Dua That Protects You From All Evil

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Welcome to the daily reminder network

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revival by magic Mahmoud

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Assalamu alaikum This is your brother magic metamod recording for the daily reminder. Brothers and sisters one day one of my great shoe share with bisutti May Allah protect him and his friendship higher than they were spending some time reading come on over a brother who was possessed with gin after some time by the will of Allah subhana wa tada that brother was cured when she would have been Sunni and Shia added and a brother who was hunted laga to your walking shaker. It said all of a sudden I heard a lash as if someone was struck by a whip. And the brother who was earlier possessed he actually flew few steps ahead, she was rushed immediately to the brother uncovered his back and

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he actually saw a mark on his back shake wait said I was with a brother for at least the past 24 hours, he realized that gin must have been very angry. And that brother perhaps is now repossessed. And now the shift wants to set foot on that brother once again. As he's resetting on the gin spoke and schizoid as the gin. Was it you who struck the brother and the gin replied in a very strange and weird voice and said yes, it was me. She asked why do you do that to him? Why did you do that to him? Then the Jin replied and said because I hate him and I was very very angry. She when he asked why didn't you harm me? Or she added why only him now look at the response of the gym. I'm telling

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you the story secondhand is actually on YouTube on a game show and you can also watch it yourself.

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The gym replies and says because you and your friends said I do during the day which protected you and I was unable to come near you or harm you allow brothers and sisters I saw a lace on a lot he was self taught us many kinds of drama in which we can gain a lot protection. So why not learn one of them shall in this video and we asked a lot to allow us to apply it and memorize it and say it the way the prophets of Allah and he taught me and you to do so. Are you ready? Bismillah this hadith can be felt as if an image is authentic. It also lays a low it was him said there's no one who says during the day and during the evening the following drop the attention Bismillah In the

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name of Allah, Allah be liable, Rama asked me to fill out the water, the one with whose name nothing can harm whether on earth or in the heavens. What was Samuel alley and he is the author of hearing the all knowledgeable whoever says that three times during the day three times during the evening, failed to remove shade. Nothing can harm the person who says this once again, let's say Bismillah Hilaire de Lisle Roma's nichido and for the weather this summer was semi oiling. Brothers and sisters say this three times in the morning three times in the evening and insha Allah, Allah protects you from all evil, say with certainty. Don't test Allah sake with confidence and Allah,

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Allah will fulfill this promise. May Allah bless you May Allah protect you from all evil. Feel free to like the video, click here to subscribe to our official YouTube channel. But most importantly is for you to click share and spread this beautiful Hadith And may Allah with you as means of protection for the whole oma Baraka la vekoma salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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