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Hutch today has become so comfortable.

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is so comfortable. People I just can't believe them. They get an express flight where people used to go to hygiene nine months they go to a holiday in 12 hours.

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from door to jiddah 12 hours. What did the guy do? The guy just packed his bags up. He carried his bags down the stairs into his x five.

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And then he drove to the airport. That's what he did. He just drove you know how comfortable is to drive? You know, I'm saying he's got all the heat temperature, everything cruise control, he went all the way to the airport or he got dropped off. He took his luggage or to a trolley, oh my god was that killed his back.

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And then he just rolled the trolley to put his bad suitcases inside. He then had a Starbucks or something else and he sat down on the plane. And a next minute he knows he dropped profit dozed off, he did whatever I read a magazine next minute he knows his agenda.

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And then he had to pick it back up onto another trolley. And then the five star Express came when he got to his hotel, and they just rolled all his luggage up the lift into his in the bedroom and they just put it there. Allahu Akbar under the guard complaints.

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The guy says a man this is tough yada, buzzer tougher you're gonna mean again. Good, we'll agree.

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Because, you know, when people used to make nine months, they used to travel by death on their feet. They used to take their own animal over to hatch to sacrifice it. They used to go part by their whole some by camel, some by ship. And they used to walk and walk until they got to the Kaaba in nine months. This guy gets there in nine hours and is complaining. And you know, they do Oh my god, these guys here. The minute they have a little bit of you know, it moves from five star service to four and a half star here four and a half stars.

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comes up. He says, order her.

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You cheated me? cheat me. Take 5000 pound from me her her and the sudden you give me her. It does not mean a soul. Walk under service. This is a one time this may listen. syberia Haji he goes and the thing is, you know what? He goes into the harem? Yeah, he goes around. He finds going around the Kaaba on the marble and upon Safa Marwah, he finds, oh my god is tough, is tough, is tough. You know, the chair to be sure to be inside him, basically is getting burnt off in it. He's getting burnt off. The guy sweating a bit and he's finding it tough. And then you know, he gets blisters under his feet.

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He gets blisters and when you get blisters, he comes to the hotel room, right? Like is Frankenstein just about walking inside? Yeah. Oh my god. I'm getting my game above all these blisters, or bizarre as a can't wait to get back. Yeah, can't wait to get back yard is tough. Er, this is tough, brother. You haven't even seen what you're talking about. You haven't even been to Minaya what Vina brav you know Mina Yeah, you know you go to the toilets everyone missed the whole room.

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You see this

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is the hole we're talking about. Yeah, bro.

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I'm telling you, you know you go you have to clean the property. You have to hold your nose. You have to hold your breath. We are pleased here is a five star hotel they are a bolo or a five star you can really up anything I want man. Well, you know is the sooner to stay mean as I do. He goes to me now. He goes to mean Amanda guys complaining left, right center. He's got air conditioned tents.

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air conditioned tents. He just sitting there. He don't have to do nothing. All he has to do is just do the Corolla are always doing is looking at his watch. Okay, the numbers here. Carnival come up near Caledonia. So basically, they said they're gonna give food at let's say 637 o'clock. The food gets delayed half an hour. The guy's tantrum starts coming up.

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That kid inside

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that little vampire.

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Know when the moon comes out.

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When the situation changes around him, he turns into a little monster. Another monster in him in her is still inside. When a monster goes back in when he's satisfied. He's

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got what you wanted. gala tea tea cozy Haji Versace Haji sobre todo at City Hall Raja he's happy but this is his stomach full. His God his food is alright is fine. If he doesn't get his food if he doesn't get what he wants, he's gonna start getting away you know, agitated, right? He goes to other party goes to the ease, he's sweating he just wants it over. He is gone now he's gonna throw throw the stones all that he's got blisters, he's got you know other you know he's putting Vaseline down they're putting everything else down there to try and make you all soft and whatever. And he's killing it and you have to wear it harami has to cover his you know, downstairs you know I'm saying

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like, it's a lot of things that's going inside his head. He's thinking man, gotta get back, got a big back and he has just done the most comfortable Hodge you can imagine but the guys complaining