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you feel

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hungry lol So that was lm Wailea. rasulillah le he was happy to be here one or whatever bad salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I welcome you to this final installment of this series on the life of NaVi Moosa. And as I was recently informed, that'd be Harun. His name is pronounced in anglicised form, as Aaron, not orange.

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So May Allah Subhana Allah be upon both of them, and those who follow them with truthfulness till the end of time, I mean, terrible anime. In this concluding episode, we'll look at some of the virtues of NaVi musalla salat wa salam. But before we get into that, I just want to make the same remarks they made right at the beginning, that this theme of the Quran at that key will be a yummy ly reminders of the days of Allah subhana wa Tada. This divine history in which we learn about the lives of the NBA the lives of the Prophets, and the way they dealt with the people and the relationships with Allah Subhana Allah. It is not like we read either history, or like we read

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novels and fiction. It's not the story for the sake of interest. That is just an amazing story and will lay there are amazing stories. But they'll mentioned to us in our answer that we may draw lessons from and this is why I'll let the either often tells us in various ways like factor baluja or levassor. Take note, take Listen, people have insight. So the idea behind this theme of the Quran is that we need to identify ourselves in the story. You need to identify who are the who are the movers and the heroines who are the seminaries, who are the ones who are the Hammonds, who are the regional the rogering you know, the person who just comes and assists and also who are the women

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like the wife of Freetown Asya, who will speak about in this episode, and the wife of Abu Salah setosa who can come she is to hear him walking with with modesty or LSD here in coilette. You know, in modesty she spoke, who are the foreigners, like the father in law of nahi. Mousavi salat wa salam, with the mother's like the mother of Abu Salah salat wa salam, or his sister. So behind Allah, we need to identify the characters in the story with the characters in our own lives and within ourselves. Most importantly, and you know, whenever we achieve some form of inflammation, we earn something for inflammation, it's important to always look within as opposed to saying, you know

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what, that's just like that person that's just like that person. Because we may not be around but we may have traits of your own. Now we'll be left we may not be high man, but you may have traits of high man and so on and so forth. So this is the deal Mark said of this entire series, it was not just so that we can run through the verses, or that we have somebody to talk about in Ramadan, something to entertain us in the evenings. But it is so that we can reflect and I strongly suggest, I strongly suggest that you familiarize yourself with the story to such a degree that when an incident is mentioned in the Quran, about musasa that was around, then we can perhaps pick up the

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key word within that story that makes us immediately remember the details that you've learned in the series. So for example, if Allah to Allah speaks about fear, and then we know his qualities, we know the story between moose and frown, if he speaks about Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the moose and Harun which speaks about the you know, the multitude, we speaks about the benissa eel and Moosa speaks about the Baccarat Oh, he speaks about the you know, the phone call aka the incident between of emotionality that are our own, you know, all of these characters when we hear these names when you hear these these key words, and all you need to do is ideally memorize certain set of vocabulary

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maybe like 20 words or so. And if anytime, and it happens frequently, that we hear these words in the poor and as we stand in Sala as we decide to put and then immediately we can call to mind all the lessons that we actually learned in the series and in that way, it's not just something that we heard once upon a time, but something that will always benefit us for for our for our lives in Charlotte Tyler. So now that we've covered the purpose behind what we did, you know, we sought out the near the beginning, knowledge dynamic essence

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You're in there. And we looked at that knee and at the end, and we really looked at what we can derive from the series and you're always welcome to revise it again and again and again in Charlotte data, perhaps even from different sources, perhaps a series that went into greater detail or you can decide now that you've had you've had an introduction you may want to read the story for yourself in books like the stories of the prophets cost us an MBA, but even caffeine and similar. Now, we can actually get into things beyond that. So I begin this evenings ultimate class in shallow data with some of the virtues of NaVi musasa that was set up like the Alice's was good feel kitabi Moosa in no

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can and mu colossal work and Rasulullah nebbia in Surah Maryam verse number 51 like Allah tells us was good and remember recall mentioned Phil cadabby. In the book, meaning in the Quran, Moosa the story of Moses. Not just the story of Moses, but mentioned him he has an honor in there we're gonna move on because he was chosen by Allah from the same word as Kala saya. Laos, same word as if Laos right?

