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So Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Assalamu alaykum brothers, sisters, friends in humanity. As you know, I'm really passionate about Palestine. It was a part of my journey to finding the face of Islam it was, it's been a big part of me discovering what it means to be a Muslim. And I'm not just talking about, you know, figurative, incredible structures, you know, yes, the Dome of the Rock is there. Yes, I laksa is there? Yes, I went as a Christian. And I went to the birthplace of Isa, which the Jesus wept which the the Christians believe, you know, in Nazareth, they understand is their went to many of these sites, but it has been the people of Palestine who have taught me to be human. And I

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owe them honestly a great debt. And I'm going to try not to be emotional in this. But as anybody knows, there's something that when I when I speak about Palestine, and when I, you know, when, when, when when we discussed their pain? Yeah, it gets to me every time I'm really happy. Thank you so much. Dr. Khaled IVC, welcome to my channel. Thank you. Thank you very much Lorien, for having me. And it's an honor to be speaking about this blessed subject that's close to your heart and should be close to the heart of every Muslim and every human who has a sense of humor is still in that and so I started your course you you've been you are a specialist in Jerusalem Islamic history, which is

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kind of a new academic subject, as in, it's always been a subject for Muslims, but it's a new subject. It's getting accepted in academia. And today, really, I don't want us to get too much into the academic side of it. I'd like us to be able Inshallah, to answer some questions from our brothers and sisters and Muslims around the world, and to really battle some of the misconceptions and things we think we know. But we don't know. Is that okay, perhaps tell us a little bit, first of all about your passion for this area where you're from, what it means to you, the city I come from this O'Hurley in, in the West Bank, about 30 kilometers from a message lotsa. It's a city of Prophet

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Ibrahim Ali's. And the connection I had with this land is since childhood I grew up there during the person to bother

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is an academic. He's a teacher and Helene University at Hebron University. And he also used to teach at Akutsu University. And he used to have a course named Betamax throughout history, which he used to teach inside and muscle outside for a few years. So we used to go along with him listen to the lectures in different parts of the muscle. So going around the bones, the students doing the presentations, it was an incredible experience is being there. And seeing the occupation firsthand and living under occupation was also part of the experience that I had to go through. During the First Intifada, they would read the house in the middle of the night. And then eventually, December

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9992, my father was expelled, together with 400 academics and

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scholars out of Palestine, and that he was expelled on the night that my brother came to this world. So it was

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safe trip was an incredible an incredible experience. And then after that we no no, no, I'm not ready to move on from that. Sorry, that is, you know, this is because you know, when you get used to pain,

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we can skip over things. I know you've dealt with this. But I don't think that I have taken into the fact that you were living in the West Bank, which even under international occupation standards, is Palestinian territories, right, this broken little crumbly bits of biscuit on the land of what used to be Palestine on a map, right.

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They came in that design is occupation, and how can they expel academics? I mean, you can't say Okay, everybody out the classroom. What's that look like? Don't get it was this at that time the whole world was outraged because it was a cabometyx professors, doctors, activists, 400 of them were expelled into southern Lebanon. And it was in the middle of the winter. They were thrown into no man's land. The Lebanese would not allow them in and the Zionist occupation would shoot at them if they tried to come back to Palestine. And that was at that time this was December 1992. The whole world was

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After each the

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different media outlets came and the at that in that place what is interesting is my father established the university in in this no man's land.

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Some of his students were expelled with him, and they had an exam the following day. So his students came to him and he said, we have an exam tomorrow, what shall we do? He said, we'll have the exam. So they had the exam in front of the world media.

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And the university accepted the results. And poor who year that were there. They ran their courses, intense were they in houses, how did it whoa, they initially had nothing. So and it was full of snow, it was snowing, and they were in a place called mergeable, or the Valley of

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flowers, but it was full of scorpions. And

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so it was a struggle until the Red Cross, got them tents, and they were staying in the tents. In that period, my father became half paralyzed. He became very sick, and

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and then eventually, he was taken to hospital in Lebanon, and they couldn't treat him. So he was taken to the UK through the Red Cross for treatment, where he had studied before he did his PhD in the UK in Exeter in the 80s. So what was the problem? What?

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Marshall, everything else, no, no part of the torture, and being hit on the head on the spine has caused them to be paralyzed after medication. And after going through surgery, that Hamdulillah he was walking with a stick for some time, and then hamdulillah is back healthy, and he's continuing the struggle.

