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If you didn't

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have that

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just been laid off money Rahim Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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on request of the masjid Masha Allah machine discipline Maria half is more or less out we've organized a wonderful program in sha Allah. We're just having a short sort of training Naseeha and as you can see by the title, it is what is progress in mcnabb's. Sorry for the slight delay, we're hoping to have two sessions Inshallah, the first session will focus on as you saw in the poster, how to measure progress within your Masjid timetable. That's the first session in sha Allah, which it will deliver, and then we'll have a short break. And after as well. The second session will focus upon how to measure impact outside of the classroom long before students leave them whether they're

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16 or 17 years old inshallah. So without any further ado, I'll hand over to Sheikh Hassan Ali, as many of you know, a short introduction on the last year he's been working within the fitment of publications, academies, Microtubes systems, many things purely within improving the standards and methods for more than 25 years Alhamdulillah so the so much experience inshallah the chef will share not just from a UK wide from the own individual suffering academies branches that we have in London, but also advising academies and methods, Islamic schools across the world are hamdulillah so chef Bismillah over to you first session how to measure progress within the mushiya timetable.

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You visual

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doesn't come in welcome.

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So, first thing is people please hold on people who

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have been highly recommended.

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Okay, welcome to the bank of Ghana, middle salatu, salam ala say you don't want to be the Marmolada

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we've got quite a bit to deliver in this short period. So you're going to have to keep your brain switched on and move on with me because I'm not going to repeat so much. So one of the first things in terms of trying to get your monitor progress done, you have to have a few things in place.

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So I'm going to try and mention this as as short as I can. But these are huge things which you have to have in place. So one is are you an independent? Are you an independent organization? Or are you under a mustard committee under another organization that tells you what to do? Because your independence is really, really important for you to make this day all these progresses, the checks in place, you have to be independent, there is no way you can do this. If for example, let's say I've got a class of 15 students, and all of a sudden, a committee member comes along to me and says to me, you know, you have to end you have to put another two kids in here, not three kids in here

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because, you know, they are sons of abdomens,

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because they're the buttons of you know, our founders of this metal was one of the 80s You can't do this, okay, you can't have in fact the fees that we're charging, the amount of things that I'm going to talk about, you have to make sure that you fees.

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They cover all of those expenses. You shouldn't be a marketer that is either just struggling to meet and make ends meet and you shouldn't be committing a murder or sell something that is going out there and getting Chanda or getting donations to keep your masjid or your your your mother set afloat. And the masjid should never see the Madras

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Are the marketers as a means of making money for themselves? This is a total no go. Why? Because most marketers do not make monies. If they're making monies, something's going wrong in the sense that in a sense that look, you got, you got a lot to get done, you've got a whole years of stuff to pay not only that, you I'm going to tell you additional stuff that you need to get in place for this progress in all this progress to be checked.

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If you're making a little bit on top of Hamdulillah, that's really healthy with all your admin costs everything else. But if you're making a lot a lot of money, usually that's because you're oversized, you've got less staff to most students, the fees are coming in purely to keep the masjid you know, funded. And that shouldn't be the case and a lot of places they make this, you know the debaters huge mistake of doing this huge mistake. Okay? Now, I'm going to say to you want to independent, your staff or your staff, the ratio of your staff to students is really important. So we usually put 15 to one teacher, that's our ratio. Okay. So that's usually 15 students in a class to one teacher.

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And the fees are worked out for for all these different things, I'm going to say, number one, your biggest cost is going to be your teacher salaries, and as money. So so let's say for example, your mother has 90 Children, you're gonna have straightaway six teachers.

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If your mother with 150, students, you're going to need to have, you know, 1010, teachers, with those 10. Teachers, when you've got 250 Kids, you've got 10, teachers, you need money to have to pay for an administration person who's there every single day of your monitor, just working, okay, for all the other things, but these teachers should not be dealing with any anything else except for teaching. So that admins cost needs to come out of your fees as well. You also need an Emmy for all the progress I'm going to talk about right now, you're going to need me in what is an Amiga or head of Microsoft, what does he do, he has no teaching, you know, he doesn't go into the class and start

