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Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala and the Viva

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la mala NaVi about the hula hoop matava The Almighty Allah Iwasaki Tabatha Kitabi. We're actually at Avada Shariati Amanda do fall of Avila Jimenez shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Subhanallah the Astra we have de la la mina al Masjid Al haram Minelli Masjid Al Haram al Masjid Al Aqsa la vie Barak now Hola linaria Woman is in a in a whoo hoo was semi Albans here said a colloquialism respected elders and brothers we begin by facing Almighty Allah ascending salutations upon our beloved nebbia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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respected brothers Allah subhanahu wa taala has created us as individual beings and on the day of chiamata in a Day of Judgment, Allah subhanho wa Taala will take account of us based on our individual responsibility and based on our individual X

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good or bad vice or virtue, and according to that Allah subhanahu wa taala will deal with us.

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Allah Allah in the Holy Quran says will occur to Munna for other karma Allah canal como la Mara. Allah has created you alone and Allah will bring you forth on the day of Kiama alone to account for your deeds.

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And that is the reason why as Rama or the Allahu Turan who had said has Cebu and Fusa calm Kabbalah and to hustle. take account of your deeds before Allah to Allah take account of your deeds was in vocable unto Zanu and value and evaluate your deeds in wait before Allah Tala which was it. So there is no doubt that we are individual beings and we will be held accountable individually. In theory, torpor, Allah Tala is some they crave manga

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or Allah Tala HFMA petechiae. Toma Kala is dunya

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or Allah Tala ki someday jam page hunger to Akella Hiranya Amara Satco koombana Yoga, coil Jamari Sturmey amatola younger, we will be alone. However, there is no doubt whatsoever that together with that Allah subhanaw taala has made us social beings. We can't live alone. We can't live where we are alone and we don't have responsibility towards the people whom we are living with, and responsibility to the community and society that we are living.

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Our Gershom infatti term is dunya May I reckon Allah subhanho wa Taala Muhammad, it's to my torpor

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Bazzara TopSolid or hukum dia, Cam HTMI torpor lo que de Baraka or lone Kibera man, I'm such a fickle claim. So we are supposed to be social beings that is a reason why we as people we interact with people we meet sin other sinner we meet chest to chest in the animal kingdom for example, when anyone shows another person a chest it means that I have submitted to you I've given up but we human beings we meet chest to chest. We are perhaps one of the few species that meet in that particular way. Because Allah Tala wants us to be social beings to interact with people. Maybe a Kareem saw Solomon said in a hadith in Sahih Muslim and Muslim Allah the you heard it on us for years below

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Allah Allah Who Pharaoh middle Muslim Isla de la Holly tuna Salah yes guru Allah as a Muslim who intermingle with intermingles with people.

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He deals and he interacts with people, okay, sat back, correct. And he, he mingles with people, and he makes sabar upon the inconvenience millimeter Hakuna Kuta strictly for Sheree toy hockey. He is better than the person who doesn't intermingle. And he doesn't have to bear and make supper upon the inconvenience of people. About Maria what we do is that we feel by miters go to the magic motel quickie sister Lena then Anna Yeah, I don't have to worry about anything. I don't want to interact with people. I just go to the masjid I come back.

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Yeah, that's not the way of a Muslim himself. So say the Muslim or intermingles and intermingling. You talk to people you take care of them they need it is better than the person who doesn't intermingle. And he doesn't have to make up our upon the inconvenience of people. Allah has made us social beads. Allah has made us people who care and worry about the spirituality and about

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To the difficulties of other people, Allah, I can't overemphasize this aspect in Surah Yasin Allah has made mentioned in your read Surah Yasin Chai will do three Surah tempory and they can only be torpor Johanna whoa musalman for jerky vaginosis Surah Yasin toh or Elijah inshallah maybe we have a good expectation that we normally read Yasin Sharif every morning inshallah and we are cream sauce them as emphasises reading whoever he is Yasin maybe a cream sauce some said Allah will take care of his needs for the whole day.

