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Umrah 2023 #1 – What to Pack for Umrah

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Haifaa Younis

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh as Allah subhanaw taala is gracing me soon to go for umbra, I get always this question, what should I pack? For Onra? What should I take with me, and I put this for a reason. Don't worry about the bag. Don't worry about what you put in the bag. Don't worry about how many clothes you have to take, or this or that, or non scented, everything is there hamdulillah and even if you forget, you still have and you can get the most important thing we need to

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pack for our Onra is the following. Number one, pure Nia you're going only for him and nobody else you want to please Him and nobody else. And remember what say you know Musa, Moses said, when Allah asked him why you came so quickly and left people behind you. And he said, Your Allah, I came to

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Coakley, I came to you quickly so you are pleased with me. So pack this, I'm going I'm coming to you. Yeah, Allah to be pleased with me. That's number one. Number two,

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leave yourself here. Leave your desires here, wherever you are. Meaning don't go to Umrah as you if you are going for vacation. You're not You're going for a spiritual trip. The most spiritual trip whether Umrah or Hajj, by the way to please him to meet him. He invited you as a special he didn't invite anybody else. And number three, go to him with an open book he knows and tell him your law. I am parking I'm coming to you to purify me to make me a better person, a better servant of yours. May Allah take us all there safely.