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teaching, he looks over the entire market of the entire model search, you've got the 10 teachers that teaching he looks over the admin side as well, he's in charge of the entire thing. And he's, he's floating around, during the entire amount of time, he will go around the classes and he will see that the teachers are doing their duties that they should do, there's no way you're gonna get progress check. If you don't have a man above the, you know, all the teachers going around and and you know, actually seeing what, what what they're doing. So you have to have, you have to have that in place. So now, you're you're going to have some methods that have costs for for books, okay? Now

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books charge, you can either put them within the fees, or you can get parents to pay for it separately. But if they pay for it separately, you've got another headache of getting the money's in twice instead of once. So look, I've said, I've said this, I'm going to put it again, in a nutshell, independence from a committee, you need to be independent, you need to charge the right fees to make sure you cover all your teachers, your admin, your amid, okay. And if you want to include your books or any other admin costs, you've got papers, photocopies, this now whatever you might have, all of that needs to be there, then you're ready to go with what we say. Now, one further thing is your

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teachers need to teach now that the way that you structure your two hours or you structure your 10 hours a week or eight hours a week, your teachers need to teach everybody the same subject. At the same time. I get a hold of this. Because a lot of times what they do is they might have 123 teacher that the teacher will teach one hour to do it first hour, then what happens is those students go to the STEM studies teacher and the STEM studies. As you know, students will come all the way to the treat teacher. Now if you're doing this, you are you are teaching your teacher that every teacher is covering many different students he did he did that with all the time. But what you're not doing is

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you're not able to fit in the system. I'm going to talk about the system I'm going to talk about works fine but perfectly well. If you have 100 at one time only teach that teaching to be or when I say Tajweed I mean in there there's Haida in Arizona in there there is the Quran in the day stage with classes to get books, whatever, at that one moment, every person in the entire matter of others that needs to be teaching them.

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Okay, when you move to the Sooners Grazi sudras or member

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reservation, whatever you want to call it, okay? At that time, the entire market leader Madison is to do that. When you move to the salmon studies lesson, the whole place needs to be doing some says at the same time. And why that is, is because you have now got the flexibility of shifting students around according to their abilities. Okay, I'm gonna get a hold of this, according to our suffer Academy suffer complications, the way we work down, and we've been doing this for 25 years, okay? The way the best way it works is when your teachers are all teaching Islamic Studies, okay, this is the only one where you go by age group, age group is only when you teach Islamic Studies books,

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because the books have been designed for the content in those books are for those age groups, you cannot take them further than the age group. Why because the contents are going to get too heavy for them or the contents are going to become something which is above the heads for example, event year for school student is doing a year six book here, because our year six book is caught in correspondence with the schooling system out there with the year six outlet. So when you have a year for students, during the year, six of all of a sudden they're going to come across matches to do with puberty. matches to do with puberty. Now, there's no such thing for that age group, when

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they're eight years old, or you know, they're covering something that is 1011 years old. It's just it's just going to talk about the Hindus now going back to the standard resonate with them. Plus our books have been placed on that every year of the curriculum. In school, we've played something that touches on that side. So when they're bombarding the students with you know, do you believe in God in the RSC lessons? Will you believe in God? Do you believe in Steven when they're combined with atheism, our books in that age of God in them and putting putting the score right by telling them, these are your values for your feelings, I don't want to get into that you have to look at the

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books, you have to look at the age groups, you have to see what's happening, and work that out over a lot over two decades. We worked out, okay. Now, if you've got those things set in place, okay, we're going to now move on, right, some of you came late, I'm going to summarize value independence of a committee member of committee members, you have to be yourself independent.

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You have to have your fees covering all your staff, the admin, they have to cover your meal, which is a person floating around not teaching is looking at and seeing that the entire system is working. And any other cost of books. So you know, whatever it is, the fees will cover all of that. And then your timing of your lessons is anything you said so five o'clock is Brian, listen, everybody is either in the Quran by the Jews or Martin we got back

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then this whole progresses now talking about this. So let's move on.

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So let's begin with the Promise of Allah Salam, where was the last man said?

