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Umrah 2023 #9 – Maqam Ibrahim

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Haifaa Younis

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Once you finish the throw off, then you actually leave the Mataf area and you move to a place behind the station of Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim. And then basically you do total QA. This could be anywhere in the masjid, not necessarily only behind the my arm itself, and you do a total cart. In the first one you read the qualia, you have a calf you're walking one you're read, called who Allahu Ahad.

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And again, as you're looking at the Kaaba, as you're looking at makan, Brahim, as you're doing this, remember where are you remember that you are following the Sunnah, the path of Roswaal once you finish these two cards, the Sunnah is to go back for headerless with the Blackstone, and again kiss it or give it salon in reality these days because of the crowd, this may not be easy and possible, then you just move on. And the Sunnah is to drink zum zum. After that, again, the etiquette of drinking zum zum standing or sitting there's different opinion, but you can hold it. Look at the Kaaba and make dua as the as your drinking zamzam and the DUA that you are making is usually ground