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So now, in the ASEAN there is an incident of a person. Cisco Alana was Colombini speaker for Ma. Allah didn't even take His name in the Holy Quran

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or Jah Raju lumen XL Medina Ts. Amelia was Sarah to Assam kisi Jaga they came to one place logona One que en Kopari Manuela to hear me just co Bathmate of serum Maham caretake a warden Habib Naja, he was a bit the carpenter

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ordinary person carpenter by trade, but Allah makes mention of him in the Holy Quran

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and he sent a letter it says Raja Raja lumen XL Medina, the from the outskirts of the city, this person came running and he said, Yeah, call me to be almost saline, or people follow the Gambia and Bianca Johanna mono, so Escobar Lowertown Kosha hit cardio they killed him, they martyred him, or retinas is clear collagen non gendered middle theologia go to gender because Allah you have been martyred. Go to Jana and in Jana, he said these things yeah later call me alimony payments of early rugby which Allah nila micromate After he is in Jana. Oh Allah Ko mediale Is the comi alimony if only you can tell my people how because of me bringing a man upon the Gambia bringing a man upon the

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truth how you raise me and how you honored me.

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This is a figure a believer has for His people that Janet after going into January still worried yeah Allah those people who haven't brought a man He Allah tell them how you have forgiven me or Jalan even a mocha Amina if you have honored me Subhanallah this is the way a believer in tax. This is the way a believer what is about other people. You don't want it metagenic maponya Mata Kasich is baraka so sneaky because why should I worry about people I mean Jana in Jana is saying your Allah show my people

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and not only with regard to spirituality, even with regard to worldly difficulties, maybe a cream sauce limit set and a famous Hadith. He is not a believer is not a movement, who eats to his full when there are people in his neighborhood who are hungry. Who can say musalman who said that?

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He paid burqa Kai or encouraged no prossima or per Oregon. Let's dig log Edwin and we'll book How can he be a win win? How can you be a believer? A person who is four years to his full and there are people in his neighborhood who are not who are not saturated and who are not. I was still hungry. He is not fulfilled his responsibility as a believer. What amazing Hadith Nebia Karim sauce limmud said that Allah showed me a person who is in Jannah Allah showed me a person who is in Jannah because he removed an offensive item that was in the wrong road. It was giving that lift to PayPal. He removed it. Alexa granted him Jana, to what to this to keep and to take offensive item from the road in

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which people are using use it. Then we saw some said I can see him enjoying himself in Jana. Others this is what we are we are collective. We are people who have the collective. We are not only people who worry about our own, and the only worry about we are people who worry at this point, our beloved Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us he was a man of the community. He was a man who brought people together. He was a man who interacted with people Sahaba said Never did we ever see a situation that maybe a cream saw slim greeted someone. And then we saw slim was the first to take his hand away. So convenient. Never happened whenever we saw slums, so someone with his eyes, he was

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never the first to divert his gaze away from people via cream so slim was of course a lot of people. When he came to Medina, he brought people together. When in Medina, they were different types of types of people. There were the three tribes of the Jews, the very Nazir Benny Khorasan. When he attained the visa Salam had a pact with them. When the Muslims Maha ravensara one from Makkah one from Medina. And we saw slimmed down to something more more hot or by chunky Cardinal or rich that time here. We are cream sauces brought them together in brotherhood. Let me

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Kareem saw Salam was extremely worried about the oneness of the summit, keeping the people together keeping it as a community, even with regard to reaching out to people who are non Muslims. We all know the famous incident that maybe a cream sauce from went to go and visit a Jewish youngster who was sick. Yeah, I'm Catholic a student at Capella we grow. I'm Nikki martaba rare Muslim co Yamato. laka McQuaid be Marta. I'm gonna jacker to be will be my full city.

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And we saw some did it. How many times did we say that someone in our particular vicinity there was a person who was sick, even if he had to be another person from another faith. If you go and visit him, maybe a cream sauce then went to visit a Jewish youngster. The incidence a very famous incident, maybe a cream sauce and went to him. And then we saw some said, bring him on upon Allah subhanho wa Taala and my prophet hood and he looked up towards his father and his father said about Qasim follow Muhammad follow I will ask him if he saw some was also known river crossing.

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In Hebrew, he became a Muslim. And then we saw some came out of his home saying Alhamdulillah Hindi another woman enough praise be to Allah subhana wa Taala who is granted him salvation Subhanallah so brothers, this is how you and I, we believe in this particular matter, we as a nation, as people, we rise and we fall together. nebbia Kareem saw swim taught us a very famous incident. And the very famous example of two groups of people who are in the boat, one on the upper deck and one of the lower deck. And the people of the lower deck said Why must we go and fetch water every time from the upper deck.