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And this is what got me into this field is that knowledge drives change and deliberation without knowledge, we will not be able to liberate our land. So that was the journey for me

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as a kid, and then I did my postgraduate studies in this particular and I studied Islam in Jerusalem studies and particularly looking at concepts Islamic concepts relate relating to the holy land, the land of Baraka. The Quranic terminology means what it meant for Muslims, and what it meant to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then

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I continued in this field, and I teach in this field that the universe Social Sciences University of Ankara, and we have a massive program in this field. That's how I got into the academy part of Batum. Make this versatile, mature systems. Okay, I'm gonna throw some questions at you now. It'd be like, I want you to expand upon them, but I'm gonna save them quickly. You can answer slowly however you like. These are things that are that people have said to me, or perceptions that I've noticed and feel free to throw in your own misconceptions. Okay. I like so mosque is the third most holy site in Islam? Correct? Yes, true or false?

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It is not the third. This is unfortunately a misconception even Muslim scholars would say, but actually, Al Aqsa Mosque is number one from Muslims, because it used to be the first pillar and the first direction of prayer that proximal Alia was salam pray towards beta blockers towards Al Aqsa Mosque more than he prayed towards the Kava is from the beginning of his profitable

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immediately. One important issue here is Islam does not start with hundreds of Allah, Allah He was a prophet Muhammad was the seal of the prophets and the prophets that came before him. We do not believe in Islam, if you do not believe in Jesus, if you do not believe in Moses, if you do not believe in Abraham, and all the prophets, all of them. So Islam was the completion of this religion and the Prophet sallallaahu Salam said this. He said my example and the example of the prophets that came before me is I think of a palace and each prophet makes a stone and I am the final stone in this in this house of Prophet with or in Islam. So Prophet Muhammad slaps and didn't initiate

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prayer, nor did he initiated fasting. No, it was already existing. And the Quran makes this very clear. When it commands the Muslims to pray to pray or to fast or to give the cat it makes record

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Institute profits that did exactly the same form hamazon volumes and so the direction of prayer of Jesus as in Arabic or Yahia or Zakaria or Maryam or Solomon and that would was towards in Miss Luxan comm slash lamb came and continued on this for 13 years in Mecca and another year and a half in Medina support in half years out of his 23 year profit. He was praying towards faith knock this as is reported, by even our best in Muslim approximation and needs to pray towards speaking like this throughout this period, so it's not the third holiest place it is, number one, the first pillar, it is number two also, which is one of the sorry, the second place of worship created for humanity on

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Earth. The first was the Kappa, and the Prophet. And this has mentioned in the Quran, in Surah, Ali Imran that the first place of worship the first house bill for

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on Earth is the Kappa and the Prophet sallallaahu Salam in many authentic heavy in Muslim and in Bukhari, and in the different collections. He says, For two years after the building of the cabin, Alexa was built. So Alexa is number two, number one, the first click the number two, the second place of worship, and it is one of three holy places every Muslim should set out to this. So the terminology is important. The concept of third the Jews use this design is in particular and say it is number one for us, it's number three for you, Mecca and Medina should be sufficient for you. So this actually doesn't say anywhere near the Prophet never said an axon is number three, actually in

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some places he brings it way before even Mecca and Medina, like the example of so thank you, doctor, another question is this, who built them within 40 years of each other? And when? Yes, actually the Quran mentions it is the first house the first structure built for humanity in a way elevating will be an alumnus for humanity. That led me back to the Mubarak and talking about the Kava. So it's in relation and you open books off

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heavy and different Muslim books and Pepsi and so on. They're talking about the time of the first human on Earth. So when you say the kava existed the time Prophet Adam, who the Muslims believe actually did exist, and he was not just

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a myth, it was not a myth, he actually did live in he built the Kappa, at his time the cattle was built within 40 years even hazard Ashkelon even Isha. All the scholars talk about the building of the masjid Luxa as the time of Prophet Adam. So with the first human, two centers of monotheism were built on Earth than the Kaaba in Mecca, and an upside in beta in beta Democritus. And what is really interesting, this is the work of an architect and an archaeologist Dr. Hate the murukku. He found he managed to prove this from a scientific point of view that the building of the kava and the building of an axon are identical in the way the structure the ratios are exactly the same, the angles are

