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Umrah 2023 #4 – Virtues of Madinah

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Haifaa Younis

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Al hamdu. Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Day three in Medina and Allah subhanaw taala blessed us this time with a nonstop or a continuous rain. Sometimes it was really severe rain and thunderstorms. I shared some of the pictures with you. So Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen today later in the day, Allah subhanaw taala blessed us with seeing the sun after three days, and Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen as you can see behind you, there must be the neighbor we the beautiful Masjid of Rasul Allah salatu salam. The reason we come to Medina is because of a suave salatu salam taught us that class should do rehearsal Illa Illa tell us that we

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should not travel but to the three massages, or the massage that we should visit that we aiming the travel only to them is actually the number one is a Masjid Al haram. And number two in Makkah, and number two is in Medina Masjid Nabawi, the Mosque of Rasul Allah salatu salam, and the third one is Mr. de la casa el Medina. And Wilma Dropcam a Medina there, Medina, the city of Roswell is AUTOSAR What do you know about it has so many virtues that as I am traveling, as I am coming, as I am walking, I need to remember

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our swirly Salatu Salam is the one who called it three or three by pure purified and one of the reasons for it is because it's soil as some scholar says, it's totally It's dirt, its soil is pure. The people who live in Medina or the people of Medina are actually pure.

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And everything in it is pure Subhanallah you smell it, when you land in Medina and when you come out and when you walk Subhan Allah also in Medina is a haram is a sanctuary where Allah subhanho wa Taala dignified and made it special that certain things in Medina cannot be done same in Makkah, because it is sanctuary, it is placed haram which means there are certain things we can do in it, which basically there is no hunting inside the borders of the Haram no hunting, no killing and no cutting of the trees. And Rasul Allah has salatu salam said something so unique, and we all feel it when we come to Medina. Is that the A Iman faith? Yeah, rasool Allah retreat back to Medina. Faith

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always go back to Medina as if the Medina is the source of the faith. Come I Rasool Kamata Rasool higher to Illa Johari her as the snake retreat back to its opening or it's to to its own. So it's the center of faith center of Eman. Remember, that Rasul Allah has Salatu was Salam for 13 years in Makkah, very few accepted Iman 70 plus people migrated to Medina, while at the end of the medina era 100,000 People moved with our Swati salatu salam went with him for Hajj. So it's a place where Eman basically gets stronger and lives in it. And also alayhi salatu salam also said that El Medina to highroller home located in the city, the Medina is way better for them than any other places and at

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the time, and after all, rozalia Salatu was Salam, a man came to Abu Zeid Huri and he said that it's becoming harder to live in Medina and then he reminded him of the hadith of Rasul Allah so it was like your spirit had a Had Allah Allah, Allah, lo.

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Allah Allah spirit, Allah Allah wa ala for your Moto la quinta de who Shafia no one can practice or be patient for all the difficulties he or she sees in Medina. But then I will be their personal intercede or I will intercede for them personally on the day of judgment and as I said it's much better for them in Medina to hire en la home Low Can We Allah moon and Roswaal a saw to send me the special dua to Medina Allahumma bad cleaner fee her body can have him with the here P mode you have si ya Allah bless us are blessed the city in all the

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things we use to measure whether the water whether the dry and things and he made the special dua by the cleaner, clean Medina Tina it's a beautiful place to visit. May Allah subhanaw taala invite everyone and also let us not forget that praying in the masjid of rasa risotto Sinha is equal to 1000

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Someone else somewhere else as he said that Salah in other massage the Salah in my Masjid is better than 1000 times more than other solids except then Masjidul haram, which is 100 and 1000 100,000 times may Allah invite everyone as salaam alaikum