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Brothers and sisters, do you know the six things that happen when Allah loves you know? Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Hadith that is authentic woman ESL Abdi Allah says my slave continues to come closer and closer to me been wonderful through voluntary deeds, deeds head to head but until I love him and when I love him check what happens when Allah loves you for either bap to come to seminar who lady yes malbay I will be the hearing which he hears with. Yes, you heard that right. And I will be the site which he sees with and I will be the hand which he hold things with. And I'll be the leg which he walks with. We're inside Lenny Lothian and if he ever asked me for something, I

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will respond I will give it and then Allah says a number six brothers and sisters and if he needs any protection, I will protect them six things Allah will provide you like brother Don't move forward. Explain explain what what does it mean Allah will be similar I will let the Yes man obey the hearing which we hear with. It means Allah subhana wa Tada. Brothers and sisters will protect what you hear and Alo protect you from hearing things that will ruin your Eman Allahu Akbar and had come and had you hear it, Allah will be able to protect you from it. May Allah protect our hearing, our seeing where we go, what we hold and our Eman mirabell Allah mean so Allah will guide your legs

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to go to places that are pleasing to Allah and Allah protect your legs from going to places that are displeasing to Allah and may harm you. May Allah make you and I have those whom Allah loves. So of the 10 groups brothers and sisters whom are we going to talk about tonight? Or this evening? We will talk about Yella What does it say here in LA Hey boy, moto sooting this is one of the 10 groups Allah says that he loves in the Quran and looks at in the ones who are fair, the ones who uphold justice brothers and sisters. Allah says in the Quran in Allah you hibel maka Sultan, Allah for sure loves those who are fair and just three times in the Quran emammal core to be Rahim Allah He says el

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Cristo who will add Lou Fillmore and a lot he said Alchemist which this word comes from I'm 13 is justice in terms of trends, actions and dealing between people? So let's insha Allah brothers and sisters before I jumped to the three locations where I looked certain was mentioned. Let me remind you of something. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, that the reason he sent prophets ready for this, Allah says I will be ledgestone regime lcada all Sena rusu Lana Benin Bina Allah says he sent the prophets with clear proofs that's it no two more things. What an MA my homegirl Kitab and we revealed books with them well knees and and the balance of truth and justice. Why did Allah send

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prophets? Why did Allah reveal the books? Why Allah revealed the Sharia why Leah comb and Natsu bill case so that people may maintain their affairs in justice brothers and sisters, in fairness, may Allah you and I to be able to follow the deen That is why saying Islam is unfair, that is completely against Islam. Islam came to establish what's fair established, what's just May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow you and I to be of those who spread justice even though we do see corruption is at an increase, but inshallah justice will be coming forth through you and I in sha Allah, and we'll go to the peak Bismillah as a sub Imodium and then Maddie, they come forward. What do you just kind of

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jumped a little bit too far in signs of Yama, piano Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ready for this hadith? He says Lola myapp Camila dunya in yom. He says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if there was only one day left of this world, one day left until this world comes to an end. lotto voila Allahu danika yummy hut. Allah will make this day longer and longer until until what happens had your bath fee hero jhulan Mini amin le Beatty until Allah sends a man from the family of Mohammed Allah who Salatu was Salam you want to Islam who is me his name will be my like my name Mohammed. Where is he? He is more Abby and the name of his father is like the name of my father name

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will be Mohammed Abdullah Yama will Aldo Maria Mila will Allah subhanho wa Taala he will come and will spread justice Kristen wa Adler and fairness across the globe brothers and sisters, the Prophet says Kim Malia

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volman guajajara just like how the earth before him was filled with oppression, I entirely we will not wait for that melody or that gentlemen, may Allah be pleased with all of us, Europe, to wait to be able to establish justice we will start and do the work may Allah allow you and I to be fair in our families within our lives and those around us, me that are balancing. So let's go brothers and sisters and talk about one of the ayat in which Allah says he loves and looks at those who are just Are you ready? Yeah, Allah Bismillah Allah says, some KDB Luna Li soft Now I mentioned the area where Allah says he loved the theme, but it's coming you have to hold on sha Allah. Allah talks

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about a group of people, someone after clean and some of the yahood they do not like Mohammed Salah. They don't really like Allah subhanho wa Taala they have a personal agenda, okay? But Allah says these people, a calluna is short, those who consume that as haram and they also set my own indicators, they follow that which is wrong. Allah says the

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OIC if they come to your own Mohammed Salah Why would they come to have you judge in a problem they have. So let's say they have a dispute, they have a problem. And they want

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to be able to solve the problem to judge who's right and who's wrong. Allah says Mohammed Hassan has two options. falcom buying a home, if you want to judge Go for it.