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Today what we're going to do we're going to make a hole in the ship and we're going to get water which is in the ocean or in the river or in the lake whichever we are traveling in the in the boat and we will get water to our heart's content. Why must we go upstairs? Why must we go and go and plead with the people who are on the upper deck? We academe saw some said in the people of the upper deck allow them to do it. Not only will they drown even the people of the upper deck

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and this is a reality. Our as combat we raised to rise together and we we fall together. So when is Caitlin and Kayla a felucca are one small group of people are going to be selling in salvation and other people are going to be you know, not on salvation. As an eyeshadow, the Ultron asked me via cream sauce to them. Yeah, one day. Yes, I know holy Kool Athena.

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Will we be destroyed when there are pious people in our mouths? So that we are criminals who said yes, in a cultural hub. If evil becomes dominant in the community, even if you are pious in your budget, you also will be destroyed. What have you done with the intention of bringing the entire community upon the right you can sit in a masjid and not worry about what wrong is happening in the community. So even if you are pious and the people in the community is not right, yes, you can still be destroyed by Allah subhanho wa taala. So this teaches us we have a collective responsibility. So as part of this whole particular aspect of our collective responsibility, a very important

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responsibility upon us as believers is to worry and take care and concern about the situation in Palestine and the sanctity of Palestine. And the sense that you have el coche

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and recited the verse in front of you.

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The Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and if we only hear this verse at the time of Mirage Subhanallah the SRB Abdullahi, Laila min al Masjid Al haram, middle material axillary bergna Hollow INRIA woman Aya Tina, Glory be to Allah Who took his Banda who took his bondsman Jeep on the greatest, the greatest elevation of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah Tala in the Holy Quran calls him with different titles. Because Raja Munira kavika, you will Muzammil you will hear all great titles, but on this occasion, which was one of the greatest in terms of his elevation, Allah subhanaw taala Anika Subhanallah the asabi Abdi Glory be to Allah Who took his Banda who took his

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bondsman who took his slave to be a slave of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the greatest accolade the greatest honor. To be a slave of anyone else is not an honor. To be a slave of another human being is not an honor. But to be a slave of Allah, Allah is an honor.

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So this is you know, one thing that Allah took him there and took him to him from Nigeria haram to Majid Aqsa then Allah Allah says Barak mahalo the surroundings of which we have made blessing.

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And the Allama say that the entire sham not the sham Syria is in the nation state of Syria the way you and I know it today. But are they Sham is an area which includes Jerusalem includes Palestine

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If crude includes part of Jordan, parts of Lebanon, and part of what is today Syria, it is Barak now who Allah has made it bless it. This whole area is blessing. How much do we pay attention to that which align the Holy Quran has been mentioned with regard to its blessedness. Allah in the Holy Quran says it doesn't Mousavi salat wa salam was going towards, you know, towards Jerusalem. Allah Allah says, yeah, come

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here come enter into the blessed land. I literally was called to enter the sky. I don't get a beta mocha does beta mock this year Smith and attorney for Maya

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and into the blessing and sacred Lin. This is the second budget that Allah subhanaw taala was established in this earth. I was referring to the Allah Allah says in a hadith and say Muslim, that he asked me via cream sauce Salam once Yara salah, which was a first Masjid that was put up on this earth is dirty. persepsi Bella Majid Khan, to Libya. Nigeria Hara Farah for miles kebab Kwanzaa to Libya, Karim Solomon from Maya Majid Aqsa second Masjid after Nigeria haram to then observe asna via cream salsa, Mira Sula, what was the time difference between the two? Do not make ya ferrata time KTRC Bolivia cream sells uncut chalice

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Charlie Sal kebab Majid a haram subsea pelea was established after 40 years was Majid Aqsa, and throughout history, we find that the Muslims always had first Qibla the first Qibla the Muslim ummah was within AXA, maybe a creme sallahu alayhi wa sallam turn towards was the Aqsa For how many months? Allah knows at least in Madina Munawwara we know it was 1617 months. McConkey Barack Obama

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didn't have a cream sauce and face maca, beta or beta a way to look at this because nobody saw slim normally used to read salad in such a way in the direction of both kappa beta and beta.

