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Shabe Baraat

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In aspect with regard to the night of Chevy Bharat, firstly we like to say that the word Bharat means freedom and emancipation. So the word Cheb means night Bharat means the night of freedom and the night of emancipation. Now Allah subhana wa Taala has given us certain occasions in our life. We Allah tala gives us an opportunity to come closer towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. And there are various reasons why Allah tala does so one of them is because of the limited eight spin of the soma comparatively to the previous homers whose lifespan what tremendous and they used to have lifespans of you know couple of centuries and sometimes even more than that. This particular oma its

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lifespan in the words of the Hadith. of Nivea creams are slim is between the age of 60 and 70. By and large it is the heartbeat of Nivea cream sauce, and in one heavy cream sauce Lamb has explained it Thus, when he said that the example between the previous homers and this Homer is like a laborer. The one laborer works between fudger and zohore. And the second laborer works between Zora Nasser, and the third laborer works between Azur and McRib. Now the one who works between future ends or obviously, long, long time, long hours, and the one who works between Zohar and us are also comparatively shorter, but still long hours. And the one who works between us and Missouri, he has

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the shortest time period, and then maybe a cream sauce, some said they get the same reward. So he one of the aspects is that Allah tala gives us an opportunity from time to time, that certain nights where you make a budget, and you get limited time, but the reward is tremendous. The way this hadith makes mention with regard to it. Another aspect is that Allah subhana wa Taala gives us opportunities from time to time in what we call in our parlance, you know, a big night I don't know now, sometimes what does it mean how big but of course, it's a it's an expression, it's an expression of virtue, it's an expression of it been more blessed than other nights. And of course,

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this blessedness is not something that we can see physically. And if you have to go out on the 15th of Shabbat night, on the night of Laila to Qatar, apparently, it will not seem differently. And I'm using this word apparently very, very deliberately, because there are certain signs of Laila through Qatar which have been made mentioned, but apparently to the naked eye and to the novice, you will not be able to make out any difference. But in terms of spirituality, there is full of spirituality. So Allah tala gives us an opportunity sometimes to increase our good deeds, and he does so because of his Ramat in his mercy upon us. Allah loves us in one beautiful incident, during the time of one

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expedition in a time of one war, they were prisoners of war that were taken and came to Madina munawwara so there was a woman who was looking out for her child, and she went, you know, pillar to post as you would say, running around looking for her child. And eventually she got hold of a child and she breastfed the child took it to her bosom and hugged it and went to one corner, and this was done in the presence of Nivea cream sola what was psyllium in the other Sahaba in the VA creme de la la wa sallam told the Sahaba Do you see the love this woman has for a child? And they replied in the positive and the VA Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah will outcome will be a bad to him

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in how the Hebrew word you have. Allah is more merciful and kind to his bondsman. They're not what this woman is towards her child, unless Mercy is even more greater than that, you know, so unless Allah loves us in a letter law gives us opportunities from time to time, in the era of Alta v. These are required in this generation very interesting duration. And the creme de la Valley was Sallam had said that during the on the day of chiamata, Allah tala will call to people. In eventually because of the deeds not been sufficient, the evil deeds been more, Allah will declare and say go to Jana. And these two people, they will have different reactions to they been told to go to Jannah one will

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start running and he will be exceedingly fast in running towards Janda and the other one will go slowly, slowly and his he is going slowly he will turn around and look at Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Allah will call them back and said, Why have you had these reactions? Why have you have these reactions? So one will say yeah, Allah. Throughout my life, I've always disagreed you this way.

