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Etiquette towards People You Do Not Know


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You're listening to the Calum Institute podcast series, beginning of guidance by Matthew saying Kimani

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To find out more information amongst the saints column course entitled the prophetic code. A study of prophetic manners and etiquette, visit Aleph institute.org slash prophetic code

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as you move forward in the book, A masala delay now discusses

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how to interact with people who are your associates, people that you know, first we talked about etiquettes for Allah subhana wa Tada, the etiquettes, a teacher should exercise when dealing with students, dedicated students should exercise when dealing with the teacher. And lastly, we also talked about the etiquettes of how to deal with one's parents. Not everyone other than these, how do you deal with them? So my mom's not gonna have to lie. He says people then fall into three categories. Either they are unknown to you.

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Either they're known to you, or either they are your friends, so people that you don't know. He calls him the mage ruling people you don't know. And then he says either they are, what do what is the thought the friends and your brothers. And then at the end, he says the model fiend those who are who are your people that you are associated with people that you know them, but they're not necessarily your friends, or someone that you considered as like a very close brother of yours or vertical sisters or sister of yours. So now he covers each of these three. First he called me first he talks about how to deal with those who you don't know. And when he when he mentions the etiquette

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of dealing with those who do not know him it was was agua de la jolla highlights five very important etiquettes what are the Yes, at 134 when you are testing with people you do not know of the general public, the etiquette of sitting with them entails. Now not even because it says here, when you are tested with people you do not know of the general public. When you are tested, you are tested with meaning those who do not know from the general public. Why does he call this a test. The reason why he called it a test is because since you don't know them, now you have to remember, your interaction is very delicate. If you overcome it, they can end up pulling you to a pathway of theirs. And their

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pathway may be one that's good, or it may be bad. If it's a good one than 100 law, you met the best person, you know, it's a great mix. Great fine. And that happens. Sometimes you meet someone for the first time. And then a little while after that, you realize that that meeting of that person was the best thing that could have happened to you it's a test. But at the same time that person is a wild card, they can also be a very corrupted person. And if you give too much to them too quickly, they may suck you inside. And before you know it, you're gone. So that's why I'm bizarrely very careful. He says people that you don't know, you should be on the guard. That doesn't mean you're harsh and

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mean and and just not kind to them. Be kind to them. But always remember that I need to measure my distance, how close I get how far I go. Yes. Avoiding getting involved in the conversations or discussions. Not paying too much. He says the first thing is that avoid getting involved in too much conversation, speak talk, but be careful of how much you engage don't overcompensate when you sit with people you don't know. Sometimes you overcome and say no, we just want to talk and talk and talk without realizing that we're this discussion is even similar because it says don't engage too much in discussion via we're not paying too much attention to their disquieting talk. Now, when

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they're pink, when they're talking about things that are not appropriate when they're talking about things that are meaningless, don't give too much attention, give a little attention or no attention. because that'll be a my, that'll be a sign of Your Honor, that this individual does not care about our low talk. But when a person gives extra attention to people's low talk, then it just shows that this person is equally low because he has interest in that low talk, that talk that has no meaning. So uphold yourself and show some honor. But when people talk about useless things, I honestly don't care. It doesn't mean anything to me. Let's talk about something else. Yes. Disregarding what

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follows on from the bad things they say. If they use a foul word, they use foul language, don't show interest, don't get excited, shall I you know, turn your face away as if you didn't hear it or that you know, you have no interest in I use the word that often just turn away be the unconsidered inconsiderate of what they're saying, just don't get. Don't give your attention. They're being wary of meeting with them too often, or getting into a position where you are in need of them. Okay, now, someone you don't know, don't put yourself in a position where now you are dependent on them. Because remember, you don't know them. Once you know them, then you can show them dependency if need

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be. And don't overly meet someone and maintaining this relationship of not knowing them. If you're going to meet someone again and again, then it's time for you to get to know them. But if you're only going to meet them once or twice, then again measure that distance. If they're going to remain unknown to you, that's okay. But don't become dependent on them. Because if you become dependent on someone you don't know, very soon you'll realize that you've made a very big mistake. You never become dependent on it.