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And home or you can turn their request down. So it's up to you. So Allah says, we're in the home if you wish to turn down their request for laniado ruca shaiya these people will not harm you whatsoever. We're in her camp. Here it is. But if you choose to judge, okay, between those who do not even like you, between those who very much hate you, but you chose to judge we're in hack mtef combinar home built a store in Allah you have bull mocker seltene Then be sure yeah, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that you judge with justice with fairness, even though they don't like of luck. It doesn't matter don't let that change your balance. The fist the idea the fairness brothers and

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sisters This is our Dean had to follow Ken will

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follow you I'm not okay medallic Minh allegedly will help me buy a home. Look at this idea that Allah says where Allah says, whether you remain calm, Shanna and Coleman, Allah says do not allow the hatred or enmity you may have towards someone, Allah, Allah I do know that will cause you that hatred you have towards someone or they have towards you to cause you to be unfair. Don't let that happen. Allahu Akbar. May Allah allow us to be fair. I know it's not easy like bro, voila, this is tough. And I know they don't like me and I have the opportunity to judge and kinda like ruin the guy who doesn't like me and probably wants to hurt me. But Allah says no, no. Do you know who Acropolis

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taqwa UB just to be fair, that is closer to piety, brothers and sisters. That is why the reward of being fair and just is magnificent is Mahathir Al Jazeera in Makati. Listen, Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam excellent, he said in the Luke certina in the law he lm and abirami nor those who are fair, those who are just here, where will they be? They will be with a law on pulpits and stages of flight. They will have VIP seats with Allah subhanaw taala we have to appreciate that because you worked hard. It was difficult on yourself to be fair sometimes and and sometimes you know it's it's a struggle and painful but no, Allah will love you. Allah will love you if you were fair, and just with those who may possibly hate Allah Subhana Allah May Allah protect us and grant us guidance and wisdom and how to approach things the right time in the right way. So then, a little

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sore Lysol Allahu alayhi wa sallam says, either man abirami nur and Yemeni are many as our Jaguar kill tarea de Ameen. Then who are they Lavina de la and then do have three attributes. I want you to focus with me and be honest, which of the three you have May Allah make you have all three, these people sitting on these puppets of flight, such beautiful position VIP seats, and you know, in dunya in this worldly life, if you go to a convention of people that you very much look up to, okay, you have a speaker's lounge right in some convention, there's a speaker's Lounge is there sometimes VIP or whatever the case is, and you're like, I wish I can go there and see that brother and some of us

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will like I want to see this teacher wonderful sister. So and then I was just like, you know, I would like to look up to this a wonderful lady, but she's in that speaker's lounge and you wish to have a patch to go in

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How would it feel if that door opens? They tell you You know what, the fact that come in Come in, go to that VIP room to that convention to the speakers that you really look up to? How excited Will you be right? And you see Michelle Tabata cola user, there's a buffet and behind the scenes to share with you, right? a buffet or some snacks and stuff. You go there, you're excited. You can't wait. Can I take a picture? You're so proud to panela Allah is the best of example, with a live method of Allah. Allah you'll be next to him. If you were fair, how three things and levena de Luna fee hook me him. Those who are fair in the way they judge, whether between children between students. in any

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situation. You hook me up the way you judge and say who's right and who's wrong. What Li him and you're fair specifically with family, with your spouse, with your children with your parents were actually him one value. The third one over everything which you have responsibility over are also a lesson took this very serious. Check this out. And a man being Bashir or the Allahu anhu. Man. He said, my father upon the ablv my dad gave me a gift demand nice, beautiful type. What happened? The wife and the mother of another man. She saw that, so she went to Al Bashir. She said Bashir, did you get a similar gift to your other children?

