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Assalamu alaikum This is your brother magic Mahmoud recording for the daily reminder. Brothers and sisters Allah witness, I'm so excited to begin this series of videos about da where we inspire adapt revival for those that have been away from it for a long time, and to take the act of the act of worship to the next level for those who are doing it here and there. We ask a lot make me a new and everybody that watches and hears about this. And anyone that tries to study about da for love to make among those whenever they raise your hand, allow response their call, let me know when are you ready Bismillah. I'll begin with my favorite examples, where we appreciate a lot of what's added. in

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one of my previous jobs, I made a big mistake, there was a cause a large financial loss, I was stressed out nervous and anxious. I was instructed to go meet a specific person who might be able to solve the issue. On the way to him, someone stopped being asked magic, where are you going? I told them I'm going to meet so on. So as you might have heard of the issue that I caused, and I was told this man may be able to solve the issue. He's like, oh, we're going to meet so and so this man you're about to meet he is also known to be a very nice guy. Before I move any further with the story, I want to ask a question. How do you think I felt after I knew that this man whom I'm about

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to meet is also known as the nice guy? Don't you think I felt a bit comfortable, more relaxed, that this man will be sincere understanding and will not make fun of me and all these good feelings just simply because I was told this man is also known as the nice guy. With this being said and Allah is the best of examples. How do you feel when I tell you a lot is also known as

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the one who responds to your call Whenever you call him a lot and would be the one who gives you that whatever is best for you whenever you call him. If this doesn't mean your heart to ease to a certain extent, then there might be a serious deficiency in understanding who Allah Allah is and the whole concept of brothers and sisters, we are poor and weak. And many of us tend to complain to others about our state hoping they may fulfill our need. And what's so amazing in the process of expressing our feelings, our own friend who's hearing us they ended up complaining to us about their state showing they are also poor and weak. And had we record this session of conversation between us

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and our friend expressing our opinions. You will be so amazed at how sincere and passionate focused and we're so into the conversation. And there may not be something really wrong with that as long as you don't cross the limit. But the problem comes when when we are in front of Allah subhana wa tada in the state of says the frustration the closest position a human being could ever be to Allah subhanaw taala in front of Allah, Allah honey, the self sufficient and the rich in front of Allah Allah carrying the generous in front of a lot of one when he says couldn't be a coup de and it is well and that state will not even focus. We're not even as sincere and genuine and paying attention.

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Why? As if Allah subhanho wa Taala is the poor and stingy and in need of people and our friend is a self sufficient, rich and generous We seek refuge from the understanding brothers and sisters We ask Allah subhana wa tada to make me and you amongst that category that's mentioned in the following is pay attention. Listen with an open ear and an open heart. We have loveless

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brothers and sisters, we need to appreciate a loss of a present as much as we can and call upon Allah during times of hardship and during our time of ease. For a lie no one will benefit me or you wouldn't Allah subhana wa Tada. We need to also have the understanding of the power of the law and how he knew what it meant that Allah is also known as an Mooji when he said and I have a job, I'm not concerned or worried whether Allah will respond to my call whenever I call him I'm not worried on his part, then you're above the line. Why are you worried about well I can draw on my part, I'm worried that I will make drop with an uncertain and whether I will take the action made that dark

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come to reality a lot of us a lot to make me and you to have such beautiful understanding will ever make throughout we know for a fact a lot of respond to or call brothers and sisters in addition to a lot being known as a GP is also known as a semi at all hearing adversity or seeing led or knowledgeable curry the close and near and all other Beautiful Names are sewer lines. A lot of it was said and don't forget to say so the lawyer said he says a law says and howdy that is authentic letters courtesy. Yeah a very Oh my slave brother.

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And sisters please pay attention. Allah says yeah Daddy, no and welcome. In second Virginia cometh all of you from the beginning all the way to the end all human beings and all of the jinn Amalfi side and suddenly they stood up and they asked a lot of the same exact second for are going to call insulinoma Salat and I want to get everyone with ever they asked for a lemon was delicate in Waukesha, my kingdom will not be diminished nor decreased whatsoever. elac can also borrow a numerous admission to

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accept whatever is decreased from an ocean whenever you did a needle into it a lot. But what's amazing isn't only how massive Allah's wealth and dominion are. But what's also amazing is how a lot of hearing was able to distinguish every color and it was not overlapping it not confused him how Allah allowing the old knowledgeable New York State from the inside and from the outside. And what's really amazing is how Allah Majeed responded to every call. This is the one who worship this is the one we're trying to increase and revive this act of worship in our hearts in our lives. Brothers and sisters make dua because Allah told me and told you to do so.

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God and your Lord said call upon me and Allah Petra also said would you like us to elaborate on the Most Beautiful Names Okay, so for drew will be so call me using these beautiful names. Customize your job you want a child call upon Allah will have you want for example, a nice job carpet a lot of them. Are you sick kalapana Allah Shetty, the one who cures luck, customize your delicate Allah told us to do so. Number two make dua and you're certainly allowed to respond to your call. Why? Because Allah said, will only call upon me and I promise I will respond to your call. Allahu Akbar. I'm telling you this topic is so beautiful. We have a lot to allow us to implement the good that we

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learn. I mean, nobody had any number three take action. Why? Because a lot said n is the number one first agenda on any level, your MLM income, and a lot of responding to their call. Why? Because they need in addition to taking action. Brothers and sisters Take action by sharing this video and be a part of inspiring a dog revival and those who have been away from it or for those making drama. I love the act of worship to go to the next level. And brothers and sisters Feel free to pass like Click here to subscribe to my personal YouTube channel. But once again, what's most important is for you to share this video with our brothers and sisters all around the world. Baraka Luffy calm was

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh