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The Shaykh Test #2

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Hello, but I'd like to thank you for joining us for another episode of the shift test. Today we're going to be testing sludge shawarma sandwiches. They've become really popular in the area a lot of shawarma places are selling the sod shawarma, what is it? sod is actually a type of bread. It's actually Turkish in origin but it became very popular in the Arab world during the Ottoman rule and a lot of different places will have it and what it is a really thin bread more thin than the regular pita bread and it's baked over a metal steel circular metal steel. That is called the sausage and that's why the bread is called sausage bread and they use it in short, my sandwich has become really

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popular because it gets nice and crispy. And you know when you're eating the traditional pita bread shawarma sandwich sometimes it's like soft bread with soft meat and it's just all soft, and there might be too much bread in your bite of your shawarma sandwich whereas this quarter because it's thin and it gets crispy, and the chicken stays tender. It's sometimes it's the best vessel for a good shawarma sandwich. So inshallah I'm here with my guest chef and stuff, Bob. We're going to be testing salad shawarma sandwiches.

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Jeff What's up, Bob is the man at the end totally msgid he heads IRA Canada here as well. He's the author of the clear core and translation and

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a good friend of mine really happy to have him here.

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It's my pleasure. I'm doing that. This is the best invitation. There's no event there's no speech just food fundraising.

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What do you look for in a good side salad in a sandwich? Well I look for tender chicken I look for crispy bread and the sauce nice garlic sauce isn't that inshallah and then we'll look at value until at the end what's the best bang for our buck inshallah inshallah inshallah. But this is going to be a blind test. We're going to be looking at three different restaurants in this area. One is short Mex. The other one is short med Royale And finally, yes inshallah. inshallah but it's a blind test we don't know which is which we're just going to eat and we're going to judge fairly inshallah according to the HAC inshallah

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number one

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What are your first impressions

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is good Mashallah. And

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I wish you guys had massage or acupuncture? Yeah, for spots good Mashallah. Yeah.

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I love food and I taste food with my heart. And there is the linen Koran.

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And then of soda Magadha when I saw a salon spoke to the Howard in the disciples, and he said, I invite you to Islam and they said we need a more Jesus. Okay, what do you want and they said we want food to come down from heaven the table and because once we eat our hearts will be reassured

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because the the heart and the stomach they are neighbors

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All right, yes, it says number two.

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I like it more. Because of the pickles.

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Is this better than the first one?

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I'm not a big fan of pickles. But this generally the chicken you know, everything is better than the first one. Yeah, it's more tender.

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Compared to the first one definitely more juicy.

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Better seasoning. I think it just generally tastes a lot better.

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Alright, step number three.

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Let's go.

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I'm not a big fan of pickles. But this looks yummy. Mashallah.

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It's very good.

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It's definitely more tender than the first one. A bit similar to the second one. There's more condiments, and there's more sauce.

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It makes it feel a little bit more tender. Yeah, this is the best one of the three

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we got the three options in front of us. I will tell you number one and number three are the same price they're 1199 and the middle one is 1299. Okay, so we want to judge based on value based on the bread based on the chicken and based on the seasoning and a lot of the sauce. So go ahead What do you think of number one? Well as you know in the chocolate coffee industry, they have tasters, you know they taste and they give them you know their honest opinion. So if I quit this job, I will taste biryani and shawerma so for me I think this is the best one because number three number three it's more juicy. The bread is crispy the way I like it and the chicken is tender Mashallah. This is

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my second favorite. And this is the basic one. Yeah, I'm basically on the same level with you.

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Two and Three to me are very close. I feel like the bread on two was a little bit crispier but the chicken on three was a lot easier but hamdulillah two and three to me were the top ones will probably go three as well just be on the same side inshallah. That one I don't know it's a little bit more dry. And I felt like there's a lot of bread to vs chickens. miskeen.

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You want to guess which ones which? I think while low alum, just following my heart, this is your scene. This is real. And this has to be the third one x max. That's exactly right. We're told That's exactly right. Like

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you are the shock absorber to

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Jacques Lacan for being with us. We appreciate your expertise in sausage sandwiches and inshallah we encourage everyone you know, tell us what you think Which one do you think is right and are we wrong? In our assessment in sha Allah and support in sha Allah local restaurants, a lot of them are suffering because of COVID so inshallah get some takeout give us your opinion, inshallah, on these restaurants and on these sandwiches because I can look here for the invitation. You know, I'm extremely busy, but please invite me everyday. It is you