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He said al Bashir, the father said no law. So the mother said, I do not approve of this. Go to Mohammed rasulillah salam, and present what just happened let him judge to see if this is right or wrong. For at our solar lights Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam al Bashir went with his son and no man to the Prophet. So al Bashir says you're also Allah. In the day to evening, I have given my son from my wife Amata Binti raha a gift okay. For a Marathi my wife commended me and she do care Yasser Allah to be able to have you a witness on this transaction. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says,

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to say, when a deca Miss lohagarh did you give all your children like a similar gift?

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So a Bashir says, law No. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam listen to what he said. He said for duck Allah for Allah, wa de lubaina Allah Deacon brothers and sisters for Tukwila, WA de lubaina Allah decom then what did Bashir do for Raja alpha delta yetta he went and he returned back the gift if you're not able to afford it to all to an extent in terms of that doesn't give you the exact same gift. You're not going to gift your 18 year old, the same gift you'll give a four year old but the concept let's say someone is traveling they come back home Alright, you got all these beautiful gifts here you go here go Yeah, let's make all these gifts Okay, so you have that small

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one format and this is for her Do you have the concept that you know what I remembered all of you these are the gifts to be feared a lady and I don't know if you help me him. What a holy mama Hello, may Allah reward you all brothers and sisters and make use of those warfare say I mean this is live I mean it'll be an island in time. Let's go to the other area insha Allah that talks about a test ready yeah, let's move in sha Allah to the other area where Allah talks about he loves a look at what's going on here. Listen, let me read to you the area and you will inshallah understand, Allah says in the Quran.

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What? For? If attorney Meenie Miny Nakata Hello if there's two groups of believers, they are fighting one another. What should you do for us the whole bainer who tried to reconcile tried to fix the situation for him divert the Houma Ll O'Hara if one of the groups let's say for example, I met Khalid if you're watching if your name is admin holla don't take it personal This is an example let's say I met NSA Khalid okay they're having this problem and you come in try to resolve it faster have a nama reconcile fix the problem combined brothers admin college. Come on guys. Let's try to fix this. But for in Bahama, if it says no, and he crossed the line and he transgressed. Then what

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should you do for coffee related tables? He had the fee Illa umbrella, then you go against that one who's oppressing the one who's trying to transgressing? brothers and sisters. This is our Deen to push back and help our brothers and sisters. Even if they were oppressors helped my brother and sister even if their oppressors Yes, Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam look to what he said. Also a hardcore volley men oma of Luma help out your brothers, so poor, your brother and sister, whether they were oppressed, or whether they were the oppressed.

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testers are they were oppressed? So one of the Sahaba said Yasser Allah on Soto who either cannot Luma I got the point of helping out my brother if he was oppressed, I got that for sure. But how do we give him victory of a writer is I can all Voluma no presser k for unsolo How do I help out in this situation? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Juju out 10 now who mean have you tried to stop him from oppressing? That's how you help your oppressing brother and sister. You try to stop him from pressing for indelicate nostro This is how you give victory to your brother and sister. So now you're jumping med is transgressing so now you fight against dammit. Okay, and you go

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all out maybe hard will help you out right for In fact, if that I met group, they surrender Hello? Okay, okay, um, you know what I realized what I did was wrong. I'm not gonna do this. No more. Okay. I promise. Hello Stober. Okay, fantastic. Allah says for us the whole Bay nama the same sentence right, beginning for us to have a neuroma if they fight transgressed and Allah says go back to square one and fix the problem. But this time, Allah adds a couple of words for us kobina Houma bill ideally what Apple sipo in the law how you boil Morocco Sultan

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Allah added these words of be fair and be just Allah loves those who are fair and just you know when you go and you tried to push that transgression against the brother who was oppressing sometimes your emotions you're like you know what, we could have made a deal for $10 You don't deserve it we will find you charge you interest because of the chaos you cause all that stuff right? No, go back and try to reconcile a lot but it's not easy brothers and sisters will accept oh you don't want that also means if in the process of you trying to fight him and put him down and for example, you knock out the bottle of water okay and it spills work so to means you got to pay for the damage What? Yes,

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you will not you want to fight mad or stop. Okay, if by on the on the way by accident, you knock a couple lights, right you break his car, I'm not supposed to need to fix that damage or more stuff. That is why Allah says in the law, how you hit boil milk, so clean Allah will love you, by Hamas if a man loves you, and he becomes the site, what you see with the hearing what you hear with the hands which you hold things with the legs which you walk with, isn't that an enema? And Allah will guide where you walk what you say what you see what you hear what you touch. And if you ever asked Him He will respond. And if you ever want protection, he'll protect you online. It's worth it. It's tough.