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One time you told me I said, I'm going to obey Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I obeyed you by saying even if it is something is difficult, I'm going to run towards what you have told me towards. And the other one said, he Allah, I've always heard that you as a foreigner Rahim, you are always I've always heard you are merciful. And in this particular aspect, when you told that you know, go towards janome I started looking back with perhaps, you mercy will overtake you. And Allah will say go both of you, I have now changed. And I have said you two gentlemen Subhan Allah and of course enough data to move to sheffey sobre la Allah is merciful Cora, you know, under the ayat and I'm

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doing the series abajo Rockman. And in the 11th hour, I'm gonna huami lasallian folder, so you will see it Massenet, Allah See, and now those people who turn towards Allah and repent, and Allah subhanho wa Taala will change the previous evil deeds into good deeds. For America you bet to law who say he at the Senate, and that is the exact words in the Holy Quran, Allah will change and there is an aeration that allow will tell a person on the day of climate that you know you did this wrong this room and he will feel ashamed and he will admit towards it. And he will say yes, Allah, I acknowledge I did this wrong. And Allah afterwards will say after making him acknowledge many of

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your sins in Allah will say I have changed all those sins, into good deeds. All those sins I have changed into good deeds as is mentioned in the Holy Quran. So then when he years Allah saying, I have changed your evil teach into good deeds, you will see yellow but I forgot about this evil deed and I forgot about this evil deed and maybe a cream sauce lamb while saying that Nivea cream sauce lamb was smiling. So this is a situation that we do find that Allah tala is always looking for an opportunity for us to be able to

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turn towards Almighty Allah and the night of the you know, Shabbat, if you look at it now, I know that there is you know, different aspects in the hadith of our beloved Nivea cream sauce can when you study those a hadith when you study those things of our beloved Nivea cream sauce. And I'm not going to go much into the details with regard to just two three and draw a conclusion and then speak on the conclusion. And that is refined that nebbia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam had made mentioned that it is a night in which Allah tala appreciates our turning towards Almighty Allah. So if you have bannerghatta Hadith on the authority of Madiba Jebel that Allah tala on this night,

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spends and pay special attention to his servants, he turns towards his servants with special attention, except two people, the one who associate partners to a lab and the one who has who is a machine, the one who has hatred for others. That is the two people whom Allah tala does not turn towards, with special attention and mercy. The second hand if and remember, Mufti Taqi Usmani, when he looks at all these ahaadeeth has made a very important point. He said individually, and of course, the fuqaha in the mohabbatein have graded Hadith. And this is towards our advantage, that our Dean is Saturday, it has been preserved in such a way that there are grades. And part of that

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grade is, you know, one that if in the if, in a sense, is a technical term, it's not something like it's in a format that is weak, comparative to strong strong, it is something that the technical term, and he said individually, these particular Hadith, you know, might not be as strong as other a hadith narrated by an obeah cream saucer, but it makes a very important point. And that is the 10 Sahaba who make mention of the virtue of Shabbat 10 Sahaba. And he said when you collectively put those added together, they become strong enough for us to realize the virtue of this night. So one of the Hadith makes mentioned that Allah tala turned towards his one bondsman with special favor and

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attention. The second of course, is a very famous How do you know reoccurring saw silom went out to the camera stand. And today because of the lockdown maybe people will not be able to do so. But of course we can still remember our home in in in our drawers, and do not forget to do so. Do not forget to do so with regard to making dua for the more humane and making dua for all of us. So in this nebia Karim salsola went towards a couple of Stan, and in this nebia Kareem salsa was followed by said Ayesha and then he came back and he said these words that this is the 15th night of Shaban Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive so many people is is the wool on the sheep of the tribe of Bionicle

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who are known to have great amount of sheep. The third had it is maybe a currency

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Aslam said that Allah tala comes down towards the first heaven and this is the meaning of last Ramadan special Rama coming down upon the people of this earth. And in this nebia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam said, from the time of Muharram Allah announces Is there anyone who seeks forgiveness if I might forgive him? Is there anyone who seeks a raise that I can grant him sustenance? Is there anyone who seeks that he wants to be saved from any calamity that I can save him from that calamity? Many people will say what's the significance with regard to Shabbat in this because there is an authentic hadith that says Allah tala calls out towards humanity every night or