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Someone that you don't know, if you're going to take a favor from someone, you're going to give someone a favor, you're going to build that intimate relationship first get to know that person. And this is actually a concept taught to us by Islam. In regards to in particular marriage, the prophets of Allah while he was Salaam is telling this harbor that before you get married, look into the person you're getting married to, don't just find someone and go and get married to them. People they think this is Islamic, that you meet someone. And without meeting someone, you just get married, and you you commit your life to someone without even knowing what they are. That's not the

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Islamic approach. And that's not the teaching of the prophets of Allah. It was a companion came to the prophets of Allah while he was Solomon said a messenger of Allah, I'm going to get married. The problem is that along while it was said, I'm asked him, did you see the girl? He said, No, I didn't. The purpose of the law, it was something said, How could you marry a girl that you didn't see, go and see her. And then at that time, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, because that lady is from the unsought and the unsought have something special about their eyes, some people are attracted to it, some people aren't attracted to it. So go and look at the person that you're

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speaking to come to get to know people, before you make a dedication to them, yes, or before you become dependent on them, and calling their attention to their blameworthy actions with gentleness and sincerity, when there is hope that they will accept what you say. Now, while you're in a gathering of people that you don't know too well. If they say something that's inappropriate, you might need to bring their attention to the fact that that statement was inappropriate, or it was uncalled for. But when you're calling them to the right and preventing them from evil, and

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this is in Linda Raja kabuli, Minh, whom you only do it when you have hope that they're going to accept it. If they are your friends, then they're going to accept it from you because they're your friends. But if someone who doesn't know you, then you have to be very careful on how you approach the situation, and how to talk to them. And if you feel there is benefit in talking to them, go ahead and talk. But if you feel by talking to them, it's not going to help them in reality is only going to create resentment and their hearts against you, then don't engage, leave it right there, make dua for them. If anything, look for an appropriate time and talk to them. Otherwise, you have

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to remember, if by correcting someone, you're going to push them away further, then it's better for you not to correct the purpose of correcting people is to not is not to humiliate them, or to make them feel bad or push them further away, is to rightfully make them aware of what's right and wrong, while making intention that they will accept what's right and wrong. That's also a very important aspect. Yes, that's what the scholars they say that if you don't have the proper tools, if you don't know the etiquette of correcting another person, it's better for you not to do it. It's better for you just to keep your mouth shut and let it pass by. And that's also permissible. The purpose of a

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long while it was said I'm setting the narration mondawmin kumin current value that you will be whoever has wherever see something wrong occurring. Let him try to stop it with his hand. For lm yesterday, aka Billy sonny. And if you're not able able of fixing that issue that situation physically, then at least verbally raise your voice against it. So let me start off with lb And if that's not the past, if that's not possible, then at least with your heart dislike it. Well that other awful Eman and this is the weakest weakest point of one's faith. Now the scholars when they discuss this, how do you They say the best form is to physically stop verbally stop, and then at

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least turn away from turn away from it and don't show any interest from there, you know, disengage from that gathering. So one perspective of explaining this Hadeeth is that the people that you're speaking to, you don't have authority to verbally correct them. So then you you don't have authority to physically correct them. So then you verbally correct them. And if you don't have the authority to verbally correct correct them, then you just distance yourself from that gathering, for example, a parent, if a parent sees their child doing something, how should they correct them,

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they should physically correct them. Because they're an authority, I can go and protect my child physically take that away from my child, remove them to another room or you know, whatever, physically I can get involved. Or if I can do that I can verbally definitely voice myself that what you're doing now is wrong. This is right, this is wrong. But now you're not in that position of being a friend, or you're not in the position of being a parent or you don't have any authority over that person. If you were to physically correct them. If I was to go to that person, until that person, brother, this weed is hot, I'm gonna take it out of his hand, he'll probably do a gun and

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shoot me. Okay, because I don't have that relationship with them. Now if I was to come to someone and tell him that Brother, you know what what you're smoking or what you're drinking is hot on, that person is not willing to accept it. Because I don't know that person, that person doesn't know me, his or her reaction will be Why are you getting into my business? And they might even go ahead and punch me in return. Or they might want to say I don't want to deal with Muslims anymore. So you have to learn to evaluate the situation. When is it right for me to physically get involved? When is the right for me to verbally prevent someone and at times you have to realize that it's better for you

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not to speak. You don't always have to say something. There are times and the purpose of allowing it was some actually gives us permission. He says that if you aren't capable, then at least turn away with your heart. But know that is the weakest point of your faith. Why is that the weakest point of your faith? Because you should be more educated you should be more tactful of knowing how to correct someone right? Without abusing them without making them feel offended. Yes. Thanks, brothers and friends. Again, I just want to stress that one point before we move forward. The scholars they say if you do not have the etiquette of correcting someone

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It's better not to do it. But the highest approach would be create that advocate of correcting other people you should know there's always a way to correct someone, it all comes down to how you word it, if you know how to word it, right, you can approach anyone with any issue and correct them. But if you don't know how to word it, right, even if it's your own brother or your own father, you're gonna offend them. It all comes down to how you use your tongue. Yes.

