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The Persecution of the Muslims

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Bismillah was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, we start and we ask Allah to send his peace and his blessings on the Prophet of Allah Muhammad peace be upon him. Brothers and sisters after the disbelievers not necessarily after because I told this nonspecific order, you might find different stages happening, but whatever as I promised you throughout the whole series, whenever I say the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said this, the prophet SAW Salem dead did that it comes from the authentic references and Sharla Fair enough, and I'm doing my absolute best to maintain that May Allah forgive us for any shortcomings or for not being very exact word for

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word, May Allah forgive us, I mean, so that people have thrush, accusations and mockery were attempted, family intervention was attempted.

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bribery was attempted, then then they would gather another attempt to stop the message from spreading, spreading.

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And what was the common thing that it came with it's time to go persecution go as physical as we can go. So focus with me because this is important point. The higher the status of the one who converts to Islam such as abubaker is a high elite, family, Muhammad peace be upon elements from the elite. The Elite will try to go

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as far as we can with insults, as far as we can go with persecution that we can get away with without the other tribe seeking revenge. That's the equation. The weaker they are the Muslims, the more physical we will go. The ones that have no backing deal deal, alright. of the things that they do brothers and sisters,

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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one time was praying in front of the Kaaba.

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And then the leaders of Christ, the tyrants, the arrogant, the ones who recognize the truth and they are yet to reject it.

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They were sitting in Abu JAL, one of the toughest and worst enemies of Islam. He proposes an idea that's his proposal. Let's throw filth at him while he's praying. A Buddha has said check out this moron this show off this Mohammed show off guy praying in front of everybody seeming so righteous. So religious, this show off. Who amongst us can go to the other tribe that slaughtered a camel recently? Go grab the dunk the abdominal the filth from that camel and walk all the way to Mohammed? And the moment he goes all the way down in frustration, dump it all on him all that filth who's up for it? So ocupa been at the market he says I will go for it. But the elite you will personally go

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grab the film the abdominal the dung and the blood and with your own hands, ruin your clothes in the smell and go and wait till Mohammed prostrate and then dump that on him is that how much hate you have?

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Didn't go assign a slave. That's how much hate me Allah allow us to be people of love. People who are wise whom we hang out with. When we distance ourself with me, Allah guide us to have the right emotion and reflection. I mean, he had hate towards the man who deserves all the love along the line he was sending them. So he goes, grabs that filth and walks and walks and walks from the other neighborhood other tribe until he waits for Mohammed Mohammed is praying. He's waiting. It's heavy. camel body parts. filth, blood dripping. Okay, now, now, and he dumps it all on his back. dumps all on his back. And the Prophet stays in frustration.

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Surely disgusting and filthy. Imagine the blood in the filth

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and the people of Quraysh they laugh hysterically. Ha ha ha Look, I can look at that loser. They were laughing so much. So they had to lean on something because it was so funny. They're about to fall.

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And the believers saw that Abdullah bin Masood, he says I saw this happening I couldn't jump in. I want to go and live that feels by walked in. I'm gonna be dead. I'm going to be done. If this is happening to Mohammed from the elite or so what would happen to me I have no family backing. I'm not coming from a high end family.

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So he says then someone ran to the house of the Prophet ran.

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Knock on the door. Fatima Fatima coos your dad Fatima beautiful little daughter about eight years old. She just saw she runs and she Sprint's all the way to her dad and she sees all that filth. And she gets

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Emotion on she cleans up her dad's back clean it up on that filth, then that girl she walks to Abuja walks to look, and she curses at them, you such and such. You did that to my dad. And for the first time from my understanding and from my research and from what I learned from the scholars one of if not the first time, the prophet will raise his hands and pray against them. Throughout his life he prayed for them. Do you know that the Prophet by name, prayed for the guidance of Abu jihad, by name is with me.

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But how much do you forgive? How much one of the people they suggest, between humanity besides the prophets level of mercy is beyond far and beyond. They say one of the things to make your watch out about forgiveness, look until when, if your forgiveness to the person increases them in oppression. You might need to recalculate when to forgive and how to forgive. If your forgiveness to an individual increases them in oppression. They need to watch out when to forgive and when not to and what to say. So the Prophet peace be upon them they threw all that filth on him. He raised his hand and when he prays he prays thrice three times Allahu

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Allah destroy these people thrice Oh Allah destroy these people. Christ Allah destroy these people of Christ. Then he names them name by name. Oh Allah destroy Nishan Abuja Oh Allah destroy welcome up in the morning.

