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President First Look at Zaytuna’s First Spring Program

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Hamza Yusuf

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu at hamdulillah we're blessed to be entering into this new year of our prophetic hijet Ah, and the next month after suffer affair, which is the month we're in now is it'll be at Oh well, the first spring and so at Daytona, We're really delighted to provide for you what I believe inshallah will be a really, really beautiful presentation of the Sierra of our profit, we've entitled it first spring, the cardinal virtues and the Sierra of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. And the idea behind that is an understanding of our tradition. And also the Western tradition, interestingly enough, is that the cardinal virtues

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which traditionally were seen as four, and what that means is that Cardinal is from a Latin word means to hinge upon, that all the moral virtues actually hinge upon these four fundamental virtues. And you can see these fundamental virtues actually in the four Caleb's of our profits allies in Him, because He is the source sallallahu Sallam of these four extraordinary virtues that are so desperately needed in the modern world. So we if we look at Abubakar polyakova, could have been an RV said, and his name is Abu Bakar. Also, he said that there has never been a more courageous person after the Prophet of Allah, since the Prophet of Allah then of a bucket of Siddiq, so he was the

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most courageous of men. So when everybody else was faltering, whether it was in who they via, or whether it was, at the time of the prophets license, passing, it was abubaker, who stood firm, and that's the essence of courage is standing firm in the face of tribulation. And then all model the olana is called Omar the jest. So justice, which is the second Cardinal virtue, curves, being the first justice, the second here, and then Earth man, even a fan, his name, a fan actually means the temperate one. And he was known for his for his chastity, for his temperance and temperance is also an equanimity, so never losing your balance. And this is also part of, say, a man's extraordinary

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character. And then we have him on it, who is known as the door of the city of wisdom. The prophets, I assume, said in a hadith that is a famous Hadith, and it does have a foundation that I'm the City of Knowledge, and, and, and it is its door. And so wisdom is really associated with it, but all of the four are perfectly balanced and embodied in our beloved prophet. So what we're going to do inshallah, in four lectures is look at these extraordinary virtues as a lens by which we examine the CEO of our profits or the law, it will send them and so the first lecture will be about the early meccan period. And we're really fortunate to have an extraordinary scholar Dr. Muna huson, who's

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going to be delivering the lecture on the wisdom of Revelation. So looking at hikma and why we need revelation as a species, what what is the importance of revelation? The second one, inshallah is going to be in the second period of the meccan revelation, and that is the temperance of trials and tribulations, because that was a time once the revelation became public, there was a great deal of persecution. And so the province it seems people had to control there, they were Arab, and they were very strong. And and to be in those type of situations, needed a great deal of self restraint. And so that's a period of temperance, and that's going to be instead the Hosein rigidity. So we're

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really fortunate to have these two extraordinary scholars. And then this the second two lectures, we're going to have Dr. Alia, tie, who's one of our beloved faculty at zaytuna. College, and really quite an extraordinary scholar, and he's going to be looking at the courage of conviction. So looking at the early, mid 20s period, where people forget that the the early period the Muslims had not yet had power in Medina, so they were actually having very difficult time there was a lot of conspiracies against them, and then bother to come. So they really had to draw on their moral courage in the face of these attacks. And finally, we're going to have really, I think, the

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combination of these cardinal virtues which are always understood to be in the balance of a just person, if it's in the individual, and adjust society when it's collective, and that is going to be with our beloved scholar is a tuner that was dubbed Allah Allah Dr. Abdullah Ali will be delivering that lecture on a just society infused with compassion because Allah subhana wa tada says in the law Yeah, a little bit ad

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Free Will Yes. And we tend to forget that the Justice always has to be tempered by mercy and are prophesized, although the most just of man was also the Most Merciful of men. And then, on the 12th, of Arabia, our in celebration of what is believed to be the date of our profits, birth Salalah. Anyway, it was senem. I'm hoping to deliver a lecture on our profit in world scriptures. So and not just the Christian which is often looked at in the Gospel of john, or in Deuteronomy, sometimes in Isaiah has been pointed out the Song of Songs and other

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verses in the Bible, but I also am going to look at the Hindu scriptures. Our early scholars actually did believe that Hinduism was an ancient tradition that they believed to be probably a tradition of a revealed book, the Vedic scriptures, which for people who know Hinduism, know that they're actually Unitarian traditions that have to heat and then the, the second one will be looking also at the Buddhist scriptures, and the promise of the Maitreya towards the latter day, so looking at the Kalki Avatar, and the Maitreya, because people tend to forget that these great world religions did have their prophecies. And so I'm really hoping that that will be something that will

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be useful for people that do interfaith, and also just to strengthen our human knowing that our prophets licen him was prophesized by these great world traditions that are practiced by millions and millions of people all over the world. So we really hope that you'll join us in this and I also want to encourage in order for us to really be able to do these programs, we need your help. So this is an appeal to join our 12,000 strong campaign, our profit slice and promised us that 12,000 people that are on one heart cannot be defeated for lack of numbers. So we're really hoping that people will join us in supporting zaytuna College This is your college, this is the College of the Muslims.

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And so please support us really, really need your support, hope for your support. And so this is our reveal our campaign for the sake of the province lies and let's support Islamic knowledge, the Muslim revelation and the great gift of our Prophet sallallahu ala send them a subtle modicon lahi over a cat