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Shadow Allah

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lahmar eye shadow

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in lahmar eye shadow one

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mother also mom ma ash had one amo

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Madonna Rasool Allah Ma. Hi.

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walk model

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lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. I mean, what he was talking

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about. The title of our hotbar is aiming high, or in Arabic or Lu and himer.

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Someone in their 30s asked me, he said, What is wrong, if friends in their 30s who are working professionals get together every night or so? And play good video games together?

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And of course, the answer is that that is not how long and in today's culture it is not shameful for grown men to play games.

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But this chutzpah is an answer to what is wrong with that when you consider aiming high when you consider oluwole himer it's not a matter of halal or haram anymore. It's not a matter of macro or mazahub. It's a matter of where you are, or where and where you could be or where you should want to be.

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We begin with this hadith narrated by a Toba Ronnie where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was returning from one of his journeys. So he stopped by the place of a Bedouin Arab in the desert. And the Bedouin hosted them and he honored them. He was hospitable to them. And so when they were about to leave the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told him either tell Medina fortini if you ever come to Medina, then come to me or visit me. days past and then the Bedouin man came, and he stayed for a while with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and when he wanted to leave, the prophet SAW Selim told him sell me asked me man, he asked for whatever you want, and the man could have asked for his

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daughter to be Mr. Jab responded to, he could have asked for Shahada he could have asked for Jenna but he said as Luca dub button, or kapoho as I look at that button, or Cabo, he said, I asked you for a riding animal for something for me to write a beast for me to write. And maybe Salaam Salaam gave him a camel. He said, Sonny asked me, he said was Luca Calvin, yahiro sovann me and I asked you for a dog to guard my sheep and my goats. And it was awesome gave him that he said Sonny ask. He said was Luca Gertie a tanto domani and I asked you for a servant girl, so she can assist and serve my wife.

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So the problem then tells him and after he granted him that I just and Tokunaga Josie Bani Israel, were you are unable or Couldn't you be like the old lady from Bunny is right.

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And so the companions asked him who was the lady from Venezuela he and his wife said, When Musa alayhis salam, he wanted to depart and live with his people. They said, that the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salam from before he ordered us not to leave this area, unless we take him with us. Yeah, and we take his body with us. So Musashi Salam said, Where is the grave of us? Have they said no one knows it except for an old lady. So they took him to her. And he asked her where is the grave of use of Allah, his Salah? She said, Well, Allah, He I won't show it to you until you give me what I ask. So he said, What is it that you ask?

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She said an aura silica fill Jana, that I be with you in agenda meaning in your same level of agenda. So a Nabi sallallahu Sallam was teaching this man, aim high. Ask for something great. The Prophet of Allah is asking you, what do you want, ask me whatever you want. And he just asked for a camel. And there are people who have 1000s of camels. Then he asked for a dog people have dozens of dogs, and then serve and some people have hundreds of servants. That's all you ask for. Look what this old lady asked for. She asked to be with one of the five greatest profits to be in his level in agenda. And just to complete the narration By the way, Musashi Salaam, the narration says he

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hesitated, like he thought it was too much to ask to be at the level of gender of the prophets just for pointing me in the direction of a grief. And so when he hesitated, Allah revealed to him to grant her and to accept her her demand, because she was deserving of it. And she deserved it because she asked for it.

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also noted by Ronnie and Barnabas for the lahoma that a Nabi sallallahu Sallam said in Allah ha you hibou Malian amore that Allah subhanaw taala Indeed Allah loves the best and the highest of all affairs. Yeah, and he, you hit boom couldn't mean coolessay in Allah,

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in wealth in business in South Africa, in marriage, Allah azza wa jal loves that you do it to the best of your ability and that you do a good job in it and that you choose the best in it. So in the law you have Boomer ideal or more. We're a sraffa warrior CRO who stiff Safa yonny, Allah subhanaw taala loves the highest and best of all affairs, and, and it's most honorable and he hates and he dislikes, the lowest and unworthy and things of no benefit that actions and things that bring no benefit to the person doing it and no benefit whatsoever.

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And that's why Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran for stubbie whole hierarchy it's like saying race to do good things race towards the good deeds. It will pay him to him hola says well, aka Mr. rucola Oh, cool Luma that he's saying that there's consensus amongst the whys of every nation. Animal Andaman arada raha Taka raha woman or the name Tanaka name that whoever wants comfort he leaves comfort meaning if you want to be comfortable meaning later on that you're going to leave comfort now you can be comfortable now and later on meaning you're going to work hard put comfort aside for now, and you will get comfort later on. When whoever wants to rest he leaves rest meaning

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you want to rest later. You leave resting for now and work hard for now. We're under mokaba Tila horny with the humble in my Shakti be her t Marlin Omar that he said that struggling against difficulties and bearing calamities with these things you reached my audience Omar the highest of all affairs.

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That was that is the formula he said that all wise people from all nations agreed upon in Sohail Buhari and maybe some are seldom said either sir ultimate Allah hell Jenna first Alou Hill for those who Allah either sir ultimate la Jennifer's Aloo Holford Rasul Allah if you ask Allah for a Jana then asking for the highest level and for those the highest level of agenda No one asked to be put in the lowest level or the middle level asked for the highest aim high even in your da and then he continues it is the highest of agenda the highest level and it is the middle of agenda. And and for those who are confused a scholar said it's it's like a dome shape. So if you have something that's a

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semi circle like this, then the middle will be the highest and the middle as well. So and it ceiling is offshore Amanda thrown over ramen, and from it all the rivers of agenda flow. So aiming high in da and we also see this in the Quran. Allah Subhana Allah says upon the tongue of the righteous, which little Moo tokina imama It doesn't say and make us or john nominal Mottaki and make us from amongst the righteous basis make us a mums for the McDuck in meaning make us leaders for the duck in May because righteous role models for the believers.