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identical. And he says this, from a scientific point of view proves that the building of both these centers were close in time, or the build, there must have been one of copied, copied around from the other. I know you've got a slide of this. Is it possible if you can share that? Do you mind sharing that with me? And I will, I will, I will drop that in

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to to the professor who's a specialist in this because I saw it on screen and it was like, it's like a punch in the chest. And there's a five degree angle. Yes. And if I remember correctly, so I'm a good student. None of the wall all of the walls are different lengths. Yes, yes. Yes, exactly. And this disproves that this was ever a temple and or something else. It was always a masjid. It was always a place to worship Allah, the One and what is interesting is the foundations of the masjid laksa, which existed BCE, before even ASAP ESP upon them, at least archaeologists dated through the Roman period. It was built in exactly the direction of the cabin. So if you look at the rest of the

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buildings in the city, the Roman structures, all of them are built on the

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north south axis, with the exception of Luxor mosque, it is tilted towards the cabinet exactly facing towards it, including the Baroque wall, which

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the Jews called the Wailing Wall today, and they claim it as part of their temple. How can it be part of the temple if the cabinet has no significance whatsoever to Judaism, nor to the Romans no to the saints, so why is it facing in that direction? It proves that it was always a place, a masjid and a place of worship. Let me ask you something. Does that mean that when the Jewish people are doing the intonations at the Wailing Wall? are they facing Mecca? No, no, they're facing back to Yes, the face is like this. facing towards the actual wall. Yeah. So the Qibla is in this direction. They're facing towards this wall, which the wall itself as a whole is built in the direction of the

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cap. So it's, it's quite interesting and disproves this concept. And actually, the Old Testament actually testifies to that. When Abraham came

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in 1800 BC, it says that he met with king, the king of Salem, the King of Jerusalem. His name was medics solder, and it says he worshiped God, the Most High together with this high priest or this king in the area, which is a domestic laksa. So it was always a place of worship, to Allah built in the direction of the cabinet, which also in the Muslim tradition was rebuilt by Ibrahim Ali. Ibrahim rebuilt the Kappa, because after the flood of Noah had disappeared, according to democracy in the different instance,

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exist on the Quran, it was rebuilt by Ibrahim and his son is made and some say that laksa was also renovated by Ibrahim and his son is hack. You know, what really makes me I've already teared up once. And it's because of this when you said that,

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that those two holy sites built by Adam alayhis. Salaam

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were for humanity when you go to Palestine today, even if they don't know you, even if they suspect you could be someone coming to spy, you know, the first thing that people say to you. Welcome home. Yeah, welcome to your home. I went as a Christian brother in 2005, looking for the truth about Palestine, Israel. And I was there as a news journalist, and I'm open minded. But when the people said welcome to your home, it doesn't matter who you are. This is for everyone. Allah has made this for everyone. I was so touched. Yes, yes, actually, this has its roots in the Quran. In surah, Al Anbiya, verse 71. It says, And we say, Abraham, and law, to the land which we have blessed for the

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whole world, the blessing of this land, the Muslims are not exclusive.

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The Jews have lived with the Muslims for centuries, before the Zionist came to this land and tried to occupy the Christians, the Muslims, this is the only place in the world that was a model that brought everyone together when everyone was at each other's throat. Before the seventh century, before the arrival of the Jews were at the throats of the Christians in the 614. When the Persians came, they were slow to Christians in the streets of Jerusalem.

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When the Christians came back, they did the same to the Jews. And when Omar came, and he said, you know, this is a land for everyone, and you're welcome to live side by side under this inclusive Islamic vision in this plan, so yes, it is a homeland for humanity, and everyone's welcomed in this place, not as an occupier. But

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and you see, actually Palestinians they are, who are they? They represent the whole Palestinian Christians, or the Palestinian Muslims, or even the Palestinian Jews, they represent the whole world.

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You saw during your visits, people have different colors, different

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colors of hair and eyes and so on There is not a single, this is what the Palestinian is. It is a representation of the world and the best of the world. I'm going to ask you a weird existential question now. Because when when I started going to Palestine by the Grace of Allah

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as a as a as a kind of failed Christian failed because I wasn't a very good Christian. I didn't practice what but I believed in one God and I believed that Jesus was a prophet, but I was a Christian.