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Armand, a lot of very famous Hadith. But the most the actions that are most pleasing to Allah, those that are continuous, although they may be little, now with progress of the pie that Usama the sewers, the door as the one of 80 learning, they have to come back to those things again, and again. That's how we learn we learn with repetition. But you give them in small amounts, like the same things they learn, they will forget, they will forget, and they come back to it and then you reinforce what you've learned. And our system is based upon that. So we'll go through that. So now let's,

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I'm not as clear for the people at the bad bit. But let's just say they're memorizing something's due as soon as which is very common in Marxism. And so you've got them learning in a set of drawers, some sewers or something. Now, what do they do, we have something called a halacha based system. If you want to know fully about this, you have to go to our teacher training portal. Okay. So you have to type in just type in Google suffer teacher training, S A F AR teacher training, in that you will see a whole section to do with the Halacha system, or you'll see a whole system to do with memorization of lots and sewers. And what that will teach you is this is how we do it. Okay.

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We have

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students, because of what I've just said analysis, when I told you five o'clock, everybody does Quran or five, this will translate and so on. The only class where all students are doing it at the same age level age group is the Islamic studies when it comes to God and sorrows and when it comes to Pilate

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What to add to G, you can put them according to abilities. Now what happens is something very, very unique here, you can have a child that is eight years old in a Halacha, with other children that are 11 years old, because now the whole month of is doing at the same time. So remember that for your ease, and you'll see how it works. The students come in, I'm going to say this very briefly, but please, for a comprehensive approach to this, you have to go to a teacher training portal. I think there's a full one and a half hour video that we professionally recorded. Now why are we recording this? It's all free. It's all Morford, which is something that you guys love here. So free or free.

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There's another problem that happens when it's free. Sometimes people give no value to it. We spent 20,000 pounds, and two weeks of a whole, you know, professional team together to record just 12 How many hours is talking about 12 hours of video 20 grand, and a whole team of people professionally recorded? Why would we do that? Because we were going town to town city to city giving a formal teacher training on site, it became too much for us, we've got hundreds of doctors across the world that have taken the system is impossible for us to buy every single location. So then we decided we'll do the professional recording, and we put it out there free for you to see. So there's a one

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and a half hours recording explaining this Holika system. Very briefly, what happens is a student comes in and they will have a certain circle, let's say for example, they let their learning adhere to the lack of salvato. Okay, so if this was happening, and the student has joined this group, and student comes in, this part of the group has about six members in this group. And there is already a student in that group. He's a student whose past this has passed through the menu system we're going to go through right now. And this dude is now teaching our students he said, the year two and everybody that will follow him say, after he had learned they like or Salawat to was follow up to

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what point you bad or by event, a salam alayka, a Sarah Moran, a, a you hadn't beat you, if you haven't read, the whole system is there. In fact, the way I'm pronouncing it, I'm saying it, we've actually put not only an app that that is there again, there is a Dr. Seuss app you can find on Google Play and you can find it on the iOS system for Apple phones. Okay, so you can find it on their own. We've actually got an entire distance learning platform that we created with MobyMax going to talk about it after the end on the we're going to put all of those recordings so those recordings of how to say this is on the anyway, the student came in. He is now listening and

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repeating. So this is this is him trying to learn let's say for example, we learn the whole of the childhood up to a shadow another hammer that sort of fine he's been there done every time he comes there in that circle. He's listening, listening learning and by the way at home we've got we've got the app that helps the parents with so the students can can go home and they can go over this at home. Make sure that the correct pronunciation is there and floods up right now. Please make sure that the pension in the pension is sitting at home the grandfathers the grandmothers were very excited you know people who want to see the grandchildren progress. I'm not teaching them at the

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year to lie the verse saliva to verta you back. Okay. And you know that Allah hamdulillah Hey, Rob Bell Allah, Allah Allah contactable, right clothes different Tajweed mistakes and then inherited that passing it on to the students. Student Lindsey right in the Microsoft wrong at home right in the matzah wrong at home without Davina valuable data, how would I write down that right? We probably messed up, okay, so don't put the kids through that trauma. Make sure you ban all helpers at home, including the grannies who are so passionate and trying to see the grandchildren progress. Anyway, let's let's look at this thing the student now has finally learned what will they do? What's

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their way of seeing the progress? Number one you can see is the peer testing that students been teaching in the hackathon listen to him and say, okay, yeah, I think you should be ready to pass. That group of six students had another group of four students had another group of five students, approximately 15 students that the teacher sitting here, let's say I'm the teacher right now, the other three holidays are monitoring three student teachers want to teach you here once a cheater that wants to integrate here. And suddenly this this group from the six children learning Acharya to one of them comes up to me and says, you know, start I'm ready to pass so I listen.

