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Why Worship Allah

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah brothers and sisters, friends, respected younglings respected or alumna and everybody else in between Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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The question is who is Allah subhana wa tada Allah brothers and sisters and friends. And I think before we even ask this question, we have to ask who you are. Who am I? This was one of the most fundamental questions that Allah Casali and his outcome of happiness wanted you to think about who are you? You think about Allah subhana wa Taala. But in order for you to understand who Allah is, first reflect within yourself. Well, fionnphort Sakuma fella taapsee rune, and in themselves, do they not see? So who are you? In order for us to understand who we are, we need to understand what we are and you through understanding what we are, will understand who we are, and eventually come to

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the moment where the penny drops. And we really understand who Allah subhanho wa Taala is. So questions. My brothers and sisters, did you choose your name?

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My brothers and sisters? Did you choose your gender? My brothers and sisters? Did you choose your parents? My brothers and sisters? Did you choose your ethnicity? Did you choose that you're going to be DC, or Arab, or African or Greek looking like a DC.

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We never chose any of these things. Did we choose our parents, we didn't choose our parents. We didn't choose our siblings. We didn't choose our socio economic status in which you were brought up. Brothers and sisters. We didn't even choose our DNA.

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We didn't choose any of these things. We were thrown into existence. And that was it. Just like the postmodern philosophers, the existentialists, they would use the term thoroughness that you just thrown into reality. And you think you're free. You've been affected by this liberal culture, by avid materialism by L'Oreal, because I'm worth it culture. Be and you think you're free. You think you're free, you think you're independent. But in reality, you're a slave. I don't care if you chose your own clothes, you pick your own shoes, or you made your own hair. This is an illusion. In reality, you are in a state of slavery, whether you like it or not. You're a slave, as an American

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writer once wrote that your birth, my birth, our births was like being born, and then kidnapped and then sold into slavery. When shackles everywhere brothers and sisters, many of us are diluted, we think we're free, but we can't see the shackles. So we're all slaves. We're even enslaved to our social construct our society. Think about sisters, for example, when you buy shoes, you go to the mall, and you see the flat shoe, or the cat heel shoe. And you're thinking to yourself, I have freedom, I have a free choice. I can pick the flat heel shoe, or the cat whose shoe and then you decide maybe to pick the cat heel shoe. And then you think you're free. But in reality, there was

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something in your mind, a sub conscious reality that forced you to pick that shoe because the only reason you choose that shoe is because not because it makes you comfortable because they're very uncomfortable. It's because

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someone thinks somebody thinks society thinks that you look good. I remember when I used to work as a project manager that we had this personal assistant, she'll be wearing those shoes, and I was very straightforward. I will say to her. Excuse me, madam. Why are you wearing new shoes? Because it makes me feel good. Okay, well, it looks like you're committing foot terrorism at the moment. She had plasters everywhere. Blood was dripping. Like seriously, why do you think he makes you look good? And then at the end of the day, when I probed more questions, she said, because people think I look nice. So when she went to the shops, and she had all of these so called choices to choose her

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shoes, as she thought she was free to choose whatever she wanted in reality, she was enslaved by the perspective of others to choose those shoes, so she was enslaved, regardless. So the point here is brothers and sisters will always

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In the state of slavery, we have so many slave masters, your bus, your parents, you see all the bus of the bus, your politicians, your governors,

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everyone we're in shackled to so many people have so many slave masters. So the question is, how do we free ourselves and there's a clue in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala elements is the word for the soul. And that word is.

