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There are times when we really need patience. Learn about acquiring it, practicing it and mastering PATIENCE!

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Make sure you have your notebooks because we're about to get started. Last time I spoke to you about the eight ways of becoming more patient. Hopefully you've had a chance to put these to practice, because now I'm going to talk to you about the different situations where we're going to need to apply these eight rules of becoming more patient. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam stated that patience is needed in three different situations, during afflictions, when something could happen to whether it's illness, poverty, death of a loved one, during worship, when you want to worship and you want to do the prayers and the rituals and also avoiding sin, avoiding the things

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that are wrong. So these are the three circumstances that we're going to need to apply the patience and we're going to discuss each one of them. The first one is handling afflictions with patience. Allah says in the Quran that you we will be tested, and the verse is inserted Toba is number 126 Alpha belay Munna shaytani R. rajim. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah Allah Dona Ana whom you are known as equally on Mr. Ratan Omar rotini Somalia to buena wala homea Kuru. And don't they see that they are put in trial once or twice every year with different kinds of calamities, disease and famine, yet they don't repent, nor do they learn a lesson from it. So Allah is telling us in this

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surah that he is guaranteeing that there will be test in our life on a yearly basis and you will see this happening to you happening to your loved ones, where a person may lose their job, they may get an illness, they may have all different kinds of tests. And so it's like having the exam questions and the answers so God is preparing us that you are going to be tested now. And the way to deal with these tests is being patient so we've have the questions and the answers, so we can really pass the test quite easily in another surah in the Quran. Allah says in Surah Baqarah is number 155. One I never Lewin, Dhabi Shea m min al Houthi well jewelry Why not?

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Um while a while for see what sama rot. What bashes saw bidding, be sure we shall test you with something a fear and hunger, some loss in wealth, lives and the fruits, but give glad tidings to those who are patiently who patiently persevere. So here, Allah is telling us that you need to just prepare yourself. It's kind of like a warning and a preparation that you will have things in your life, someone may get sick, you yourself may have certain calamities an accident may occur, you may have lost in business, whatever it is, something will happen because this this whole life of ours is a test. And so it's about passing the test. It's not about the different calamities that happen to

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you. But it's about how do you handle these calamities, because individuals who have the strongest faith is not that they don't get calamities actually, they get more than, than other people. But it's because of their acceptance and their patience. They're able to endure. And not only did they endure, but they gained so much blessings, because they're handling it in the best way. Another form of affliction could be getting sicknesses, or losing a loved one. I've met a lot of people who have endured so many different illnesses, actually, two very close friends of mine who have who have gotten diagnosed with cancer, and they're battling it. And it's a very, very difficult test. And yet

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they're handling it with such grace. It's amazing. It's amazing to see their faith and how much they are embracing this embracing this test that they that they have. And I think it's a great example for us because some of us have such a difficult time dealing with the little tests that we have in our life. And these individuals are faced with tests that are so difficult it could be their life could be in jeopardy and yet they're strong. And they have such commitment and there's there's so much hope in them and I feel like I derive so much strength when I see individually

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jewels that are battling cancer or they are, they have lost a loved one. Some people have lost their children and these are all such difficult tests. And those individuals that I know who have strong faith, they've handled it with such grace with such dignity and it is such an example for me seeing, seeing how they handle these difficult tests. Allah says in the Quran in Surah Al Baqarah Ayah number 216. alphabet Lima shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, wasa Takahashi, Hua hiren la co como wasa to hip Ooh, shy Oh, my Sharon, la comme la jolla, LA, Tom La La moon, you may hate something when it's good for you. And you may love something when it is bad for you. God knows and

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you do not know. And this is telling us that with the sicknesses we may we may hate being sick, we may hate the fact that our loved one has passed away. And we may have a lot of difficulty in dealing emotionally with these losses and tests. But it may be the best thing for us well, how can it be good? You may think how can it be good for someone to be afflicted with with some kind of calamity? And here's the answer is that there's mercy in everything that happens because we really believe that God is the most wise he is the most wise and he's also the most just and so if we truly believe that, then we know that everything that happens in life is for our own good. And many times you will