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Brothers and sisters, and you know, who did a very, very, very great job with that. Muhammad Allah His Salatu was Salam. Allah subhanho wa Taala before I jumped to the story, Allah says, Yeah, you handed in another verse, who knew a wamena bill test, Shahada Illa Allah says Be sure to establish justice and as Justice as witnesses for the sake of Allah wello pay attention to this and here's I'm changing the picture. Whenever I learned Fujiko even if you being fear will fall your back against you. Like I'm gonna tell the police officer in this accident that I was the one who was wrong. Yes. If you are wrong to say you're wrong. If you cut a red light, say you cut a red light.

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It's tough. It's tough when a while and fujichrome Allah says even if it goes against you, I will worry then even if it will go against your parents justice as Justice. There's no sugarcoating. There's no hook it up law. Well, Accra bean and your close relatives, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, doesn't matter. Justice does not know gender. Justice does not know religion in terms of Oh, he's Muslim, okay. He's Christian. No law. Justice does not know age, justice. does not know anything besides the truth. May Allah make us of those who establish justice. And now let's go to the story of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam salallahu alayhi wasallam

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reading Okay, what happened was civilize SLM. He was after ledgewood In fact, the conquest of Mecca. Okay, what happened? There was a lady from a respected family that stole committed theft socket Rumia socket, so the people panicked. You know what, we don't want the penalty to be established and applied on this lady because the penalty of stealing in that situation was the cutting of the hand. This is the law that Allah has provided for us. Okay. In obviously Muslim countries rely on go around do and durable

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Okay, relax. Breathe in, breathe out. Okay, this is our deep and shallow when we're proud of that, no problem. So then the people said, Who Can we talk to? To talk to Mohammed Salah. We want a middle person between us and the Prophet, someone who the Prophet loves so much that we can tell him Go tell them, you know, not to apply the rule and cut her hand please like Come on, guys. Okay, please. So they went to who they went to Osama igneous aid or on the Allahu anhu my wonderful Sahabi Osama and Ross wasallam really, really loved him brothers and sisters, the stitch Fiona, please help us out and Osama accepted or the loved one. So seven is eight. He goes to the prophet SAW Salem and he

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tells them whatever is necessary to intercede for the lady who stole and you know for the rule of Allah or the law not to apply on her.

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So he spoke to us on last Ellen.

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What happened

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rasulillah students face the color of his face changed. Telangana, Telangana, Jerusalem, why he was so angry that his face was full of redness changed in color. And he's told Osama The one who he loves so much. I took a lemon if he had the min hadou dilla. You are trying to convince me not to apply one of the rules of Allah. In another narration attach ferrovie heddon dimenticato de la What's the matter with you? You're trying to hook up someone and help them out at the expense of not fulfilling the command of Allah Subhana Allah, then Osama got nervous. He says it's definitely it's definitely also like I'm so sorry. I apologize. ask Allah to forgive me please yet also Allah Rasool

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Allah Azza wa sallam after some time, not too long after he gave up speech to the public to the world to hear for you and I to hear it today in 2021 and Ramadan, 2021 brothers and sisters Rasul Allah, I said, he gave a speech in it. Look what what he said, ready? Listen very carefully. He said, either. He says, Let me just remember exactly okay. He says, I'm bad after he praised Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says, Now next, or moving on to the main point for in, like unnatural kubla Khan. And now homecare know what ruined the people in the past? What destroyed all these previous generations, many previous generations were destroyed. Do you know why? Why Allah so Allah, either

