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Riad Ouarzazi – Purification by the Remembrance of Allah

Do you want to be among the best of the best? The way towards that is by purifying yourself. And the way to purification is the remembrance of Allah. Join Sh. Riad Ouarzazi in his beautiful lecture that will take you on a spiritual journey to find your heart Allah’s place in it.

Riad Ouarzazi – Why do we worship Allah

Why do we pray. Reason why we worship Allah. How do we worship Allah. Meaning of worship Allah. Definition of worship Allah. Positive thinking. Be pleased with what you have. Type of worship. The condition of worship.

Riad Ouarzazi – What are you waiting for? Death?

Never make this life as a measurement who’s better and who’s worst. Don’t think if you’re rich or poor this life is good or bad for you. Allah give this life to everyone to the one he like or he doesn’t like. Never take this life as a measure if Allah love you or he … Read more

Riad Ouarzazi – Be Proud To Be A Muslim

Be proud to be a Muslim Story of Prophet Ibrahim(AS) Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) Never be shy to pray i am a Muslim and i am proud Be proud of your identity Are you obedient to your parent Be proud of Who You Are I am proud of my hijab Who are your friend … Read more

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