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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of "immediate" and how it is far from everything, including special occasions like Laila to the MAC or Laila to lucado. They emphasize the importance of acknowledging and embracing actions and finding one's mistake as a way to evolve. They also discuss two approaches to achieving a law: becoming aggressive and being considerate, emphasizing the need for forgiveness and finding one's mistake as a way to evolve. The speakers stress the importance of avoiding becoming obsessed with a situation and allowing others to take their own chances.
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Al Hamdulillah in Africa who when a star you know who one is still fearful

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when also below him in Shuri and fusina woman say Dr. Medina

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Maja Hello fellow

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woman you

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wanna shadow under

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the hula Sheree Kala wanna shadow Edna Mohammed Abu rasuluh I'm about to pull out about Katara film for an image or for Conan Hamid are all the villa him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim in law your head would be where you have been.

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So the

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honorable orlimar respected elders and brothers.

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Today I'd like to speak on an important topic

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Toba and is still far.

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And the reason why I chose to speak on this topic today

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is because we generally associate Toba and is still far with special occasions.

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We generally associate Toba and is still far with auspicious nights, like Laila to the Bara, or Laila to lucado. Or the big nights of Ramadan, or other special occasions of the year.

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And so we limit this very fundamental rebirth of Toba and is still far too specific occasions.

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Where is

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Toba and is still far is ought to be a regular practice in our life.

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If one studies the Sierra and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam,

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and not only the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but all the prophets prior to him.

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If you studied a lives, you would find that Toba and is still far were regular features in their lives.

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Every Nabhi propagated about is still far in Toba. And every newbie had Toba and is still far in his life.

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So Toba, what is the meaning of Toba

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and Nether matoba

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to have remorse over our shortcomings, to have remorse over our actions,

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to have remorse over what we are leaving out is called Toba.

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In essence, remorse is another name for Toba. And that's that's what I was looking for. The remorse in a person's life. after committing any sin

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is still far is another word which we hear very often, and is still far means

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to express your remorse in words. And to ask a lawyer for forgiveness.

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So a person is feeling the remorse in himself. How does he express it? How does he put it into words? He puts it into words by saying stuff federal law, stuff, federal law. Hi, Rob Beeman quickly then the word to LA so it's still far is the expression of the remorse that we are feeling within ourselves. And so don't buy in is still far too synonymous terms, which we very often hear by the AMA, and we often read in the text of Islamic literature.

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If you study the lives of the unbeliever salatu salam, you would find a Toba and is still far was a very regular feature.

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And one interesting point to note here is that the MBR Li Mo Salatu was salam wa masuma.

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They were pure from since

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they were flawless in terms of since

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Allah protected them before they became an A B, and a wa protected them once they took the pedestal of Nevada, in both circumstances, a lot protected the MBR Lee was salatu salam, never did they commit a sin in their life. They were mass whom and protected by a law.

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So the question rises here is that why do they then make so much of Toba and is still far in the life Why?

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So to understand that we need to know that Toba is still far

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is not only for sins that we commit in our life.

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Yes, we make Toba and we still fall for the shortfalls in our life. Yes, we make Toba and we still fall for the sins we commit. But this Toba is still far for another reason also.

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And that is to acknowledge

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and that is to acknowledge that all while you have given us so much in our life, you have given us health, you have given us wealth, you have given us prosperity. You have given us a job, you have given us a house have given us so much in our life. We are walking, we are talking we are independent. Allah you have given us so many bounties we're introducing Yamato La, la sua. If you have to count and enumerate the bounties of a law, you would never be able to encompass them

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was Guevara lakenya, amo hiroto Paulina, Allah said we have completed our bounties on new internally as well as externally. So Allah has given us so much, and to Toba is still far we are saying to Allah, we have not been able to do our part.

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Over you have given us so much in our lives, but we have not been able to do our part. And so we express this remorse, and we express the shortfall in our life. And so you look at the life of other Marines Salatu was Salam robina Valentina and Susana, well in lactoferrin, Luna water Hannah Linda coonan, nominal ha serene, and be bleed into a law

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and the be humbling himself in front of a law and saying, Oh ALLAH forgive me. I will love Forgive me.

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Look at know Holly salat wa salam, wa ala fearly. Water, honey uku minahasa in our life, you don't forgive me. If you don't show mercy, then our law I will definitely be induced. So a person through Toba is the father is showing his submission to a law and showing that our law we acknowledge your favors in our lives, and we have not been able to do what we have required us to do.

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Look at moosari Sam, Robin nice to see some fairly our law I have wronged my soul. Forgive me. Look at Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam in Ibrahima, the Hollywood

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need a lot talks about Ibrahim alayhis salam that he turns to us so much. A worm would even look at Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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will lie in stung Pharaoh more how to boo la fille Naomi thirimanne Sabrina murrah.

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He said I take a custom in the name of a law that I seek forgiveness from a law more than 70 times a day.

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an OBE

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no ordinary person, say you will codenamed say hidden Oh, well, you know laughter he will say you will Bashara the greatest man to set foot on Earth. Look at his position. He is saying I seek forgiveness from a law more than 70 times a day.

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So that tells us how much of Toba is too far we should be having in our life. How much of repentance we should be making in our life.

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And Allah says in the Quran, look at this declaration from Allah. Allah says in the law how your hips been, while your hip Bula Matata read. Allah says, I love. I love those who make Toba excessively. I love them.

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And love Love is not superficial. Love, Love is not at official. A lot of love is genuine. And when our loves a person, his problems are solved in life. And so a law is saying, I love you when you make Toba. I love you when you repent. I love you when you when you raise your hands in repentance and you asked me for forgiveness. I love that action.