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Now that word itself shares the same root as the word raha, which means the Liberty and serenity in a sense of peace. So there's a clue here, the soul is trying to achieve that liberation, that Liberty from the shackles of the dunya

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in some way, and the only way you can achieve that liberation is by understanding your true slavery, who your true slave master is. It's not Loreal it's not your politicians. It's not your parents, your teachers, the society, the system. It's Allah subhanho wa Taala. He is your Rob. And he is the one that loves you, that nurtures you, that cares for you and knows what's good for you. And this is true liberation or even taymiyah said through the mouth lgl dia, that the true liberated one is not the one who obeys his desires is not the one who is enslaved to the shackles of the systemic effects of society by is the one who realizes his load, and that his load is the Rob is the one that

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nurtures me, sustains him and is his true master. This is the true liberated one. This is why sisters, I want to give you some advice. When you go and speak on the media, you speak to people at school, don't say you wear the hijab, because it's your freedom. This has nothing to do with your freedom is to do with your slavery by some liberated form of slavery, if you understand the paradox, because when you speak to the media don't say it's my free choice, because that's the wrong paradigm. Because doesn't mean you can walk with a bikini and there'll be their free choice to know we don't allow this. You need to elevate your discourse and say this is a symbol of my true freedom,

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because I'm not enslaved by false sense of beauty as a result of Vogue magazine, or because someone else told me I'm not enslaved by the liberal culture, online slave or the systemic effects that tells me a reductionist view of beauty that I'm beauty because I have nice eyes or nice fingers, you reduce everything to parts, rather, I am enslaved to the one who knows what beauty is. It's holistic. We see beauty through oneness, my inner beauty and outer beauty and because of my sense of self, because I know I'm a slave to the one that created me, because Allah knows Hamza better than Hamza knows himself. So from this perspective, brothers and sisters, we really have to understand a

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liberated discourse by knowing who Allah is, he is our up he was, he is our mode. So when you whether you have a beard or you dress differently, or you act differently, are you you pray and people see you pray, you have to show people this is because of your spiritual liberation, you know, and slave to the dunya you know, and slave to the shackles brothers and sisters. This is why but understanding who we are, we understand who Allah is, he is our Lord, our up

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our master and sustainer and the one that loves us.

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Another aspect of Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers and sisters is Allah subhanho wa Taala is Allah dude. He is the excessively loving and the Arabic language is like an excessive form of love, as per the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Allah loves you more than more than a mother loves her child. Think about this for one moment, is there any greater love than the love of a mother? This shows how transcendent Allah subhanho wa Taala His love is for us. We can't even describe it, conceptualize it, or reduce it to some kind of empirical reality allows love transcends the best that we can imagine, which is the love of a mother for her child. And I want you to really

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realize this type of love. And this love should project our souls into loving Allah subhanho wa Taala. And again, hold you to Islam, Allah ghazali he said in his book on love and intimacy with Allah subhanho wa Taala that every human being has a natural, safe self love. We all love ourselves, right? And I'm not saying there's an egocentric way. I love me. You know, it's a fitrah thing. When I asked my son zecharia Who do you love? He says, I love Mama. I love Baba, I love his brothers and sisters. And then he says, I love Allah and I love the messenger. And then he says, and I love Zakaria meaning he loves himself and a child said this is an indication that there is a natural form

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of self love. And it was and he said that if you really love yourself, if you truly love yourself, you have to love Allah subhanho wa Taala and he gave an amazing rational thesis and listen to this. He said

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you want to prolong your existence.

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You want to feed yourself, you don't want to harm yourself, you want to feel happy. You want to run away from pain, and go towards pleasure. So you have this self love. If you're truly enlightened, this self love must project you to the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And in doing so, you'll be able to realize his love, how. And he raises these questions, who sustains you, who created the, the causes in the universe in order for you to feel happy, in order for you to feel love, who is the source of love, who maintains you, who loves you, who formed you, who created you, who even allowed you to understand the concept of love and the reality of love in the first place, which is an

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amazing reality, as a famous poet said, when the pen writes of love, it breaks into.

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And this is why on the facade, he said that, from your understanding of why you love yourself, you have to love Allah, because Allah created all of the causes in the universe in order for you to establish that love, and for you to actually have this sense of pleasure and to prolong your existence. Now, interestingly, brothers and sisters, he also says, the one who loves himself but doesn't love Allah doesn't really love himself. He loves an illusion of himself, which is his ego. Because in reality, the ego is like an illusionary self that we make into another God as chef eloquently said earlier. So Allah is the one that loves you.

