true patience to be patient on the PA because patience has three parts to it. There's a suburb on what let me show you really quick this the changes image for you. The sobor as we mentioned, there's no time that comes to an end for it in the inner my inner may offer southern

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edge emulator itself. The patient

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will be rewarded with no accountability reward infinity. I check your name is on the check magic map mode. Okay. Signature doubt a demo. What's the amount infinity? No balance as in like unlimited brothers and sisters. There's patience towards obligations. There's patience towards the harem as in staying away from it, and there's patience towards the calamities and hardships. And here one of the main highlights is sobre la pa to be patient towards the obligations yes be strong word doula home, yes have big biceps and triceps and all that and the ABS and this and then the push up all the good stuff. Okay. Don't get me wrong. But the real strength or sabratha the real deal is not to

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benchpress 300 pounds as Mufti mink mentioned, but the strong person is the more bench presses the blanket to wake for fragile, that the real strength to her sobre la vie the patients that Allah loves. Well, now you hit beside it in, you have your friends, maybe your colleagues are sleeping till 8am and you have others who may not be fasting, and maybe even You're the only one in the household that is a Muslim and is practicing. But against all of that you are patient. I would like to give you some news in sha Allah, you are of those who Allah loves Allah you have sabreen because you struggled and you tried. And you know the true patient people in know what their concern is.

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It's not about Allah fulfilling his promise. It's about their side of things. Why? Because after Allah says when long Hybels saw that when he came to another iron, these people Allah said, the believers with the prophets from the past, the Prophet were to die and they still want to fight yes or no, that's what Allah says in the Quran. Allah tell me the unica cfml wha No, they never give up and they kept fighting. But they know what they said in the battlefield. Allah says, women can Allah home and what they said in the battlefield, what do you think they said, Ramada Inn and Kaltura banner for Atlanta dhanu banner, where is the Law Center fee and Marina, what they sent all Allah

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forgive us for our minor and major sins, Allah forgive us and wipe the sins away from us. You are putting your life on the line for the sake of Allah, the greatest deed in the planet. And now you're saying, Oh Allah, please forgive me. Are you serious? You're actually worried look to what you're doing. And even if you did small mistakes that you had, that you're doing and for the sake of Allah, legitimate and wise, yes. You know why? Because these people know from the previous generations of previous prophets are really beyond that real true believers. They know that victory and muscle laser, but it's not about how much weapons people have, how big of an army it is how well prepared

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they are. No, it's about their relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. They know that there's a battle they have to win before they win the battle in the ground. There's a battle within themselves and Nestle Amala bisou they have to overcome the evil within themselves, and be to their love to the dunya and make their love to the alpha. So that's their concern. They know if I'm able to make Toba to Allah, seek His forgiveness and be patient, then for sure alone make me victorious. Because it was never about numbers. And it will never be about numbers. Yes, yes. Allah told us to be prepared. Allah told us prepare as much as you possibly can. But Allah also teaches us it's not about your

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preparation, in terms of the weapons and the shoulders and the sides of the strength that people have externally. Rather, it's the man and the trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then they said with a bit akademin Allah Mecca, steadfast, yaalon strong, one sort of nalco mill Catherine and make us victorious over these oppressors, the disbelievers the last idea, what did Allah say?

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Allah gave them what they don't like give them look, Allah gave him fat, tell him Allah, Allah but dunya he given the best of this world, they want these people have won against the disbelievers. Now on top of previous generations, was that our bill Allah, and Allah gave him the reward of Jenna, while law who You have been listening, and Allah loves them. icynene Yeah, we spoke about mycenean in the second session, and it was in in here just to kind of explain, well, lo hibel sabreen Well, no, you haven't seen to explain this. Pay close attention to me. Lsn is a big circle and a suburb. When you want to excel in it. That's one category, but sn is an excellent in as many categories as

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possible. So allow your heavy machining, they combine the package

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They did great in sober. They did great in repentance within middle of Atlanta, and they did great into preparation into the battlefield. And they did great into making dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers and sisters will allow you herbal medicine in here. See I appreciate the patience. May Allah make you have those who have that patience towards a bar. Yes fasting can make you exhausted but know that Allah will love you will lie that's one of the greatest motives to ever show anyone. Allah will love you if you are patient towards your Salah. I have a brother who just spoke to me about salah and the struggle and so on yeah he Bismillah man up we shouldn't be saying Salah is weak

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we should really look at it as a Nirmal from Allah subhanho wa Taala and know that Allah will reward me if I wake up perfect. It's a struggle, but Allah is very fruitful. And I want to share with you something. Allah subhana wa Taala is saying this after the Sahaba the Allah who and whom they were rebuked By Allah, Allah did not like what they did. So when Allah gave him this example, to show them that you guys are not canceled. You're not cancelled. oma Mei uzman Amrit Kula Sahaba they learned Okay, so I go back in history and I learned when your mom and dad they tell you look at that brother. Look at that sister, they not because to put you down, be like the Sahaba they learn from

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the past. Allah says there were prophets before you. And there were companions before you previous prophets who did a great job with Buna Kathy from our hannu not because have like oh, we're losers, no, we're going to learn and we will grow and we will fix our mistakes. And that's what happened. The Sahaba they became of a sabreen and after that they became of the victorious and Allah rewarded them with victory. Brothers and sisters. Let me go inshallah, to give you an example. Now from one of the great sisters about to display the meaning of being very steadfast upon the deen no matter what happens, I will never give up my Dean. What does the holotape say in the sign up? Yeah, yeah,