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look back in your life and the things that you were upset about, you will look back and say Oh, thank God that happened that way. Because many good things came out of it. I can give you examples of individuals. For instance, I'm I had a friend whose whose child was diagnosed with autism. And they were, they were so affected by this, that this is actually the thing that got them close to their Creator, it got them to be more committed, they became so much more compassionate. And so these are the things that if if we're looking at these incidents in our life as these tests as a way of getting closer to our Creator, or having a better hereafter, which is eternal, because our life

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here is temporary. And if we can handle these difficulties with patience, then you can be rewarded eternally. And so that is a mercy if, if the difficulties in this life or the tests in this life will earn you an eternal bliss, then then that is a form of mercy. And that's how so many people you see are have such incredible patience, even after an affliction even if they have been diagnosed with a really serious illness, or there's been a tornado or they've lost their home or something happened. Those individuals who really have ye pain, they have the conviction. It's not just about this world, it's about you're here after And whatever you do in this world, if you're passing the

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test, if you're accepting the afflictions, and handling it with grace and dignity, then you will be so greatly rewarded. Allah says in Surah Baqarah Ayah number 155 to 157 I Ludhiana either I'll follow up at home mercy bateau

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Li, e Raja stone, hula aka lay him Salah Tom Mira be him water, Ma, what

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he can

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do. Those who say when a sickly afflicted with calamity to Allah we belong and to Him is our return. There are those on whom to send blessing from their Lord and mercy. They're the ones who receive guidance. So when we look at this and see that he is a goddess promising us that if we handle the situations well, and if we lose someone, we say in the Leela, he went in a les Roger Oh, and that everything that we have belongs to to our Creator. So even our loved ones, whether our children, our spouse, our family members, these are all given to us as an Amana. They're given to us in trust. And when we relieve that, then if they're taken away from us, we're not going to be so devastated. Of

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course, we're going to feel sadness when the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam lost two sons. And he, he said that the iron at the eyes weep, but the heart is content that he was talking about that of course, it's very natural to cry and to feel emotional, but your heart is content with whatever that God wills and I think this is very important.

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Because when we, when we are able to see life this way we can handle any ups and downs of life. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that if a believer is afflicted with sadness, illness or anything harmful, even if he's pricked by a thorn, then this is a way of washing away since so this gives us a lot of patience in dealing with the difficulties and losses. Please stay tuned when I will continue discussing how to have patience during afflictions. And also having patience during worship and avoiding sense.

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welcome back, I'm going to continue talking to you about having patience during afflictions. There are individuals that I've had in therapy who were suicidal, they were at the end of their rope, and they were ready to take their life and, and hamdulillah with the with the proper training with remembering reminding them about the hereafter and about focusing on the things that are good in their life. Things changed around and it reminds me of the of the Surah Al in Surah fatin ilos reuse raw in my last three you saw that with difficulty with calamity comes ease. So if we keep this in mind, and this is the thing that I reminded the clients that we had that with each difficulty you

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have ease will follow and this gave them the endurance to hold on and to carry on. inserts of Bukhara is number 45. Allah says was dying Oh, this subsidy was

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like heavy rotten in Ireland harsh ii sefa loss help with patience, perseverance and prayer. It is indeed hard except for those who are humble. So whenever you're feeling whenever you're feeling down and you're feeling like things around, you are just falling apart, and maybe you're getting the test of your life. Just remember this first that it's saying gain your strength from from God and and do your prayers, connect with the Creator. And that's what's going to give you the ultimate serenity. Patience is also required in in doing the worship because it's not easy getting up early in the morning, sometimes four o'clock in the morning, five o'clock in the morning and doing the prayers

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washing up. It's not easy for some people to wear the hijab or, or fasting when you're hungry. So all of these things that we do all of the above does require a tremendous amount of patience. Now what happens is that as you train yourself and you start doing it, then Allah gives you the sweetness of the mind and it becomes so easy. So the things that start off being very difficult, become easy because you have persevered but it does require the patience and perseverance at the beginning. Allah says in Surah toads in Ayah 115 was specifying nama holla you the