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And through our own existential awareness understanding out of love, we must love Allah subhanho wa Taala and a way to establish that true connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala is to actually as the Quran says, to love Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to follow the path of our beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam so we spoke about the lies the rub the master, that Allah is the one who is a little dude, he is the one who loves you, more than mother's love the child. I also want to talk about Allah subhana wa tada bin al Hakim, Allah is the wise. Many times in our lives, brothers and sisters were like, why does this happen to me? What's going on? I can't explain why

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there's so much even suffering in the world. Why don't have internal pain? Why is the external pain? Why the tsunami why earthquakes, why all of these things and through understanding Allah subhanho wa Taala up and understand the inner realities of these things. Allah is Al Hakim, he is the wise. From a general perspective, we understand this means there is wisdom permeating every aspect of the universe, we know there is cause and effect, we know that things do not happen for no reason we don't believe in this crazy atheist chance hypothesis, which is quite funny actually. Because you know, like the fine tuning of the cosmos of the universe and the natural laws of the universe and

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the constants of the universe, there was so finely tuned that to claim chance is to claim anything is what I call counter discourse. It's not the chance like winning a lottery is the chance that your brain does some gymnastics it rules over. Let me give you an example. To claim the universe is not as a result of wisdom by chance. It's like me claiming, you know, my mother. She's not really my mother. She's a pink Rhino that was born on Pluto, and she flew here and a giant feather. Now the atheist may say you're stupid, Mr. Judas. And I'll just say, but there's a chance. If you study logic, there is a chance feathers exists, the color pink exists. rhinos exists, Pluto exists. So

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there is a chance. It's very, very small. But there's still a chance. And it shows to him the fallacy of his discourse. You can claim anything I can say what I believe in Islam, because there's a chance it's true. I believe, you know, real, there's a chance is true. Maybe my brain is in Mars and this probes in my brain and an alien is making me think what I'm thinking now I'm feeling what I'm feeling now there is a chance. So it just shows that the ciaz hypothesis, that ridiculous hypothesis, you know, when you read this book, though, these beautiful numbers and atheist write them is actually what I would call and in order to the beautiful thing and this is called bookmarks.

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It's actually a load of rubbish. And you and you just have to speak to them this way sometimes because this like intellectual gymnastics, veiling, a certain intellectual arrogance, it's a load of rubbish. Anyway, so there's wisdom in the universe. But coming to the issue of like, evil and suffering and all of these things, we need to jump out of a three year old child's reality

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because some atheists that they become atheists because of so called evils because I would argue they have a three year olds mind still and I don't mean this an offensive way.

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You know, a three year old say, who wants to like go and touch the fireplace because very colorful, this flames it's like a bit of blue and yellow, and he wants to put his hand what does the father do? He rushes he holds the hand and he pulls him away. He doesn't get burnt. What does the child do?

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cries like really angry. It's like, I hate my dad and you're evil, right? Dad's evil, right? Because he doesn't understand that he's gonna hurt himself. But this essentially is

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The reality of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, Allah knows the totality of knowledge and wisdom, he has the picture, we just have the pixel. And it's only through intellectual arrogance that we think that we must have the picture what if we had the picture that we would be Allah which would deny its existence in the first place, which is illogical and irrational? And this one will reflect on the Quran Chapter 18 verse 65, onwards, moose alehissalaam and his conversation with Hitler. It is an amazing discourse for us to understand that you know what this humble ourselves, we just have the particular knowledge, as Eben kathira said, when he was discussing in his commentary on this

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chapter, you saying, look, human beings have the particulars we don't have the totality. So you know the story very well. Musa alayhis salam goes very humbly to us knowledge from hidden because he gets some kind of inspiration that Allah subhana wa Taala has given particular knowledge to hidden.

