Yusha Evans – Why Will Non-Muslims Go To Hell Q&A

Islam teaches that Allah created everything and everyone, even those who are non-Muslims. But how is it that non-Muslims will go to Hell if Allah made them non-Muslims? Can they be blamed for not being Muslims? Listen to Yusha Evans’ answer.

Yusha Evans – Causes Of A Dead Heart

In this talk, Yusha Evans explains the causes of a dead heart, building up Imaan slowly, conversation between two companions RA and a beautiful hadith of Prophet SAW in this aspect of hypocrisy. May Allah not make us among those who have a dead heart.

Yusha Evans – How the companions changed the world

Yusha Evans, A Christian revert to Islam describes how the companions of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) companions influenced the world and how we can emulate them to change the condition of the Ummah today. This lecture was delivered on the 10th of December 2015, in Dar UI Isra Mosque, located in Cardiff in the UK as … Read more

Yusha Evans – The Historical Jesus

Jesus Christ is the most disputed human being in history. The Jews believe he was an imposter from the Jews. The Christians believe he was God incarnated in flesh who died for human beings’ sins. In the middle of these two beliefs the Muslims say that Jesus was a Prophet of God and a Muslim. … Read more

Yusha Evans – What Legacy Will You Leave Behind

Brother yusha evans expounds upon his khutbah “legacy of Muhammad (saw) for the world” and gives an intense message to all the believers to wake up and convey this message of Islam to the world which Allah has placed upon us.

Yusha Evans – What Is Sharia

Brother yusha Evans is giving a short explanation of what is shari’a mean. So many people misunderstand the word shari’a. Which sounds so strange to the people. So his clearing out for the people.

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