Yusuf Chambers – Modern Britain Under the Microscope

This is a very good talk by Yusuf Chambers, a social activist who has been striving to raise awareness about the socials ills and corruption in our world today. As is the case with long videos I upload, here you have the table of contents. Timeframes are not accurate, but the topics should give you … Read more

Yusuf Chambers – How Islam Freed My Soul

Yusuf Chambers was trapped in the darkness of his life. He was depressed and felt dead inside. He was searching for the truth, and truth freed him. Listen to his story of how he escaped the captivity of darkness and entered the fold of Islam.

Yusuf Chambers – Dawah – The Activism Of The 21st Century

Explore how dawah should be the new activism, in reality all problems stem from an absence of Islam, so a call to Islam will solve these problems. This lecture was delivered at the iERA International Dawah Conference in London. January 16, 2011

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