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They said, a narration they were laughing their laughter faded away.

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Because they fear that what he says will happen in Panama. And then he walked away professing what in the world have you done in your life? or what have you gone through? That will make us question God

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and not be steadfast? Why am I asking this question? The Prophet continued to message Allahu Akbar, filth, and so on and so forth. I was here in this state.

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And I went to work one day.

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Now under my keyboard here, a big corporate job at a quote unquote, big corporation. And there was a document upside down,

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lifted the keyboard, looked at the dykema document. And it's about how Muslims did 911 terrorism, right that makes you What do I say? Oh, listen, Bro, I can handle this raw loss. That's it. I'm gonna call my name something else I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna renounce this people no longer say Salaam because it's an embarrassment. What do you mean is embarrassment? Yes. Hi and good morning is fine. Great. You should go for it. Good morning. Hi, whatever. But don't not say Salaam Wa Alaikum Peace be upon you in Islamic green because you're embarrassed. The Prophet kept going for this in sisters, Abuja. Look what he does now. He says let's tap on his head. If we see him praying again.

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He says what led to the Rosa, Abu Jamal, not done. He wants more. He says I swear by Allah, an idol, and then another idol. If I see Mohammed praying once more, I'm gonna step on his head and crush it. And Abuja was big. Some people were so oppressive towards the religion, and they were very physically strong, like Abu JAL, like aka there's other disbelievers at that time. At that time were very offensive to Muslims, such as the honorable Bob. No one was spared from these people.

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He tied his own sister faulty method to cotton authentic narration. And his brother in law said aid shackled them all tied up and who mentioned that? What's going on? Is it because of saying like Allah, Allah, Allah, that's all we're doing. not fighting. We're not pulling short and I'm gonna kill nothing. I'm just conveying the message. That's all. You don't want to hear. It's up to you, but don't stop them from conveying it. That's the whole point of the prophet in the Muslims. Just want to convey the message to this person. You don't want to hear it. I'm not coming to you anymore. I'm going to the other person, but they will come and stop him. May Allah protect us. I mean, no,

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but I mean, so in Abuja says if I see this man

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praying in front of me, I'm going to step on his head. Brothers and sisters, right when he says that Mohammed Salah Salem walks, Salah Solomon is about to pray loud. And he prays and he prays and he prays until he reaches the prostration which comes strong, physically powerful. He comes and comes and I'm trying my best to imitate how he did ready. He comes he comes he wants to step on the Prophet. He comes needed this.

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People like Are you crazy? Do you start running water in the world was the authentic narration with

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By the enemies and those who are the believers, this is what happened to you. He's like when I was coming, there was a ditch full of fire. And there were people like with wings surrounding him. Hard not gonna get second step closer, another step closer. That's why he saw the Prophet finished his prayers. And he told us what geralyn told those around the den, meaning if Abu Jihad took one more step not step on me one more step towards me, Lakota to Malaika 1001 Ottawa the angels would have torn Abuja, hell, limb by limb, body part by body part.

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Brother, can I ask you a question?

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Why did this happen? Number one, if you ask you ask with respect, and ask out of curiosity and to see if there's wisdom behind it. But not to ask the question why did he save him here? And he did not save them here Yes or no? Like why? When the scholars are Look at this, they say when the Prophet had the filth thrown at the at him, it was tarbiyah it was nurturing. It was upbringing to the believers. If the greatest man on earth, Mohammed is facing that level of hardships Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam and he yet withstands it, then you should also withstand whatever you face. Phenomenal. Phenomenal. What about this, if this was Teddy BIA, nurturing and upbringing, this was

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this beat. This was for the people with perhaps weakness in the heart to strengthen if God wants to protect someone, he will protect him he will protect her, even if the all the enemies and the strong ones are on the other side a lot but it's a beautiful balance. So that Allah decide May Allah grant you all paradise say I mean, if this what the prophet went through, can you imagine what the weaker ones one through? Can you imagine? Brothers and Sisters say then Fatima from a normal family? I just shared that with you. Bobby shackles them. He overpowers both of them, torturing them. At that time Omar was not a Muslim, not just that family of Yes, sir. Yes, sir. The Father sumiya the mother Amar

