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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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Weimer Oberlin FC

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I am not claiming my own innocence in enough Salah Amar to be sued for verily the knifes the lower base self of the human being

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something that consistently inspires with evil

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Illa mera mera be except to the extent a Oh except to those whom Allah Subhana Allah Allah has mercy upon in Nairobi. huafu Rahim indeed My Lord, he's the most forgiving, the Most Merciful, the mufa sirona. Who does this IRA photo? Is this the words of Zola Han? Or is this the words are these the words of the use of La salatu wa sallam

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based in my reading of it, I incline mode to the opinion that it is never use words that it is following the previous statement.

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I wanted my my previous master the Aziz to know that I did not betray him in the unseen and Allah Allah does not guide the plot of those who are betrayers. But then he continues to speak and he says, but I don't, I don't claim my own innocence. Now what does he mean by this? Now we use a valet set the same as we saw previously. He said that had not been an Ola showed him that sign and is not being that Allah saved him from that situation, he might have inclined towards the temptation, not saying that he wanted to, but saying that he's a human being and as as a human beings have these thoughts have these, you know, these these temptations that pass through our mind, he was also

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subject to that, but Allah subhanaw taala saved him say he says it had not been for Allah, had it not been for the mercy of Allah, then he would have been doing evil just like anybody else. And then he says, My Lord is most forgiving, Most Merciful. He's in a be of course, and the prophets Allah who salat wa salam o Pico Massoud, they are protected from doing sin. we've explained this before. The reason for that is they have a duty to be the intermediaries between us and Allah as far as work is concerned. Nobody, nobody gets direct messages from Allah sit down via so how do we verify the truth if they are sinners? Now, what do we learn from this statement of the use of na Salatu was

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Salam. What we should take away of the many lessons is the fact that none of us, we are never in the position to judge others? What do we mean by this? We are not saying if somebody does wrong, and it's apparent, then it's wrong, you know, this, this, this, this fancy terms that people throw around, don't be judgmental, and don't judge me. If you're doing wrong in front of me, then I'm not judging you. I'm looking and observing at the fact that you're doing something wrong. And it was declared wrong by Allah, not by me. Right? What do we mean when we say you can never judge others, you can never look at the sins of another and regard yourself as superior than they are simply

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because you have not committed those sins, simply because they are the ones committing that sin in that particular instance. Because you don't know what conditions Allah Subhana Medina has put into place to protect you. That is the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We go we go into the street and we bash seeing somebody and they are apparently disobeying Allah subhana wa tada in their behavior in what they're doing, saying it's a thrill. And now you can automatically start thinking thoughts about this person that you've never spoken to before you've never seen before. And you're going to categorize this person, because of the way they are dressed because of what they are saying, as a

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criminal or as a bad person. But we have no right to do that. The fact that we are not doing that is not because we are so amazing. We are human just like they are the fact that we are not doing that is because Allah had mercy on us. That's it. any wrongdoing that Allah had saved us from is from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala there are so many more lessons in this ayah to the extent that much of Islamic spirituality discusses this idea, you know, like so much, it's all discussion on the different categories of the knifes, the base knifes then the next amount will be soon the soul, the animalistic software, the basic self that constantly commands of evil, then you get enough solar

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worm that so which is blameworthy, so it's called as wrong, not like the previous solo because now when it does wrong, then it it reboots itself. It feels bad, it feels guilty, and it carries that guilt with it and tries and tries that fighting knifes and then you get Neff Sumo Toma, in she also mentioned in the Quran, right nevsun wautoma in that contains it so contented with a lot always contented with itself. But we're not going to get into those discussions right now. The point being here is the story of an abuse of Iris setosa lamb. So we said this is a 30

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point. And this is the turning point for the beta for an abuse of because now we'll call al Malik toony. Be the king now says, Bring him to me as the de su Lin FC. I will now appoint him personally for myself. This is the king saying he is going to be my advisor. He's going to be you know the kings and he's going to be the main person in the Kings code. Nobody else is going to get access to him. This is a real you could call him the Vice President if you wish. Right. So now we use Valley center Some things are really turning around for him.