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Sarah coffee human sharifa Tara cool. When the noble and the elite in society stole and committed theft, they let go of him and did not hold him accountable. were either Salafi human life or calm while he had when the weak and the poor they stole Oh, they establish justice on them and apply the penalty. So there's no difference whether they're rich or poor, it doesn't change the justice system. And look at the conclusion of Mohammed Salim in this hadith. He says when lady enough so Mohamed in bat, I swear by Allah one law he he swears by I swear by the one who Maisel is in his hands, what they are so in love. Now enough our teammates have been to Mohammed in Salah cut. If my

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own daughter Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad Sallallahu I said, I'm stole Lakota we had our hand, our apply the rule of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is why we have some of the nutzung the greatest generation ever, during the time of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the rule was applied on that lady, and this lady, she made Toba to Allah subhanaw taala afterwards, she got married Alhamdulillah It seems that she went back on track, May Allah forgive us and protect us and allow us to establish justice with wisdom, the right time, right place, of course, with the leadership being involved in such situations, but nothing to be embarrassed about. Part of the test. Part of the

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justice of me speaking is to tell you Islam as it is and not to cut things and in terms of fake things up for people just to see Oh, it's so beautiful that we have everything is beautiful, but sometimes it's tough. And sometimes my gentle sometimes might be firm, but this is the deen of Allah. May Allah protect us and grant us all wisdom. I mean, Robben Island in the last hour your brothers and sisters that has in Allah you have been sitting ready. Okay, anybody knows what surah the last one in the light have been lots of thing. I think many people should know this. Why? Because we're reaching juicer

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but semia I believe so now start chapter number 16. Allah Subhana Allah says, la Yun ha como la one

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Levine Alam you call it Lu comfy Dean, one ummu credo commune the recomb tabber roho moto pasito la him in Allah you hiball mapa setting, What's the story? Allah says it's not Haram. Okay, because some people may have not known very well at that time, there might be some confusion or do you want further clarification? Why? Allah says it's not haram for you, to be respectful, to be fair and Allah Allah is free to be just and fair towards those who may not be Muslim. Okay? They may not even appreciate Allah and the Prophet of Allah, but they do not fight you. Okay, they're not fighting you. What are you free to come in? Do they come and they're not trying to kick you out of your land

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and get out of this place and putting a gun on your head? They're not doing that. Allah says for you to be kind to them towards them to have this you know, Justice towards them. They gift you you give a gift back to them. There's nothing wrong with that. Actually, Allah says rather I love it. I will love those who may establish justice. Some scholars they say this ayah was revealed because of a smash Binti Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu ma. What happened? down this this story is authentic. But some say it's related to this verse And Allah knows best Let me explain as not the data of aboubakar May Allah be pleased by both of them. She had her mom come over her mom was not Muslim during that

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Hadith and that story for Adi Mehta, Allah Yama, Yama, Shri Catan via Quraysh. Okay, what happened? She wanted the mother of a smash she wanted to get closer to her daughter as much as far as Muslim her mom is not. So her mom is trying to you know, get her to love her get closer to her approaching her gift or something. So a smart radi Allahu Allah for how much he loves Allah and the prophet SAW Selim. She wants to make sure that's okay. That even if it's my mom or my dad, my son, my daughter, whoever in the world it is, I just want to make sure this thing is pleasing to Allah which is accepting that closeness of them exchanging gifts with them being kinder than being fair to me Sure,

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just been a safe sign for stiffs for staff that are throughout our lives asylum so she wanted a progress and she asked him she the Rasulullah or prophet of Allah in on me my mom called the meta Allah yahiro Reba, my mom came to me and she wants to get closer to me, you know, give me some stuff hang out with me. I thought I'll see Lu ha, shall I keep good ties with their strong ties you know, connect and so on. So the prophet SAW Selim says nom nom silly Ha. Yes, for sure have strong ties of kinship with your mom. No doubt in that though. She is a polytheist isn't believe in Allah. This will not change things brothers and sisters Allah but this is our Deen, may Allah make us of those

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who are fair and just admirable Allah mean, as Allah says in the Quran, Allah say about parents and parents topic will come again in one of the other 10 groups Allah loves and you will see, unintentionally just it just comes up all right. Allah says in the Quran, we're in jaha Dhaka if your parents are pushing you, pressuring you Yala, do what pressure to do what, and to Sri cabbie, to commit not to harm like minor sin here and there. Drink this and smoke that which is May Allah protect us know, to do the greatest sin Allah and douchey Kirby melaye silica be hearing that which you have no knowledge over as in this is completely wrong. Fellow Tahoma Allah says, do not obey