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their son, all from being kicked to being put into water to the almost choked to death and they released all what they want the courage the kuffar the disbelievers. The arrogant, the tyrants is one word, one word to water from your mouth, that you renounce your faith, and we will let go of you and you will never be tortured again. That's all what we want. And the people steadfast, steadfast to the extent that the Prophet peace be upon him. One time he was walking along with us and I've been offend me Allah be pleased by him and the past by the family of yourself. Yes, there's so many Jamar all suffering, hung into poles and being whipped and tortured. And then the Prophet, he saw

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that he got hurt.

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Yes. He sees that in the Prophet. The Prophet is in pain for what he's seeing. So yes, it tells them here also Hola, adaro, Hakka, oh, Prophet of Allah, this is life.

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This life is a test as you taught us. We want to pass that test. You see the peace and the contentment in the heart in the midst of that weeping. In the midst of that torture? Yes, it's painful. Yes, they can cry. Yes, they can feel sad. But there's a sense of deep in the heart tranquility, that they're trying to destroy them. They tell them you can destroy my body, but it can never destroy my soul. And that's what they live by. And if that's what happened to Mr. Owen, yes, sir. And so many Oh, what happened? Oh, Mr. What does he do?

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He read that he lets go of Islam. Serious. Yeah. He cried. He's devastated. But then Allah reveals verses in the Quran. He says Allah will not hold accountable the ones who leave Islam just verbally when their hearts is full of belief. Are you guys with me?

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But some believer they said no, no, no, I will never let go. And you know who never let go. He never will never let go. The mother of Amar hair she saw her and she's old lady, and torturing her and ruining her and slapping and smacking and insulting very bad, vulgar words that may not want to say here May Allah protect us and shaming her and she believes in the law. Nothing can shake her up just so angry. This woman is so stubborn. He looks as an he looks. He has an embarrassment that Look what a woman who is quote unquote weak. Look what she's doing to you. Yes, you're physically abusing her, but she's much stronger than you yes or no even in the eyes of this believers of who just gets so

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angry and so mania becomes so steadfast. Abuja gets so upset. Abuja grabs the spear, a spear and he places the spear in her place of chastity and she dies and she becomes the first

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who dies for the sake of Allah amongst the believers.

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The first one to pray next to the Prophet was a woman.

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The first one who gave up her life for a lie so mainly a woman. For our sisters and our brothers, you want role models, you will know what's the best people to follow footstep by footstep. You got two names Howdy, john samanya. first martyr and that shook the city. Mr. Sadat, yes. stuff. And they went and they tortured brothers and sisters, May Allah keep a steadfast say, I mean, some people may like where's the Allah's help? Whereas the laws help and all of this? This is not just a question that some of you may think of. This was a question some companions came to the prophet and authentic narration the complaint with complaints to the Roswell law or prophet of Allah. Do you not see what

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we're going through torture?

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kebabs a wonderful man. But he's just like asking if you don't see what's going through his sponsor, Elena, can you ask God to like, help us out? Obviously, the prophet has been praying this whole time.

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So the Prophet, he know how he's like, merciful kind, all that stuff. And in rarely does he have these moments not as common where he just gets angry. This was one of the few he got frustrated. He got so angry at the believing men and women, among the few who complained. He said to them, to example, he says, Listen from the people of the past who believed in the oneness of Allah. Among them were people who used to be tortured back in the day with previous profits previous nations, they used to get combs, not regular combs where you comb your hair, it combs their skin, that comb peels, the flesh, pleat peels that veins and the bones appear by a DNA that does not let them

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renounce their faith does that does not let them sacrifice their faith, and they become steadfast from the people in the past. Second, and last example, he says, they have a hole dug in the ground for them, they would place the individual in there, and they would cover up with the sound, they get a saw a saw, and they go through the head and cut it into two halves, and they don't let go of the religion. In the Prophet says, Listen, a time will come where peace and security and this religion will prevail in this area, to the extent that a person can travel from hadramaut in Yemen, all the way to Santa, and that person will feel safe. How is the thing that the weakest point in the nation