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This is more or less is chosen by Allah Subhana Allah cannot assume and be Yeah, and he was a prophet he was a messenger. And on top of that, he was also known as the Prophet handsome spoke about five messengers of prophets who were given an honor even above the other prophets and now we move salicylate to Islam is one of them and it's your homework to discover who the other four are in the light Allah. So and then also you can start guessing who we will do. We will speak about next year in Ramadan if Allah tala grants his life It will then be in the light. So yo we find that Allah Allah specifically highlights the NaVi Moosa was chosen by Allah subhana wa tada whenever they never

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mean journey to do Amen. And we Allah call him from the side the right side of Mount to Mount Sinai or Colaba, Nauvoo, Nigeria and we dream close to us, and we spoke to him. So when Allah Allah says he speaks in Abu Musa, it's a bit different to the way he speaks about, you know, communicating to other MBR lm selecto synonym for with NaVi Moosa. You know, normally it's gibreel Alice at SMU carries a message to the MBA doesn't have any news outlet to either give him opportunities in which he could speak in, in the base jr definition of directly to Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is of course, why we call him Can we move on? This is official title is special, significant feature is at

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ease. cabbie, Malanga. One Medina spoke to Rasulullah Sessoms, the defining title is habibollah is the most beloved Hello So the Hydra with Allah, Who Imani said the Somali Yola. So these titles, friend of Allah Beloved of Allah, the One Allah Allah spoke to, they'll perhaps found two different degrees in all of them. But the special preference that Allah to Allah is each one, you know from the remote side is the one whom Allah to Allah had spoken to, or have been Allah Who? Medina ha ha ha ha ha una via another very significant thing is that Allah Allah had granted because of heavy moves as he had made his brother rune Aaron as ease as a prophet and as an assistant to him Subhana

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Allah just from you know, as a prophet was chosen Subhana Allah that in and of itself is amazing you know you can make to Africa something to Africa and organizer we got you know, nice Mashallah. But make the iron Allah make someone a prophet because of you, do I, now you're talking big business law. So, we find that later, I'll also see some sort of our office number 114. I am also in nice, stuffy, Touka alumnus, oh Musa, Moses, I Allah I have chosen you above people, meaning I've chosen you among all the people against all odds to handle our theme. For this particular series. There is a lady with my message, what began me with my speech for whom they took. So take that which I had

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given you what could mean a shaqiri and be from among the Grateful and so I like to either add favorite Navy Mussa against all odds, to be born in the time of Iran, to be born in the time with Benny so that you were being oppressed and being enslaved and being killed behind the law. Against All Odds he was born in the year in which the baby boys were actually being killed as opposed to in the midst of being kept alive. Against all odds, Allah Allah allowed his mother to release him into the river instead of running away with him. And against all odds of all the people who could have picked him up it was the family of your own Asya

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la hora de alota loaded and we will, as I said, speak about the game challenge data and use taking into account all the homes of all the people the home of fear around and against all odds. Allah subhana wa tada made it such that only his mother could be breastfeeding him and so we can go on and on and on. Ideally, this is a story that proves that for Allah Subhana Allah whether the odds are stacked in your favor against you. On top of you Eliza gel

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Allah cliche is powerful of all things. Always remember that in the light either. Yeah you are living M and O believers Lacuna Coil Lavina, though Moosa ob leaves Do not be like the ones who harmed Moosa Do not be like the ones who are harmed Moses. Now, you remember that, yes, your own armed musasa to saddam and his people, but just to recall the years of struggle that he had with his own people, that when he saw you, when he when he saved them from around the time of time, they disobeyed his command, Time after time, they moved away from his way of life and from his teaching. And this goes the ultimate displeasure in as far as Alice panatela is concerned. They harmed him to

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the extent that he made to Allah separate between me and these people. I only have control over myself and my brother. So we of course learn from this, that our oma is given and I asked this question in the series, why does Allah give us so many incidents of the Benes that I deal with also, because Allah is making sure that we have enough listen to take, that we do not assimilate with that we do not mimic the actions and the speech and the dealing of the people of Moosa with the profits that we without profit will COVID obey his commands, follow his way of life, live, he soon loved him dearly, and practice his way of life so that we can end the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala as

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opposed to his displeasure about but for Barbara who loves me, my call letter is separated it is three and B moves away from what they were saying, What can I in the law he YG here, and by Allah He was most undid electronic continuing to video on the position. What can remember love moves at Lima and of course we also learned that Allah Allah says he spoke to NaVi Moosa is speaking. And we've addressed that saying that his title was officially Kadima, Allah, the one whom Allah Allah had spoken to. And like I said, in the best dunya definition that we can come up with, he spoke to him directly.