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I felt that meeting the Palestinian people,

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particularly the Muslims,

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that I was meeting an alien group of people who came from Planet lovely, I'm like, these people are from a whole other planet. I don't know what is going on with them. And, and it got to a point brother, where I thought

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that the Palestinians had that. That syndrome, Stockholm Syndrome, because I was going in and I was angry, I was going the Zionist and the Jewish signers, they're doing this to you. You know, where's the pushback? Don't you want your laugh? Come on, let's go. Let's let's make a noise. Let's do something that says try and, and get the world to notice. And they were like, says to calm down. Please don't take hatred from this land of America. And I. So here's the existential question.

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What is it like being a Palestinian Muslim from Al Kalia? What does that feel like?

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Wow, that's a very difficult question.

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I don't know how one words can explain this. But

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being from actually the city of Prophet Abraham, the one that

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fought against hiring his own land, and was thrown in the fire, and then came to this land, and this to him was the land of hope.

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And to us today,

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baiting them up, it's the Holy Land only gives us hope. Because no way will this injustice continue. And this is why people were telling you this, it's not about hatred, it's about

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injustice in this land will never continue. We've seen examples of tyrants being destroyed in this land, we saw the barbaric crusades coming in slaughtering every living thing in the city. They were wiped out, and there is nothing left of them. The moguls came to this land, and they were destroyed in this land. You know, they went through a battle that burned down the libraries,

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the cities that they went through, and when they came to this land, that was their end. And before that, you have the different rulers who were this was the place where they were destroyed, and even Islam gives us hope for the future, that this Zionist thing will no way, continue this injustice will no longer will will not stay there for long. But even Prophet Muhammad's lives and talks about something greater than the Zionist occupation today, which is the fitna of the jab, the Antichrist, he will come he will go through the whole world, he will cause lots of mischief, but his destruction will be on the hands of Jesus, a silence Salam in the land of a Democritus Gog and Magog, they will

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cause mischief across the whole of the world, their destruction will be invaded not this. This is where Islam talks about this land as a land of hope. When Abraham was was coming back to Greg Madison and again, when he went through the injustices that he went through in his land and thrown in the fire. This was the land that gave him hope, and was a new start for him. So as it was for Prophet Muhammad, in the most difficult days, in his life, when he was crying to Allah, asking, complaining about the weakness

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that he was going through after he was beaten in a thought. He comes to beat him up this and it was the doors of heaven would open for him from that place. So a sense of

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optimism, a sense of hopefulness, and hope from this land is what gives us that that is it's just inherent in the people you know, I've traveled to over 40 countries are hamdulillah in the world. And there's different there's different reasons to go to places sometimes you want to stand on a high mountain, and you want that there and sometimes you'll have put your feet in the sea. One of my places of blessing is honestly Gaza. And people are like why? When I was living in the South of France, one of my joyful places which which not to minimize the pain of the people not to in any way, but to say how is it possible to have any joy in Gaza for the people who

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How is it possible that they sit and they laugh? How is it possible to get over in any way even for a moment what they go through. And this is evidence of the baraka that Allah to Allah has talked about is really, really important as well look as Muslims, you know, sometimes, and I'm as guilty as anybody as this. We want to lionize the pain, the pain and struggle of the Palestinians. You're so amazing. Well done. Great, keep going no. What is our job as Muslims to support you and to know about this?

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I think we need to

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no longer stand in solidarity with Palestine. We need to change the narrative. It is not a Palestinian issue, it is your issue as a human and as a Muslim, this is you do not stand in solidarity with Palestine. It has you do not stand with this solidarity with an issue that is yours. You have it is your issue has to be on your agenda. And this needs to turn from actually we lost the issue of Palestine when it was narrowed down from a hue, an issue for humanity to

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the Muslims were talking about this, then it was narrowed to an Arab Israeli conflict that was narrowed down to Palestinian conflict. And then it was narrowed down to the PLO, and then it was narrowed down to small as you were talking about us, it's Hamas versus Genevieve, isn't it nice. I mean, even before Hamas was even created, this issue existed. And this is the irony, when you argue with people and you say to them, you know, this is this existed this conflict, this Zinus oppression in this land existed before Hamas existed, existed even before the PLO, these people innately cleanse the Palestinians out of their land. And if you were living in a house, and someone comes and

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takes over the house and throws you, in a shed, you're living inside the shed. And this is how the people of Gaza are living. They have they had lovely

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house houses and land, the most of the people in Gaza, 3 million people close to 3 million today. Actually, refugees

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are refugees who come from what is today called Israel, they were thrown out, my grandfather was thrown out of his village, and he lost two daughters and a son while he was being forced out of his lost. Let's define that. So what do we mean when you say lost this family?