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of Mohammed has the weakest point you're saying that? How is even possible there's a promise from Allah the Creator, safety will prevail because there's a lot of highway robberies, a believer will can cross or anyone can cross, the prophet said but they will fear two things. They will fear Allah in terms of angering Allah, and the others fear that they will have is a wolf attacking their sheep. That's it. They're hearing that then the Prophet concludes and he says, Well, I can not come to rune. But you guys are hasty. He said that some of the companions and many of us brothers and sisters are hasty here, yes or no? Oh, I attended this lecture. I don't see what's happening to the

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oma who can imagine that the believers are gathering and where's our honor? Where's our dignity or law? He an animal dies in Brazil? He comes in the news. They take it serious. And amid 100 believers die, and they're not even referenced yes or no. Now, even in a small font under the screen, we have no value animals have more value. I'm not exaggerating. That's what we know. Yes or no. Yes or no. treated like that. What other nation? What other religions souls or schools through such severity? A whole camp of prison of hundreds of 1000s of Muslims happening? 20th 21st century? It's getting bad. It's ridiculous. It's so obvious, yes or no. It's way too obvious. May Allah protect us And forgive

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us? But you know, when I say that, you know I'm referring to this is a good sign. We'll look at this weirdo.

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How is that a good sign? Allah revealed the verse.

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Allah says, Do you expect that you will go to Geneva and possibly to enter total Jana? Do you think you will enter into Geneva

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and you go to see in Geneva your house made of brick of gold and silver, you go to Geneva, you get to enjoy your beautiful family, all believers amongst them. You go to gender and you will never get sick and he never gets old and you never die. And you'll always be young, you go to a gender and you meet wonderful people. You meet Lee and Khadija and Fatima. You go to Japan you meet the Prophet of Allah, you go to agenda and you hear the Prophet reading the Quran, you go to Jenna, and you see Allah, you want just like that. That's what you want, just like that. Have you not known what happened?

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The past Mr. toman best sell what the role was to people in the past, they had to be shaken to the core. Shaken violently, their faith had to be put to the test.

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When you go to do a driver to get your driver's license, you study hard for a driving test. You don't really complain. You go on to become a big doctor in your society you do em cat, pee cat, that's whatever you name it. Why? Because no pain, no gain. I like that. I encourage you, may Allah protect you. No pain, no gain by why is it that some of us apply No pain, no gain, in materialistic worldly matters, but when it comes to religion, I don't want to face any single pain. Why? Why May Allah protect us? And forgive us say I mean struggle. I'm not a morning person wake up for February. What do you mean I don't see myself really you know, the heat of the weather and I don't see myself

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you know, going up for this prayer or do that obligate?

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Me Allah forgive us companions. You know how bad or who's saying this? That companion? his back was all torn apart. You know, hubbub, brothers and sisters, that leaders used to torture him by putting fire on the ground putting fire fire, you know what turns off the fire kebabs back. They put hubbub, they throw him they step on his chest and they make sure that fire is turned off with his back his back is destroyed. But then, as I told you, this is a good sign. Why? Because Allah says, Allah in Nasrallah curry that was the ending of the verse. Indeed Allah's victory is close. So Allah says victory is very close. When you reach maximum capacity of shaking and because you know all and we

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all know here tests show your true color Yes or no? I might be nice brother. Magical laser. Pretty nice guy. You see me for two hours.

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Right? Everything is good. Look at the service, water, laptop, whatever you want. Anything that can help you with you. I got some VIP delivery pizza right in the back. You don't know who I am. I have no clue. Who am I? Just a little bit. But you go travel together? Who's gonna pay for the food? And I get exposed being stingy. Maybe you go scratch my car. I'll show you the real me. You step on my shoe. I don't know what I will do. I'm not good at poetry, but I just tried to rhyme you know? Right. your true colors appear. I went to a lie. True story. I shared that before. I was walking into msgid the place of worship. And as I was walking, I accidentally I accident Allah. I walked and

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I stepped on one guy's white Puma shoes. Like how come you know? Because he made me know it.

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Because when I stepped on it, he looked at me like what is wrong with you brother match it? Like I'm so sorry. Well, I was by accident. Look, you stepped on my white Puma shoes. I said brother. I was like, What do you mean it was unintentional? I just bought these today, brother. I just bought these today. Brother in law, him not praying and he left the masjid.

