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Your life would be much better if you could distinguish between what you need. And what you want. Honestly, always ask yourself this question. We've got so much advertisements around us, even the moment you pick up your phone, there's advertisements, there's moments that you're going to certain websites, there's advertisements, then you go to a YouTube clip, whatever it is, admit advertisements before that, then they're throwing things at you, when you watch TV, when you watch something, or just try to get on with your life. And so many adverts by this by this, this is good, this is good. And then you got the sales are going with the Black Friday sale, you've got the Boxing

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Day Sale, you've got the, you know, the spring sale, or the Summer Sale, you've got this seller. And it's always constantly happening, that something's going out there. And if you just ask yourself this question, what do I need? And what do I want? Do I need this? Or do I want this? Just ask yourself this simple question. And if you live your life according to buying things you need, and leaving out things you want, but you don't need, your life's going to be a lot a lot better. I asked this question a lot of the times, when I'm going out there, maybe I'm just going past by shops or whatever shopping center, do I need this thing? Do I really need this thing? Or do I just want it?

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Because when you want it? It's like, okay, yeah, we nice to have this, but you know what, it's not going to probably make much difference to my life or, you know, something that is needed right now that will fill a gap in my life. No, it's just an extra bonus thing are just one. So if you lead your life, according that you'll make you know, you make a lot of savings, or you'll be able to at least not have the pressure of having to earn so much Look, a lot of people are going through a lot of pressure this moment, because they put the ones in the in the basket of needs, right? So their needs are maybe 20% of the things that they want to get. But the thing they want to get, like 80% in

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this basket, so therefore the guys working his you know, his girl, his wife, whatever is working, they're both working together, you know, and they're working, working. Why? Because these extra holidays were knee needs or whatever they want. What were the ones that think that they wanted, right? All the extra pairs of shoes. All right, what's the need? The need is probably a one parachute is definitely need two pairs, three pairs, okay, you can still say to need, okay, fine. Now, once you go beyond like the second pair, or the third pair, it's a want, right? Once you go beyond the certain amount of shirts that you need is that it's a want, once you go beyond a certain

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amount of bags that you buy, it's a one, two, once you go beyond a certain comfort that you need. It's a one to one to one. And because of that what are you doing to yourself, you're making your life miserable is burdensome, you have to go and get extra cash or you have to borrow money, or you have to like you know, do something oh my god do something which which is going to strain your back and put stress on you. And I've got to end this with I'm going to do this. I'm working extra hours that Why? Just to fulfill all my ones. The same thing not about just you your children as well teach them what is one what is need, right, the people around you, the people who demand you to do

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something, What's the need, what's a want? And when you differentiate the two, you're going to make life better when you stick to what you need. Leave out what you want. Some things are what you want, okay, fine, but leave it out. If he's going to cause you better leave it out to stick to what you need. Your life will be a lot simpler and a lot better.

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