How do I listen to Podcasts on Apple Podcasts
  1. Open the iTunes App or Apple Podcasts App on your Desktop/Tablet or Mobile Device.
  2. Open the Podcasts Store
  3. Search for Muslim Central

All the speakers on Muslim Central will appear and you subscribe as you would as with any other podcast for FREE.

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How do I listen to Podcasts on Google Podcasts
  1. Open the Google Podcasts App
  2. Open the App
  3. Search for Muslim Central

All the Speakers (Podcasts) on Muslim Central will appear and you subscribe as you would as with any other podcast for FREE.

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Do you accept Bitcoin

Yes, via our PayFast cause account.

Will you put me in touch with Speaker so and so

No, we will not and any questions related in this regard will more than likely be ignored.

How do I get a Speaker onto Muslim Central?

You may contact the speaker and send in the following:

  1. Proof of his/her permission to be added to Muslim Central
  2. Biography
  3. Links to sample talks

We will then run it by our informal review board and add to list for consideration.

What are the benefits of a Speaker being on Muslim Central

We handle all the aspects of publishing the speakers content, this includes

  • Publishing
    • Website
    • Apple Podcasts
    • Google Podcasts
    • Android App - ours and 3rd Parties
  • Advice
  • Consultation
  • Hosting and all IT infrastructure costs are ours
Where are you based

The NPO is registered in South Africa, our small team is based around the world. The founder/director/project manager is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

What is your view on copyright

We follow the view that Islamic Audio/Video Lectures is not copyrighted, BUT we respect the other view. Commercialization of the content is another aspect though.

If any speaker wants us to have their content removed, we will gladly oblige.

May we re-use any of the content

Any of our content may used without modification for personal and non-commercial use only.

Any other type of use, you will have to contact the speakers/producers directly to attain permission.

Please contact them directly, we do not provide speaker contact details in general.

Where do you get content from

The majority of the speakers on our platform we have permission to be on Muslim Central.

We thus extract the audio lectures from  various websites, videos, live streams etc.

We admittedly need to get the permissions - not without trying - of the rest.

Why do you only send Push Notifications only for some Podcasts

Yes, we only send out notifications for selected speakers/podcasts. The reason is that we upload so much content that you would be bombarded with notifications.

How do I upload talks on behalf of my Speaker

Assuming we have agreed via email that you are able to do so, simply upload to Dropbox and share a link to the folder and email our support address with it.

  1. Titles - This is how the Title should Appear.mp3
  2. Descriptions - should be inside text (rtf/word) Files