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They were killed the die. Some of them were killed by the Israelis. And some of them died in the process of being forced out of their land, they had to travel long distances on foot with no food and nothing, and that caused some of them to starve on the way and to die in the process. So my uncle's ally, and two of my aunts died in this process on the death march, but there was a specific death march Yes, yes, yes.

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Yes, yes. And then in 1967, when they occupied the rest of Palestine, so it was occupied over to in 1942 78%, of Palestine, or what is British Palestine. And then the rest of it was taken in 1967. And then my other uncle Abdullah, or Hashem, He was killed in combat with the Zionist forces in El Kurama, by the River Jordan.

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And this is something that my father was the only male son left to my grandfather, and my grandfather invest the idea of a male son, he's the one is your inherited, he keeps your name. And this is very important within Palestinian culture. And immediately when my father turned 18, my grandfather told my father he has to marry. So in order not to lose

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the name of the family. And immediately after that, he told him he has to study and he said, we lost this land. And the only way to gain that is through knowledge. You need to study and be able to fight with the schools with knowledge. And then we'll be able to turn our home when my grandfather died, with their aid you next to him, waiting for the world to wake up and to come and set forth and end the occupation because it's the longest conflict in the 20th century. And today, what happens in Syria and what happens in other parts of the world is a reminder

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What the Palestinians have gone through over the last 7075 75 years, and the majority of Palestinians they are still living in refugee camps, waiting to go back home with the keys of their destroyed houses with the land deeds and the house deeds, they still hold them dear to their heart that one day they've never lost, lost. So, one day we will go, You know what?

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I wonder about Jerusalem and the undermining of the Alexa compound because the Israelis have been digging there since 1967. found nothing built a temple underneath according to Chef Orion salah.

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Wonderful man Hamdulillah. And I wonder, do you do you think that the enemies know our book the quarter am and that there is a move to try and foolishly put off destiny. So on the one hand, if the enemies of Islam are reading the Holy Quran, they're not believing in it because they don't believe in Allah. But at the same time, there might be something in it. So let's undo Is that a thing? Unfortunately, it is. And the way the study and you saw the move of Orientalism, which existed before the colonization of Muslim man, the first thing that the West did is to send specialists and academics to study the region, to study the people to try to understand them to be able to colonize

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them, be able to control them, designers actually. And even within the academy sphere on way to notice the narrative that is out there on the Muslim or the land is unfortunately Academy. If you open a few both through books and articles, it is presenting designers narrative. So if you go to Malaysia and you open, you go to the library, at one of the universities, you'll find that many of the books that are talking about Palestine are actually presenting designs narrative because by by deines, this is where the dichotomy is actually you have on one side, the Muslims are very emotional on the subject of Palestine, and emotion doesn't get you anywhere. It gets you yes, we need to do

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something and then becomes a trend only when there is an attack on Gaza. Or when there is an attack on Al Aqsa, the Muslims become loud and they demonstrate and do so want to do something immediately. A week later, everything dies out. And then issues forgotten until the next time. This needs to change. This needs to be on the agenda of every single Muslim, like the cabin is important for every single Muslim Al Aqsa is part of your favorite lab. So as part of your happy that Alexa is part of your Eman. You cannot be a Muslim without us. But what they have done design is on this issue. And I'll give you an example. Back in the early 90s, you had Olmert, who later became the Prime Minister

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gathered the works of Zionist academics, translated into Arabic, and distributed this book for free to the people in Jerusalem. In Arabic, what this is doing Academy the articles are very sound and very good talking about Mameluke Jerusalem, talking about

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the time of the Prophet talking about verses in the Quran, talking about all of this actually written in very good academic language. But within the, as we say in Arabic, they're putting poison in the honey.