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I love it.

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So Toba is too far brings us closer to a bar. The quality of Toba and is still far makes us the Beloved of Allah. Allah loves us so much in authentic narration.

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The Prophet of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, One levena cbit Lola nee buen La Habra. deikun when a jar of the poem in use kneebone, a fire stone, una LA for young Pharaoh.

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When I read this, when I read this, I could not stop marveling at the mercy of a law, listen to this, listen to this. The Prophet of Allah said, I take a custom in his name who holds my life, I take a custom, a law says that if you stop sending, if you stop sending and breaking the commands of Allah, Allah says, I will remove you from this earth. And I will bring another nation who will break the commands of Allah, but they will turn to Allah in doba is still far and I will forgive them.

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Look at the mercy of a bar. Look at the love of a law way will you find such a kind of law? Where will you find such embracing a law? Where will you find such a warm law? Where will you find such a bountiful of law, who openly declares and says if you stop sending, I will replace you with another nation and who will break the commands of a law but they will turn to a law in dovan is still far and I will forgive them

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as one loves this quality? Why does a lot of this quality The question is, why does a lawn love dovan is too far away

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is because through Toba and is too far. We are expressing our humanity to evolve. We are saying to Allah, we acknowledge our sins in our lives. We acknowledge the shortfalls in our lives.

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Because there's one of two options.

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When a person commits any sin,

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he either becomes arrogant, it becomes proud.

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And he says so what if I don't need Salah? So what if I'm gambling?

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So what if I'm not wearing the suit? So what if I'm not doing this? And so what if I'm not doing that? That's one option, the path of arrogance, the path of arrogance. And the second option is

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where you acknowledge where you take responsibility of your actions. And you say well law, I have folded over law I have gone wrong in my life, and Allah loves it. Allah loves it when he sees his servant, taking responsibility for the actions. And we have two approaches in front of us. The one of our father, other Murray salat wa salam, and the one of Iblees the devil

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with a word spelled out of money salat wa salam from Jenna. And when Allah expelled at least from Jenna, both of them took two different paths in life.

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it bleeds became arrogant, Halyburton even now woken up to me and

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said, I am superior to Adam. Why should I Why should I make such that to Adam? And so he bleeds became arrogant. He became stubborn, he became upston

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and ultimately salat wa salam took another approach. He said Rob banner, Bala and fusina. were in love don't fit and Linda,

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Linda poo net nominal for serene. He said, our law I have wronged my soul.

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Our law I've made a mistake Forgive me. A law gave Adam a salam, the acceptance of his Toba and Iblees till the Day of tiama will remain curse.

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So we have two approaches.

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Either we become arrogant and become bold, or either we acknowledge our faults in our life. Whenever we make a mistake. Remember our father ultimately said that was Sarah. Allah accepted his toga.

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There are so many promises of a law and he's still far in tober. In this little time that I have, let me run you through a few of them. Allah subhanaw taala says, Is stone Pharaoh robber comes from matobo in a humid matter on Hasina majesty far in tober, regular feature in your life, Allah says I will give you a good life. You may Taroko Mata en hacer una It's a promise from a law that is so long as you make Toba and is too far. I will give you a good life instead

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ferro rod boom from LA to LA UC Santa la comida Aurora Where is it from Kuwait and in Abu what you can make Toba is still far and I will give you strength I will give you power I will give you might still come in no who can have a photo you will see this Santa Mira where you need to come in we're burnin locum generating where

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Allah says make Toba is too far. I will send out beneficial rain for you. I will grant you children and offspring I will give you Rosie and sustenance and I will give you much more blessings than bounties in your life.

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While makhana la humara Viva La whom Mr. foon Allah says I make a promise, so long as you make Toba and is too far, I will never punish you.

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Allahu Akbar. In conclusion, brothers and sisters in Islam,

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we should never become despondent in our life. No matter how big the sin may be, never become despondent. And I take so much of comfort from the words of Imam Shafi Imam Shafi Rahmatullah incontrato who do fit boo boo Geneva was the hall fulfilling Yeoman Mia de vida, for the for the attack Amina Mohammed aku father Minami la cama Xie de la te sn minute Philip beautiful hatia feedbooks new omega Muslim OVA de de lo Sha, la Johanna muffaletta Makana and Himachal perfecto Haider, Allahu Akbar Allah. He said, when you are committing a sin, and you have that remorse, and you are fearing accountability in front of a law, Imam Shafi said if death is the state in your

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mind, and if that is the state of your life, then remember that death is a sign of forgiveness from above.

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And allow will give you even more Imam Shafi said and he said don't despair. Don't become despondent from the mercy of Allah. Because Allah looked after you when you were under three layers of darkness in your mother's womb in your mother's belly. And look at the last couple of days the mom Shafi he said Lucia and tusla Johanna Macaulay the if allow one to throw you in the fire of john lennon, he would have never given you a man in the first place of war. If a law wanted you to go to jahannam, he would have never given you a man in the first place. Only a non believer can become despondent in the mercy of a law. A Muslim can never become despondent from the mercy of a law, never lose hope,

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make Toba and is still far every day in your life, even if it is four or five or six, seven times. And don't lose hope in the mercy of a law. Even if you broke the command of a law 100 times in the day. And even if you made top 100 times for the same action, then don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah for Allah will forgive us all. And the last point I end up on

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nobody has the right to look down on anybody in life. Nobody. If Allah does not look down upon us, how dare we look down upon anybody else in life? How dare we dish tickets to China? Who are we to claim the responsibility for that? May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us all say I mean, Allah bless us all. May Allah grant us children that will fill those May Allah make us from his chosen servants for Marlena in Melbourne.