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every early hours of the morning a letter calls out to the time of the 100. So what am I have said, the difference between the two is that on every night that call is made out at the time of tahajjud in chubby parrot, that particular call is made out from the time of Madiba. So, these three tells us what does it tell us? What is the common aspect in this turning towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now the important point is,

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what is the meaning of turning towards Almighty Allah obviously we will say, turn towards Almighty Allah in zeker in remembering Allah, into our, into our in Salah. That is why the alumni have said there is no specific ibaadat in the night of Shabbat. Anyone who sees a specific divided read that T times does right read 50 times this. There is no such a budget that has been specified in the haddish just be natural. Let it come naturally to you. Whatever you want to do. If you feel like reading aloud, make loud after a while you feel you want to read you know read make seeker read seeker, if you want to make then afterwards read different types of celestial hijack makes Serato

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harder for your Eman for saving yourself and your family members from calamities. Any particular ambition you want, go in read how many different Serato hijack you want with regard to your needs and tend towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. One important point

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we when we say turn towards Almighty Allah, make ibaadat of Allah subhana wa Taala remember, we need worship and Libertad not that Allah subhana wa Taala needs our ibaadat and our worship. We do it for our own sake. We do it for our own benefit. We do it because we need it. Allah Allah He My dear respected listeners, Allah is not in need of our ibaadat in one Hadith, Nivea cream sauce Islam said Lacan, Oh, wow.

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No matter you know, if all of you, the first of you, the last of you, those who are alive, those who are dead, the male amongst you, the female amongst them goes on to make mention, all of you were to become the most devoted and pious of pandas and servants. It will make one iota of difference to the greatness of Allah. And if all of you get together, and then you still go and disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala it will not make one iota of difference towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. We do worship inhibited because we needed more than what Allah Allah needs. And part of doing worship of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala is that Allah subhanahu wa taala through the means of worship

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grants us contentment, Allah tala grants us a satisfaction. Allah tala says Allah, Allah hit that mind column in the remembrance of Allah our hearts find contentment in remembering Allah will you find contentment Today we are finding and looking for contentment, looking for the spirit satisfaction, looking for happiness in so many different things. Sometimes in holidays, sometimes in material pursuits sometimes in luxurious types of homes and beautiful furniture. I'm not saying that it is wrong. I'm just saying we are seeking this type of contentment in this law hasn't kept contentment in it. And without remembering our Creator. without remembering our Creator, there will

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be a vacuum in our life that cannot be fulfilled by material things until we do not have and a time in our life to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala there will be such a vacuum and that vacuum cannot be fulfilled by material things. So Allah tala says we need turning towards Almighty Allah for our own benefit. Then another aspect is we do so and when we turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and we worship Allah tala. Let us do so with love. Respected listeners today we have a situation where there is a great

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shortage of having love in remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala is the is fearful mighty Allah but a believer will

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livina armano I should do hopen illa Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the believer is intense in his love for Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and therefore the Allah have made mentioned with regard to this so Allah ma Sophie's have made mentioned there are three types of

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relationships and degrees of relationship that you have with someone. One is where you are inclined towards someone. And Allah tala says with regard to inclination, or in, in a law he ravon verily towards Almighty Allah subhana wa Taala will the believers be inclined towards so the first thing is, when you love someone, you feel an inclination towards that person or towards that. So unless Allah says inclination also to Allah, or in, in Allah hirasawa then after inclination comes the next degree in our relationship, and that is, what is still a desire and letter mix mentioned with regard to the desire, therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala says, In the ayah in the Latina top una Min De La

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la la Koo Baba, whomsoever you worship besides Allah subhanho wa Taala they cannot even create a fly

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Elias Tancredo hoomin and if the flight takes something from them, then you cannot retrieve it from the fly the volleyball mutlu, very weak is your desire towards something besides Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the second type of aspect towards relationship after inclination is desire. Allah tala makes mention of our desire also to be to Allah Tada. The third aspect is Mahabharata and love and love is something that we have our London Amanullah shadow Belinda, the believer is intense in his love for mighty Allah. And then after the greatest aspect of relationship is where you put the most honorable parts of your body in front of Allah. And therefore, you know some people have made the