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So now we move on to Asya. Now, think back to when Abu Musa alayhis salaam, at the beginning of the story was put into a basket or a crate or a box, you know, whatever we want to call it, but into some vessel sent down the river now. And all the people who could pick him up, it was the wife of around Asya. So one would imagine immediately that okay, Farah owns a bad guy, this must be a bad woman. But on the contrary, as we said, then and we'll repeat it now she was not only a good woman, she was one of the best woman to have ever lived in Estonia. But why? What's the story with asiyah? It's unfortunate that we that we don't look at the great woman of Islam, to the level that we need

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to. But as I've been told, women need these examples. They need to know these examples. Men need to know these examples. Because when you find what a great woman should be, like when you know how to treat great women, and handle all women athletes in them, this woman

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well let Allah be pleased with her was Asya, Pinkie Moser who attained as the Prophet rsmc perfect fifth, and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and narrated to us her story. So she lived in Egypt, she became the wife of the most impressive, the most impressive Pharaoh of the time. And she lived obediently as his wife. And then of course, she picked up a new status at a snap from the river. Allah made it such that she and fit on could not have any kids. And we can obviously understand the wisdom based on the destiny that that unfolds later on, that her heart had to be ready to accept NaVi musala sathasivam as her own son, and that is exactly how she raised him as her

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own, because she knew no other child to love. And she was also she was also the one to really be his mother throughout his life. I mean, his own mother, his biological mother was his weakness. But for all intents and purposes, she was his mother, to the world and to him. So to handle up what we find is that we never knew Sally Serato Sam, he when he started preaching his message of the head against her own, she secretly embraced his message, meaning she secretly submitted and that makes her submitter which means Muslim in Arabic. So she hid this man from fear around for good reason. This is called taqiyya. This is the original Quranic form of Tapi. When you don't when you disclose you

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use you keep your Eman secret, because you fear for your life and this is completely legitimate. However, she then started speaking to those in a company and one such woman was one of her assistants, the hairdresser of Asya. And the Idris of Asya also embraced Islam so behind Allah and when she embraced Islam she obviously

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Took a lot as a note and not figure out who everybody else was taking as a lie at the time from among the disbelievers. So one day this hairdresser was was doing the hair of one of the other Daughters of Iran, meaning not of Asya, but one of his other wives or one of his concubines. And as she was, she was brushing this child here, the comb fell, and when we come over here is to say Bismillah, In the name of Allah, and the girl then, you know, asked her a lot, I mean, is this Allah just speaking about you talking about my father, and then she the reset all the dirty? No, I'm not speaking about your father. And speaking about the load of your father, the load of rubble, I mean,

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the load of all the walls. So the handler, this came out, the daughter didn't mean to go and report back to fear around that, you know, this hairdresser is taking you he's, she's believing in you. And apparently there are other people also this believe in you. So the entire family of this woman, all her children, and it actually embraced the Eman of, of, of to Islam and to monotheism. Sophia don't find out about this. And as you can imagine, being the title that he was being able to kill and murder babies, you know, male babies, and having women enslaved and raped, tortured, and so forth. He decided he would punish them most severely and make an example of them so that others wouldn't

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reject faith in him. So he got a pit of burning copper, and he prepared this pit. And one day, he had all her children lined up, and he made them basically jump into this into this pit.