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Now the second group of people someone was it said, there are three types of people in general that you're going to interact with those who you don't know people you meet randomly on the tube on the train, public transport store, parking lots, the gym while you're going out to eat, how do you deal with them? He was already taught us the five etiquettes how to deal with, if I may say random people. Now how do you deal with people that are your boys, your friends, people that are your associate people that are not just associates, but they're close to you? How do you deal with them? And when was it not talks about this, this is a very powerful chapter, by the way, this particular

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chapter is very important. And if I would, if I could, I would encourage everyone to read this particular chapter of him because it is both because we all know that our friends have a very big impact on us. You know, a person who is corrupted, a person that has committed a million mistakes in their life can become an amazing person, if they have the right crew around them. And a person that is amazing, could end up going the wrong way, if they end up having

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the wrong crew around. Everybody knows this. This is nothing new. Everybody knows that your crew, the people that you're with are those who affect you. You see with people or you have friends on Facebook, or you have people that you follow on Twitter, who use foul language, who are swearing every second word, what are you gonna end up doing? You're gonna end up having a dirty mouth as well. But if you're with people who know who you know, will never use a foul word. When you're sitting in front of them. You don't use foul language. And I've accidentally you do you apologize, I'm sorry for saying that I shouldn't have done this. Because you're in an environment that's

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protected. You're an environment of people that are good. People who dress properly, when you sit with them, you're going to dress properly. You know, that's what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, and Manuel Miranda Dini, clearly he for

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a person is on the religion of his friend. So be very careful who you choose to be your friend. And this is where the mom was going to discuss. Your mom was just gonna say, Mom was under brings an argument that look, your life is your business? You guys understand that? And any business you have? Would you want it to be in loss or profitable?

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There's your second opinion, right? Everyone wants their business to be profitable? Why would you continue doing a business? That's a loss. Now in order for a business to be profitable? There are two very important aspects. One is you as an individual, how committed are you? And the second equally important aspect is how committed is your crew, your employees? Would you guys agree, you can be very committed, but if your employees aren't up to up to par, your business isn't going anywhere. And at time, you may be the weak link. But if your employees are solid, where's this business gonna go? It's gonna go far. That's why they have these very strict procedures of hiring,

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you go to Microsoft, you can't just walk in and get hired, you can't tell somebody, Hey, get me hooked up with Microsoft and get a job there. It doesn't work like that. You have to go through 10 interviews, how many interviews, Microsoft holds the value of their business to such an important degree that you have to speak to 10 different people, before we even take you on our payroll. And after we take you on, we're gonna watch you. And if you make a mistake, or you play any games with our business, what are we going to do?

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for firing, you get out of my business, is that right or wrong? And a businessman, a real businessman, will never turn away from hiring a good hire, and will never shy away from firing a bad hire. Is that right? or wrong? Yes, or no? People cannot talk. It's okay. Right? We know, that's right. That's the way it works. And that's a part of being a businessman, say, Mom, because it says this is your life. And I want you to think of your employees, kind of like your friends. Don't just let anyone walk through your door and start working there. Because they don't have the right to do that. You have to hire them, there has to be a requirement, you're not going to sit there and

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interview friends because they're gonna think you're stuck, and they're not gonna want to talk to you anyway. But you and your mind, you should at least have a criteria that in order for this person to get hired for the job, he or she has to have X, Y, and Z correct minimum requirements. In order for you to be my friend, there are some things I need expected from you have to have these things. And if you can't meet these things, you and I just can't be friends. And today, you may have them, I'll hire you, you can be my friend. But tomorrow, if you lose any of these things, you have to go. And this is a very important aspect of your life. People sometimes just can't say it, that you're

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not a good friend for me, or they can't accept it. And this woman was saying here that you can go on keeping those employees with you, you can keep them with you. But the problem is that your business is not going anywhere, you're going to fail miserably. But if you quickly recognize a problem, and you try to fix it or get rid of these people from your life, your business will be profitable. This is the whole thing here so you don't have the money. He says, Be very careful who you choose to be your friend, and then a man because it says there are 5.5 conditions that should exist in a person

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Who you call your friend, if these five conditions exists, let them enter into your life, let her enter into your life you can be together. But if these five conditions don't exist, then

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let them go. And you know, hear him out because it is talking about friendship. And I mentioned this earlier, and I'll bring it in again, this also goes for marriage. If you're looking for someone to get married, you should look for these five conditions. These are very, because if these are things that should exist in a friend, shouldn't they exist in a lifetime companion? Of course they should. So what are these five conditions? And what is animals I'm talking about here. Before we read that I wanted to share one more narration with you though. And this narration is a very powerful one. And it shows us that any person in the world can make a change, no matter how bad your life is, no

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matter how dark your past is, your past can be so dark, it can be so dark, but there's always a way of redemption, as long as you have the right people around you. A person who has a person had killed 99 people, how many? How many people?