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They can merge Medina jump if it was two different directions today 1617 months in the direction. Allah subhanho wa Taala took our beloved Nivea cream sauce in the Mubarak and bless her journey of mirage. Allah Tala could have taken me a cream sauce Salam directly from Makkah into His presence in you know into His presence. Mirage kava but what Allah Tala do a little of first took him from materia haram to Majid Aqsa la Monica you scratch your hand I was medic Mata, there is wisdom in that one of the wisdoms Allah subhanaw taala Allah ma right. And when I address Kundalini rampolla Ali also has been mentioned with regard to it. And our Allama have made mentioned with regard to it

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set all along from the primary Salatu was Salam all the Emilian was Salatu was Salam. All of them came from Bani Israel and the VA came saw Salam was from but he smile. So Allah Tala transferred kneeboard from Medina Israel to bunny smarty. And Allah Tala took the Navy opening smart in the vehicle in saw Salam into the place which is a murkiness of the peninsula in the Allama of the Gambia of Bani Israel. And Allah Tala took him there and Allah Tala made him perform the Salat is the Imam of all the above.

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Allah Tala and this is the only place on Earth we own the Gambia with salat wa salam jointly performed Salah together

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what is material?

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So this is the greatness of material nebbia Kareem saw Salam, it said in a hadith whoever reads a Latin material, AXA 500 times more reward than the salah that you and I are reading in our match it

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understands more, and you wonder why it was 1000 times more. So this is the situation now when we are not only people who worry about our individual reformation and our individual situation, we look at the collective. This is part of our collective. We are supposed to worry with regard to material scientists inhabitants,

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as it may would have been to Saturday allow them I want they asked me to be a cream so I'll sell them at the other Sula. What do you say about material pizza, so maybe a cream sauce Lim said it is a place of blessedness and the place of resurrection, because many of the signs of Tiamat will take place on Majid Aqsa

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many of the signs of Tiamat will take around in the vicinity and the region of metadata so maybe a cream sauce Salam she asked what was I do via cream sauce some said go and perform Salat in Medina. Azza Salah what happens if I can't perform Salah GO IN SIN oil to be burned in misteriosa. If you can't go yourself when sent oil to be burned in material. What does it tell you? It tells you we are supposed to ever figure and we are supposed to have a keen concern with regard to it. They have major

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sent to to commerce come here to go and sell oil to be burned in Nigeria AXA via Karim sauce Lim is said in a hadith and Moscato Masabi that whoever you know performs and make his own raw and ways is it haram from material itself and then goes and perform Umrah or Hajj. Allah subhanaw taala will wipe away all his previous sins.

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And I know of people I made mention of this how many people from South Africa now they go and they when they arrived from Nigeria accent they can go make hombre.

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Maria Jana Amara magic is Satyam So in our particular Majid is a person who helps people to go for Antica imagine AXA. Two years back 250 People from South Africa Winco is off to magic. And I believe you also up a lot of people go this is something that is recently because of the Obama speaking about it because of the efforts of organizations like friends have Alexa, the sanctity has come into our minds. But this is something that our Navy taught us. Let me start Santo does it go in, take oil to be burned in Metairie Aqsa Subhanallah and this has been throughout history. We had throughout history, there has always been the situation that Muslims always turn towards, and they looked upon

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Majid xi as something very, very sacred Sahaba when they shut that bin hosted the Allahu Tehran who is buried, and when you go for the other day, you know, at this particular place, they take you to the cover of shuddered bin

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Sahaba buried around in the vicinity of Nigeria, that when the Muslims conquered Nigeria and when they came, so the people who are in charge of Majid Aqsa that time they were the Christians and sufferance etc. was a religious figure that was there. He told us the Muslims and said we are prepared to give you Jerusalem but bring your khalifa

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to Sahaba and Musharaka. He's gonna Omar Casablanca wa salam, he quits Nima today. So we will try and do it. So they put forward different people. They said maybe you can give the keys of Jerusalem to this person. To Amory will ask for some Merica Jana May. Amara is an attorney. His name is the same that is made mentioned in our previous scriptures. But his appearance is not the same.