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May Allah guide them say, I mean, I'm saying this today. Maybe I'll be the one who walks outside. Maybe he came back from another door and he prayed, I don't know. But I pray to Allah to grant them the highest level agenda. And may Allah make him there and make me see him there with a prophet with his white Puma shoes. I mean, let me know when I'm gonna be malda you know, forget Puma, man. Right beyond that. really struggle. I know, I went a bit hard on the tones. I just kind of tried my best to kind of balanced an extent. So just appreciate that struggle. But Don't be hasty. Victory is coming. It's like we know when you throw something. It's the last illustration. It's like we're

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reaching the peak and the moment you reach the peak, what happens that's a Steadicam shot, lower line. The isn't the law by the will of Allah victory is on its way in sha Allah insha Allah, but be hasty of insights. Don't be hasty, sir. I just ruined that. Don't be hasty. Okay. Don't be hasty. Remember, when we flew? Remember when we flew the other time and told you about what happens less than 25 years later? Remember? Okay, on the fly again that same way, and the Prophet said, we're gonna conquer that sorry. He said that Islam will prevail and conquer the Roman Empire in the Persian Empire. Remember, they said that? This happened a few years after the prophets death. He

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never said I will with conquer. I was witnessed that he said Islam will prevail.

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Why? Why was it few years after that you want to go research research, a battle, as an example, the Battle of your MOOC to show you the Muslims. So the Prophet peace be upon him Why look here a few years after that he died a lesson the scholars teach us for a lot to teach us all that victory of this religion is not associated to an individual, even if that individual is the Prophet himself, I guess with me so when you don't say oh, this person died, I don't know what happens to Islam after all this person, this lady and she moved on. I don't know how the masjid will continue to process their activities. know if Islam were to die.

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It would have died with the death of the prophet SAW Selim yes or no, they kept going and they will keep going. So what I'm saying here is that we might all work hard. We work hard, and people brothers and sisters, even this team of the ICD and those behind the scenes presentation from family to they worked hard and Allah knows best and May Allah grant them all the highest level and gender say I mean, I will tell you something, those who worked hard and everyone who attended, you may die and not see victory, but maybe your children will see it may Allah grant us all victory say I mean, so moving forward brothers and sisters than they did that the same thing to be learned rhodiola one

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below we got really bad. He was a Muslim that's really bad. And he was black. How similar is the past with the present being black and Muslim.

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And he was a slave. His master tortured him, put a massive rock on him. Just for him to say something Bilaal just renounce the faith Bilal he sees Islam honors me as a slave as a black man. I love that religion. It encompasses someone like Abu Bakar as a elite and encompasses someone who is black and of the lowly in the sight of the people. Part religion is this of justice, of racial equality. This is the real deal. This has to come from the creator and the one who says that is none other than the most truthful Mohamed, I'm all in on this one. We are being tortured. Brothers and sisters, check out this authentic statement. Most of the companions most of them verbally renounce

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their faith, but they kept it in their heart among the few who remained was believed it's okay to say no, because that's a higher level. So they torture Bella they make them topless, put them on the ground and the heat of the sands of Arabia, put a massive rock on him. renounce your faith and he says I had one I had one god one God. Look the Bilal is looking that it's a loss right to be worshipped not these idols. He wasn't fighting for you guys shouldn't be doing this to me, not a law I hadn't I had. Cuz you know what the narration says, beloved, looked upon this life, look down upon the slide this life is temporary. That's what he says, handily enough, so this world is nothing, we

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all gonna die. But the real deal is the permanent life in the Astra. So the leaders got so angry. They told the kids drag him across the city of Mecca, make him regret his decision of not our past dating and renouncing his faith. Then the kids they came drag Bilal all over, all over all over dragging the land, bruising his body, breaking his bones, cutting his skin and the whole streets of Mecca. what the law says don't add one god one god like ilaha illa Allah then the people of Christ got so angry and they buried him with rocks and he is about to die the Muslims are trying who comes in Accra Sadiq, a Muslim from the leaders

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and he comes he says to the master of Bilal owner by him

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what I want to buy your slave Villa

00:28:15--> 00:28:31

makes no sense you buy slaves to do labor for you. Be land can be how can be land help people I can even help himself. But he didn't verbalize that. Oh, you want to buy the land? Yes, I wanna buy my brother on a Bible. Okay.