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zeker la, de la la, la la, la, la la la, la, la la, la la la la, there is no inclination but towards Allah, there is no desire but to Allah, there is no love but for La, La La La La La there is no one with you of worship besides Allah subhanho wa Taala so when we turn towards Almighty Allah first we do so knowing that we needed more than what Allah tala needed, Allah does not need our ibaadat we doing it solely for our sake. The second thing is we doing it out of love for Almighty Allah, more than anything else, more than fear we do it because of luck Almighty Allah. Thirdly, among the aspects that we do is we learn towards understanding that there is no other being that can fulfill

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our desires and fulfill our aspirations and take us out of a calamities other than Allah subhanho wa Taala we turn towards Almighty Allah in every aspect when we completed Buhari Sharif and then I will start as it moved to a lesson sobre la la mala for Escobar was Nora and Allah tala elevated status in we told us one thing he says human being you know human beings in your life, you know oh students you will always find yet you think that you turn towards people and you turn towards you turn towards people.

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And you turn towards people and you have trust in them. So a wife will have trust in the husband and the husband will look after me. The small child as he's growing up, he will feel that my as I'm growing up, my parents will look after me. And an elderly parent will say that, you know, as I'm growing up, my son who is young who I have sent through to university, they will look after me and Allah tala could sometimes take away those aspects that you are trusting and you're looking towards. And therefore as a material essence, Abraham, Allah told us after he completed worry, don't put your trust on something that is not reliable. There is only one being that relationship is reliable. And

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that is Allah subhanho wa Taala omiya. Allah Allah who has whomsoever relies upon Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala, Allah subhanho wa Taala become sufficient for him. And therefore, you know, as a Muslim, huzzah Brahma to lolly, our great one of our great scholar used to give this example whatever difficulty turn towards Almighty Allah, He gave this example, a person goes, you know, to a friend, and when it goes towards a friend, the friend because of security reason has got a fierce and ferocious dog in front of him in his front of his house. Now you want to go and visit What are you going to do? Are you going to say I'm going to visit I'm going to fight with a dog and after

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either he overcomes me or maybe I will overcome him, then I will go to visit my dog. Good visit my friend after removing that the dog that is there for security. He said what do you do? Oh well, you

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call out to your friend and said, Listen, that dog doesn't know me. If he sees me maybe it might seize upon me. It might attack me, it knows you, you come and remove the dog. So once you remove the dog and put it in a place of safety, then I can come easily multiple modes of referral, as you say, all the difficulties of this world. They are like that ferocious dog. We can either combat those difficulties or we can ask Allah that the creator of this difficulties allow the will of Bill Faruk Mencia remark Allah, Oh Allah I seek the protection of the lord of Daybreak from the evil that you have created. And Allah Allah you have created all difficulties Allah you remove this difficulty

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from me, but n has admired Allah shabu Hari, I have made mention of this so many times. And I just love to make mention of this, what it is then towards Almighty Allah for your aspirations for your needs for removing difficulty, more Natasha Bukhari Rahmatullah Lee used to say, I saw a person who was so beautiful, who was so graceful, who was so elegant. He was the greatest of endless creation, and he said, he was such a great referring to our beloved Nivea cream sauce and Allah tala took an oath on his life langbroek unlikely to close on his speech. Well, clearly he Urbina, hola como, LA. And la took an oath on the city in which he recited Allah tala took an oath on various aspects with

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regard to his greatness in parts of his body, etc. And he was such a person when he said yes to something it became Halawa, Mata Kumara, Sulu photo, or mana Hackman who Finto he said, for a moment, I thought that if there is anything that I want, I'm going to turn towards this person and this great human being that he might be able to assist me in my difficulty. When he said when through the means of his biography, I went to his house to knock at his door, I saw the entire creation sleep. I saw the entire creation, snippy, and I saw this great human being in such dark crying before someone else, and he was crying into the room for a nominee Barack Obama. If you

