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most of you are asleep

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and you don't even know

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too busy being deceived making this dunya your home

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in the heart there is a disease like a cancer for your soul and you can't be free until you learn to let go because those who know are not like those who don't know because those who know be ready to show those how they roll cuz if you think you exist just to become bones then really you must think you ain't thinking that all you when the danger zone not a day you ain't prone to being thrown off your throne like him man and fit around there's a wall going on now side no one is safe from because verbally your enemies this shell Thawne so take arms and sound the alarm because the devil been on your level since the day you were born Lindell girls being taught to drop in like is hot cuz she

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needs a hot boy who's got a fat watch sheet ready to make it pop for every hustler on the black who's got a drop top Oh, please make it stop my sisters wake up and take off that makeup. You don't need that cover up you need to cover up cuz if you love the law, then you should love his law and if he don't love the law, His love will always be flawed. A boy can't be your friend like dogs can't be men so tell him take his tail to the nearest fire hydrant. The best thing in this world ain't diamonds or pearls The best thing in this world is alright just girl the way she dress look like in Empress Empress sing a lot of press senior knifes to wear that hijab is a Jihad on its own mail log

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grant shoe gardens and know which rivers flow cuz you already know the recipe for achievers I shifted Nisha have a fee. May Allah be pleased because my mother's work believe as daughters and preachers, sisters and teachers no need for divas. We need queens as she buzz women who will stand up for this oma NB lead ders ready to begin the next generation they say boys will be boys but we're running out of men hours are running out to sin chasing different women. He don't want to give her a ring. He just wanna give her a ring. He ain't looking for his wife he he looking forward thing so he treat a like a DJ and take the force spin. He don't know who he is so he don't have any hope. It's a

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shame we're so ashamed that more Hammond became more. All that's left Calvin's enclosed and he goes and superheroes that star and music videos were the coolest dude you know as aspiring to be on death row guns in close blundstone role This is suicide live and you're standing in the front row but don't fear those made from flesh and bones fear the one that will bring you back from sticks and stones, bricks of gold bank worth your soul his tricks. All them blease was told to make seduce

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But he refused but we refuse to make Jude real men are few like Moosa How rude to lay man down ood is happy yeah cool man If you won't need a new real man make real moves real recognize real so really Who are you my brother? You're confused wake up hit the snooze this this is a dream Don't let it consume you I refuse to be boxed and sell rock So wait, who cares about my block homie we all came from clay but I think it's safe to say one day will pass away but I'm trying to kick it with the profits and no love the right to slaves and I'll turn to you and say are you happy that we obeyed man we almost went astray but Allah forgives and he for game no get all we overcame

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struggling just boys sake. Julie we have all been saved. Jenna's calling your name.

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Jen is calling your name.

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So wake up

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and come home.