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most any, and be steadfast in patience. For verily, Allah will not suffer the reward of the righteous to perish. Meaning that just if you are steadfast, if you persevere, make sure that you be guaranteed that your patience is not going to waste so even if no one else is recognizing it. And if no one else is giving you credit or appreciating all that you're doing or being patient, just know that it's all being recorded, and you're going to be fully rewarded. So you have to keep in mind that when you are getting impatient or you're getting maybe lazy, remind yourself of these verses to get too strong and to carry on because many times as soon as we're about to, let's say do our

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prayer, maybe we will get the whispers that to take you away May. You may be enticed to go watch a program on TV or you may be enticed to take a nap. Just remind yourself that as you persevere and as you build up your patience, then first of all it will become easier and you will be so rewarded not only in the Hereafter, but here as well in this life because the one who is who does persevere will have that serenity will have the Sakina and that is unparalleled to anything in this world when someone has absolute Sakina then there is no price tag that you can put on this patients.

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is also required when we are avoiding the things that are attempting us avoiding the sense we are tempted on a daily basis, actually moment to moment, whether it's whether it's lying or whether it's looking at things we're not supposed to look at, or whether it's engaging in relationships, we shouldn't be engaging and all of these things are a form of temptation. And it does take actually the most patience to resist this temptation. And this is where we have to exercise that and Allah says in the brawn Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim and sources Omar I attend in your file sobbing ohana agita home,

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Allah will give full reward to the believers who are patient without any limits. So as soon as you're faced with that temptation, whatever it could be, because for each person, it's a different temptation. Some people their weakness isn't getting angry. For others, it might be the, the opposite sex for others it might be, what they're what they're doing with their time. So we have to see what is your what is our weakness, and then try our best to to resist and if we remember this verse, that you know, we are going to be fully rewarded, because every little thing that we do or don't do is recorded. So as you're feeling the temptation, remind yourself and strengthen yourself.

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Because what it does is it creates congruency and authenticity, when a person acts in accordance to their belief system. This creates such authenticity that you feel genuine and not hypocritical. Because if you believe and you have really like ethical beliefs, but then you succumb to all your desires, and this is this is very hypocritical. And we need to really try to create authenticity in ourselves and try to really practice the things that we believe in Allah says in the Quran in certain Bukhara I have 45 to 46 was dying oh this sobbing It was

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like heavy rotten in Lahore Sherry, Allah

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Allah hola poo Robbie him one na home la he Rajan, Allah the Exalted knows that it is not easy to exercise patience and perseverance during hardship. And he promised those who do it great reward. However, patience and perseverance will be easy for those who are humble and conscious of Allah. So Allah saying that he is well aware that we are living in a world of instant gratification, and it's very hard to resist sometimes, but those those people who are conscious and humble, they are the ones who will be able to ask for God's help to pray and to gain the strength to be patient. We had a question from one of the viewers stating How can we be patient, when we're trying to give Dawa to

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our spouse like we are trying to remind them to pray and to do either, let's say about, about our worship. Basically, the thing to keep in mind, the rule of thumb to follow in giving Dawa to family members is to use indirect dalva to maybe encourage them by providing tapes, maybe taking them to classes, maybe having other people talk because I think it's a very delicate relationship and usually spouse are not as receptive and hearing these kind of reminders. So if you try some other means having some whether buying a CD or let's watch this, let's watch this program on YouTube about the Salah, or getting a book. I think these are the best ways it's like indirect, and also by being

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very patient when you give the Dawa remind yourself that Noah new la Salaam, he gave our for almost 900 years and he only got a handful of people. So we need to be patient and persevere. And also remember that Allah guides whom He wishes Allah Yachty, Manisha. So you may give the Dawa and it may not affect but you just have to be consistent and just do a lot a lot of dots for them because you are you will be amazed the impact that supplication will have on them. So it's like a love affair and as salaam alaikum

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