Allah Loves Those Who Rely Upon Him

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen May Allah subhanaw taala helped us accept from us, make it the best ever we have done and give us more strength and power and reliance to do even better. hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen I hope everyone had at least practice one or two of what we had covered, good doers. Repent to Allah subhanaw taala we are always Allah conscious. And then we have patience, to do all these in general in life. So Allah subhanho wa Taala will love us. The fifth virtue or criteria that Allah loves to see on his servants is actually our reliance on him. In Allah your head brim with our kidding Wehrli Allah loves those who rely on him,

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put their trust on him feel Allah is enough for them. And Tawakkol which is reliance on last Hunter Allah is actually an order Allah Who ordered us and number one, he ordered the Rasul Allah, His salatu salam, what our corral how you lead the lion moot, or they lie on the one ever living and never dies, rely on him. What does rely on him mean? In my daily life? Number one, I need to learn what is the word mean, in Arabic, to what called Al Joaquin generally, is when you put your trust in someone fully you trust them, and you give them your affair, you surrender or you give your affair to them. Ironically, this word in the Arabic language is actually used for lawyers and attorneys.

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And Joaquin is someone who own work, it is the one who have given me their case. So when we give to an attorney, or we hire an attorney, or we hire a lawyer, basically, we trust in that person human being, he is the best to take care of this case, or whatever I have. What about the creator of the attorney, and the creator of my affairs, and the creator of everyone, or the Alliance, to become a person who rely on Allah fully, that I will gain and will be rewarded by the love of Allah subhanaw taala to get there, I need to know about him. The more I know about Allah, subhanaw taala and all his names and attributes, he is he is the strong, he's a Rahim he is the Merciful, He is the owner

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of mercy, he is an order he is the capable, he's a result, he's the one who gives, if I live with this day by day in and out, that he is the only one has these criterias and all human beings, they have these criterias but they are part of it, the original criteria or the original character is only Allah has, then I will submit and I will put my affairs to him, because who else will do this better than him? Who will take care of my affairs better than than him and Allah subhanho wa Taala used it in the Quran in many ways and forms and for example has when Allah when him and Joaquin, we always say this has when Allah Allah is enough for us one year ml were killed and what

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what are relying is on what a one that we can rely on? Or what what is he or what Who is he the one that can suffice my affairs to win here in Milwaukee, we are actually some sometimes order n or sometimes highly recommended to use this term in our daily life. And before I say this, I want to point to a point to what call reliance on Allah is actually a form of worship. It's the quality by the tongue Albia it's my heart. It's an act of worship of my heart is not my tongue. I can say it, it is not my body I can do things. It is my heart, feel believe and then my body will act and I will feel that Allah has enough for me I don't need pupil is okay if I don't or I don't have Allah is for

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me. He'll take care of me these words when we say it, but when it comes from the heart than I know what three are lions when Allah has when Allah when yet Milwaukee enough is Allah for me and Allah Subhana Allah as I said, order the Rasul Allah is Allah to the Prophet said it so you know I said it said know who said it say they are who said that all these when they were going and of course they know Musa he didn't say the word to what could what he says Can in my era beside de ne Allah is with me, He will guide me enough. This is what our call is you feel it internally, that Allah will take care of you, even if everything around

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To me, is not what it is. Everything around me tells me nothing is gonna go well, I in me, I know if I surrender and give my affairs to Allah, He will take care of me he will make things better, or he will make me feel better. And to daily activity we can use. And and we were highly encouraged by Roswaal as Auto Salon to use the word call in is actually when we leave the house, there is a Hadith of Roswaal de salatu salam, the meaning of whomsoever, leave the house and say three things, three things and he said Bismillah by the name of Allah Tawakkol to Allah Allah I rely on Allah when a Hola Hola, Quwata illa biLlah no power, no change of status status, but by Allah, then it will set

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to him that person who DITA Koshi eater will cater you will be guided you will be sufficed and you will be protected. And then as he or she leaves shaitan will come to them or the shayateen will come to them. One shaitan will say to the other don't go there. He's already guided and he's already have enough and he's already protected. So when we leave the house, let's practice it Bismillah two o'clock to Allah Allah La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah by the name of Allah Tawakkol to Allah rely on Allah, natural lo La Quwata illa villa, no power, no change of status, but by Allah. Also when we go to sleep at the end of the day, one of the DUA as we say it's a long one but the beginning of is

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Allahumma slim to which he eat ate, I surrender my face to you. Well, for what to Emory Lake and I surrender. And I give and I rely in all my matters upon you has won a lot one yet am I lucky? Allah loves those who feel it and act by it, that Allah is enough for me, we take the means we plan a kilometer walk can tie the camel, but rely on Allah. So I do everything I need to do, but I don't get connected to the things I planned, or the things I have. Because sometimes I have and I planned, but the result is different. Because Allah is the One who operates and who makes things works. So let's try in our daily life. Three things What do you say telecoil to Allah, Allah, internally, I

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submit I don't rely on my ability. I just submit to Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those who fully learn to work on practice to work, and be of those who constantly rely on alash pantalla in the law, your hibel motto Katie