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So behind Allah, she had one decrease from him, and that was, you know, just please just collect all our our remains, and put that together. That's, that's how much he loved the children. I mean, you can imagine this is the love of a mother. And when it came to a baby, she was reluctant to throw a baby into the fire, obviously, and the prophets or some said that this baby then miraculously spoke one of the three babies in Islamic history who spoke and, you know, you may or may not know who that added to are, but inshallah some more homework for you to find it. So there's that little atom, and then is the babies who spoke in infancy. And the baby was made to say to his mother, that don't fear

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for the punishment of the dunya is light in comparison to the punishment of the hero meaning to go through this is nothing for me. So willingly, she calls the baby into this into this fight, and she herself within Allah to Allah cause that all of the lives were taken before they could actually burn to death. So this happened in the presence of asiya. As you're witnessing this, you know, when believers witness such domains of other believers because of the faith, what does it do? It increases them in faith. She increased in faith to such an extent that she was determined that night she would go around, and she would admit to him, that she is in fact a Muslim, that she believes she

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is Subhana Allah so brave, because she knew what film was going to do to her. So that night, she goes to film and she says, if you're out in the car for a week, I disbelieve in you, well, barely. She said, I don't care about what you're going to do. And to build up the most our heroine I believe in the Lord of Moosa, the Lord of her own will allow me the load of all of the wealth, to fear almost shocked. And he said, like, do you know what I'm going to do to like, have you thought this through? And she said, yes, you know, I found it to be our level, barely I had this believe in you, and I just don't care.

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What faith if you speak about speaking truth to power, SLM, this woman, this Muslim, this amazing role model, she really showed us how that's to be done. So for your own, he took her to the desert, starve the litter, burning in the hottest sun, no prediction is stripped of clothing. he tortured her in front of his daughters and other wives and concubines, and all the while, they were the pointing and laughing at this his own wife, and she was living as a queen up until this point, you know, her faith was such that in the, in the heat of what was happening, all she could do was turn to Allah and make a dua, which I presented. Now, Allah Allah says, In Surah hareem, that's 166 for

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an adorable long method and Allah Allah strikes an example levena Amano for the believers in ratafia around the wife of around Look how she gets introduced. She doesn't need to introduce by name she gets introduced as the wife of around the first thing I want you to know about. The first important element is that she's the wife of the most one of the most tyrannical people to ever have lived. She's his wife.

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She's an example to the believers. I think I think I don't even need to elaborate on that, that there are so many women's panelo find themselves in a place of marriages and in oppressive situations or the father is abusive, etc. But Allah wants those women to find inspiration within the life of Asya and alesse, Texas example he says, if I remember when she said that, right, you're at this moment that he spoke about, that she's speaking to Allah Subhana Allah in the midst of being tortured. She says Rob divini me in deca batim?

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She says, Oh my Rob, probably. Oh my Lord. Oh my marisha sustainer provide a greater faith than the street to her up Ebony Lee. Both from both for me. What is what is that a lot but both for you can see I mean, in the translation, it says, both for me and here you house in paradise. But don't skip through that very quickly. Notice that before she asks for a house in Paradise, castle in Paradise, the first thing she said is Rob be Billy I'm that guy. Oh, my dog, boat for me by you. House in paradise. Oh, boy. That not asking for another husband, not asking for, for for riches and fame and fortune and power and for revenge. Now, the first thing she wants even more than she wants gender is

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to be in the company of Allah subhanho wa Taala. She wants her up. She wants a law. She's used to oppression she has, she could have chosen

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the life of a silent woman. Life a woman would just you know, live in fear, carry on, you know, pretend to be worshipping Pharaoh pretend to just go about like everybody else. But she chose Allah. And she chose a lot to live in even more than she chose Jenna. Yes, Ella. Then she says when that Genie min fare out saved me from fear out. While I'm sad. He saved me from his actions, when a genie will call me volume in and save me from the wrong people. So what is his actions, all of the action that is doing of shift and also the action that is actually busy torturing and at this point actually makes this amazing though Allah, Allah Subhana Allah sends them an advocate to shield her

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since the angels to shield her, and she looks up into the summer and she sees these angels shielding her and she starts to smile and she starts to laugh and she laughs and she laughs uncontrollably until if your own says like this woman is really lost. So he combined these people to go to a particular Cliff that was you know above where they were. And to throw this boulder down to crusher to crush her naked body in the desert sand to you know, give her the ultimate humiliation and alongside behind on with Ella because she made this too and she asked a lot to save her from the actions of Allah Allah decreed that her life be taken before the boulder could crash her. And this