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So Peter says, you're not gonna have patience with me? And Moosa says, No, I'm going to be patient. So what does he do? He makes a hold on a boat. Moosa, he's like this goes against the Mosaic law has he been considered says, So Musa alayhis, salaam rightly says, Why have you done this? What's wrong with you? And he says, Then I tell you won't be patient with me. And then it continues to hit that kills a boy until kittens all of these different things that seem evil and wrong, and that the end because it explains the wisdom behind these things. So in particular, with concerning making a hole in the boat, what does Hitler say? That there was a king seizing every serviceable boat by force, so

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he wanted to make a hole in the boat, so there will be no trouble. So the point here is that we have to understand the reflective become deeper not to scratch the surface, but dig deep and understand the implications of things and realize that at the end of the day, Allah is Al Hakim, and there is a divine wisdom for me. Now, someone may say, but I can't see the wisdom. I can't see the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But this is actually quite fallacious thinking. In the language of logic is called argumentum ad exoneration, you're arguing from ignorance. And we shouldn't argue from ignorance, especially when we know Allah has the totality of knowledge, because there'll be some

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knowledge and wisdom that you can never access from this perspective. So this makes us realize that there is a divine wisdom in play and this Divine Wisdom is in line with His perfection because he's Allah, kudos, he is the perfect the holy, and he is wholly good as even taymiyah. He mentioned the 14th century scholar, something very amazing. He says, look, at the end of the day, any type of evil and suffering, you see, doesn't contradict the nature of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's in line with a good wise purpose, which we will understand, or maybe even slightly appreciate, when we reach paradise in sha Allah as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that if someone suffered all

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of their life,

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80 years, 90 years, they will be dipped in paradise for a split moment. And then he'll be asked, Did you ever suffer? And he would say, Well, I have never suffered. And that's the reality of the beauty agenda, the beauty of the ACA because it solves all of these problems. So this was kind of an insight to the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you could see this when you look into your own lives. For example, I've done so many mistakes in the dollar, right? I'm just an accident. I call myself a social accident. Yeah, so me mistakes. And I realize if I didn't do this, maybe that would have brought me closer to Allah. If I didn't do this, maybe I wouldn't have realized x, y and Zed.

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If this never happened to me. Maybe you see my point. So if we really understand who Allah is Al Hakim, there is a wisdom in our life is not as based on chance. So you see every opportunity in your life to come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So what

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was we talking about?

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Is the loving al Hakim, Mo resulting in my notes, My battery died. The other thing in my notes was

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this, the one o'clock, okay, Allah is the truth. Now, I want to I want to do this for you. Right? So you have intellectual Sakina because it's a big atheist campaign against your hearts and minds at the moment, and is quite troublesome across the world. I've traveled the world and I've seen that some youth, they have some issues. I don't want to intellectualize this for you. I just want to make it very simple. Allah is Allah. He is the reality. Here's the truth. What is my total vote on this? My reflection on this is as follows. A truth is something that you don't require to prove. For example, if I say to you know, your mother, did she give birth to you? I don't need to prove that.

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Of course, she's my mother. It's what you call an axiom as self evident truth. So I love being a Huck means you don't really need any evidence to prove his existence go to the CRAN finding a direct evidence proving his existence. Hardly none. I could pick maybe just two verses. The rest is about his oneness, about his oneness. Nothing to do with atheism, because the indicates that atheism has nothing to do with philosophy or logical math or science is to do with psychology actually, and then we just lay a Smackdown atheism in two minutes, it's all in a positive way with compassion and Rockman. I'm only saying this. I'm only saying this. So you have intellectual

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Kino tranquility, right?

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I'm going to show you now if you reject the existence of Allah is like rejecting the real world is the real world. Okay? Now he this

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Did you hear that? What is this is a lectern, right? Well, so we say in Britain anyway, right? podium,

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you know

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it's a podium. Okay, so this podium, right? Is it real? Is this real? Put your hand up? Okay, we will be at this podium Israel. Okay. prove it to me.

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I guarantee you, no one can prove to me Israel. You can see it right. Okay. That's no proof. I'm gonna explain why that's not proof.

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touching it. That's not proof.

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Proof to me is absolutely real. It's outside of your mind. That's what we mean by real. It's not just a perception is outside of your mind. Whether you existed or not, it would still be here, prove it.

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Brothers and sisters, your brain could be in Mars, and there's an alien playing around with your brain making you feel and think what you're feeling now. Maybe you're in the matrix. Maybe you took the blue pill.