00:28:32--> 00:28:40

Five gold coins. an outrageous amount roughly roughly attractive calculator roughly speaking, is about $130,000 roughly

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a lot of money which makes no sense for someone who can even help himself.

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Be law says that's a deal. Five gold coins. That's authentic narration

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the people when they got the money, they marketable book. Look at this.

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Look at this guy. Five gold coins. We got it. The top of a, we were willing to negotiate 500% of 500% off up to one gold coin abubaker said and I was willing to negotiate up to 100 gold coins.

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what is this? This is a proof of prophethood that changes people in such way that the way abubaker abubaker now is serving Bilal as if a worker is the slave and Bilal is the master. What religion is this? Bilal when he was but guess what we worked with does? He doubles down on the greatness? He says Bella is a free man. He's no longer westleaf Allahu Akbar. Bilal walks as a free man nama no longer a slave brothers and sisters. We're coming close to the end of the session and I know because Margaret took a little bit of our time. I won't take much in Sharla in the last panel but as you know negative took a significant amount to give me a few more minutes and Sharla brothers and

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sisters their believers were suffering and suffering and suffering

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala made it clear a lot of land is bashed out to LA he was Yeah. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is about to advise the people, some seeds was basically revelation that tell the people who are being persecuted severely. emigrate, emigrate where the Prophet peace be upon him said guys with me focus. He says, go to other Habesha, go to Abyssinia, Ethiopia, today. Go travel, go to the seashore, get on the boat and go there. In Abyssinia. There's a king, a king that no one is oppressed in his presence. Brothers and sisters, that King is known as a Christian King. But no one is oppressed in his presence. He's just unfair. So he told the people amongst the

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believers, you guys go,

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what about you prophet of Allah, I'm staying. What will he face I'm staying those who are struggling very much and can get away with it, run, run, and the property sends his own cousin, you know what they say you send your own. You don't even send your own children to the army, whatever the case is, the province makes a statement, my own cousin is going with your Java. And guess who also goes the daughter of rasuwa Lysa. Salem Rocha and her husband are seminar.

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And they go and pay attention. It's not easy. It has to be an absolute secrecy. Because the people of Christ and the leaders, if they catch them in the middle of the night trying to escape, they will see this as treason. They will see this as you seeking support from another nation to destroy us. And we know very well in this country, how dangerous that can be right? When you seek a help from another country against your own country. Right. Right. So to them if this happens, we will do whatever it takes to deem that it's now applicable for us to kill you because you can get away with trade. You're a trader. So the believers they're reciting the secretly packing up their stuff. It's

00:31:48--> 00:31:55

a long journey, traveling on a camera from Macau all the way to the seashore, crossed the Red Sea and go all the way to Africa.

00:31:56--> 00:32:09

In the midst of all of that, brothers and sisters, one of the ladies who was preparing her camel, her stuff, her husband went to go and finish some few things. And as she was getting ready, she got under a camel. As you start to go.

00:32:10--> 00:32:26

Someone stops someone massive. Someone who's known to be amongst the most oppressive people to believers, someone who didn't have even mercy to his own sister. He catches her and it's none other than Omar.

00:32:28--> 00:32:29

He stands

00:32:30--> 00:32:34

and he tells her a name Abdullah Abdullah, where you're going

00:32:35--> 00:33:14

and look another room or get ready sisters, Abdullah, here we go. She looks in the eye and says luck had a day to Mona. You guys tortured us and we will leave this place and go to another land that belongs to Allah. Where we don't get persecuted the way you guys are doing it to us. You know where it says there what it will do to you die with honor and not humiliation? Allahu Akbar. Then Omar softens up and he tells her cyber qumola May you be protected? May God be with you. What? Then he walked away on Abdullah was like, What was that?

00:33:15--> 00:33:26

Guess who comes her husband? Ready. So you know what just happened? What happened? Omar came to me is still alive. Right? Omar came to me and

00:33:28--> 00:33:47

he came and he said, Where are you going? And I told him I'm going to leave this persecution you guys are causing us and we're gonna go to another land for safety. And he told me may Allah be with you. May God be with you. Her husband cut her off way a woman Oh, the way you're speaking indicates to me

00:33:48--> 00:33:50

that you are hinting

00:33:51--> 00:34:13

that Muslim Omar's heart softened up and would you accept Islam? That's what you make me feel like woman is saying that because it's just the outrageous. She says can cause Yes, his heart softened up. He said Listen, listen. I swear to god while law he the donkey of Omar will say I tried to Allah Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah before almost says it.