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is the the story Asya the life of her own. And so behind Allah. Besides what we've already mentioned, the Prophet sallallaahu Selim in the Hadith and Avi musala, Shadi rhodiola, and call Kala Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. camella minarelli Cathedral many men perfected their faith, many prophets, of course, while I'm yetman mean and you say in the Asya, but from among the women for Cooney for only the following for perfected the faith, meaning they reach the highest levels of faith Asya in raw to Pharaoh as the wife of Iran, Maria been to Enron, that's the mother of a very satisfied Santa Maria, the daughter of Enron was in full blown Isha and then he says, the virtue of

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Artesia This is his wife, his youngest wife say that I should idealo Tara and her virtue Allah Nisa above the rest of the women can follow this theory the LSAT is like the virtue of food that we go ferried over the rest of food nursery It was like one of the best delicacies in the time Russell was awesome and this is something that was like really sought after you know, like Allah bernicia Eat eat food. He says that her virtue of the rest of women was like the virtue of read of everyone else. But he didn't only say this about the only pertains to the category of Ayesha and Maria in a different Heidi's an MSN radio Lota and who and then they'll be a solo Hollywood cinema all the

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profits are some seed has to come in and Nisa, or has become in the circle. I mean, enough for you, from the women of all the worlds of the following Maria Maria Neto or Maria Medina to Iran, Maryam, the daughter of Iran, it's the mother of Libya, Isa Khadija to been to Hawaii Khadija, the daughter of Hawaii, the first wife of Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to whom he was married without any other co wives or Fatima to been to Mohammed, the daughter of Rasulullah saw smcu there Fatima was also known as as RA, it explained in one What are co2 in rottefella as well as the life of around so for women. It is so

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Important if the profit is that the services hospital get enough for you as examples, of course of the following, in certainly it is going to be absolutely worth your while women and men alike to study the lives of these great women, and to really learn the virtues and what it means to be a servant of Allah, one who serves Allah Subhana Allah as a female. And, you know, just to de emphasize some points that, that I got from, from someone who I'm going to mention someone who's very special to this particular cause, and therefore to every one of you and I'd like you to, to keep her in your door as she she mentioned to me specifically that Asya could have had all of the

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things that women generally want now because women she says, usually complain about things like the homes or the the clothing or the furniture, the lack of domestic work, you know, the capillary, the crockery, etc. And, you know, this has been doing this, and this has been is doing that, but has been isn't doing it, as he could have had all of that she says, but she chose not the king of this world. At the King of all kings, she chose Allah. And she specifically wanted to be with Allah, Allah and Jenna. And this is a reminder that women have the power to speak truth to power, they do not need to live in fear. And of course, he or she has the worst outcome because she has the worst,

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worst Jr. outcome that is, she has the worst of situations. She's like one of the top women of the world. And she's married to one of the worst men ever to ever live. That's like an extreme situation. But in most instances, it's going to be a good woman. You know, women are in this type of situation, it's going to be a really good woman with a man who was was not as good as she is. So there's obviously not going to be a demise of the bolt on top of you in sha Allah, may Allah protect all of our women. But still we see how you can speak truth to power and even the light Allah Allah Allah will make you succeed with ease of your difficulty, no matter what she says, even if that is

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doesn't come in the dunya. Even if that ease comes right before you leave the dunya I could ask Allah to Allah took a ride pay me to go so without having to feel any pain. Look how long she had to wait to be relieved of this oppressive marriage. But at the end of the day, she's got beta and fifth Gen nine the law. She's got a constant agenda of Allah Subhana Allah and this is something that we can really remember about the life of your own Asya being Musa him, Allah subhana wa Tada. Grind to the highest abode of Jana, with Him. May Allah Subhana Allah bless all of us except our Ramadan because of the pain we need. We have seen saw the pain and May Allah subhanho wa Taala unite us with

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him. And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Jana, I would like to specifically thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for choosing us all to be part of this. And I'd like to thank mollema Lila can for assisting me with the research of this course. And with the compilation of the ayat and the slides and all that Allah grant all the higher and Baraka in this life and in the next And may Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant the same to all of those who participated as as the audience of this particular course, I pray that it was of benefit I asked you forgiveness for any flaws or shortcomings they in and I ask that you pray for myself and my family and allies that the letter

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Allah make us all unite in this dunya in the masjid, before you make a city unite in the hero in these gentlemen, again with Salalah anissina Mohammed Subhana, Allah Subhana Allah home will be humbly consider Allah in the Holy Land and it's still going to be like Santa Monica Rahmatullahi wa barakato