Is A Person Who Is Deaf Required To Pray

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Our deen was made easy for each and every person Alhamdulillah. In regards to a person who is deaf, it is difficult to pray normally. How can one in this situation pray in a congregation?

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Shaykh Omar Suleiman explains.

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A person who is deaf, should pray they're still obligated to pray.

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But of course, there are certain accommodations that would be made, they would simply have to learn some of the some of the things as to how to pray for themselves and if they are following the congregation, they could have excuses with their eyesight to look at the people that are next to them or in front of them, preferably in JAMA to see what they are doing to follow their movements. And that could even be for example Institute, if a person you know, can sense who's next to them or can look over even Institute to see when they are rising up from salute in order to follow along with the congregational prayer, but yes, a person who is deaf is still required to