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So you're changing the narrative, you're giving the information, but then you twist it to say, actually, this place was never important to see. And AXA, is not in Palestine, laksa is somewhere in Saudi Arabia, or in the heavens or in this and they'll bring these misconceptions, bring them and blow them up within

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an academic, very high academic language and present them to the people that this is the land for the Jews. It's not the land for the Muslims. Allah says in the Quran that this land, Allah told the Israelites to enter it because Allah gave it to them. And you'll hear Unfortunately,

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most people rejected this because this was coming from the Zionist Jews. So they didn't have much reception. But they've upped their game, and today we have Muslim Zionists.

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And you cannot be a Muslim Zionist but unfortunately today we have Muslim Zionist who will say this and, for example, use of the done in Egypt on Egyptian TV is repeating exactly the same argument as more the Heike doc,

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a professor Zions professor and the Palestinian read to me the other day I've got to jump in here brother. I was I was in a market in Istanbul in Moscow where I live and there was a man and he was a tour guide and he came over and said, Oh, our booth I've seen you online mashallah diabolical last and I'm when he comes to stir. I'm here with some Israeli showing around us. Uh huh. And he said, Isn't it great that they're here I said,

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he said it's all about peace and love, isn't it? However?

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I said, I'll tell you what do you believe that it's all about all faiths and peace and love you said yes. I said I'll tell you what, then let's make a dua let's pray for Palestine and I did this Oh Allah bless Palestine. Oh Allah freedom. Oh, will I give peace and love to the palace. lost his mind. We were in the middle of the fish market. I was being filmed by suddenly they're Zionists phones are out there like and it's all getting written. All I did was make a DUA

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and then I ended up you know, yelling Free Palestine in the market, but that's

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the Yamuna che Tana regime Free Palestine. May Allah bless you.

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It unravel very quickly. This it's all about peace of love. And let's be together. And when you say it could be similar for Palestinians. No, no two out. Yes, yes, unfortunately, this is how they're pushing this narrative. And actually, even before they came to this land, actually, you have Jewish Jewish Zionism came after Christian Zionism. But Jewish, Jewish nationalism or Jewish sign ism is not something that all Jews prescribe to actually most Jews at that time were against Zionism, because it was a form of racism, even the United Nation until the 80s regarded Zionism as a form of

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racism, until we changed it to start the peace process. But this is the narrative that they are pushing forward. And they push forward designs that this land is without people. So when they drove the Jews across, they found that there is ready, it's already full of Palestinians, then they move to a new misconception that they pushed forward. And you'll hear this across Turkey or hear this across the Muslim world is the Palestinians sold us their land. So you'll hear, you'll hear people say, the Palestinians sold their land. And when you go to the archives, you go back to the Ottoman archetype to the British archive, and these really are tied you find that land that was sold doesn't

00:37:57--> 00:38:06

even count not even for 1% of the land. And most of the land was ethnically cleansed as many even

00:38:07--> 00:38:43

Jewish academies who their voice is not heard in the State of Israel, they had to lead and they're either in the United States or in the UK, someone like Elaine Kappa, or I wish them the they talked about the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, because this land was taken at gunpoint seven to 8% was ethnically cleanse towns and villages people were murdered in the area scene. Recently, the Israeli archive showed

00:38:44--> 00:39:19

some of the, you know, some of the archive is released after 50 years and some after 30 years. It showed the amount of massacres, and they found mass rapes of Egyptian soldiers of Palestinians of others trying to defend defend this land. So going back to the question, the narrative is extremely important, and unfortunately, we are still way behind in this narrative and the narrative. They study the Quran they study the Hadith, actually, the first

00:39:20--> 00:39:26

many of the manuscripts on further elevated muchness the virtues of beta blockers were edited

00:39:27--> 00:39:30

by Israeli academics.

00:39:31--> 00:39:57

Yeah, you have Isaac costume, who edited the first book of Baba and the name of the book is about muchness It was first edited by a Zionist Israeli Academy. So the book is sorry, I couldn't make sense of this. Sorry, I'm so academically in this area. So because these books on bet on Mac this would have existed in Arabic by the scholars so

00:39:59--> 00:39:59


00:40:00--> 00:40:48

send yours. So they were solid so that that learning is solid. We talking about the first translation that was edited then. So these were handwritten. So these manuscripts, actual manuscripts, and during the time of organization, the British Mandate, for example, of Egypt and of Palestine and other places, they stole these manuscripts. And these manuscripts are not in, in Palestine in the Muslim world. They're actually in the UK, and in France, and in Poland. So I went, if you go to the British Library, the earliest copy of the Koran is actually in the British Library, and we just borrowing them. And when we finished looking at them, you can have some back, okay, yes,