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punish my bondsman, you might punish my home but you have the right to punish them. They're your bondsman, but then to fill the home, but if you forgive them, you have the power to forgive them. He said that my mind and my heart made a decision. Don't go to such a great human being for assistance. Go to that been even such great people can ask assistance. Go to that bead where even such great people go and ask assistance from so the third thing in turning towards Almighty Allah as I've made mention and enumerating we do it because we need it not Allah needs it. We do it out of love. Thirdly, we turn towards Almighty Allah to fulfill our aspirations, and remove our difficulty,

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especially in today's time, in turning towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. We have to keep in mind that you know, in front of anyone else, you can lie in front of anyone else, you can make a story in front of anyone else you can have a false pretense in front of Allah, you can have no false pretense, Allah knows you in and out, who Allah will be committed and shall come in a way then to magnitone phoebo. Tonio mahakam, says Allah inshallah, Allah knows you are a human being before you were conceived. Allah knows you at the time of your conception. Allah knows you anyway, in the wombs of your mother, to praise yourself, I know who you are, when I know who you are, don't come with any

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false pretenses come in front of me with humility, in front of anyone else who can make a story to impress other people. You can create different types of situation in front of Allah you can do so there is no false pretenses come to Allah. with humility, there are now your situation, tell Allah subhanho wa Taala, your needs, your aspiration, your difficulties, your challenges, and we do so. Keeping in mind, Allah tala has mercy. We have full yaqeen unilateralis we don't amongst we are not amongst those who feel that Allah tala is obliged to have mercy upon us Allah is not obliged to have mercy upon us. Allah subhanho wa Taala he has the capacity to have to punish us. A believer never

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ever feels himself safe from the other job of Allah. In either obey Him or a room on top of Allah is such that no believer feels himself safe and secure from afar Amina Latina macusa Yosef Allahu Allah, oh, yeah to another woman Hey, Tula, Sharon, to a person who does plan or does evil do he feel that Allah subhanho wa Taala cannot

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put him down into the earth and that Allah cannot make the earth swallow him. Allah Allah cannot tell the earth to destroy him or not Allah can bring upon him from such places that he is not aware of. We don't feel our safe safe from Allah as punishment.

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But we have every right to feel hope in Allah has mercy none other than Haji medulla Mahajan. macura makalali has made mentioned with regard to this while we feel you know,

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fearful of regard to Allah tala as punishment, we also have hope in Allah, Allah has mercy and we turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala in mercy and therefore Hashem that llamada macura Allah makes mention and he writes, and he says, she Abdulkadir Gilani, the saint of Gilan, the seed in Baghdad was given by hand for many, many years. And he used to advise people for many years, then he witnesses that people are becoming complacent. I was talking about the mercy of Allah, people will become complacent. Then Chef

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tillery started speaking about the punishment of Allah. And when he started speaking about the punishment of Allah tala, he had such an impact upon people that

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people started fainting in the budget when he spoke about a less punishment. And sometimes people had to be taken out of it fading out of the masjid, and Shaka Janani spoke about and less punishment, and after a few days, two or three days is to align official.

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is my mercy completed

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in 30, or 40 years that you have to make my bondsman so afraid of my punishment, that they had to be there to faint and be taken away from the, from the masjid. Chicago originally Rahmatullah in a vision was rebuked by Allah subhanho wa Taala. That is my mercy completed, have you

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concluded and Have you completed my mercy is my mercy finish? So we while we have fear of punishment, we have expectation of Allah subhanho wa Taala has mercy. And in this particular regard, hottie masa, atom, asthma, asthma, Rama to lolly, you know, narrates an incident that one day he was in the harem. And it was a dark night. There were very few people in the harem at that night, and he heard a person you heard a person

