(Covid-19) Between Negligence & Overdoing it

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In the

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middle who want to start, you know who want to stop

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laggy Manchurian fusina amin Surya, Dr. Medina

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manga de la vous furthermore the la

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sala de la

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y Chateau La ilaha illallah wa kadavu luxury Allah

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wa shadow Anoma Ramadan Abu rasuluh

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Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad in fillerina of three

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of Islam Allah Allah Allah, Allah within

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my the respective brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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there is no question that

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we have a Coronavirus in our life

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in our lives now.

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It's becoming a fact.

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It's there.

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It's worrying

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A lot of you.

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A lot of you are worried and concerned.

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And look carefully to the title, which I

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be presented to you Coronavirus between negligence and overdoing it.

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But let me begin today with a story which I read, which is very interesting. And

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during the Nazi time

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there were officers who disobeyed Hitler

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so heckler decided to punish them in a very interesting way. He placed them inside the room and he had them hear this Mozart

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And he had that faucet dropping water very slow, like every two, three seconds, a drop of water comes down.

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And he told them that he released

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a certain gas which will cause the death in six hours.

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You will know something that two hours later they came and they found two of these officers already that

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and one of them is actually going through the agonies of death is somehow dying as well.

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Do you wanna know the interesting fact or the interesting piece of information about this particular incident that there was no gas released to kill these three officers?

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So they died out of psychological

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warfare that's what they call

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this a psychological state of mind.

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And actually, medicine or science with with actually validate that argument that

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when you go through a certain condition

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of fear and anxiety, your body produces certain toxic which are poisonous and it causes the death of an individual.

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So you as a believer should not overdoing it. And by the way, what I meant by overdoing it I'm not talking about the means which you should take in order to protect your health.

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In order to prevent

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you know, the

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being infected with the with the with the virus that's not what overdoing it here means. Know what is overdoing it means that overdoing it with anxiety and fears

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because this in itself can kill you.

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That state of mind can cause your death. That state of mind actually can bring Corona to you.

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If you are not careful, if you're not

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You know, reasonable.

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Remember brothers and sisters in Islam, even when we talk about fear of Allah Subhana, Allah subhana wa tada that fear cannot send you to the spear.

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But that fear is the type of fear which will ignite your energy to do what will protect you from what you're afraid of, but not to this fear from Allah has mercy. extremely important.

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It's exactly like when you become afraid of somebody breaking into your house. So that's fear that's in the heart anxiety in the heart. Now, this fear is constructive when when you go locksmith and you buy a lock and you secure your house

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and you leave the rest to Allah subhana wa Tada. What if somebody breaks after that? But that Allah hamesha you see that that's Yeah, you should be concerned that we're human brothers, sisters, I'm talking to human being I'm a human being I am concerned. Listen, I am concerned myself, but I'm not gonna drive myself crazy.

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Or whatever this person talks to me this person breathing, brother, sisters in Islam.

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In Quetta, lavona, say Allah subhanaw taala actually wanted you to say that advice commanding the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to say, not just to believe it. It's enough that you believe it. It's enough that you have this in your heart that you believe that no, Allah subhana wa COVID can say,

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say, say it with me. Lay your sleeve and

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get up law Milena nothing will befall us unless something which Allah wrote upon us. We know everything that happens in the face of this earth, good, or what we think is bad.

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Because nothing is evil, nothing, nothing is bad. And he did it to Allah Subhana Allah that even the Quran there are good things about it. I'm telling you, Allah knew it

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is eternal knowledge one, Allah subhanho wa Taala would that knowledge in a book alone and my fault? Allah will put it to take place? Obviously we see it.

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And guess what? Allah subhana wa tada created us and created it, to live through it.

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Now, what should we do? We should take as much crow cautionary measures as possible. Because of the fear that we have in our hearts. I'm going to make sure that I'm clean, and some Hanalei what Islam is a beautiful religion that provides automatic, automatic automatic

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hygiene against this. As long as you do this house, you leave the rest to Allah subhanho wa Taala you tie your camel, now you leave the rest of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's the attitude brothers and sisters in Islam. Don't overdo it, regarding anxiety and fear if you want to overdo it regarding health and uncleanliness and quarantining yourself and protecting yourself, that's fine. If this is going to bring about some comfort in your into your state of mind, that's fine. That's not what I'm doing. That's not what I mean by overdoing it. But what I mean by the word overdoing it is being negligent, I'm sorry, is being extra fearful. The field which will drive you to say to the

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sphere, that psychological defeat, which may kill you anyways, before the corona even gets to you, like these three officers in the Nazi camp. That's the message I want to share with your brothers and sisters in Islam tonight.

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Don't also you shouldn't be negligent. You shouldn't you know, so panela I read some sarcastic people making a mockery of this violence.

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I read something that don't eat mokona of course it was written in Arabic so I'm not gonna blame in English speaking about this. Don't eat mokona because it has como de

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la crema Corona,

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la palabra

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Nene says in the Quran, wanna know Lucy Lubin

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in the Hawaii

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Shona Taka ro, when Allah subhanho wa Taala 78 yet, Allah wants to scare us.