00:40:48--> 00:41:34

well finished. Yes. So I went to the British Library, and I consulted some of these early manuscripts. They're handwritten. They're 1400 years old. They're in Leiden, I went to the university there. And some of the earliest the book of povery is there, the books of Mark DC and others. So the Zinus actually, this is your view, you'll be interested in this. This was a PhD thesis by an Israeli Academy. He talked about the stealing of Palestinian books in 1948. So he said the army was going and massacring the people killing them. And he said, following the our vis

00:41:35--> 00:41:40

vis the soldiers was another battalion. They were collecting the books.

00:41:41--> 00:42:36

And today, the Israeli National Library is based on the books that were stolen from these Palestinian cities and villages that were ethnically cleanse. And they took what you might say, why are they interested in these books, they want to be the ones that create the narrative. So they put their hands on all the literature, and then they start. So some of these are early manuscripts of history of Islam of the Prophet of Batum. So this book provides a way to mark this by ignorant origin was first edited, so it was in a manuscript in hand written by hand. So the first to edit this and to bring it to be in the form of a book that is published was this Isaac Huson. So what he

00:42:36--> 00:43:26

did is in the process of editing, you add your comments, so who is the author, why he's written this, and so on. So 200 pages, he's discussing why beta and muchness is actually not important for Muslims. And what made it important at the time of this great scholar admin Roger, and trying to argue that it was what I said earlier, putting the poison in the honey. So his his editing of the book is actually quite good. But the first chapter, which is half of the book, what he does, is he undermines the importance of beta blockers to Muslims, that this wasn't the case. And this was for political reasons. And the Muslims never were never interested in the time of the prophet nor the

00:43:27--> 00:43:45

other times, and this was later on, for political reasons. And particularly after the Crusades, after the Muslims lost it, then they started getting interested in this place after the lawsuit. So this is the whole argument and fast forward, and you can see how you can twist knowledge to fit your

00:43:46--> 00:44:04

to fit your narrative. This is a fit, this is a fitting place to wrap up because thank God thank you Allah for the Holy Quran. Because that you can't get underneath it, you can't get through it and you can't unpick it Subhan Allah is protected, and there's our connection

00:44:05--> 00:44:09

to our connection to Allah to Allah and the Holy Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam

00:44:10--> 00:44:51

teacher, would you come back again in Charlotte and we'll have a specific question perhaps to look at. And, and we can, I can, brothers and sisters type your questions underneath. You know, maybe you're thinking about going to Jerusalem, a lot of you are nervous about it, what will happen when we go to which I always say, brother, go and have your keen and Allah, you know, and whatever you experience, it's not an ounce. It's not it's not a mustard green compared to your brother your brothers and sisters are going and it will strengthen your feeling of solidarity and you'll see the truth of the situation. So we don't have fear. Perhaps I can ask you brother, would you make an end

00:44:51--> 00:44:59

up with a beautiful die in sha Allah, and we'll see if we can show was there was a live person was pantalla that he gathers us in

00:45:00--> 00:45:28

Mr. Luxa free application to revive the love of Mr. Xi in our hearts and our minds and in our souls to be reconnected to the land of the prophets and to bring back inclusivity to this land after it has been exclusive. Since the British occupation operator was crowned Bala that the guidance to the best of ways and always

00:45:30--> 00:45:51

keeps us on the right path along the most solid for the mystical OXA for her and as ECL VA grants a prayer in an industry blocks are free from occupation and second affair. Thank you very much. It's such a pleasure. I would love to come back again and answer the questions of

00:45:52--> 00:46:44

your audience and Chavez region and a normal ask everyone to make this you don't stand in solidarity with Palestine, it is your issue, and you have to make it your issue because the Liberation of Palestine, the liberation of a masjid Lhasa will not just free the Palestinians, it will free the Muslims all over the world. When the Luxor fell, Istanbul fell. So the above that, so the Cairo to the rest of the Muslim world and what we have there are just tyrants ruling, unfortunately, in the name of designers and in the name of the Western organizers. So the freedom of patron of this, we learned from sulla have been is the freedom of the Muslim world.