Wudu in the Shower

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Alaikum Salaam name steeton question please. When we take in a shower, can we make do with the you know, without not covering your body?

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without covering your body? Okay, yeah. Okay.

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Our sister is asking when you take a shower, basically, is that counted as we'll do? Or you're asking whether you can take make you do while you are in the shower while you while you are not waiting close?

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It is Yes, I do. I think I'm trying to make sense out of it. inshallah. Let's do this. First of all, I really want to cover this from two issue from two angles, because I know there are other questions which I received by email about this issue, can the shower be counted as will Yes, provided that you had the intention before the shower, that this is

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not just to clean up was similar to hostile job.

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And you have that intention, this is one and you make sure that the water reaches all your body.

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A lot of the jurors, they say this is sufficient as we'll do, provided that you're not going to break that window until you put your clothes on until you pray.

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Now the other end of this, which is ideally, and prefilled and highly recommended that you do the hustle according to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and how this is done.

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First of all, you have the intention that this is this is a ritual bath, this is not just a clean up bath, it's called a ritual bath that's in your heart you don't pronounce the intention is not to be pronounced, then you wash your private part with your left hand. And then you wash your hand. And then you make will do like you do for the Salah three times, three times, wash your face, three times three times, right hand three till the elbow, left hand three till the elbow head one time here one time and you leave the feet.

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Don't bother about the feet, then you wash your head, use head, the shoulder and all that stuff as many times as you want to, you know, wash clean, do as much as you want. But at the end, you make sure that you take three handful 123

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This way you have taken care of this part, then you wash your right side, front and back all the way down. Now you make sure that you go through your toes and you wash your feet, that is the right side. Then you go to the left side, the same exact thing front and back and you also go through your toes and you make sure that you wash your feet as well. This way you have really done your wetsuit according to the sooner and you do not have to make will do afterwards In either case and even the first scenario you do not have to the jeweler say as long as the water reaches all the body provided that you had the intention beforehand, then this is considered to be also what should and will do at

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the same time. The intention that this is a ritual bath, not just a clean up bath. Now you could make a do while you're naked. I mean nobody said you can you can make while you're naked. Hopefully we answered the question sister Jessica located in Santa Monica.