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I mean, is that a lot of small number a lot of people killing one person is bad. You become a serial killer after killing 1520 people, this brother somehow found the time to kill how many 99? That's what you call cold blooded killer. He came to a scholar and said, Will Allah forgive me? The scholar said, bro, you killed 99 people, you really messed up, I was never gonna forgive you. He said, You know what, I kill 99 let me just do 100 he killed a scholar.

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So he killed 99 people who was 100 person that he killed the scar. This is 100 by the way, the practice of law in Islam. Now, when he killed a scholar, he felt even more regretful that man, I killed 99 people. But when I hit the century, the 100 throws a scholar I'm in a lot of trouble. So he went to another ship. And he said, that's your ship, I killed 99 people. And 101 was a scholar will Allah forgive me. So that shift said, Tim, Allah will forgive you if you want change. He said I won't change. So he said to him, the way you cause change is by leaving this community, leaving this crew leaving this life, I want you to travel to another city and other town.

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There you will find good people, Sibel those good people, be their friends be a part of their life, let them be a part of your life. Don't keep them outside. You know, sometimes we know some people are good for us. But we close the door on them. We don't let them enter into our lives. We're harming ourselves. So he says, Let that let those people be a part of your life, you'll be a part of their life going there. So this individual, he migrated on the way to cold blooded killer 100 people he killed. He's on the way to the city to meet these people so he can become a better person. On the way there what happens to him.

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He dies, the man died. Now what happens to him? They say the angels from Paradise came the angels from the fire of hell came the angels with the fire of hell said he killed 9900 sorry, he killed 100 we're taking this guy with us. The angels of Paradise said he's coming with us because he was going to repent. So they argued and argued and argued until they took the case to Allah subhana wa tada the city Allah, He killed 100

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we're taking him with us to the fire of how they ended the paradise said but he was going to become a better person. So Allah subhana wa tada set to the angels that measure which city he was closer to

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measure which city he was closer to. And the narration actually mentioned, he was closer to the city in which there were bad people. And he was further from the city in which they were good people. But Allah subhanho wa Taala made it such that when they measured it, he was closer to that city. And Allah subhanho wa Taala said, he was closer to the Buddha, he was closer to good people. He was closer to my friends, even if it was physically he didn't even meet them spiritually. So you can make that claim. Even if it was physically he was closer to them. Let him go to gender. And the partial sum tells us that mad went to Jenna, the guy who killed 100 people, he had a bad background.

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But how does he go to gender because he was walking towards a better pathway. He was going to sit with people and how he met those people who would have become a better person. Because those people were good, and they were gonna rub off on him in a better way. There are tons of examples of great, you know, some of the greatest criminals in Islamic history becoming scholars of the greatest scholars of our time. You know, we all know the story of David Benioff, who was known as argue that domain fully even if it was known as Avi that ultimate arbiter of how domain means the worshipper of the two sacred cities. And the reason why they call them that they see that in Mecca and Medina, in

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the two sacred mosques. There was not a single place in either of those two mosques where he had not done such that cried. He mapped the full mosque. You know, some of us say, I've danced on every inch of this club. He says, I have cried on every inch of both massagin Makkah and Medina, his name is Abdullah domain, Philemon, I have, but he wasn't a baller all of his life. He wasn't just a righteous person all of his life. He was abandoned. He was a high Robert, this is what he did. He was a thug for most of his life, and he was a real thug. And what happened was that, you know, there was an encounter in his life, something happened he saw this incident, he jumped over a wall and he

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had this encounter with people. And then the he asked the people, why aren't you traveling? They said that

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No one travels at night because everybody is on the streets and he's going to rob us is going to kill us. And it will debut novels undercover, he didn't realize that people were afraid of him so much. He came out and said, I'm done with that life, I'm going to become a better person. And he changed his life. And he turns into hobbies. And what I mean, you know, sometimes you do something in your life, a lot helps you change. And you have to realize, you have to change, you know, and that change occurs by meeting good people. I remember when I was young, when I was maybe six, seven years old. We used to live in Kentucky. My parents still live there. And we don't have any halaal

