Fighting over Gold

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Imam Muslim Rahmatullah Ali in his compilation The Sahih Muslim has brought a fascinating incident where the prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam speaks about two people. It's not origem and Roger dinakaran level for Roger roger laddish, talakad Rafi Acharya he just written he has a husband,

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a man purchased a piece of land from another person.

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And after a while, the person who purchased the land discovered some gold on the property. And this is amazing.

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For color No wonder they stole our car hood, the hubba Kamini

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so the person, the buyer went to the previous owner and said to him, you know, I found some gold on the property that I purchased from you, I want you to please take your gold from this property.

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I'll see how this thing unfolds.

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In the mystery to mean can order I've only purchased the land from you. I don't want anything that I find from the land.

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One of charming cars

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for call the lady shall order. The previous owner said the previous owner said in Namibia took an outdoor mafia. Look, that's your luck, I sold you the land and whatever it contained. If you found gold, and that's your luck, I'm not going to take that goal. It does not belong to me.

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Look at the nature of the dispute.

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The new owner is telling the previous owner that this gold does not belong to me. I only bought the land from you. This gold that I've discovered does not belong to me it belongs to you. And the previous owners insisting that I sold you the land and whatever it contains, if you found golden that your luck. So this became a matter of dispute.

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Just think about it. How would this unfold in our day and age?

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Would we have a person actually come forward and say I found gold from the property I bought from you? Do we find such people? Maybe you do, but it's a rare occasion. We look at the integrity of these people the prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is highlighting the fact that this is the integrity these people had both the new owner as well as the previous owner. Both are refusing to accept the ownership of the goal. Both don't want it. As a result, this metrics escalated to a judge Fanta How come you know Roger Lin, for corollary to how come he Lee so the judge asked him a very crucial question. He asked him either Kumar Whedon, do you have children amongst you for color

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or huduma D will learn so the one said I've got a son work on leisure return and the other one said I got a daughter called am Kefalonia malaria. So the judge between them said why don't you get your daughter married to his son?

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Well, UNFPA and fusi command Minho and take this goal and spend it on both your kids.

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Mashallah, what does the ca n give a little out in the path of Allah subhanho wa taala. In this way, he was able to reconcile between the two people. But what I'm highlighting here is that these people were disputing over who should take the goal.

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Both of them did not want the goal.

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Look at the integrity look at the integrity of these people. In the end, Allah subhanahu wa taala brought about such a beautiful solution for both of them. Both were united in terms of the two families and the money was also spent in a proper way. This is what we need to learn integrity, honesty, your word is your word. And your character is your character. In this day and age, good luck, integrity, honesty. Amana is a rare commodity. The more we develop on this, the more we cultivate this in our life, the greater of our chances for succeeding in terms of the era. And what what level of consciousness of Allah, these people had. The one man is refusing, even though he

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discovered the gold after becoming the owner, and the other men refusing even though he was the rightful owner in the first place. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us all with integrity. May Allah bless us all with honesty, may Allah Allah give us impeccable character and may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from amongst those that on the day of Kiama we will be amongst the Gambia. This

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shahada the sila Hain and the righteous one simply because of our honesty and integrity in our dealings I mean