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you have Latina Armand de la haka. Takata. moto na illa Anta Muslim moon, be patient and do whatever is necessary for you to die as a Muslim, whatever it takes. May Allah grant us ease and blessings me hon. Allah Nene. This wonderful role model brothers and sisters, is none other than the hairdresser of the daughter of brown, one of the most evil people that ever walked on Earth. Many of you perhaps know the story. But this is a perfect timing in sha Allah, to mention this wonderful lady to teach us, you and I, the true meaning of patience upon the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala is that

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she was combing the hair of the daughter of Pharaoh, then that comb fell onto the ground. So when she went to go pick it up, she said, Bismillah In the name of Allah. So then that daughter, she heard that she said, You have a lord other than my father. Then she said, rugby what a buki law, my Lord, and your Lord is Allah. So she said, I will tell my dad, she said, Go tell your dad Don't be water book, he will be killed my Lord, your Lord, Your dad's Lord is Allah. Then around he heard that he brought that lady, what is it that I'm hearing here? She said, Yes, my Lord and your Lord is Allah Subhana. Allah, Allah de so he brought all her kids will be new, has some like a bowl of

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copper, filled with boiling water and one day scrub boiling oil. So he threatened her, if you do not change what you're saying, I will throw one child after the other. And she said, Rob be one of bukanlah My Lord, and your Lord is Allah. And she had all these children and she had one infant that she was holding. So they would throw the first child right in front of her eyes being thrown into the boiling oil. Imagine the skin shrinking and the bones being taken out of the skin. May Allah protect us and safeguard our kids and our loved ones. I mean that I mean, but that what she went through? And why does the Prophet share the story with us? No. Why did Allah tell that story to

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gibreel? To tell it to Mohammed Salah for you and I in 2021 to be strong to Elsevier don't just give up just like that. There's a story of a sister I was involved in to know what happened tried to solve as much as they possibly can. What's the matter? She took off her hijab, the boy Yaki What happened? She said, I left campus, okay, no, I was leaving the campus. And I went to my car, and I saw the car was scratched with the key and the paint was being peeled off. And some bad words about Muslims. You took off your hijab. I know in the situation, that was the wrong move. There's 100 other steps or so to be taken is but the first step you took is to let go of the hack. Nah, that's

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not how it goes. There's other avenues to be done. You call campus police. You check the surveillance you make a police report.

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You get to get this guy and find out who he is and he get to be taught a lesson and be held accountable. Don't be giving up you're dangerous like that. And if you had to, and there's no option, then find a way maybe move to another university or another place or do something about it. But don't just sell your deen just like that or sell a part of it. May Allah grant us wisdom and strength and mineral alanine. So this lady she saw one of her kids being thrown the second one until it came to that little baby she was holding. So then the soldiers were trying to grab the baby.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that the baby spoke the kelemen autofill What did he say? Yo, Mama, Mom, on me is very finicky lol Huck. Mom Be patient, you are upon the truth. Allahu Akbar. Then they pushed both the mom and the infant into that boiling pot. And they all passed away. sobre la Huck, yeah, we have to be strong. One word from here. One criticism from there about the dino Yella, she the younger she do the hijab somewhere different make it like this. Like don't pray here. Don't do that. Don't say the word said I'm where I am at work. Yeah, hey, man up. Where are we living? Alhamdulillah we are living to the most part, the audience that we have. Because I know some

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situations. You have a very extreme side of things. That's understandable. But the majority of our audience live in the United States or in Canada, you got rights. You got to be stronger than that. May Allah grant us all strength and patience. And I'm not belittling your pain or my pain. But what I'm trying to remind myself there's those who faced far more difficulty than you and I put together and they persevered. And Allah showed us how he gave him success. Let me tell you the success of that lady. How do you know Oh, I know. Because we know from the authentic narrations Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he went to the famous trip of an era when he went all the way to

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Allah, so it didn't Neeraj to Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says shabam Tora Hatton.

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A beautiful smell. Yeah gibreel Maha viharaya Oh God, what's this beautiful smell? This is amazing. never smelled anything like that before. So gibreel tells him heavy, ma she taught to been to figure out

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this is the hairdresser of the daughter of Pharaoh and all her kids enjoying their time in Jenna brothers and sisters. The reward is there and you have to realize something I'll end with this in sha Allah. When Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam got the way the revelation Khadija radi Allahu Allah. She took the prophet to her uncle waratah de novo, correct waratah ibni nofal told Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam late and he came to see her I wish I was a young man sharp karoui why to fight them and defend you? Yeah, Mohammed when they want to kick you out of Mecca. So Mohammed Sanchez Mukherjee home, my people call me you free journey they will take take me out from

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Mecca. Because of the way I just received. This is fresh Islam. This is like few days into revelation. So then what accompany nofal said what? No one ever came with what you have in Rudy ma had yet he will have in lilla who no one will ever come with a truth except that there are enemies so that's why sometimes one wonders if I have no enemies, then I might not be on the truth as much as I should be. May Allah protect us and grant us wisdom of course from place to place me Allah greatest success amenable alanine