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Omar Abdullah it is probably a long one who used to say in nearly enough sent to work that I have a soul or myself is very ambitious. But Elon Aymara

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fanola so I desired to be in a marine leadership position like governor mayor, and I got that.

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And then I wanted the heat alpha funnel to her, and I got a wanted the khilafah and I became the halifa. And now myself My soul is longing and wanting Elgin, well, our job is Neela heater Allah and Allah, and I hope with the permission of Allah azza wa jal that I will get that as well. We all know the story of it nobis, or the law and when he was a young boy, and he wasn't he didn't even reach maturity yet. But he aimed high. And he told a boy from the unsought, who is about his age, that the companions of the Prophet Lem are still alive. Let us seek knowledge from them, and learn from them. And the young man tells him and then what what are you going to become? He said, then we become

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scholars. He said, people have abubaker Amara northman do you think they're going to look at you?

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And then Time passes. And our beloved our bus is from the great scholars of the oma. And he's at the age of 34 of the major scholars of the oma and of the few of the remaining from the companions. Like one chef said, he said, I was sitting at a gathering of the great scholar shehab that has been bars Rama hula, he said, then an old man leans over to me, and he said, you know, me and Ben buzz, we started together at the same school we're at the same level. So I said, I looked at him and I said, Then why didn't you try harder so our Alma can have to have been bus. Can he sing? Why didn't you aim high?

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akula Hola. Hola was stopped from La La, La La comienza. We're gonna stop through fire hose and Mr Vereen ask Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness, Indeed, those who ask for his forgiveness for prosperity

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah I mean, what are the early wasabi ajwain come about? So our point is that we should aim high, we should not be content with with remaining wherever we are dounia and Dean wise, I'm going to toggle on who he used to say in Nila Accra, who an hour radula SubhanAllah. He said I hate to see a man Subhanallah not achieving anything he says to continues not achieving anything in the deen nor the dunya. And he's someone who's just content being wherever he is, whether it means income wise, wealth wise, Dean or dunya wise, just content being in his same place.

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And from that should be a lesson for us to also aim high for our children. And with them being excited about things, not just parents that are constantly pushing and forcing things down their throat, but aiming high for our children. And when we look at the numbers of parents who care about their children, memorizing the Quran, or learning the deen, it's really small in comparison to how much parents care that their child is good at chemistry and physics and mathematics. And they shuttled them back and forth from soccer classes and sports and swimming. No one is saying there's anything wrong with that. We're saying compare the care. In general, parents give those kinds of

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things, to memorization, to learning the religion to learning their Deen knowing the seed or knowing the Quran.

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So the and they'll push the child to aim high when it comes to the dunya being bees are not acceptable C's are not acceptable. Just a Bachelor's is not acceptable. You have to go higher and higher and higher. And every position they want a higher salary in in and better, you know higher ranking and so on and so forth in that update to a better home and upgrade to a better car. But when it comes to the dean, many parents and we're not accusing anyone, especially in this room, but many parents are very content with the bare minimum. First, your five and what Ramadan comes pray and when you become an old man inshallah go to Hajj. And that's the equivalent of a mother telling her

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child, why are you studying late and getting A's and B's just C's? Just Just make it by just get by? We aim low when it comes to our Deen. And on that note, I have to bring this up. I was recently surprised at how many parents encourage their children to learn an instrument. Yeah. And you say something like this, or you religious people you don't understand art and you don't have the final side of Valentine

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Aside berlinetta Okay, to master an instrument, you need to practice it for 10,000 hours 10,000 hours, your son your daughter, sitting blowing on a clarinet or blowing on a flute or screeching on a violin 10,000 hours before they become experts, you know what 10,000 hours means? It means, imagine that they would wake up from eight in the morning, and practice without stopping for a bathroom or anything's practice nonstop from eight in the morning until 8pm 12 hours a day, for 2.2 years, seven days a week. Can you imagine the amount of time it takes to master an instrument? And then at the end, what's going to happen?

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What benefit is it going to bring for the oma? What benefits is going to bring to them?

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And if you will, now, if we put the Quran in the forefront of our mind, does it take 2.2 years of seven days of week 12 hours a day to memorize the Quran?

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Nothing comparable to that nothing comparable to them. There are programs where people can memorize the Quran in two months. And there's another program where people can memorize the Quran in a month.

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But the point is not the attack on art and artifice. The point is that look at the time we will dedicate to other things versus the time we will dedicate to the Quran the time we'll dedicate to the deen and all that comes into play when we look at oluwole him aiming high to be our best indien and Indonesia

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Allahumma Gianna min us hobble him and mill Alia which are nominal adenostoma Unum, Cole feta buena Asana alohomora ha ha Khan was

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originally bought, bolted on was documented in Oba Allahumma La Jolla. dounia Eduardo homina Well, I'm a blogger Illumina What are Eleanor mo sirona for lahoma Brenda Hello Matamoros, USA v a robotic way with a 300 mile sciatic wire Murphy hibben motto for you and Javi here on monka SME Allahumma barik along with Ratan alameen wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa como la Sol, Tokyo, Hong Kong Milan.