00:34:14--> 00:34:50

This keep going. Let's keep going. You gotta appreciate that fact. If our wonderful sisters May Allah guide us all right, Patsy. I mean, she felt it. And that's why our mothers are different than our fathers. Right? mothers like wherever you like, how do you know that something wrong? Like how is it even possible? Prophethood ended with Mohammed acedemic. How do you get to know revelation? Right? There's this sixth sense Allah blesses with Allah, Allah Allah knows. But let's proceed. Let's proceed. So then they travel. On top of the line brothers and sisters. He says a nod and the narration is pushed all the way to being sound, and what I'm sharing with you, is the soundest and

00:34:50--> 00:34:54

most authentic that I'm aware of. I'm gonna hottub He says, and we'll end with his story.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

He says, I go when I chill, you know, pretty much at night.

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

And he says I was very much into alcohol and beer, all that type of stuff. I was really into it.

00:35:06--> 00:35:20

And he and then on top he wants to go hang out with his friends like every night as he's walking at nighttime together with his friends. Check him out. He gets shocked that you don't no one was there.

00:35:21--> 00:35:51

Then he says you know what? Since no one is down to drink tonight, I'm gonna go to the beer store directly it'll come out she says I went to the beer store the alcohol store the owner was not there what in the world was going on? He said you know what? Since my friends drinking and all them you know that comes with a whole partying at night and the club is not available. And since the beer store is shut down, I'm just gonna go pray to God. That's exactly how it went. So how long is it then let me go and circulate around the Kaaba.

00:35:52--> 00:36:00

Let me go pray. And brothers and sisters if you see hints your browser froze slow connection you're about to enter a bad website.

00:36:01--> 00:36:16

It's a hint from God Allah Allah loves you cares for you. This proceed Allah knows best. He's coming in certainly just go circulate around the Kaaba at nighttime. As he was coming, guess who he saw the Prophet peace be upon him praying.

00:36:18--> 00:36:19

So he said, You know what, tonight?

00:36:21--> 00:36:23

I'm gonna check out what his message is all about actually.

00:36:25--> 00:36:34

So he says, I want to get so close to him and see like, Okay, what were you saying? But he says, If I come, I will freak him out. Not tab. Because it's almost

00:36:36--> 00:37:17

the normal. If the Prophet was praying this way, brothers and sisters think of as a big structure, right? It's a common. Rama came from the side. And he said, I went between the curtain and the bricks of the cabinet You with me? So the cabinet is actual bricks covered by a curtain. So then on the profit if the problem is praying this way towards the Kaaba Omar, he went this way. And he kept walking, and walking, and walking, and walking and walking and walking. Right exactly where the Prophet was praying. And the only thing that is between Amara and the Prophet was what was the curtain of the Kaaba and what he said. So slowly, what does this guy have to say?

00:37:18--> 00:37:19

slipway says,

00:37:21--> 00:37:23

I heard and I heard the Quran.

00:37:24--> 00:37:26

I heard the Quran and he heard the Quran.

00:37:29--> 00:37:39

And I realized is the truth. sebacate and Omar cry, Omar cried, and he says, what the hell and Islam and Islam entered my heart.

00:37:41--> 00:38:01

He said I didn't want to finish did not want to finish in terms of going away. I wanted to keep hearing it. So I kept standing until the Prophet finished his prayers. But the first day of being a Muslim, first day of being a Muslim, and we're going to talk only about day one, that's it, we're done. First day, one Muslim, he wakes up.