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And I think okay, yeah, they're ready to pass. So then we move on to and that's the test with the teachers that you see which is number two, okay. So you want to next thing which is now I will then move this students Okay, fine, and

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A new teacher here. I'm gonna say him on the go go to the main teacher. This is the third read expert. So what we'll do in this full system, we identify one person who is very sharp at listening, because you got to understand, okay?

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If you're like, you can become a wonderful ilm, but you probably not a more Ilm.

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Okay. You can become a person who is a scholar who knows the knowledge, but you're not the person to the modeling who can pass it over. I remember monatomic ratanda He wrote in one place, wonderful thing. He said, I couldn't be sheltered, right? And he said, you can find certain periods and shares to Assad to him. They're solid, but they're not Muslim.

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They are themselves very pious. They're very pious, wonderful results, but they're not Muslim Muslim is someone who look who take some under them and then rectifies their mistakes. So you can be a wonderful person who's left the information but you're not a wonderful teacher you're not a teacher can back down again with this listening we've actually found that certain teachers have got this a kid listen that can find those little things. Most teachers will know how to say up to here to probably can't get up those mistakes. Can't you know no one Exactly. You know what, what should we know what a beautiful thing is to have? See that they don't have that was stretched a little bit

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anyway, the point is, they will identify one teacher who's the best at listening, that teacher all those students who aren't passing on, don't forget, this is my class, we have got 150 students, it is marked on the socket, you've got 10 teachers, all 10 teachers have got different different Halaqaat they've got three four highlighters, each one of them has got an underline so I'm sending students to him somebody else and is to say write that when my student goes to the main three teacher. Let's say for example, there's a Madonna sitting here in this column shrine, for example, is demonstrating panache. Right? You know, he's there standing and he's getting students coming from

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all different directions and the system will actually listen to them. And he says,

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he says, How comes that you know, to hear to hear him and he said, I should have Allah a shabu shabu Allah servicing that

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we have that we have. What I should Well, this one is a software Hamza bin ash, Allah in

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shadow Allah and so then why does this okay, go to the teacher and there's a whole profit in our in our system, there's a whole marking scheme as well, when it's clearly written that he made this mistake is that it's a pronounciation mistake. We put it all written in our system, you have to see the book and see the marking scheme to understand what it is so brilliant, because at one point when he stopped paying down their neck

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teacher, the teacher was told the teacher knows Okay, he made mistake over. Did you make this mistake? The teacher sees the art fine. When the child takes the book home, the parent straightaway knows what mistake that was was made today and why my students my child number past, I've had all my three kids go to go to soccer academy. I've never had to go to the teacher and say, why hasn't my child passed, I just opened the book, see the marking scheme yesterday where I know there's a kind of pronunciation or a stretch thingy, mistake made here. Again, this whole thing, everything I'm saying bite size I'm giving you go to a teaching teacher training portal is explained to you to the

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finest detail of how this works. Okay, so when you go there, you will see anyway, so now if he if I send it to the back, and I've got a second student that comes again and says, again, I shall do online and I'll get the motion will get up. We'll go to the beach and say we just need to say you know how come you have the second student that coming over here with the same mistake so you guys get the point. So then the teacher will actually say, Okay, I'm going to now you know, up my game I make I teach a shadow Allah, I'll tell the student there who's teaching a shadow Allah, okay, make sure that it's all done with with good clarity. If this student passes, there's a scheme that we

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will put the past there, there's a whole internal system will build. Okay, with this internal system where it's odd, we started with Excel sheets is moved on to a massive system, brother will be sitting on my left here is going to be shared across Okay, so they will be marked up the master will receive it in a month or twos time. There's a whole system in the background for you to keep that record of when that's to pass. So let me quickly move on to the next slide. Sorry. So before this number four, if for example that's two passes goes to the HELOC when that student can back to the same attire to halacha which he just passed. He will replace the teaching teaching student that was

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there that teaching student now who's doing the group of Allah Allah, Allah Muhammad, and now he's going to be student over there. This new students will pass a test here to become the teacher and so he has to not teach