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your parents. If they tell you to commit sheer can worship other than Allah and associate prayers with him. Do not obey them but while Sahaba Macedonia Moreover, but you can still be friend them yeah, Allah, be friends with them. If this is towards parents that tell us to do Haram, Allah says Be good to them, befriend them, but what about parents that say Yes, hi fetcher. waker for fetcher. What about parents that tell us? Did you pray for her? What about parents that remind our sisters make sure you wear the hijab? You know that clothing may not be appropriate? What about parents that go and try to help our children to memorize the Quran? Allah How should we treat them? If this were

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sad, may Allah protect you all? I mean, I mean, we are coming to the end brothers and sisters, and I want to share something with you. If we were not fair if we were not. If we were not fair, brothers and sisters, then we will be have the VA II mean v oppressors now we've talked about this. They know what Allah says in the Quran. Allah does not love a volley mean the volley mean there is no balance. You see the fish here for example, where's the water is struggling. It's this is like torture. And this one has the water and so this is a boiler. This is no kiss. There's no balance brothers and sisters. May Allah protect us a little bit. I mean, and check this out. Check this out. The one time

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I said this Hadeeth before

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I finished up like what? Let me finish the heavy let me finish.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers and sisters there are things that are haram haram prohibited for God to do. What are some things are haram for a lot to do as urging? Allah says in the Hadith? Yeah a buddy in the harem to Vilma NFC I made oppression prohibited on me. I'm not allowed to oppress Allah akbar wa jal to whom by nakuha, Rama and I made it prohibited. It's a major sin amongst you fell out of Alamo do not oppress one another. And Allah says across the Quran, Allah Allah hypovolaemia Allah does not love those who are oppressors May Allah protect us and mirabal Allah mean Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was asking the Sahaba at a drew nominee, roofless.

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Do you know who is the bankrupt? They said they are also the bankrupt is the one who doesn't have the cash doesn't have the money, the coins the bitcoins or whatever you wanna call it, right? Lisa? No matter no assets, no wealth. So the prophet SAW Selim he wants to clarify something for the Sahaba he says the bankrupt is the one who comes the Elmo piano brothers and sisters bisola

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sadaqa so yeah, the communal piano with prayers Allahumma barik charity the car good stuff. Fasting CMP This is like awesome. Hold on. However when they come jamoke piano they go and they have in the records that they have shatta mahad they cursed that person? Well, I Keller malahat and they stole the wealth of that other person was self Academy haha and they killed the other person. No justice, no fairness in their dealings, backbiting and gossiping and ruining people around so what happens? No one was hacer not so much Salah as a calcium. He starts passing down good deeds, okay, here you go. Because I oppressed you the other day. Here you go because they oppressed you the other day, the

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coins decreased decreased, has an add no more hassle or not? Until what happens brothers and sisters when there's no more good deeds, and this man is pretty much done. He ends up receiving receiving the bad deeds of other people from Missouri ethanol, then that person is thrown into our fire. This is how bad it is to be of the oppressors. May Allah protect you all may Allah make you of those who are just a mineral be alanine, Okay, brother, young love Bismillah what's the conclusion? What's the conclusion? Here is the conclusion. Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says men can enter in the Asahi Malema. Whoever approached anyone if you ever had a story now that I'm saying this you

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remembered Oh, I wasn't fair in that dealing. I wasn't just towards one of the children. Whether it was five years ago, 10 years ago, the way you deal the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says men cannot enter the muslimah failure to handle human Julio Mia loves me like today you fix it. Today you fix it. fe no lace FM Medina, Durham on the Day of Judgment, there's no money there's no money to resolve the problems like okay, I'll give you a checker $100,000 there is no benefit Then what is it mean cobley and you the FAA human has enacted it will be the good deeds and the bad deeds brothers and sisters. So May Allah Allah unite to be able to establish justice and May Allah allow

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you and I to be able to fix things if we ruin that in the past with others amenable I mean, this was an mK 13 in the law how you hibou masa de Allah loves those who are fair and just, I hope this session was beneficial. May Allah bless you May Allah protect you