00:38:02--> 00:38:43

He wants the world to know, just like how the world knew that he was an oppressor, that he was torturing Muslims. He wants the world to know that he is now a person, a liberal that insists that you have to give this a minute. A man who had such a heart the soul rough and rigid, shoulder rough and rigid. You have to know what's the secret behind softening of the heart. It was nothing other than the Quran. So if you're someone who just cannot submit struggling, you have such low point in your life. You're such a rough rigid person, you will lack mercy, whatever you want to call it, the first keyword before spending the million bucks or whatever you have to go through just make sure

00:38:43--> 00:39:26

you read the Quran. The Quran crack that walk that was locking his heart. And I love Hulu bannock Fallujah, locks in the hearts and unlock your heart, you're gonna have life going to be full of life, go back to the Quran and no other response. No other options. No other person can give you a better response than that. This is the best thing to do. This has to be on the list as a step Quran, learn it, be associated with it to your best of ability. May Allah make you all people around, say I mean, so I'm gonna toggle on day one. He goes asks the people listen, who is the biggest who has the biggest mouth in America? What? Like who is the one who is known to transmit news faster than

00:39:26--> 00:39:36

anything in the world? Like Don't tell me no CNN or Fox or MSNBC or Bibi. I want I want all that put together. They said you got nobody except Jimmy and Jimmy Juma. Hey,

00:39:38--> 00:39:43

go find this guy. And he will go all around the city and tell them like okay, he goes to Jimmy.

00:39:45--> 00:39:45

Hey, Jimmy.

00:39:46--> 00:39:48

can tell the attitude.

00:39:49--> 00:39:54

Jimmy. Have you not heard look at Amara Have you not heard? What?

00:39:57--> 00:40:00

I accepted Islam and a bear witness. There's no

00:40:00--> 00:40:14

God but Allah and Mohammed is a slave and messenger that narration is authentic says for Allah he like he didn't even ask him like are you kidding? Are you serious? Is it like a joke? Are you like, is this a prank or like what's going on what was going on? So then Omar says

00:40:16--> 00:40:27

couldn't say anything because no question was asked. And this man start running when Mr. Curry, like, you know, liquid sisters, if you ever say I bet you wanna run fast. You do this and he ran your

00:40:30--> 00:40:31


00:40:33--> 00:40:42

Like what is wrong with Jimmy? Jimmy's news today is not like any news. It's not like any news, because from today, slam will no longer be the same.

00:40:44--> 00:41:31

People in America What is wrong? What is wrong with you? Always. Look at Saba Omar. Omar became a deviant. My friend after him. He says this guy is a liar. I didn't deviate I went to the truth. And I bear witness. There's no one worthy of worship but Allah. And Muhammad is His slave and messenger. And he declares his Islam to everybody. For what he knows. People like what? You accepted Islam. This happened early morning. They jumped him I'm not saying 1234 Don't worry about what you watched on TV or whatever. That reality the authentic nation they jumped in from all angles. So now self defense. First one comes BAM knocks about second one bam. noxzema self defense that third one

00:41:31--> 00:41:39

fourth, fifth. He fights how many rounds round 123 Islam will no longer be the same after this day. Can you imagine the believers the weak ones?

00:41:42--> 00:42:18

I can feel them yelling from the heart right but he's still hiding Oh my god, come on you right. Like he like you know yeah, you can sometimes the guilty feeling like stuff like that happen like someone punching or whatever and then goes punch him back and forth. And they fight and they fight now for an hour or two because the heat sensors or that happened in the morning, all the way to about noon. Fighting then he got excited he got exhausted then I know the camera man doesn't like when I kind of go down vasila for the almighty Almighty my crowd. Then he was knocked out. And he told and they were all sitting on him.

00:42:19--> 00:42:28

He says it's either us the believers or you it's do or die. Conductor go ahead and jump and fight. Then someone of elite status he comes.

00:42:30--> 00:42:35

He says what in the world are you guys doing? Big Shot, I believe was oh my goodness.

00:42:36--> 00:43:15

It's like yeah, Amaya leader. Have you not heard what Omar did? What did he do? He became deviant. And they're liars. I became a Muslim I testified there's no God worthy of worship Allah Mohammed is a slave and messenger. Oh, my God. Philip said you guys, this man is a grown up. He made the decision to accept Islam. What is Wow, really? What is the plan? diplomacy? Mashallah, right. Then look what he says it's not diplomacy. It's another way of diplomacy. He says if you guys get rid of Omar, do you think his family will not seek revenge? Get off him. The narration says then they all got up as if it was clothing, he was covered head to toe by the people. That's how many people have

00:43:15--> 00:43:16

to put them down.

00:43:18--> 00:43:29

And then he stands up. What in the world of Islam go through after that? What is the 213 and four in year one and year two. We will see in Sharla on November 8. Thank you for your patience with Salaam Alaikum