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store the halaal restaurants like Chicago, we have everywhere. We don't even have anyone that sells meat there. So in order to get a lot of meat, you have to travel to a city that sells a lot of meat and bring it there. So people when they come to Chicago to buy halloumi when they go to Indianapolis to buy a lot of meat, so we didn't have any meat. So what happened was that the Imam of the community, he said to me, I was visiting from other sons for break. He said to me, Hussein, I'm going to go to Ohio to pick up some meat, you want to come with me? I said, let's go. So we were driving the car and on the way there, we're on the highway for a long time.

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I said to him shift, I bought a machine cassette machine like not you know, with poetry. I have a cassette that has a lot of poetry for the Prophet. Can I put it in the cassette player? He said, Go ahead. So I put the cassette player and by the way, this is a sheriff Hafez, you know, baller, you know, he's a sheriff. Okay, so I put the cassette in. And when I put the cassette and he started laughing, I said, Why are you laughing? So he said, Stop this. And he pulled the cassette out. This is a joke. I said, Why are you laughing? He said, this is an Indian song, they copied the tune and made a knockout of it. They took the tune from a Bollywood movie, they put some good words in there,

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and they copied it. So I said to him, Chef, why are you listening to bollywood songs?

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That's what I said, you know, young, I didn't have any other. I said, I'm Chef, how do you know? How do you know they're knocking off the song? So he said something so powerful and so profound at that moment? I do not. It's been 20 years since he said that to me. And I think of that statement every day, he probably doesn't even know I still remember that. But it's been 20 years. He said, Hussein, everyone has a past, only the smart know when to leave that past in the past and to move on with their lives. And it really hit me that everyone has a past even he had a past. But he said only the smart people know when it's time to move on. The fools they live the rest of their life in the past,

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they just that past is their past, and they're a part of the past. They have no future. But smart people know, when the past is over, that that action was a part of my life. It's done. I don't want anything to do with it. It's time for me to move forward for me to be that better person. And you can become that better person. If you have those people around you a lot. How about that I will give you a chance. He'll give you an opportunity. There's another incident today where we're supposed to be doing more reading and less talking. I said to Shahzad before we started today, I'm not going to talk and you're going to do a lot of reading. We're going to cover a lot of pages. But

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unfortunately, that's not going to happen.

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I'll share with you guys another story. genetic data. You guys have heard of his name, one of the great scholars of Islamic history. Great, great, great scholar student body. You know,

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there must be I can't think of anyone who studied Islam, and hasn't heard of the name genetical domitilla, Jani. Genetic Davi always wasn't this great, glamorous scholar. He was an average guy doing average things, you know, where did he go daddy spent most of his life.

00:23:26--> 00:24:05

Not in the machine. He spent most of his life in the gym working out. I'm not joking. I mean, honestly, this is what you need. But he did. He was a very strong man. And he was a great fighter. He was such a good fighter is such a good fighter that no one could defeat him. The King of the time. He made it he made he made an event. He said I call anyone from my kingdom to come and beat Junaid and anyone that beats him, I will give that person a reward that will make that person happy. Now, imagine this big day, do you know that he's working on working out lifting and drilling, lifting and drilling. The day comes people of all over his kingdom gathered together? genetical

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bodies in the ring, a long line of men that want to come and fight against him. And one by one they're coming in, he picks the guy up, slams him down. Next guy comes in, picks him up, slams him down. He's just dealing with these guys. Like our mothers, you look at parties on a skillet, you know, with breads and flipping here flip their flip here flip, they're knocking them out of the way. Now

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there's an old man in line with a big white beard. And everyone's looking at this guy saying What are you doing? When you get to the front of that line? And when you step in the ring, you're going to collapse just by looking at the mind. Even some guys have that look on their face and you look at them and you're like, you fall down. So this guy he somehow came in the ring. The referee said Are you sure? He said look, the challenge is open. Anyone can find him. I'm gonna fight him. So he came forward. He should do it by hand. They smiled at each other. You know before the fight they always exchanged foul words. You know people always do that right fighters. They changed a few words and

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after they exchanged a few words

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The fight started and this man, old man, he picked up the dead body, slammed him on the ground and put his foot on his chest.