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Fallon McCann lemahieu color in Oklahoma Dana McKean. I mean, when the king speaks that abusive, he says today abusive today, you are Makino, Amina, you are safe, and you are trustworthy. According to us, you are safe, you are in an established position. And you are trustworthy according to us. Now, this is the Kings giving abuse of security, that you don't have to worry, we will take care of you. And not only that, we will fully trust you. So handle what a way for things to turn around from abusive then I'll Allah subhanaw taala says call adjani Allah has a lot and never use of says at this point in time, make me in charge of the treasures of the land. In other words, he wants to be

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the Minister of Finance. Okay, put me in charge of the treasures of the lab in New Haven Aleem. I will be a knowledgeable protector, meaning I know I have knowledge of how to preserve whatever needs to be preserved because he had this dream that dreams of Zambia over he said he's got instructions by Allah as to what to do in order to save the people. Now, at this point, we have to discuss leadership in Islam, if you didn't know it already know that leadership is not to be aspired to in Islam.

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What do I mean by that, number one, you shouldn't want to be a leader. Because if you really understand the responsibility of leadership, you wouldn't want it. And number two, anybody who actively wants to be the leader, and put himself or herself forth for leadership is not the ideal person to select as the leader according to Islam. But this goes directly in contradiction to what I just said. So this is the exception to the rule. The exception is that if there's an important task at hand, and you know, as an individual, you know, that Allah Subhana, Allah has given you the skills in order to do the job correctly, it is your duty to speak up and offer your services at that

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time, especially when people don't know that you have those skills. You can't be humble at that point in time. That's not the place for humanity. It's like somebody is busy dying on a plane. And the doctor doesn't want to tell everybody that he's a doctor because he just has to be humble. So he just sits there and doesn't say they say is any other any doctors on the plane, you know, we need your assistance.

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You can't do that. And you can take this in any situation. Of course, I'm just using that as an example. I like to become the doctors. So now. Now the use of Alice's Restaurant puts himself with leadership. And of course the king has no problem with it. Listen to what Allah says next, what the camera can use to fill out like that we established use in the land, we gave him the position that we wanted him to have Subhana Allah, that whole journey was to get him to this point and if he were to retrace his steps and ask if any of those things those apparently very negative things had not taken place. Would he have still arrived at this point can be but also behind it without a nice plan

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has to you know facilitate his journey to such a degree that this is what ends up even though when it happens and abusive doesn't know exactly what's happening, why it's happening. And of course, we can apply this to our own lives. He had a co worker Amina hifu yoshua now he can really do anything he wants. Now he has that authority. musi will be reflected in a man Nasha we Allah we select with our mercy we touch with our mercy whomsoever we want.

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Wanna know do Geraldo Cassini and Neva Neva will be wasted reward of those who do good. What does this mean? This is like the best part of this verse. Because this is always saying, even though never use of add to induce difficulty upon difficulty Allah did not forget about him. Allah did not forget that he was a person of goodness that he was a person of good luck. It was a person of good data. He followed the rules and regulations of Islam. He was always doing what he was supposed to do despite his difficulty. Now it's easy for someone to give up

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Imagine you lose your job you you lose your family members for example you in debt. It's easy to give up and become depressed and hopeless and just you know what i'm done with Salah I'm done with MSG, it happens to people. But you shouldn't be because you should persevere through those difficult times with goodness. Allah will never waste the good doings of those who do good. This is what Allah Subhana Allah promises. While agile as Hiro de la rue de la Vina Amano, where can we attack, but know that even if you don't see the positive in the negative around you, even if you don't see the silver lining, you know, the silver lining in the clouds above you, if you don't know, why is any of

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this happening, and it's just not becoming apparent. If you're impatient like that. There's no use of it wait for years.

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Even then, know that for those who have Taqwa and for those who believe the zero, that is the Abode that they are targeting, that's the objective. So Allah Subhana Allah will not do you wrong. If he does not make things clear for you in this world, then in the world, you're after you do all the real objective, that will definitely be good for you be in the light Allah and then of course, now the use of receives some visitors. Very special visitors. Who do you think those visitors are? That is one and I think

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in Hungary