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Yeah. But that's true. We only believe the real what is the real world is because it's quite an axiom as self evident truth. The whole of scientific enterprise is based on the assumption that actually the real world is the real world. Even the grandfather of new atheism, Bertrand Russell, he said, you cannot disprove the assertion that the universe started five minutes ago.

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You can't disprove that maybe you were created five minutes ago with all of this memory that you existed for 18 or 30 years. You can't disprove that assertion. So the point here is that there are some truths in life that you don't need to prove this self evident. So if you reject Allah, I believe is the equivalent of rejecting the real world is the real world. Why? Because Allah is a self evident truth. He's not a concept, he is a precept, he is that which is necessary for you to have any ideas in any reality. Let me explain. In the language of the philosophy of Islam, even the philosophy of the West,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. The Creator is what you call a basic belief at basic belief is a belief that doesn't require any inductive which means empirical or deductive, which means philosophical evidence doesn't require any of that it is.

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And this belief is part of our own tradition, because we believe in the fitrah right? How do you think the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that every child is born in a state of fitrah coming from the trilateral stem fatawa, which you have words like photron and Fatah who that Allah created something within us to acknowledge him to worship him like it no came out Josiah, he comments from this hadith and he says this is to acknowledge Allah and to worship Allah. So the fitrah the fact that God is a basic belief that doesn't require any proof is proven by psychology and by anthropology and by sociology and listen to me very carefully.

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Take for example, psychology. Oliver Petrovich is an academic and she studies the psychology of religion. And in the journal concerning the psychology, psychological studies and religion, she concludes that the natural psychological state of a human being is actually to believe in God.

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She says that atheism is a forced psychology on the human being, he actually is a force the psychology Would you believe it? And they believe that weather fundamentalist right, and that's why they need the internet. They need aggressive speakers, and they need all these books is to try and infiltrate people's minds because it's a false psychology, lots of psychological evidence, anthropological evidence, Professor Justin Barrett from Oxford University, he did a long study concerning children, he concluded as follows. He said, children have an innate belief in supernatural cause and effect, because he says, children realize who created the universe, they

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never say things within the universe, because they know that's inherently illogical. So they're saying it's like metaphysical, outside of the universe that created the universe itself. So there's the supporting idea of the fitrah, psychology, sociology, anthropology now. And this was what was related by the chef earlier when he was saying, everybody worships something. Look at the biggest atheist cultures like China and Russia, they still worship something, they still manifested that idea of something's higher than them. They had big statues of Lenin, and Stalin, and Marx and all of these kind of crazy figures or hate, and they almost sanctified them and worship them. So you have

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all of these evidence that supporting the idea of the fitrah, which is an axiom of evident belief that someone may say, Well, I believe the spaghetti monster is a self evident belief. It's a basic belief. Well, they haven't understood the perspective here. The spaghetti monster is what you call information transfer knowledge. And axiom is self evident belief is the belief that doesn't require information transfer. If you were on your own in a desert island, you would realize that something created the desert island without any information from any other culture, for me to believe in the spaghetti monster.

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Have some knowledge of the English language, some knowledge of spaghetti of Italian culture and, you know, interact with the crazy atheist who comes up with things like this, right? So the point is, those kind of beliefs require information transfer, but a basic belief that is self evident doesn't require any information transfer, you acknowledge it just within your own inherent nature. So allies on Huck, and you don't need any evidence to prove him. So that's fine. When you speak to an atheist say,

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instead of saying, Does God Exist, you should say to them, what evidence do you have to reject God's existence?

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And I think that's the best way to put it to an atheist. So Allah is Allah is the reality. He loves us. Hello, dude. He's your Rob. He's your master. And he's al Hakim, he is the wise. There's so much more to say about last panel, what's Allah we could four volumes in this, but I deliberately chose these things because they probably affect your life as a youth on campus to do with evil to do with, does Allah love me to do with, you know, social pressure? You know, do I do I take the hijab off do I not pray and understand that allows your master and also to do with atheism, it's to understand that's a very unnatural belief, and which we're going to talk about in depth much later. I think

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tomorrow and also not only is a natural belief, but it goes against the fitrah so May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you with genital for those Allah Allah and thank you for having me sacramental law.