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This thing to others and until one person from his group doesn't pass, he's not going to move on to alarms again. Okay, so that's that's the system

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the next thing so we've got here we've got the teacher has a class progress monitoring system and centralized login when the student passes with the tattooed expert so we're going to log it and our thing at the bottom you can see that it says three weeks another something's over that it says three weeks as a minimum we'll try and get every student to pass teachers need to intervene before the image does not I think I just said I'm actually passing them on to one machine before I pass them on tomorrow straight I better make sure that my students I can I can get the mistake you know, I've given some mistakes so that I don't wasted time on monitors right because it's got so many students

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you know going to him and this whole flagging system is that is that thing that that will happen and if you look at the next slide, you'll see part of this where I know the names come with the the student names on the left hand side and you've got the talking about total passes this system will tell them about it's a live tables you know the teachers then that the main teacher teaching Okay, their monastery as Mr. Shea they tend to be the expert, he's got a device in front of them straightaway he logs

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in as we go to your suicide which is the first guy who can search Anyway his past today as logged into the system. So now it helps so much end of your reports when you've got when you plan to get back any parents coming when they pass when they hit pass How long did it take to pass you know total fails and according week since the last pass there's going to be a number there as well how long we took we try and you know keep it so that every student is passing every single data within a three weeks period.

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Move on to the next one. You've got practical examples of progression

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after slavery

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zoom people can see it's just

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the North.

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Okay, so we've got practical demonstration. These are practical examples of progress. So this is a separate thing that we're going to talk about

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the Salah, I know you can't sit on the board I'm really sorry about that salah or that will do right there's just certain examples we will have a hole in our books we'll see the whole practical session to do with this they have to demonstrate this allow them to go through the salah they have each state each book targets a different thing of their Salah so in for example book to the Muslim the just to recap how to do to look at how to be three records have been forecast when they get to Book Three, they learn about these two the country or country four has forecast sooner than don't ask for a customer who has to request and so what they've learned the breakdown theoretically and they have

00:28:06--> 00:28:44

to practically demonstrate that in book four they will learn about the positions in saleha fingers right Have I got my hands right when I'm standing How about my feet right now there's a book for concentrates on that like that each state by the time you get to book six, you're now doing the issue of Salah so now we're concentrating on the internal devotion is been properly mapped out and our demonstration for this there are weeks where the students will come in they'll be charged on the on the wall. There'll be a progress thing to check Okay, have you increased your shoe over this? How do you increase the shoe book since you look at it, we teach them the meaning of Salah we teach them

00:28:44--> 00:29:21

that they memorize the meaning of what they're saying is a very important part a lot of Muslims don't have a lot of syllabi or even talking about then we may give them all the encouragement for the oldest Baba in and they encouraged me to do this. Salah is there throughout all the books. In Book six particularly We given them a lot of things about constraint how to build the concentration in Sudan, from the Hadith from the Quran, sunnah and so on. So that's the next thing is in class every week, the teacher is trying to get the students to build the show and tell them at home, go there and practice Salah slowly with all the things that are there trying to build a devotion

00:29:21--> 00:29:30

inside. So again, it's a practical side of that we have competition of a dance between students who sit in the bed the festival and we'll do we'll take them to the we'll do area we'll actually see them do.

00:29:32--> 00:29:54

Do a breakdown for example, you'll have you'll see your college students share food we'll have the adult of eating and see if this is a practical you see, someone I've seen this many times kid just takes a left hand was a string packet of crisps and eats. I'll go to the good karma. You know, some Can you can you just put your right hand in Japan because even though you're left handed, right

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

handed, or left handed or whatever, yeah, straight up, if any

00:30:00--> 00:30:00

I'm telling you all the

00:30:02--> 00:30:05

straight up I've found the best answer for that.

00:30:06--> 00:30:13

I'm a right hander. 90 95% of people sitting out right handers Correct? Yes or no? Yes. When we go to the toilet we become left handers.

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When we go to the toilet, we've come left handers don't wake up reaching the right input.

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Okay, so because I'm left on the end about two to four times a day, I'm a left hander. You eat three times a day you become a right hander for the job done no argument. So

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what 615 is

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Islamic studies like so.

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Somebody will take two minutes for us to get a drum on how to instruct strapping