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Then they put had it been worried or even willing to argue to is the Caribbean worried, you know His appearance was that Goomba Villatoro Nam Bucha Helene Nam SANY to Lika as a woman of the allowed to be allowed to call up a matura who is mature me earlier the Allah Dharma said that Omen Amirul mumineen

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Livia Karim saw silhouette prophesized that we will one day take Nigeria AXA and now they are prepared to give it without bloodshed. Why don't you go? Why don't you go and go and fetch the keys. So Mara, the Allahu Tirana went. Now you can think and you can you know, just think about this O'Meara the Ultron, who is leaving, Madina, Munawwara to get the keys of the blessitt in the sacred city of Nigeria AXA which Allah has made mention of in the Holy Quran, Al Majid axillary Baraka Hola. So he must have gone with such great charm. What great type of you know retinue image of God with what was his delegation? What must be his entourage? Today, one liter goes to another country

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you take a whole planeload of people

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who are o'mara the Overton Window one person

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once lived with him and used to share the camera that they used to have. Half the time he used to be on the cable half the time the slave used to be on the camera.

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They came to a place called jabya The Muslim people who came there they came to welcome as an almighty Allah Who Toronto as a way David Gerardo the yellow triangle and all the other Sahaba they came to welcome as a member of the Allahu Terrano and then when they saw Amara, the Allahu Terrano what are the allow termo was on his camel. Anyway, he was on very plainclothes. They told me Maria Lautaro over tomorrow when you go into Jerusalem, then you must go with the mule because people don't like here you must travel with a camera, the mule you will travel with a mule or in a horse there is greater respect and dignity. And oh man look at your crew to God will give you a jumper

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will give you a nice something to wear. So Maria Lautaro said okay, he took it. But the next day when he went on to this particular convenience, it started strutting. It started showing some form of arrogance. So I'm not gonna say keep your convenience give me my camel, leave your jumper keep it and give me my quota. And what did he say? No, no Colton has done Allah who will Islam. We are a nation that Allah Allah has given us dignity by Islam, not by outward appearance, not by the car you drive, not by the convenience we travel with, not by the area you stay in, not by the houses that you live in. Unfortunately, you and I we are all in the same category. We think that status and

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respect and dignity are in these things. humara Villatoro said our status and our dignity is not on this outward appearance. Our status

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indignity is in our morality in our adhering to the dean of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. And he told us if you leave these things Allah Tala will disgrace you.

00:25:11--> 00:25:14

And if you think that your status is something in ALLATRA will disgrace you

00:25:16--> 00:25:19

so in this particular way, the Allahu terminal window

00:25:20--> 00:25:45

and in Javea the people came from Jerusalem and they came in they said, What what are you going to give us? What are you going to deal with us? We don't have the capacity you are very strong that Muslims are very, very powerful. You know, not only numbers today we are also powerful in number but in terms of power authority, taqwa, goodness, right? Yesterday, they were in power and authority. So more of the Allahu Terrano said, we will give you complete freedom. You can practice your religion.

00:25:47--> 00:25:59

You can practice your religion, you can even go in your church you can keep it you can practice I always say this thing's Muslims are strong, they are tolerant and Muslims are weak, they are intolerant.

00:26:00--> 00:26:21

Tolerance is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness. Intolerance is a sign of weakness. Today that we have become intolerant is a sign of our weakness, not a sign of our strength, when Muslims were powerful day was tolerant, over the about who could tell them go, I given you I have given you freedom, to practice your religion, because he was strong.

00:26:22--> 00:26:35

When you are when you are weak, you can only beg for mercy, you can dispense with mercy, when you are strong you can give mercy. When you are strong you can dispense with mercy, when you are weak you only beg for mercy.

00:26:36--> 00:27:12

Because the reality so can Salim when he took over Jerusalem, in later years in the 15th century, that time even the non Muslim rulers and the non Muslim religious subjects they brought the the agreement uma Viola to my head with the people of Jerusalem, that we will give you freedom of religion, we will allow you to practice your religion. So 10 Salim of the Ottoman Empire to carry safe. This is the agreement of my my Amira, I mean, this is a dreamer of my Miramont meaning he put it upon his eyes, and he said we will also do the same.

00:27:14--> 00:27:40

We will also do the same thing. We will also give you the freedom of religion, we will also give you the freedom and you know the incident that Omar will be allowed to know was outside the church when it was a time for for salad. And the person of the church told him come and read Salah tinea so Mara the Allah tuna said how they performed Salat here, but if I perform the Muslims will say the Amuro mini lady and they will be they will take over your church. I don't want that to happen. I don't want that to happen.

