Mansoor Danish – Is Murabahah Financing permissible?

Is Murabahah Financing same as Conventional Financing models? Is the profit charged under Murabahah permissible? Is it not the same as interest? The Murabahah model involves more or less same cash outflow as any interest-based loan, so why should one go for a Murabahah model? All this and more is discussed in this short video … Read more

Mansoor Danish – From Being Hopeless to Building Hope

Around the world we find people resorting to physical harm, random behaviours simply to overcome their stress and depression. From visits to doctors to fake healers, we try them all! How about trusting God and understanding the good in His Decision. The bridge between the state of hopelessness and state of hope is Trust in … Read more

Mansoor Danish – How To Make Eid ul Adha Spiritually Satisfying?

In this video, Mansoor Danish speaks on the importance of the ten days leading to Eid ul Adha and important acts of worship one can enagage in to make these ten days special.

Mansoor Danish – Prophet Muhammad – Inspiring Leadership

Prophet Muhammad (ï·º) | Inspiring Leadership by Mansoor Danish: The presentation is meant for every Muslims from all walks of life. Each one of us is a leader in our own rights and this lecture helps us identify with the real leader- Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

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