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saying certain poems, he did not know who it was. But he heard those poems. And then in those poems were these beautiful words yummy Yuji boo, doo are terrific salami. Oh, the one who listens to the call of the person who is in difficulty in the darkness of the night. AKA Shiva Dori. Well, Allah wa masaka me, oh, the one who removes the difficulty and the apprehension and the fear of people when they are in difficulty and they are in apprehension in this very many different types of poems in Ghana, Judo, Judo suffer him if you're, if you're

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Jude and your generosity and your mercy does not come upon people who have done wrong for me here Judo Anil, Anil as he Bill karami, then who will show mercy upon the people who have done wrong, your life Your mercy is only equal to P upon the people who are pious, then who is going to show mercy upon the people who have done wrong and who have committed sin as my Rahmatullah as a rush to see who is the one who was saying this beautiful poetry and asking Allah in such a beautiful way in such beautiful words. He said, when I went there, I saw it was saying Allah between Rama to Laurie, the great grandson of our beloved nivia Kareem Salah Salem, the Center for synovial Otranto let me

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conclude with this incident that has been made mentioned by tafsir Razi, you know, n tafsir, as he has made mentioned with regard to this particular incident, and in this, he makes mentioned and he says, that has at least Salli Salatu was Salam one day he was going towards a place and he passed by a cover. And when he was passing by the cover, is Elisa was Salam Allah makes mentioned that Allah Allah gave him many great miracles through Allah subhanho wa Taala. And one of those, you know, used to speak to the people who have been, and he saw, you know, a person in the grave who has been punished, you know, and he has been punished for the wrongdoings that he was had done in this world.

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So he sallallahu wasallam observed that and he carried on on his way back, he Salli Salatu was Salam noticed

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that that particular place where he went past and when he had passed by, the person was being punished a lot. This time and he came, he saw that that person, Allah tala had revealed to him that that person was being showered

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with mercy and forgiveness, so Allah Allah says Allah salat wa salam turned towards one mighty Allah and said, he Allah, this person was being punished. Now you are forgiving him. What is the reason for forgiving him? He Allah revealed to me the situation. So Allah Allah said, he saw this person when he passed away, he had left his wife pregnant. The wife gave birth to a child, the child grew up. And the mother then took the child to go and read the scriptures of the time. And at that particular time when he was reading the scriptures, the beginning of the Scriptures was you invoke the mercy of Allah. Oh, Isa, I feel a shame

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of punishing a person.

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When his child is invoking My Mercy, I feel ashamed of punishing a person when his son and his small child is invoking My Mercy.

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I forgive him Elisa. So on this night when we say turn towards Almighty Allah, this is what is meant. We turn towards Almighty Allah subhana wa Taala. Because we need to turn towards Almighty Allah we need worship more than what Allah tala needs it. We do it out of the love of Almighty Allah. We do it turning towards Almighty Allah to fulfill our aspirations and our needs and remove our difficulties and calamities. And we turn towards Almighty Allah seeking His mercy to forgive our sins. And in doing so, in this especially this particular time, we do so with great hope in Allah Allah has mercy. And of course, in this climate that we have, we have a climate in today's time of

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difficulty, apprehension, the whole aspect of the COVID-19 we had an aspect with regard to remember one of the people who will not be shown mercy on this night is people who have hatred. Let us stay away from peddlers of hate. And let us turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala seeking a letter as mercy. This is what is meant with regard to Shabbat. I received a related the Hadith and all of them the common thread was turned towards Almighty Allah what is meant by turning towards Almighty Allah in a small way, I have just given some explanation with regard to it. It's not an entirety, but just giving you some example with regard to what is meant by turning towards Almighty

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Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us benefit from this night, not only this night at all times, may we turn towards Almighty Allah And may Allah subhanho wa Taala respond to us in terms of our calling out towards him and shower us with His mercy, forgiveness in every step of our life, who after the one and