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So that's actually the intention. He wants us to wake up.

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Wake up people, there is a God. There is a depth, you're not in control. You're not in control.

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unseen virus. You can even see it with the normal microscopes, you actually need magnifying glass, magnifying glasses, they say 400 times I heard in order to be able to see it, scanning the world, scaring the people who are demanding to see Allah in order to believe in Allah.

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In order to conduct the lives in accordance with the teachings of Islam, imagine this in accordance with the religion of Islam. Imagine this in order to submit to Allah they wanna see Allah. I'm talking about the atheist. Now imagine who are quarantining themselves now, who are being the most cave people have them buy from that virus right now. The people who do not see the virus yet now they believe in the unseen

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so how come you I thought you needed to see a law you needed to see physical being in order to believe Shouldn't you look for a physical being of that virus in order to actually do what you have to do?

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Yeah, can manifestations of Allah

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mucked about sneezing or

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coughing or not about fever? The mountains out there? The moon out? Did the sun out there? Come on? What's going on here?

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brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Hang in there. We shouldn't be making a mockery. We shouldn't be negligent of the Ayat of Allah because when a lesson that Corona Yes, he wants us to be afraid he wants us to wake up, that you're not in control human being in an

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boost of

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mankind will always transgress will always cross all the boundaries, the moment that he feels that he's in control.

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The moment that you that that's the issue. But that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes he sent to us all these acts, in order to get us to wake up in order to get us to pay attention that you're not in control of the situation. Brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Let me conclude my broadcast and I will try to come in Sharla daily as you a lot of you will be sitting around the house in Sharma at least offer some insight from the Quran and the Sunnah. And let me conclude by this. And again, this is a line of owning you against overdoing it. And again, I want to make this crystal clear. I'm not talking about overdoing the precaution. The protection. No, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about overdoing it regarding the anxiety and fear. That's what I'm talking about. Don't overdo it because losing control allows you to control the means within your hands and leave the rest to Allah subhana wa also negligence you don't make mockery of

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the virus you don't you know.

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You belittle people who are afraid and and all of that. The other brothers and sisters in Islam is famous fee. I mean famous to me, possibly, he must not be the elite, the son of the hidden assignment he heard about his brother, his father is about to die. So he, by the way,

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traveled back to Medina rushing in order to witness the death of his father. He knew that he was told he was traveling is out of town and he was told that his father is going through the agony of death. So when when he was when he returned to Panama, he found his father already laying down and the people are surrounding him and trying to give him hope, you know about

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the hereafter and so forth. So immediately he said to his father, father, it machine

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I want you to give me an hour. So yeah, I will I want you to leave me with a wheel with something that I can you know use in my life. So panela over that companion asked that he will have surrounding him. Help me sit down please. So he started sitting down. And so Pamela brothers and sisters in Islam, he looks at his son and he said to him, yeah, Buddha, my son, in Necker Island to Derek happy Catalina,

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Amen. Amen. Len Dawson, Happy attalla al Mila. Look at these three, you will never be able to attain the knowledge of Allah who Allah is the attributes, the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You will never be able to taste the sweetness of faith of a man that is two, three, or rich or believe without any shadow of a doubt unless or until you believe Look at this. And I saw the Columbia College of the ACA and Nana appa Kayla Mia Coolio, Siva,

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that which has inflicted you before they knew was not to miss you. You must believe that. So if you get a Corona, it's written.

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You try. Listen,

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you're going to be blamed if you don't try.

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If you don't take your majors, but you took your majors, and then you got inflected then of the law from Russia.

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And that whatever missed you was not to reflect you. Why brothers and sisters in Islam over that said the following to a son. That statement was son simply because he said the first thing which Allah created was the pen. And Allah commanded the pen to write down the pen set right what Oh Allah, write everything which will happen until the day of judgment. Imagine this. So this code was written, who will get inflected is written, who will be saved is written.

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And everything happens with Allah because of the Divine Wisdom. Trust alized divine wisdom. Don't overdo it again.

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This statement pertains or pertaining to anxiety and fear. Don't overdo it, trust Allah. Say, will lay a banner in

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Ghana, only what Allah route will inflict me.

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I love you all for the sake of Allah. May Allah subhana wa Taala protect all of us. And I ask Allah subhana wa tada if I don't see you again in this world, that we meet the agenda. Embedded this there is gender products. The agenda coming up. You know,

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Allah We ask Allah to gather us all your opinion now.

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Allahumma mcdonogh the esna you know upside you know to where Tina Tina

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Merci, Bettina, feeding in as well as the jolly Tonia Cora homina whatever blog I mean.

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A lot of local

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a lot of mananas local gelato makaveli

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a lot of Marbella that gentleman has

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a lot of models openness de facto allottee your bellami a lot of Madonna hatena raffia. Tina,

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me a lot of model burner either fitness and development photo center La Nina Camila Konami Bismillahi la de la rue mass media me show you one fell out of the summer was semi Alani out we Kalamata

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Matthew and Shirley mahalo, our Kelly Mattila. He met him in Chelsea mahalo.

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A Salama,