Majed Mahmoud – Why is life so hard

We are living through the toughest times since the beginning of humanity. Tests, trials and tribulations are all over the place. – What is fitna? – Why are we facing difficulties and pain in our lives? – How do we overcome them? Find the answers in this lecture.

Majed Mahmoud – The Influence Of Friends

The topic of friends is in many times overlooked or underrated whether the talk is about having good friends or staying away from the bad ones. This video is filled with evidences from the Quran, Sunnah and real life examples of how friends influence you in this life, in the grave and in the afterlife. … Read more

Majed Mahmoud – Islam Is All About Good Manners

Islam is all about good manners. Having good manners doesn’t only mean towards the people but also with the Lord of all people. You will notice how the core purpose of every act of worship is to improve one’s manners.

Majed Mahmoud – Backbiting and Gossiping (Muslim Vampires)

Many people belittle the consequences of backbiting and gossiping. These two horrible habits have punishments in this life, the grave and in the hereafter. We ask Allah to make this video a means for everyone to not come near backbiting or gossiping.

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