Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2019 – Reminders of the Last 10 Nights – Episode 02 – What does it mean that Allah knows

Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan Gems 2019 – Night 19 – The Light of Revelation, Nur ‘ala Nur

Nouman Ali Khan acquaints us with some of the important lessons with reference to Surah An Nur. “Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth; a likeness of His light is as a niche in which is a lamp, the lamp is in a glass, (and) the glass is as it were a … Read more

Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan Gems 2019 – Night 18 – Intercession of Nabi SAW on the Day of Judgement

Nouman Ali Khan delves into the topic of intercession of Nabi ﷺ on the Day of Judgement. Hellfire is described in the Qur’an – “And if [as much as] a whiff of the punishment of your Lord should touch them, they would surely say, “O woe to us! Indeed, we have been wrongdoers.”- Surah Al … Read more

Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan Gems 2019 – Night 17 – Allah is Al-Qawiyy

Nouman Ali Khan delves into Name of Allah – Al Qawiyy. It is referenced in Surah al-Hajj – 22:73 –  “O people, an example is presented, so listen to it. Indeed, those you invoke besides Allah will never create [as much as] a fly, even if they gathered together for that purpose. And if the … Read more

Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan Gems 2019 – Night 16 – Commentary on Muhammad SAW in Surah Al-Jumuah

“Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth is exalting Allah, the Sovereign, the Pure, the Exalted in Might, the Wise. It is He who has sent among the unlettered a Messenger from themselves reciting to them His verses and purifying them and teaching them the Book and wisdom – although they … Read more

Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan Gems 2019 – Night 15 – Allah is Ash-Shakoor

Nouman Ali Khan delivers an enlightening lecture on the Name of Allah – Ash Shakoor. Allah calls Himself Ash-Shakoor which means He is the Most-Appreciative, the Most Grateful, the Rewarder of Good Works. He is the One who gives abundantly in response to little and appreciates the smallest deeds with an unlimited appreciation. Allah says … Read more

Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan Gems 2019 – Night 14 – Prophet Muhammad Part 5

Allah instructs Prophet SAW to ‘lower his wing’ – to have care and heightened sensitivity for the believers. Nouman Ali Khan explains that if Rasul SAW was instructed to have care and sensitivity to the believers in his interactions and communication then what about us? We should take care in the way that we deal … Read more

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