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And the whole crowd is shocked. How did this old man v unit body, people must have been throwing tomatoes at him. He lost his whole career. The King got mad and said Get out of my face. You're fired. And you know, Don't ever show me your face again. So it was a very bad day for both of you. So he was sitting later on that evening in his room and he was just, you know, thinking over the incidents that had happened that day was recollecting you know what happened that day. You know, how he got ready and all the training that went into it. And that day, all the people came, he beat them all one by one. Then he was standing there and an old man walked in and He chuckled thinking, this

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guy's gonna fight me. And that man came and he shook his hand and said to him, I said Imani come to Geneva, the art of currencies courtesies.

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He said to him Junaid, you and I both know that there's no way I can beat you. So you need said to him, then what are you doing here? He said, All I want you to know is that I'm from the family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And we can accept a cut. My family has been hungry for the past few days, and I need that money to feed them. And you know, the daddy said, I haven't done much as a religious person in my life. But if there's one thing I'm going to do, right in my life, I'm going to lower myself for the honor of the family of the prophets that allowed him and that man said, Are you sure? He said, I'm as sure as I can ever be. And the fight started and commendable

00:26:26--> 00:27:00

that he flipped himself over and dropped himself down, down. The man said, Are you sure he's uh, put your foot on my chest right now. And that man put his foot on the chest of general daddy. And while he was thinking while he was sitting there, you know, just recollecting the whole incident. He thought to himself, what if that guy was a scam? What if he lied to me, my favorite took my money and ran away. And he fell asleep. And while he was sleeping in his dream, he saw the prophets of aloha do some promise of aloha to some said to him, that you lowered yourself for the sake of a line that will suit Allah will elevate you beyond your imagination. And the next morning, he meets a

00:27:00--> 00:27:33

scholar, the scholar says come with me. He teaches them and learns and learns and learns. And the UFC champ turns into the great shift with, you know, the great shifts of his time. A lot gives people an opportunity, and everyone gets that opportunity. No one should think that I didn't get that opportunity. that opportunity could be you coming to the budget today and hearing this talk, or you hearing this talk or wherever you are in the world, this is your opportunity. But you have to know when it's my opportunity, I need to take it. And when that opportunity comes, in order to execute that opportunity. It all comes down to you choosing whether you're going to stay with the

00:27:33--> 00:28:06

same people or you're going to change them. If you come to the budget everyday but your friends are scum, you're going to become a scumbag yourself. But if you don't come to the merchant regularly, but your friends are good people think about this. You're playing basketball, and it's a lot of time it's prayer time. What happens if you're playing with friends who don't care about Salah? Are they going to pray? But if you bring with friends who care about Salah What are they going to say? guys got to stop real quick. Everyone do we'll do let's pray really quickly. And then after you pray, how do you feel? You feel good, right? had a good time we worked out we did this we did that. We also

00:28:06--> 00:28:15

prayed because Allah was important to us. So it all comes down to the people that you have around you. Let's read a little of this, we won't go into the characteristics we'll just read the first few lines you can start again from beginning of the chapter.

00:28:17--> 00:28:48

Before entering into such a relationship, you must do two things such a relationship before making someone your brother or making someone your friends you must do two things. What are they? first duty? To check for the presence of the requisite qualities of companionship and friendship you have to qualify to be my friend? You guys understand that if you're not qualified to be my friend, you and I shouldn't be friends. Now. What does that qualification You know, he just talks about good characteristics and we'll we'll discuss those up ahead. For you should not take as a brother one who is not faithful brotherhood, someone who's not fit to be a brother, don't make them your brother,

00:28:48--> 00:28:54

someone who's not trustworthy. Do you want them to be your brother? No, because they're gonna they're gonna stab you right in the back. That's why you know

00:28:56--> 00:29:07

he's gonna quote up ahead that having an intellectual enemy is better than having a foolish friend you guys thinking What does that even mean? But he'll explain that up ahead when we discuss it next week inshallah. Messenger

00:29:09--> 00:29:41

person's religious life is only as good as that of his friend. So let each one of you consider Well, friends, if you see companion to be your partner in learning and your friend in the matters of your religious life and your early life, don't hear he said, friend for any aspect of your life, whether it's your religious life or your worldly life, it could be for your work, it could be as an employee, anyone that you're choosing to join you in your life. You need to make sure you choose them carefully. Yes, look for five qualities. Look for five qualities and what are these five qualities inshallah as us we'll cover them together in one class. Next week. We pray that Allah

00:29:41--> 00:29:45

subhanaw taala This one was all set along with Allah. Allah Allah Subhana Samadhi