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This means

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that a hidden committee, he or somebody has

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a long lesson, thank you

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much everybody can

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we thank Allah

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for having gathered us here in the month of Ramadan. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to surround us

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and to cause his message and his Sakina to descend upon us, and to raise us with the FBI.

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And those whom he has mentioned with them, I mean,

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it is the practice of many people today is to find a way around that which is, so, for example, if we are told that interest is harm, what we do is we give it another name, we call it medicines, and we say to the drummer, I'm giving you $100 I wanted 110. Why? Because the 10 would be benefit to me that benefit the changing of the name does not change the way we use, it means it is how it is. You see, at the time of wonderful the previous prophets, it was

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involved in practice. And also can do attalla talks about this in this book. And he says this once in a while.

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What was

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gave me I don't know

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if he

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be mad

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on that asked about the people of the seventh wedding officiant is to come to them on the seventh and when they were not allowed to fish, the fish would come to them in the beautiful fish in front of them, they will not allow the completion. And on the day that the certificate was not made. It was a Sunday from Monday to Tuesday, the fish would be gone. So what did they do? They decided that God has prevented us from fishing on this.

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on the fly, we will

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make our holes and we will ensure that members such as remote officials get

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we won't fish but the fish won't get caught. So Allah subhanho wa Taala made it hard for them to finish up

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with a To Do they found a way around that which was wrong in our lives. We have examples when we know something is that we say let me find in a way

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where you cheated or you tried to cheat and lunch.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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what does he say to teach I teach Allah He has diseases they try to deceive. If the deception is always you see interview Allah put God in this world he gave you Texas to give you free will to choose right or wrong, it's up to you. And then

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who is visiting?

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who is visiting?

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Isn't it that lots of kind of data has placed you in this world and tested you so by trying to cheat away rejected okay.

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So whenever you have a situation with something is great, it's not clear. I don't know whether this is valid or invalid

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and systems in the

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working environment and obey

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that indeed Halla is clear and columns. Between them there is a gray area that most people

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they don't know

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and then what

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to do.

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So the one one falls into that gray area he has fallen which

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is closer to the senses. Why? Because he doesn't know whether it's right or wrong, but he did anyways. Are you taking your chances with the Lord Almighty, whom you may meet tomorrow? So the brothers and sisters I know instant message and notice a message

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Se Marche for some of us to take but it is the reality of life. Let us find ways around that which is calm and go true to make it seem like it is Allah and do it. That is worth acknowledging, saying Yeah, and we

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I seek your forgiveness. Why because now you're saying that no one is saying can you say this is how I'm saying it is.

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You see the difference? These are big differences. So try to avoid ever trying to make something something something that make your product I want to eat other than tenfold

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because that is a great was also kind of what we asked Allah subhana wa tada to protect yourself and grant us the ability to practice upon the theory as we as we described, I mean or cell phones or cell the mobile Academy in a wide array early or something hmm