New Muslim Life Is So Different – How Do You Cope

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gotta tell you that I love you Allah in the Name of Allah, peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad. Sisters after 11 years of being a Muslim, I can now vouch Absolutely, certainly, that this is a tricky path. It is not easy, coming from a non Muslim background into a face. That is beautiful, yes, but has many expectations on it. And a community that is incredibly generous, but doesn't understand who we are and where we've come from. And so there can be that disconnect.

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There are times when it's a very, very lonely path. And there are times as well when shaytan comes to us, and gives us doubts if because of perhaps of our isolation, or we've lost friends. And then we go down a rabbit hole of should I have done this, that can happen too. That's why I'm really, really happy to say, I am starting a series of videos with this one. This is the introduction. I'm in a bit of a funny mood, because I did loads of outtakes the cat went mad and my husband was shouting at somebody on the phone. And so real life, I'm going to be speaking to you and with you about the realities of life as a new Muslim. The Good, the Bad, the beautiful. And yeah, the really

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challenging. I'm talking about the gritty practical day to day stuff, that only those of us who have been blessed with coming to Islam, from an external community can really get to grips with and understand

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will sound effects in the background? That's fine Al Hamdulillah. And our life has changed forever by the Shahada. Thanks be to Allah. But we're here. At the same time, all the stuff of real life, all the difficulties, all the COVID all the divorces are there as well. And how do we navigate those without a community or perhaps challenged by a new community and in need of understanding, then there are the changes that we make to ourselves. And these can happen gradually, which is the best way? Well, they can happen really rapidly. I remember throwing out all of my clothes. In the first two months, I became Muslim, everything was red, everything was haram. Even my long black skirts,

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they weren't long enough, I didn't know that you could just put a shirt underneath or put a jacket over them. Even my daughter's going when we don't throw that away. And I'm like, I'll never wear it again ever. And I went full throttle into the buyer. Don't get me wrong. I love a good buyer. And they're still a big part of my wardrobe. But I also remember meeting Auntie betul. And if you don't know her, I hope you meet her. She's in the UK. She's a great adviser. I'm sure I'll be getting her on these videos sent into the series as well as Charlotte. And she looked at me, and there was in an a bio that probably didn't fit very well, because I didn't understand and you know, who knows what

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she was wearing?

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And she said very in a very jokey way. Do you know what Lauren I remember it's not easy coming to Islam. I remember when I first came, I spent a couple of years looking like I'd rummaged through Aladdin's dressing up box. And I kind of thought she definitely didn't say like you She didn't say to you as well, as well as you. But it was a really cute reminder

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to look at what it really means to be Muslim, not just the externals. So that's what this series is all about and handling, sharing some really, really important tips, ideas and thoughts with you. And some truths and some learning and some hard, hard won lessons include Christmas with relatives. Do you sit there? Do you have Halal turkey? What do you do when Mum hits the old Bailey's a bit, huh? Okay. Plenty of people who are Muslim wouldn't even know about mums and babies at Christmas, but perhaps you know, or you have an equivalent from whichever community you're from, should I marry right away? Yeah, that's a great idea. Hat marry some guy who's thrown at you down the local Moscow

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nobody else's family would have anything to do with that's going to work out always does. Right. And a really big question. Is my culture completely wrong? Is everything I do say or think haram. A little note for today for this introductory video to you and to me, Islam did not arrive on the community overnight. It was a message given gently and slowly over 23 years. Now you and I, we may not live another 23 years but the

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fact that Allah Allah chose it to come down slowly and bit by bit, preparing the pillars of practice. And the mind in the heart shows us that, don't worry if you feel you're getting it wrong so far, as long as we're still on the path, let's go on this path together, inshallah. It's not enough to just watch videos or for me to just make videos. I know from my time of loneliness, which has come and gone through divorces, marriages, kids know kids, legal issues, you name it, as new Muslims as human beings, we have these tests and trials, right? I was inspired by videos and what other Muslims were saying, but then I thought, Well, who do I go to now. So by the Grace of Allah,

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Salam initiative have created a platform for us. And twice a month, we are going to be having a zoom, a private Zoom meeting place for New sisters, I'll be hosting it be of Noah to Allah. And it's going to be a wonderful way to create a community where we can share our thoughts, our struggles, with honesty and openness, looking for the most beautiful, prophetic, useful and realistic answers to those issues, I'm going to be joined by some sisters, who are much more learned than male hamdulillah to make sure we guided on the way as we go along. And we really want to build this community, for you. And for me,

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so jump on board, let's meet twice a month, it's easy to join sisters, just sign up below, follow the link. And then there'll be a first video and then a few days after that, we're going to have our zoom meeting on a Saturday evening. So make some space available in Sharla. And then there'll be the next video and then week after that a Saturday meeting. So there always be something going on, that we can learn from and share with each other. So we're going to be in constant contact in Sharla. Allah's Messenger said that the best amongst us are those in good manners and good conduct. And that's really what we want to be implementing in our life to know how to do that to help resolve our

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issues that take us forward with growth with meaning, never to leave the day not to slide back, but to be progressively understanding more to be useful to our families, to our communities, to our souls. which one they're going to stand for Allah to Allah. I look forward to meeting you all very very soon in sha Allah