00:27:41--> 00:28:03

So what have you allowed to wind into into Jerusalem? When he went into Jerusalem? He first thing he asks. So Francis, he said tell me where is the masjid of the elderly Setosa the elderly salat wa salam kamaljit chi where is the ways where as a Delta Lisa that was CERAM used to make Ibaadat

00:28:04--> 00:28:49

via cream sauce and they said the best of you but it is the best of the abilities and the best of So, and maybe a cream sauce slim used to speak highly about the Ibaadat of a doubt at least Allah makes mention of it in the holy crap if the server will Muharram that he used to make meth Ibaadat in his niche in his Mira. So Allah subhanaw taala easy. So according to this reading one, one article in one book recently, they took him to one place he said maybe this is Omar said no. Our our Navy told us the place. It's not the same place. The middle of year can maybe a cream sauce or a Sahaabah Suswa diet material material. Exactly. Get some water. This is how Majid oxide is so kumara

00:28:49--> 00:28:51

Villatoro Suarez notice is not the place

00:28:52--> 00:29:33

then took him to another place. Say no this is not the place to be a Kareem saw Salam saw it there was of course we all know a mirage when the via Karim saw Salam came back and told the people that I went in a portion of the night to Nigeria xi and then in the presence of Almighty Allah, the Quran tried to belittle and try to falsify what may be a cream sauce ThermoSafe so they said that if you went and show us you know much of the Aqsa they asked me a cream sauce some questions about Majid Aqsa we are cream saw Selim says I couldn't remember but Allah Tala put the image of material in front of me and I could answer them according to the image that was put in place in front of me.

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Reality if you go to any magic in after you come up with a magic coreopsis Bucha is made there was a cabinet

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is made kerkia COVID-19 No one will know. You know you normally go and count but there is maybe a cream service awesome gave them specific answers. Because Allah Allah put the image in front of Sahaba might have known from that or from other occasions. So Monrovia Latinos the third place, it took him the third place he took him it was fun

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filled with debris filled with fluff. And they said, Yes, Omar said this is a place. This is the place. Omar Villalta no went into that place and he started cleaning the place. His history books re record that he even took dirt into his quarter and he was taking it and placing it on the side. After he cleaned the whole particular place, he had cleaned the whole area of Marciniak. So he has the Sahaba he said Where should we put up the Masjid? Now in there, there was a rock from which our beloved maybe a cream saw some travel from there in the presence of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala in Mirage, and that is where the Dome of the Rock is.

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So one of the Sahaba said, Omar make the masjid, behind the Dome of the Rock. So in front of you will be the Dome of the Rock and the place of the material. Or the place you know where maybe a Kareem saw Selim when and also both of them will be there the masjid also will be there. And so morellato said, I don't like the idea of placing a magic behind the rock because it gives the impression that we are making sits down in front of the rock. So place it in front of majestic dome.

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And that's where the Blue Blue Magic is.

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So this is the simple way you our Sahaba had such great of attachment. And throughout history that particular attachment was there. It was to Marwan who put up this most beautiful structure of the Dome of the Rock. But such beautiful architecture with such beautiful type of stones in there to show the Muslims attachment to the place.

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And throughout history there's been like that our alumni have been there. Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah Lee wrote portion of his his magnum opus, in the room in Jerusalem, in the vicinity of L in the presence of Majid Aqsa So, my dear respect of others. To conclude, let us say that we started off our talk by speaking about our individual responsibility. Allah Allah COGIC to Munna for other como hola como la mera, Allah is created to alone and Allah Tala will make you come in account for your deeds alone. But together with it, we are a social beam, we have collective responsibility. Part of our responsibility is to look after the collective Muslim will whether you call it to nurse or

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Muslim or intermingles with people and bears with patients the inconvenience is better than a person who doesn't intermingle. We are supposed to intermingle with people. We are supposed to care for people. We are supposed to worry about people. And we are cream sauce like I said a person one of the Greater One SRB came and said yeah Rasul Allah, what is the greatest good deed I can do? Maybe a Kareem saw some said the greatest deal in the eyes of Almighty Allah. It Hello Surah to give a Muslim happiness

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Musa mancha Hoshi punch out, give him happiness. So, we are people of the collective and part of our collective together with other examples are given one of our collective type of fear and concern should be the collective concern we as an MK should have with regard to the sanctity, the blessedness of Metaxa. Today, we have forgotten in many ways Alhamdulillah there are organizations who are trying to revive that particular situation. And I gave many examples with regard to the sanctity and blessedness of material. May Allah subhanaw taala given a topic of understanding and making armor, work through the Alana

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